WATCH: Louisville Lawyers Call Western Kentucky Police Shooting ‘Appalling’

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Louisville lawyers are going to bat for the family of a western Kentucky man shot and killed by police. The incident happened in Fulton and was caught on the officer body’s camera video.

The footage was captured in January of 2017. Police say Chris McClure was swinging a metal pole at parked cars and breaking windows. His lawyers acknowledge there was also a knife taped to the poll, and that McClure had some mental health issues. They say he was so upset, because he hadn’t been able to see his kids.

When Fulton Police were called, McClure started to take his frustrations out on the chief’s SUV. He called for backup, then lawyer’s say Officer James “Buck” Buckingham showed up and seconds later fired two shots. McClure died at the hospital.

Louisville lawyers say his life didn’t have to end that way and that officers acted with unnecessary force. The attorneys also claim there was a cover up afterward to make it seem like Buckingham should have fired his gun.

For those reasons, McClure’s family has sued the officer, the city of Fulton and Kentucky State Police investigators.

“I think the brunt of the lawsuit really stems from the fact that after Chris is on the ground, ‘Buck’ comes up to him, and from point blank range, without any justification, no reason whatsoever, fires an execution shot,” said attorney Larry Forman.


WDRB 41 Louisville News

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