Prison Investigation Finds Americans Forced to Eat Unsanitary Food, Live in Rat Feces

It must be kept in mind that most of the people locked in prison right now are there because they ingested or carried a natural plant that the US government claims “illegal.”

One does not have to be a cannabis user to appreciate the objective truth that this plant has resulted in exactly zero deaths for those who ingest it — caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and Tylenol have killed many people, yet police do not lock people up for those substances.

In addition to cannabis users, many prisoners are also there for frivolous violations of other drug laws or gun laws, such as using a mind-altering substance or having a firearm that wasn’t registered.

While you may agree or disagree with the lifestyle choices expressed in these violations, they did not actually cause violence to anybody.

To lock non-violent human beings in cages is contrary to our own nature — it’s a travesty.

Cops who participate in this great scandal for paychecks, who enforce this new form of slavery in exchange for comfortable government-supported pensions, ought to be publicly shamed at every opportunity.

When a non-violent person is locked in a cage, the arresting officer gets a nice score on his record, possibly a career boost, while that person faces the possibility of actual violence in prison. Many of these innocent people are beaten and raped upon arrival.

And if they don’t face violence, they are forced to live in absolutely filthy conditions. They are exposed to unsanitary toxic food, uncooked meat, cockroaches, and fecal matter from rodents, which wreak havoc on their health and well being.

A recent report out of Reuters summarizes the conditions in a California prison as follows:

An inspection of a controversial California prison revealed unsanitary conditions, from a lack of hot water and incorrect storage of raw food to rodent droppings, a state report shows.

The report on the California Rehabilitation Center in Norco, obtained by Reuters on Wednesday under a Public Records Act request, exposed dozens of violations of health rules.

Inspectors described wastewater from leaky sewer pipes flowing from a basement ceiling to the outside.

There was no hot water in bathroom sinks, and dishwashers did not heat pots and pans to the temperatures needed to ensure sanitation, the report said. Inspectors found cockroach infestations and showed pictures of rodent droppings.

In the kitchen, raw chicken was stored above cooked halal chicken for Muslim inmates, raising the risk that the raw meat could drip onto the cooked food and contaminate it.

State Senator Loni Hancock on Tuesday called for the closure of the facility, which is about 100 years old.

“The report is shocking, talking about rats and cockroaches and standing water, wastewater not draining,” Hancock said in an interview about the Southern California prison.

Think about what it would be like to smoke a plant one day, and the next day end up living in squalid conditions, all because of a weird “war on drugs” that a group of people who call themselves “government” decided to create for profit.

Cops ensure their own job security by filling cages with innocent people. They collect government paychecks, score cheap promotions in their departments, scarf down pastries, and plan out their taxpayer-funded pensions as the innocent people they arrested waste away in filthy cages.

Watch the video below for an explanation of the prison industrial complex

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