WATCH: Houston Officer Harasses Teen for Cutting Grass in Neighborhood

Jul 26, 2017

Video of the initial encounter between a Texas police officer and a 19-year-old landscaper who was later traced back to his home, attacked by a police K-9, and arrested, shows the pursuant officer attempting to take the teen into custody for requesting his name.

Marlin Gipson of Houston was out cutting the lawn of a client he serviced when the police were called by a neighbor who was concerned that Gipson and his friend/ partner were up to no good after completing the job. When the officer arrived Gipson responded to inquiry into why they had been going door to door for by showing him business cards that they had intended to distribute for future landscaping opportunities. However, Gipson wasn’t able to satisfy the officer’s request to supply identification, thus he was willing to jot down the young man’s information. Gipson wasn’t feeling the whole stop and therefore began to demand that the officer give him his badge number and name in kind. At which point, the officer became frustrated and pulled handcuffs out of his back pocket.

Gipson would back all the way up and threaten legal action for a violation of his Fourth Amendment right to protection against unlawful search and seizure. Gipson and the officer went back and forth before one recording ends and a second one begins from the front of Gipson’s residence, where the officer would later appear insisting that he get his hands on the physical ID he had asked for earlier. The second video would too cut short, but it would be confirmed by the Harris County Constable’s Office that the officer let a dog loose on Gipson for his refusal to comply with police orders. He would be arrested for failure to provide identification and evading arrest. There had also reportedly been a warrant out for his arrest on a misdemeanor assault charge.


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