RAW VIDEO RELEASED – Shows Cop Shoot Man in the Back Twice – Police Supporters Celebrate

Officer Mearkle (pictured) shot an unarmed man, twice, in the back and killed him. Now police supporters are throwing a special “fundraiser” event to support her, while the victim’s family mourns.


UPDATE 11/5/15 — VIDEO RELEASED: Lisa Executes Man While He is Down on the Ground

The raw video has finally been released, and viewers are calling it absolute murder.

David Kassick can be seen struggling on the ground on his belly.

Officer Mearkle tases him again and again without relenting.

The constant electrical shock has David screaming in pain and holding his heart.

But causing the man pain was not enough. Multiple shots can then be heard from Lisa’s gun.

She shot David in the back while he was on the ground in pain. He was unarmed and helpless.

From the tone of her screams and orders, and the fact that she kept tasing him, some suspect that Officer Mearkle was angry and afraid, and decided to kill David and end it all.

Watch the video below and decide for yourself.

SOUTH HANOVER — A restaurant and a police department are both facing scathing criticism after an announcement was made to have a “benefit” for a cop who shot an unarmed man in the back, twice, and killed him.

Officer Lisa Mearkle was charged with killing David Kassick.

Officer Mearkle’s defense team have tried hard to block the release of the video to the public, but it is expected to be released soon if pressure gets strong enough.

Making matters worse, local police and their supporters decided to host a “benefit” for officer Mearkle.

“It’s ridiculous. It’s a slap in the family’s face,” said one of the commenters on the restaurant’s facebook page.

The restaurant is Chick’s Tavern in Hummelstown, PA. After they announced the benefit, citizens have been flooding their Facebook page with negative evaluations and calls for a boycott.

Since announcing the event, they have been getting tons of negative reviews and many expect them to go out of business.

It’s bad enough to unquestioningly support government authority figures who kill civilians, but to sink as low as to hold a “benefit” for the killer afterwards, while the family of the victim is still planning a memorial service  — it’s just a callous, cold thing to do.

A man’s life was taken, needlessly.

And now, while his friends and family are still grieving, these police supporters decide to have a “benefit.”   They will evidently gather to support the killer while they guzzle high fructose corn syrup sodas and feast their guts out.

“I think it’s horrible to even consider it,” said a commenter on their facebook page. 

Lonnie Blough is the owner of Chick’s Hummelstown Tavern and he has been friends with Officer Mearkle for over a decade, according to reports.

Has Lonnie Blough ever stopped to consider the devastation and pain experienced by David’s friends after he was shot twice in the back? How would Lonnie feel if people “pigged out” in this manner after one of his friends died?

Dale Kassick, David’s brother, said of the benefit, “I find that to be appalling.”

“It’s a complete slap in the face. I can’t believe he’s doing that,” he added.

They are holding the event to “raise money” for Officer Mearkle’s legal fees.

The flier bills the event as a “pig roast,” in typical cop humor:

pig roast

An organization called Hunt for Justice, which defended Darren Wilson after he killed Michael Brown, is getting involved in the “pig roast” for Mearkle and plans to support her as well.

Meanwhile, David’s family is planning to bury him this summer and hold a memorial service in Hazleton.

The Facebook page Justice for David NOW has been organizing a boycott of Chick’s Taven.

The original incident happened when Officer Mearkle was trying to pull David over for a traffic stop.

David did not wanted to be left alone by the police and he fled. Officer Mearkle got out of her car and chased after him.

She eventually tased him several times, causing him to lie face down on the ground.

David Kassick is remembered by his family and friends as a gentle friend who always went the extra mile to help people.
David Kassick is remembered by his family and friends as a gentle friend who always went the extra mile to help people.

His back towards her, she shot him twice.

What is particularly gruesome about the killing is that there was about a 4 second break between each of her shots, suggesting that she wanted to make sure he was dead.

“At the time Officer Mearkle fires both rounds from her pistol, the video clearly depicts Kassick lying on the snow covered lawn with his face toward the ground, furthermore, at the time the rounds are fired nothing can be seen in either of Kassick’s hands, nor does he point or direct anything toward Officer Mearkle,” the arrest affidavit reads.

Watch the video below: