Plea Hearing Postponed For Illinois Cop Convicted of Child Molestation

CROWN POINT — A plea hearing by a 56-year-old former Illinois policeman on child molestation charges was moved to March 6.

James E. McGee, of Yorkville, Illinois, was convicted in March 2010 of three counts of child molestation on allegations he repeatedly sexually abused a female from the ages of 9 to 15 in East Chicago, according to The Times archives.

McGee was a police officer for the Robbins Police Department in Illinois at the time of his arrest. McGee was taken into custody July 31, 2009.

McGee was sentenced to 40 years prison, but the conviction was overturned in July 2015 by the Indiana Court of Appeals, according to court records. The appellate court determined that McGee, who was defended by attorney John Cantrell, was denied the effective assistance of trial counsel.

McGee was scheduled to appear again on those charges in February. A plea hearing was scheduled on Wednesday, but deputy prosecuting attorney Keith Anderson requested more time to review the plea.

McGee is now represented by defense attorney Kerry Connor. The presiding judge is Salvador Vasquez.