Police Killings Now Outnumber Deaths by Lynching in Its Peak Period


A deeply alarming new study has put things in perspective with respect how many people police are executing.

The number of citizens killed by police — which according to many estimates are comprised predominantly of blacks — is now FOUR TIMES greater than the number of people lynched when lynching was in its peak activity.

Professor of Sociology Jerome Karabel provided this perspective and some other profoundly disturbing facts that are well worth reviewing.

He notes:

As recently as the summer of 2014, when the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner thrust the issue of police killings into national prominence, the most widely used estimate of the number of people killed by police was provided by the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report: slightly more than 400 per year. But we now know that this figure was a gross underestimation, for the actual number is more than 1,100 police killings each year — about one every eight hours.

Even during its peak periods, the deaths by lynching numbered in the hundreds.

In its highest point of activity in the 1890s, right when Jim Crow laws were being enforced by police in America, 161 blacks were lynched.

Imagine if the ropes used to lynch blacks could be turned into high powered semi-automatic weapons for rapid execution without trial, and those weapons were then put into the hands of cops. That is essentially the situation we now face.

Slavery never ended, either. In fact many argue it is far worse now.

Here’s how it works.

Millions of non-violent people — most of whom are blacks — are rounded up by police officers for consensually trading or ingesting drugs which politicians have deemed “illegal.”

Many of these same politicians, mind you, support drugs as long as they are manufactured by pharmaceutical companies who give those politicians a monetary kickback.

Police willingly vacuum up blacks from the streets, using the “War on Drugs” as an excuse, and stuff their bodies inside for-profit prison cells.

Once blacks are inside of the prisons, they are put to work making everything from lingerie to weaponry for private weapon firms, paid pennies a day.

The result is that the US government has its own slave labor force to this day, it is just not visible to most people. At the same time, the government is able to maintain social control over this segment of society, profit from it, and experiment on it.

With the State-controlled media telling Americans that marijuana and other low-grade drugs are scary and evil, many Americans figure that if somebody is in prison for drugs, “they probably deserve to be there anyway.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

It is a twisted system, and the ones who are most responsible for it are the individual police officers.

They are the only ones who willingly personify the words written on paper by politicians.

And now they have been virtually guaranteed to get away with killing innocent blacks right on the street if for whatever reason they don't make it to prison, as illustrated in the case of a cop choking Eric Garner to death on video and being found "not guilty."

The Professor sums up the results as follows:

Extra-judicial killings by the police, the all-too-common practice that ignited the current [Black Lives Matter] movement, now number more than 1,100 per year -- more than four times the number of people lynched or executed by capital punishment in the worst of years.