WATCH: Officer Caught On Surveillance Video Assaulting & Beating 18 Year Old Inmate

11 Nov 2012

ELYRIA, Ohio — A corrections officer is facing an assault charge after he is allegedly caught on surveillance video beating an 18-year-old inmate at the Lorain County Corrections Facility.

The video, released by the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office, shows the officer, identified as Marlon Taylor, 48, attacking and repeatedly punching inmate Jordan Sand, 18.

“He hit me 14 times,” Sand said.

The video shows the two arguing, and then the officer throws Sand against the wall, where he punches him several times before Sand falls to the floor. The officer then continues to punch Sand as he is on the ground, until other officers intervene.

“I thought that he body-slammed me at first, but then when I seen the video I didn’t realize that when I hit the wall I got knocked out,” Sand said.

Sand, who was jailed for stealing, does not fight the officer back and tries to shield his body from the hail of blows. But Sand said it was not the July 29 beating that hurt the most, but rather the two weeks he spent in solitary confinement after the beating.