Two Connecticut State Police Troopers Terminated After Kidnapping and Assaulting Man

WETHERSFIELD, CT – Two Connecticut State Police troopers were terminated this week after they were accused of kidnapping and assaulting a man for more than an hour because the victim reportedly touched a woman’s butt.

Xavier Cruz, from Troop K in Colchester, was terminated on Sept. 11 with an effective date of Monday while Rupert Laird, of Troop C in Tolland, was terminated on Sept. 12 with an effective date of Tuesday.

The terminations come after Cruz and Laird, who were both off-duty at the time, were involved in a “criminal investigation” on Feb. 18. Police told Eyewitness News a group of people were hanging out at a Hartford bar and went to Cruz’s Wethersfield home.

When everyone left, the victim said he couldn’t get into his house, so he asked Cruz to see if he could stay the night.

Court documents mention a woman told police the victim touched her inappropriately, pinching her butt and brushing up against her.

According to court documents, that’s when Laird said: “you touched my girl, you know you’re gonna pay for this.” “we’re gonna settle this is old school way.”

The victim claimed he was headbutted, then kicked and punched more than 20 times before he was beaten with a baton more than 15 times. The victim told authorities he was also asked to kneel on a small metal kitchen grater.

Cruz and Laird are facing the following charges:

first-degree kidnapping in the first degree with a firearm.
deprivation of rights by force or threat.
second-degree assault with a firearm.
first-degree conspiracy to commit kidnapping with a firearm.
second-degree conspiracy to commit assault with a firearm.

Cruz and Laird were scheduled to appear in court in New Britain on Monday.