Cop Says Unarmed and Naked Teen Made Him “Feel Threatened,” Shot Teen to Death



It is easy for 18-year-olds to get carried away.

This is probably what happened to the freshman, Gil Collar, who was attending BayFest, Alabama in 2012.

There, he also had consumed the popular, and legal, hallucinogen 25I.

In a state of euphoria, the teenager returned back to the University of South Alabama, where he stripped naked.

Eventually he ended up outside the university’s police station.

Still quite high, he started banging loudly on the windows.

This is when police officer Trevis Austin stepped out holding his pistol.

He asked Gil to stop.

The young college student, still not in his senses, did not obey the instructions and police reports claim that he “charged” at the policeman.

Officer Trevis, who also had a baton and pepper spray, chose to shoot the college freshman in the chest, which lead to his death.

He said he had no other option.

Interestingly, only months after the incident, a Mobile County grand jury cleared the police officer of any unlawful activity.

In addition to this, the court also dismissed complaints filed against the University and the Police Chief Zeke Aull.

Two years later a federal court, too, ruled in favor of the cop.

US District Court Judge William Steele commented last week that the slain teenager’s parents would recover nothing from Trevis.

This comes at a time when police brutality is top of mind for most Americans.

Watch video below: