WATCH: Cop EXPOSED On Camera Soliciting Sex From A Minor While On Patrol & Gets Fired

Aug 17, 2016

JACKSON, Miss. —An officer was terminated by the Jackson Police Department after a video of him flirting suggestively surfaced on Facebook, authorities said.

The minute-long video, which includes graphic language, was posted to social media Tuesday and has been shared hundreds of times.

“The Jackson Police Department does have possession of the video that was posted to Facebook (Tuesday) by the young lady,” Cmdr. Tyree Jones said. “Chief (Lee) Vance found the video to be very disturbing. He is very disappointed due to the content that’s in the video.”

Officer Darryl Stasher was terminated as a result of an investigation into the video, Jones said.

Stasher was initially relieved of his police officer duties and assigned to administrative desk duty, Jones said. He was later fired.

Stasher, who worked for JPD for at least eight years, was assigned to Precinct 2, Jones said.

The girl’s family said she is 17 years old, but her Facebook page says that she was born in 1990.

Jones said the content of the video is inappropriate.