Road Rage Cop Opens Fire in Parking Lot, Guns Down a Father and His Son


BRAINBRIDGE — A road rage incident involving an officer has left a town shaken.

According to reports, Derek Prindle and his father were driving in a parking lot near Peak Fitness to finish running some errands, when Officer John Guzy became upset in a traffic dispute with them.

Officer Guzy is a former NYPD officer and is now working as an officer in Chenango county, the Chenango County Sheriff said.

Rather than moving on after the traffic dispute, Officer Guzy became enraged and decided to escalate things by pulling out a gun.

That’s when people inside the fitness center heard a series of gunshots coming from the parking lot.

Officer Guzy opened fire on Derek Prindle, shooting him twice and killing him as his dad watched.

Autopsy reports revealed that Derek died from a bullet that ripped through his chest.

Derek’s father began trying to wrest the gun from Officer Guzy but Guzy then shot the father as well.

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The father, Derek Prindle Sr., was rushed to the hospital and his condition right now is not known.

“He was such a kind and gentle soul,” Joyce Prindle said about her son Derek.

“Everybody who knew him said what integrity he always had.”

“He was very family-oriented,” she said. “Nobody can believe that something like this could happen to him.”

Officer Guzy was arraigned and is being held in Chenango County Jail.

Police assured the public that an investigation is ongoing.

UPDATE: Officer Guzy has been charged with 2nd degree murder. 

The father remains hospitalized at Wilson Medical Center in Johnson City.

His son, Derek Prindle, is being mourned by his family and community after being pronounced dead due to a bullet piercing his chest.

“My son was only 26-years-old and this is a great loss. He had a future ahead of him…he had so much more to get out of life…,” said his mother.