Americans Killed by Police at Higher Rate than Military Dictatorship in Egypt

An Egyptian protester fights police.

An Egyptian protester fights police.

“Well, f**k me,” was the first reaction of this writer when presented with these facts.

A sea of disbelief with a touch of dissociation came over me.

Then I realized I have to spread the truth if we are going to hand over a free nation to our children, because burying our heads in the sand won’t solve any problems – it never has.


Have you ever been to Egypt?

Here is a picture.


Cairo slums via AHI.org


Does that look like America?

Remember when the “Arab Spring” was happening?

Remember how CNN and the mainstream media praised Egyptians for standing up to years of police brutality?

Egypt is viewed by most experts as a former military dictatorship (some believe it still is). Yet, their police force killed less of its citizens than the police in the United States.

Now is the time to educate ourselves and our fellow citizens so that we can reform our police system peacefully and walk with pride when we travel abroad – because that doesn’t look like America.

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So that we can say “no, American cops do not kill citizens at a higher rate than a third world state filled with terrorists that just ended a military dictatorship.”

Because, as it stands now – with a culture of silence and mindless compliance in our police departments – this is what is happening.

Here are the statistics, take a look for yourself:

In 2015, American police killed 1205 Americans.

In 2014, Egyptian police killed 272 Egyptians.

Egypt’s population is at 86 million whereas America is 318 million.

Our population is 3.7 times that of the Egypt.

If the rate of American citizens killed by police was identical to that of Egypt then only 1006 American citizens would have been killed by the police!

We surpassed an identical rate of police violence to Egypt – a third world country infested with terrorists  – by 200 deaths!

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Should we be angry?

Only if we can be constructively angry.

Mindless, senseless, anger won’t solve anything.

Move up in society, acquire capital, free your mind and spread the truth.

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Lily Althusser
Lily Althusser 10 posts

Filming Cops was started in 2010 as a conglomerative blogging service documenting police abuse. The aim isn’t to demonize the natural concept of security provision as such, but to highlight specific cases of State-monopolized police brutality that are otherwise ignored by traditional media outlets.

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  • John J Publicus

    What IS constructive anger?

    • Kristengstmartin4

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    • Chumscrubber

      Well . . . “angry sex”, for example . . ; )

  • Bryon Wackwitz

    this is not accurate. Egypt is the size of Nebraska? if it were the size of the us with as many territories/kingdoms/states in it the number would shame ours. i do believe police need to be trained better and for the force to stop hiring school bullies to wear a badge…but the only way to do that would be to federalise police or hand police to the feds where all police have the same training. here in Philadelphia the number of police murders are extremely low to almost non existent because of the training of the police here ( more Philly cops are murdered than reverse). another thing that must be done is a image change in the black community which has allowed the media to bathe them in a light as mindless violent criminals. we also would need to be a less gun happy culture where a gun is the cure to all ills mindset.
    just saying….

    • Michael Smith

      Bryon, if you’re going to cite inaccuracies in a story, you really need to list your sources for your information. If you’re just pulling your numbers from your ass then they aren’t really worth anything. But if you’re quoting a reliable source then you should state who that is. It seems to me the writer accounted for the difference in population between Egypt and the US. Also, it is highly unusual for any district to have more cops killed than the other way around so if you would cite where you got that statistic as well, it would make your statement credible. Without them you’re just talking more rhetoric.

      • Bryon Wackwitz

        Okay, here are the facts. in Philadelphia alone between 2008 and 2015 we have had 2369 homicides, of those 59 were police related. number of officers killed by shooting between the same time period only 8, so of those murdered in the last 7 years 2310 were not done by police. that means that police in Philadelphia are responsible for .025 of the homicides in the last 7 years. So compared to the homicide rate Philly cops barely hit the chart. my sources for this are : the Philadelphia inquirer, the Huffington post, the Philadelphia police department, Philadelphia internal affairs, the justice department, etc. these numbers do not reflect the number of police injured during duty by violence nor the 400 civilians during the same period shot by police nor the number of people who were shot by non police and survived.

        The numbers vary widely depending on township, county and city of the number of police killings compared to the number of homicides. Chicago for instance had 488 homicides in 2015 alone, of those 8 were police related, that’s .016% of total police killings. of the numbers concerning homicides in Chicago and Philadelphia most were black or Hispanic victims.
        How many people were killed in Egypt last year compared to the number of people killed in just Philadelphia? lets add the total murders in the major us cities and compare the number of police killing to non police killings then compare them to Egypt. the information in this article is misleading. more people in the us are killed by citizens than police by a huge number and that’s not talking out of my ass. lets no talk about black lives matter, because as i see it they only matter when a cop kills a black man, so out of say 488 in Chicago only 8 matter.
        do and can police be better trained, of course but in order to do this effectively the police departments of town,county and city would need to be federally standardized since training varies with village, county, township, state and city in both time and technique. if you research you’ll find the percentage of police killing vs homicides are far higher in townships, and county.

        As for image change, black men in america have been completely villianized by the media, being portrayed on TV, etc as violent beasts. the number of white cops killing black men are higher because in part, this image. white men in general fear black men. ive asked a bunch of black cops about their fellow white officers and all of them will tell you that as far as they have seen white cops are terrified of black men.its one of the reasons, logically, that white cops are more apt to shoot black men vs. white men. Another factor is in most major us cities the poorest and roughest sections are mostly black and from personal experience most armed as well.

        As for the US being a gun happy country its a fact. we have more handguns than any other nation, we promote violence and check the stats…we have the most gun related murders. So until we address this issue of a gun solving our problems we will have issues.

        so, though i was incorrect about the number of cops killed versus non police in Philadelphia. However my point of the number of police killings compared to killings in general was correct. You may not like the FACTS, but the numbers are there. if you want to complain about cop killings then you need to also worry about non-cops killing each other. yeah, lives/black lives matter when it suites your political agenda, but when its not a cop doing it then they really don’t matter…do they?

  • Macky Butcher

    it doesnt matter young people today with no past history of getting their ass busted when they do something wrong we coddle our kids asses to much,and also taking god out of everything weve just become a country of thugs period