Yet Another ‘War on Cops’ Story Debunked: Arkansas Officer Shoots Himself, Blames ‘Hispanic Man’


Max Chantha | November 7, 2015

ARKANSAS – Sergeant David Houser of the England Police Department is the latest victim of the ‘War on Cops.’

For the purposes of this article, the term ‘War on Cops’ refers to officers bold facedly lying in order to garner sympathy for themselves while trying to increase the divide between the public and law enforcement.

Houser was shot by a ‘Hispanic man’ driving a silver SUV, and his distress call prompted an enormous manhunt that undoubtedly cost the Arkansas taxpayers no small amount of money.

Of course, the generic minority Houser described as attacking him was, in fact, Houser himself.

For some bizarre reason, the officer shot himself, avoiding serious injury because of his bulletproof jacket.

While it is most likely that he accidentally discharged his weapon – if one were trying to wound or kill themselves, firing indirectly at a bulletproof vest would be a poor way of going about it – there was a chance he intentionally shot himself at an angle so that he could both avoid injury and put the frame on some unsuspecting citizen.

Clearly his less than genuine story drew the speculation of investigators, and after some pressuring Houser admitted to having made the entire thing up.

He has since been arrested and charged with filing a false police report.

It is hard, in this particular instance, to tell whether the officer was being bafflingly reckless and playing with his gun, or purposely trying to incite further hostilities between the public and police in what is farcically called the ‘War on Cops.’

What is evident is that Houser is clearly unfit for police duty for a litany of reasons.

Instead of being honest, as one should expect of someone paid and entrusted to uphold the law, he wasted the time, money, and efforts of his coworkers to hunt down a non-existent attacker.

Had there in fact been a Hispanic man driving an SUV in the area, he might have been wrongfully detained – or even killed – because of the needless lies Houser decided to spin to avoid taking heat for his own actions.

We can only hope that this reckless officer is decertified for good following his sentencing.