[WATCH] St Louis Police Officer Caught On Camera Breaking Out Culpepper’s Restaurant Window During Protest

Following a not guilty verdict in the Jason Stockley murder trial, people took to the streets of St Louis to protest the unjust decision. During the protests on Friday night, a bizarre act of vandalism was caught on camera.

Culpepper’s Restaurant

Chris Phillips recorded the incident, which occurred at approximately 11:32 pm and posted it to his Facebook. The video shows a police officer breaking out a window of Culpepper’s Restaurant located at 300 N Euclid Ave.

As Phillips is recording, the sound of glass breaking can be heard. Phillips pans his camera over, and we see an officer walking away from the broken window with other officers standing in the immediate area. A woman can be heard yelling, “Why are they breaking shit?” Another woman claims to have seen an officer break a window with a baton.

The caption posted with the video read as follows:

This will make you question the narrative that is out there. Last night (9/15/17) a St. Louis cop kicks in glass at Culpepper’s Restaurant in St. Louis’ Central West End. Apparently, many witnesses prior to this watched another officer break in some glass with a baton but I didn’t catch it, and allegedly a young kid broke a window earlier but that I cannot confirm. My problem is if cops are recklessly destroying property, the activists and protestors WILL take 100% of the blame -unfortunately.

Twisting The Narrative

The video shows another side of the corruption that many would never believe had it not been caught on camera. These acts of vandalism committed by the police will be blamed on “violent protesters” as a means of justification for any tactics used by law enforcement to end the protests.

The claim that officers broke at least one other window is concerning, especially in the wake of the Stockley verdict in which planting evidence played a significant role in the charges against the former officer.

For some the footage may be shocking, but for veteran protesters, it is a reality they have lived with for years. Demonizing protesters by use of media manipulation and other methods is nothing new. However, this blatant act of vandalism by officers on camera goes far past the boundaries of twisting the narrative.

Source: http://thedailyhaze.com/st-louis-police-breaking-culpeppers-window/