WATCH: Child Body Slammed, Choked by Cop After Voicing Concern Over Another Child’s Violent Arrest

July 18, 2016

Hyattsville, MD — A video uploaded to Facebook this week shows multiple Hyattsville police officers involved in a violent arrest of what appears to be middle school children.

While it is unclear what started the altercation, the video does not lie.

As the video begins, an officer appears to be arresting a young white school child. The child seems compliant. However, the officer is seen dangerously twisting his arm.

When the adolescent bystanders see this unnecessary violence, they begin to voice their concern.

One young person becomes particularly concerned with the way the officer is treating the other child, so he quickly becomes the most outspoken. This outspokenness apparently enrages the responding officers.

As the officer, who appears to be a sergeant, walks up to the scene, he shoves the Hispanic student who was standing up for the white student. This assault seems to be entirely unprovoked.

When the Hispanic student voices his discontent with being shoved and tells the officer not to shove him, the officer responds by trying to place the teen in handcuffs.

Seemingly knowing that he’d done nothing wrong, the teen pulls away when the officer attempts to place him under arrest. This was naturally perceived as “resisting,” thus provoking the officers into escalating force.

The teen never once attempted to cause harm to the officers, nor did he try to run. All he did was tell the officers, who apparently had no reason to touch him, not to touch him.

For not wanting to be kidnapped by police, the teen was blindsided, placed in a chokehold, body slammed to the ground, and held down with a 200lb man’s knee on his neck.

Some people who will watch this video will likely claim that the Hispanic student should not have acted in such a rude manner. However, being rude is certainly no grounds for his subsequent treatment.

The Free Thought Project contacted the Hyattsville police department for a statement on this incident. However, we have yet to receive a response.

This incident happened in the same area as the violent arrest of a teen last year, who was attacked for simply using the atm machine.

The incident was also captured on video showing the violent police takedown, assault, and handcuffing of 18-year-old Jason Goolsby by multiple D.C. police officers. According to the person filming, Mike Brown, the teens were racially profiled after a “white couple felt uncomfortable” and called the police.