Cop Beats Mother and Pounds Her Face Into Table in Front of Her 8-Yr-Old Child

Lana Sinclair


WINNIPEG – An 8-yr-old son was terrified after watching a cop bludgeon his mother with a baton and then ram her face into a table, according to a report by the Raw Story.

It began when Lana Sinclair was sitting at home with her child at night. Someone in the neighborhood apparently called the police because they heard “yelling” from outside.

Police knocked on Lana’s front door and told her that they were there to investigate her home because they had received reports of “yelling.”

One of the officers began speaking with Lana and the other officer went off alone with her child.

Lana had a seat in her kitchen chair as the officer insisted on investigating.

Lana didn’t know why she needed to be investigated, and that’s when the officer poked her with his finger.

The poke caused Lana to instinctively stand up out of her chair and tell the officer to not touch her.

“He came up to me and poked me,” said Lana.

“I was sitting on a chair in the kitchen and I jumped up and said you don’t need to touch me,” she added.

In response, the officer pulled out his baton and began striking her with it.

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Her little boy watched as the cop beat her, frightened.

As if that wasn’t enough, the cop then placed his arm around Lana and pounded her face down into her sewing table.

“He had my arm behind me and he smashed my face right here,” Lana said as she pointed down at the table.

The officer then handcuffed her and stood her up, but once she was up, he kicked her feet out from under her, causing her to fall down and drive her head into the floor face-first.

“We [my son and I] were both traumatized,” Lana said.

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“I just hug him and kiss him and tell him it’s okay.”

“All I was thinking of was his safety, and how he was going to be traumatized and how he is going to see the police now.”

Watch the video below:


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  • OM_G

    Just horrible, hope that cop gets put in jail for assault

    • Anthony Mosley

      no way thay will do that!!!

  • Anthony Mosley

    did not see video???

  • JonNy Begood

    a complaint? how about a law suit!?!??!!?

    • JorgeSoros

      Maybe she has something to hide?

      • Real Justice

        Oh, you must be a corrupt criminal cop, with a statement like that. rotten scumbag !!!!

        • JorgeSoros

          Or just someone who is always skeptic.

          • phobos

            or just racist since she is native… i mean i am a skeptic too, and your assumption that she “has something to hide” smacks of racism too me

          • JorgeSoros

            Oh good the racist card, always a good card to pull when you want to debase and discredit someone. Might as well pull out the misogynist card too since the victim was a woman. A “racist misogynist” who represents the “white patriarchy” is always an easy target to get the boys and girls at Harvard excited for some friendly neighborhood looting and protesting.

          • Nin

            Are you are freaking dweeb or what?? NO ONE DESERVES THAT!!! Even you a-hole. What about that poor kid… he hiding something? Can you imagine the trauma of seeing your mother being beaten, by a cop no less, and the future effects on him. Further, Aboriginal women have been targeted for years stupid, stupid man.

          • C Money

            Yep, totally stinks of racism. I think your presumption is racist, too.

      • Issac Abrams

        So?? What if she did, it still doesn’t give that lowlife cop the right to beat this woman.

      • KE

        Then again…maybe the cop has anger , power and mother issues !! And having said that Jorge….does his treatment to this woman make it “OK” in your books? You may be as scary as the cop beating this woman !!

      • MistyH

        Something to hide? DID YOU SEE HER FACE???? NOTHING TO HIDE THERE-IT WAS SEEN BY ALL!!! I am getting tired of seeing people charged with assault when they did not even lift a finger to defend themselves when the police assaulted THEM. And I am tired of police apologists.

        • Dimitri Theodosakis

          US Murderous Blue Gang Apologists are not Christians, Jesus Promote Peace not Evil Acts

      • Debbie Mccormack

        Why do you think she has something to hide? Do you know her or have you been there to assume that? Don’t judge unless you are a judge in a court of law!

      • tonymengela

        cop sucking piece of shit

      • CLO

        fuggoff digckweed!!

      • Ivan Johnson

        If the victim had “something to hide” she wouldn’t have put herself on the evening news. You think?

      • NDMA

        The days of entitlement of cracker jack monetary slaver pirates are numbered : those simpleton sh*ts shouldn’t have picked on the Muslims … now their kind are being exposed for what they are : WATCH THEM LOSE EVERYTHING, do you really think it’s a good idea to pick on us? Desperate peasants will receive no mercy for their actions : even if god promised them everything 😛 Just remember who started it : whores of the shekel simpletons … Then again, I would hope anybody could evolve beyond it : but I doubt it be easy for violent peasants …

        • Thanks for replying to a 2 year old comment. I understand your anger. I would be angry too if I was born as a non-white with inferior genetics.

          • NDMA

            Inferior genetics? I’m the nephew of a British Knight (yup, he was born in a village like me) and Nobel Laureate, my dad is a uni researcher & teacher at a world-class Canadian university with doctorates from Canada and the UK. I retired by 27 in Vancouver, BC, Canada after being born poor in a village (my uncles created their organizations within their generation : one of them being the largest developmental organization [my extended family feeds more people than the UN every year, so picking on me in specific probably wasn’t the best of ideas, hehe] in the world and the other being a nobel prize winning bank from 26 gbp) … I created a communications company with members from 17 countries : I passively earn in 13 currencies with homes across 3 continents … so maybe I am inferior, but at least I can do whatever the f**k I want (pretty much, I’m an ex-con too [jail is a country club for people as vicious as me], just imagine priv brat and all the fun things they could do) without ever having to worry about rent or a ‘paycheck’ or whatever some shekel slaver wants … so with that freedom : I already know what I want 😉 It’s not some slag, I’ll give you a hint, I was genetically engineered for generations so why don’t you go on a speed dating session to figure out your next mate while you try to guess my superiority 😉

            PS: Don’t forget to ask “do you want fries with that?” on every order, umm k? 🙂 Cuz a dumb debt-driven slave is all I see the white man as, ROFL … they’ll even pride themselves on being f**ked for shekel by calling it pornography : superiority? NO = DESPERATE SLAVES OF MONEY.

          • NDMA

            ROFL if your slave class @$$ could only comprehend who I was I would bother telling you … Keep on preaching your superiority : I never claimed such ; I don’t need to prove anything because I’m not a slave of money like debt-driven peasants of the Amurikan puppet regime 😛 Just know I am nothing like the desperate thieves known as your people 😉



      • NoRacistsAllowed

        She had nothing to hide…She is a good person…the police are the ones who caused the injuries and they got away with it, as usual….state is in collusion ..genocide.

        • kate sarginson

          Bullshit. his woman had been downtown drinking to ‘celebrate a friend’s birthday. She then went on to pick up her b/f and then went to pick up her son at school. She and her b/f carried on drinking. They started to have a fight outside of her on the lawn. They were causing a problem (it was Halloween) with yelling at each other and physically assaulting one another. The police came. She was was asked to go into the house and calm down. She claims that she was hit by his baton. No one saw her struck and there were no marks on her body from a baton. She was handcuffed and arrested as was the b/f who had ‘come quietly’ as they say. Both were arrested for being drunk in public.and she was charged with assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest. . Her son was taken into foster care. She put a complaint in to the police complaint officer and after investigation it was dismissed. She fought the charge of assault on a police officer. Her problem was credibility. In her first statements to the police she said that he shoved her and she fell to the ground. Then four months later she said he slammed her face into the sewing table. She also said she was subjected to ‘racial insults’ She is First Nations. That was never mentioned in her complaint to the police commission investigation. She also said she only had six beers at the bar and then it was only four four months later. The judge said she had changed her story three times and each time it had become ‘enlarged’ especially the one she gave under oath at the trial which was quite different and more graphic etc from the first complaint at the police and then the one at the police commission. She attempted to head butt the police officer after he cuffed her and tried to grab scissors off the sewing table but staggered fell against the table and she hit her face and she and the table went down. The judge found she had not assault the police officer but was found guilty of resisting arrest. It always pays to review the whole facts. This happened four years ago and was settled two years ago. By the way, the b/f never complained paid the fine and was never heard from again.

          • rogerrramjet

            Oh well there ya go…she deserved to be beaten half to death. GFY.

          • rogerrramjet

            Upon further review your story is full of bullshit. Several news articles show a different story and if you think cops don’t lie. then I have very cheap bridge to sell you. COPS lie all over the world. That is how they get away with literal murder. Sooo been a copsucker long? Been down to the local cop shop giving them all BJs?

      • rogerrramjet

        Typical copsucker. Been to the local cop shop and given them all BJ’s lately?

        • Yesterday I backed my truck into a black lady and I thought I hit an animal. She started chimping out and screeching with her little baboons in tow. I just kept driving.

