WATCH: 2 Black Guys Make Cop Look Foolish for Racially Profiling Them in their Own Neighborhood

Randolph County, NC — In a scathing case of racial profiling, a Randolph County sheriff’s deputy harassed two innocent young black men — because they were in a neighborhood apparently too rich or too white for their skin color. The entire interaction was caught on video.

As the video begins, the driver of the vehicle is attempting to explain to the officer that he’s in the neighborhood pulling ‘comps’ from nearby houses as a means of evaluating similar houses for sale in the neighborhood.

As he attempts to explain to the cop that he is in the real estate business and comparing MLS listings with a property he currently has for sale, the cop simply can’t believe it.

During the entire video, the officer never gives any reason for the stop. However, his purpose was made crystal clear from his words.

“I’ve never seen this car in this neighborhood,” says the cop, seemingly implying that this gives him probable cause to harass these two young men.

After realizing that the deputy was never going to believe him, the young man did something completely out of left field — he invited the officer to his house in the neighborhood to prove that he indeed lived there.

Thinking that he’d caught these young men in a lie, the officer agreed and then followed them. What happened next was nothing short of epic.

After the cars drive a very short distance in the same neighborhood, the young men pull up at an enormous and apparently expensive home. At this point, the officer has no idea what to think.

When the keys actually open the door, and the young men walk inside, the cop is at a loss for words. The two men even invite the deputy in, and, amazingly enough, he refuses.

Once the deputy realizes that he looks like a racist fool, he says, “have a nice night,” then turns and walks away. The two young men both celebrate as he walks off in shame.

While the video below is indeed hilarious, it highlights the troublesome and dangerous problem of racial profiling. All too often, police will stop, detain, harass, and sometimes assault and kill innocent people based solely on their skin color.

As the Free Thought Project has pointed out in the past, a North Carolina teen was assaulted and pepper sprayed by police in his own home, after he was mistaken for a burglar. He was black in a white neighborhood, and his foster parents were white.

In February of last year, an 11-year-old girl was thrown to the ground and held at gunpoint by cops who also accused her of breaking into her own home.

The list goes on.


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