WATCH: New Mexico Officer Fired After Assaulting 65-Year-Old Woman

ALAMOGORDO, N.M. – A New Mexico police officer who was ‘Officer of the Year’ in 2017 has been fired.

KRQE News 13 reported on the assault allegations against Alamogordo Police Officer Kyle Graham two weeks ago.

Newly released surveillance video shows him and a woman arguing inside the Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center.

The verbal fight then gets physical. Punches are thrown, and three people – including a 65-year-old woman – end up on the ground.

“I was just really distraught, I was upset, my mind was going a million miles an hour,” said Sergio Colmenero, the alleged victim’s son.

The family of the woman says Graham slammed the woman to the ground. They say he’s related to them by marriage and was asked not to come to the hospital to see a family member.

“Telling us we’re not wanted in that room…and that he is definitely going in that room,” said Jamie Colmenero.

Jamie, the alleged victim’s daughter-in-law, says Graham also put his hands on her.

“Pretty much me trying to protect her and trying to grab him off her, into attacking me and put me to the ground,” she said.

Police Chief Brian Peete says an internal affairs investigation confirms the allegations against Graham. He was fired Tuesday morning.

“What happened brought us no joy,” said Peete. “But, as law enforcement officers we’re expected to hold ourselves to a higher standard. And if we don’t hold ourselves to these standards, we lose legitimacy, we lose faith and trust of the people we’re supposed to be serving.”

The family says they believe the police department did the right thing.

“I believe he did it to himself, to be honest,” said Jamie. “He has anger issues and he cannot control those issues…and I feel like he shouldn’t be working in law enforcement, period.”

State Police also investigated and turned over its findings to the District Attorney’s office in Tucumcari. They say they’re deciding if he’ll face criminal charges.

The family says the woman still has some bruises, but is doing ok.

Graham has seven days to appeal his termination.