          • rogerrramjet

            You must have been late to your KLAN meeting. Lynch or burn alive anyone? Please leave America. You are a worthless piece of skin who owes an apology to all the trees working hard to provide oxygen for you.

          • I’ll pay for your plane ticket back home to Africa. How does that sound?

          • rogerrramjet

            Don’t think they have room for an 7th generation white American. HOWEVER I am sure Mother Russia would love to have you back. YOU are EXACTLY what they love there. Racist, stupid, ignorant, and love to see cops hurt maim and kill people.

            Please leave but in the meantime do the world a favor and throw your computer away as you obviously have no INTELLIGENT use for one.

  • Joe

    Im sure shes making up. Cops never do horrible things.

    • Beatle

      Joe your an idiot.

      • Joe

        Sarcasm bro

    • rebecca

      I take it you’re a cop.

  • jessica ciocca

    The moment you let a police officer in your home is the moment you should start quietly filming. Sadly, that bastard probably be cleared because it’s her word against his. And even IF she got it on tape, that’s no guarantee that he’d face any repurcussions anyway. Maybe just DON’T let a cop into your house unless they’ve got a search warrant

    • agreed … but in this case it looks like they intimidated her into letting them ‘investigate’

    • kate sarginson

      Try doing some research this woman’s claim is bullshit. She sure doesn’t mention being drunk, and physically fighting with her b/f in front of her house on Halloween does she? By the way this happened in 2014.

      • jessica ciocca

        Thus why my comment was written in 2014. Bring drunk and fighting with ones boyfriend still doesn’t justify a cop wrecking your face. Bootlicking (sheep/Nazi-like/authoritarian) people like you are a major part of the problem.


          you’re a blithering imbecile!

          • FreedomNJustice

            Um, no. I’m married and no one in my life is ‘trailer trash.’ The only blithering imbecile here is you, the bootlicking troll who is so blinded by lust for power over others, he actually defends police brutality at all costs. Nice work.


          so in otherwords – you are often drunk nad fighting w your trailer trash boyfriend.

  • Bendy Bentley

    I hope a moose stomps his sorry ass to death.

  • Elapid Handler

    When shtf, these scumbag cops will be high on my priority “target” list. No more hiding behind your badge

  • Max Kolin

    son will grow up on hate to system and live only for revenge…or will be a loser affected by post-trauma sindrome

  • BeaveVillage

    Oh my word, I want that WPS Officer thrown into jail immediately. This is unacceptable.

    • Joe

      sadly it’s not

  • Kim

    I wish I had a nickel for every time this stupid and tragic argument has comes up. Of course there are some bad cops, no one in their right mind would argue that! But you using what statisticians comely refer to as “OUTLIARS” to validate your point. If you are not familiar with outliers, Google it! But basically it refers to something of study that has been tested rigorously and has been found to fit outside or away from the average, the mean, the norm! Look at what the statistical norm is on your argument. All of your examples you provide or ever will provide are OUTIER’S! Its the same thing as me saying telling a group of people they shouldn’t smoke because they will die sooner. And as always, and I mean always! There is some dumbass in the audience that comes up with the typical outlier example and says, “My dad smoked two packs a day and lived till he was 90.” Yeah, well…those examples are so far outside the norm (what we would normally expect to find) and usually aren’t accepted by rational people. They are called liars (outliers) for a reason! They always sit on the very outside of the norm. They are always towards the end of what we expect to see, the end! Extreme possibilities (cases like the 90 year old smoker) are so outside the norm that they are hardly even noticeable and even harder to predict. It may be that a lot of cops are bad. But do you really believe there is more bad officers than good? Really? If so, how in the hell would that even work? I think someone would have taken notice and said, “hey we need to fix this shit,” as you are trying to do. But you know why it isn’t working? BEAUSE IT’S NOT THAT BAD YET! Point is, cops provide more good than they do bad. It maybe even by a slight margin like 51% to 49%, but still more good than bad! Anyway, please show me some hard data or evidence…that supports your case (of more bad cops than good) and I’ll prove you wrong! How you ask? Because simply, there are millions of cases and evidence on my side than there is on yours. <— Notice the period at the end of that sentence. Period. Not to mention the countless studies and research done by doctors in sociology, criminology, psychology just to name a few academic disciplines that has viable documented proof regarding this matter! Instead of pointing out one or even a thousand examples where something went wrong with a cop, out of millions upon million of calls our officers get on a weekly basis in this country…try and think for yourself and look at the freaking evidence! If you have any hard statistical proof (or any proof for that matter), instead of these extreme (outlier) examples…please provide them. Because I have no problem providing my data/support. With that being said…people will always believe what they focus on with their eyes, heart and minds. What they feel becomes reality for them. However, that may not be the truth. When people focus on something so hard and so closely, how do you see anything else?! Want to argue? Please take your best your shot, but I can assure you two things: 1. I have more evident than you to support my case. 2. I can't remember the second point. haha

