WATCH: Law Student Receives $3M Payout From New Jersey Police

A man in New Jersey who was seriously injured during an arrest four years ago has settled an excessive force lawsuit against police for $3million.

David Connor Castellani, of Linwood, was 20 years old when he was arrested outside the Tropicana resort in Atlantic City in June 2013.

Following the arrest, he needed more than 200 stitches to repair wounds he received when a police K-9 dog was let loose on him as police tried to detain him.

David Castellani of Linwood, New Jersey, was arrested outside the Tropicana resort in Atlantic City in June 2013 after being kicked out of the casino at 3am for being underage

Castellani, who is now studying to be a lawyer, suffered serious wounds to his head and neck as a result of the dog’s bites.

His attorney, Jennifer Bonjean, confirmed on Sunday that her client had received a $3million settlement in an excessive force case against Atlantic City.

‘It’s over to the extent it can be over in the system,’ Bonjean told the Press of Atlantic City. ‘But it’s not as if Connor doesn’t have lasting impacts from it in his personal life to deal with.’

A grand jury cleared officers involved in the arrest of any wrongdoing and Castellani was indicted on several charges, including resisting arrest and aggravated assault.

Castellani, who is now in law school, pleaded not guilty to the charges and entered a pre-trial intervention program for defendants without criminal records, which could allow him to avoid prosecution.

If he completes the program, he will be cleared of all charges against him.

Video footage from security cameras at the casino the night of the arrest show Castellani arguing with officers around 3am, after he was ejected from a casino for being underage.

A short while later three officers run up to Castellani just after he shrugs his shoulders, and wrestle him to the ground.

Castellani can be seen clinging on to one of the officers during the altercation.

Two more officers quickly join in, with one repeatedly punching Castellani in the back.

One of the policemen can also be seen hitting Castellani on the back and on the legs with his baton as he lays face down on the road.

Seconds later police dog handler Sterling Wheaten arrives on scene.

The policemen restraining Castellani step aside and Officer Wheaten’s dog is shown biting the 20-year-old repeatedly on the neck and head.

Bonjean said two other cases against Atlantic City for excessive force by police both involve Wheaten.

One case is settled for $370,000, while the other went to trial and the plaintiff received $500,000.

‘This officer has cost the city a lot of money,’ she told the Press of Atlantic City. ‘The city has failed to do its function of policing its own police and disciplining offenders.’


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