WATCH: ‘Good Cop’ Exposes ‘Bad Cop’ – Forces Him To Resign For Beating Handcuffed Man

Are there any “good cops” out there? We often hear that the “bad cops” are few and far between – but so often all of the so-called “good cops” just stand by and allow the “bad cops” to do the things that make them bad.

So does are the cops who stand by actually “good” at all if they allow evil to continue?

Many have said that “if there are good cops, they should be out there stopping the bad ones.”

But now we have a case where that happened. A Florida deputy was forced to resign after a fellow deputy spoke out and blew the whistle on him for beating and choking a handcuffed suspect in the back of a police cruiser.

Now, the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office has been forced to release the video from inside that car. That video has led to an ongoing internal affairs investigation, that prompted the abusive officer’s resignation.

Sergeant Timothy Bammert is seen in the video beating the handcuffed suspect in the back of the cruiser. The man in the back yells to the deputies “leave my old lady alone,” while kicking the door.

Local WFLA said all of this was over a simple traffic stop, but they did not have any information on what the police were doing to the man’s wife or why he himself was in handcuffs.

The victim yelled “police brutality!” in the video, as he was dragged out of the cruiser and beaten, with his shirt over his head.

The deputy yells “stop fighting!” to the handcuffed man, who was clearly not fighting.

The victim yelled “I can’t breathe!” in response to the deputy’s violence.

The deputy who blew the whistle was not named in the news report, but it’s a rarity for law enforcement officers to come forward against other officers who abuse citizens.

Loca WFLA reports that Hernando County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Denise Moloney said “No one deserves to be treated like that. The only way we heard about it was from the employee.”

“The actions in the back of a patrol car that day are not how we conduct business here,” Moloney added. “All of us know what’s expected of us here.”

Bammert is still allowed to keep his pension and the state attorney’s office says they are not planning to file criminal charges.

Watch the video below and tell us if that seems right to you.