Supreme Court Justice Jokes About Raping Women and Molesting Children


Justin Gardner | The Free Thought Project

Philadelphia, PA – Hundreds of emails obtained by the Daily Beast reveal the twisted mind of a Pennsylvania Supreme Court justice and his circle of colleagues who take delight in misogyny and racism.

Justice J. Michael Eakin communicated with state and federal officials using a private “John Smith” email account.

Emails include suggesting that a battered wife treat her wounds by “keeping her mouth shut,” a joke about a man using a Taser to rape a woman, jokes about kids being molested by pedophiles, and numerous racial slurs.

“An email Eakin received from defense attorney Terry McGowan links to a video titled “Craziest White Man,” which shows a man picking up Latino day-laborers, who he then takes to immigration services. Afterward, the man in the video comments on the need to “cull the herd, make sure they don’t overpopulate.”

Much of the correspondence was received by prosecutors in the U.S. Attorney’s office in Harrisburg as well as by various county Common Pleas Court judges and district attorneys. It included a set of “motivational posters,” which feature a woman mock-fellating a beer bottle above the slogan, “True Love: Sometimes you know it the instant you see it across the bar” and one of a topless woman which reads: “Dear Abby: I’m an 18 year old girl from Arkansas and I’m still a virgin. Do you think my brothers are gay?”

McGowan, Eakin, and Baxter also shared jokes at the expense of Muslims, black students, and women. Several pictures depict women as animals: one with deer antlers, one naked and on all-fours, costumed like a pig (“How do you know your house is infected with swine-flu?”).
One joke sent by McGowan describes a teenage Middle Eastern suicide bomber, and a mother who laments “They blow up so fast, don’t they?”

The disturbing emails were first obtained by Attorney General Kathleen Kane, as she was investigating why it took so long to indict Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky for pedophilia.

“Kane has vowed to expose what she says is a deviant and misogynist “network” of judges, federal prosecutors, attorneys general, law enforcement, district attorneys, and public defenders who share smut on the taxpayer’s dime,” according to the Daily Beast article.

Five state officials and a Supreme Court Justice lost their jobs last year when Kane released a heavily redacted version of the emails. She is fighting against the “old boy’s network” that violates the public trust and is attempting to persecute her. Kane had previously leaked information about a grand jury investigation, a move she says did not violate any rules.

The state Supreme Court suspended Kane’s law license last month, and “godfather” Congressman Bob Brady censured her in December.

Kane maintains her innocence.

Kane says the campaign against her began when she gained access to pornographic emails and images from Frank Fina—a former prosecutor in the district attorney’s office—as part of a review into Fina’s probe of Sandusky.

The criminal case against her is the result of “persecution by a group of angry men,” according to Kane’s attorney.

Justice Eakin does not see it that way, instead saying he was disturbed by the idea that someone would be examining his private correspondence.

Apparently he has friends in the Judicial Conduct Board.

A 2014 review found Eakin’s emails to be “suggestive but not worthy of disciplinary action.”

Just as shocking as the emails is the fact that these deviant minds—suffused in misogyny, racism, and disregard for human dignity—are supposed to enforce laws and carry out judgment on the rest of us.

And the system meant to weed out these “bad apples” instead condones such behavior.

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