    • Theresa James-Romard

      I agree with you 100 percent but your vulgar and self righteous approach is hard to stomach. As a masters in social work you make some very valid projections. Most people are not taught to think critically and this is a discipline that needs to be taught more frequently. Thanks for your insight.

      • Kim

        Your right, but sometimes to get the point across you got to get a little rough. LOL. Thanks for commenting

      • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

        Are you kidding? You don’t see how illogical her argument is? It’s like a defense attorney telling a jury “Now in fact my client did commit murder, but that was only one of many acts he committed on that day. He ate breakfast, showered, helped a little old lady cross the street, complimented his co-worker on her new dress – so he’s really not a bad person, because most of his actions were innocent and even virtuous.So don’t worry about the murder. Statistically, it’s not important.” Would a jury choose to ignore the fact that an innocent person was slain? And should the public choose to ignore such serious allegations of police misconduct, comforting themselves by the commendable and honorable conduct of police officers in so many towns and cities? Does that somehow make up for what has apparently happened to this woman at the hands of the Winnipeg police?

    • Beatle

      Your off topic Kim … the fact is a cop beat her up in her home with a child near. Bad cop good cop, that isn’t the point. Don’t make this an argument about apples when we are talking about oranges.

    • Thomas Goff

      Wow what a nice little world You must live In. EVERY TIME I mean EVERY TIME !!!!! I have been stopped by a cop I have had my rights crapped all over. If I state my rights I have been beaten. What do you call people that dress the same and make chaos based on their ideals of right and wrong …. I call them a gang !.

    • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

      Kim, we KNOW that most cops are okay. But plenty are not. And we consider actions like those of the cop in this story unacceptable. A woman was severely beaten by a law enforcement officer in front of her young son. No good deeds by any police officer in Canada or the U.S. will cancel out an incident like this. And by the way, what is wrong with holding cops responsible for their actions? That is what folks want done here, and in other cases of police misconduct and brutality.

    • thiamia

      And that is why a cop such as the one in the article should be fired. This cop is extreme. Most cops are not like this. But it puts their cities reputation in a dim light.
      The chief needs to reassign or something. When you let one get away with it, you are saying it is okay to brutalize mothers & children.

    • Think for a second.

      a man used a long gun in a school shooting and we banned them almost immediately after.
      Our society deals with outliers, you dumbshit. We deal with outliers by sending them to fucking jail. So why do police “outliers” not suffer the same consequence?

    • cap3r

      I agree kim, and everything you said is true.. but there shouldn’t be even 10% of bad cops. These people are sapose to serve and protect, when something happens and someone files a complaint more than 3 or 4 cases should make it to the courts. Just because they are the authority does not mean that their actions should be dealt with differently than others. This is how good cops get a bad reputation. I’ve witnessed cops do some pretty narly things to people and anytime that I have called them they were to no help. For example : my house had got broken into while I was home and upon arival they just stood there and asked a few pointless questions and left, I know there not like the csi agents on t.v but atleast act like you care and maybe even try looking for them. I’m not trying to argue with you either because everything you have said I do agree with and you have some great pounts but you need to also shine the light on this part of it too.

    • flickerKuu

      What argument? No one said “All cops are bad”. They are saying THIS cop who beat up this woman is bad. Where did you get your high horse from?

  • sugarandspice

    Big tough guy…we know he does it at home too! If pro football players have lose their job over violence a cop needs to also!! This a-hole didn’t only do damage to her, look what he did to the child!! GO TO JAIL!!

  • Pissed of Pete


  • ashley

    A cop has left bruises all over my arms and legs when arresting me for for fuck all I will not post the story or my real name because I now live in terror. I was not violent in any way with them and did not talk them down. I do not know how they left these bruises on my legs but they are there. I can hardly leave my house and I get terrified when I see any violence

  • ashley

    I definitely feel for this woman. These cops need to be reassessed in their career.

    • sail with this

      if this is true, they need criminal charges brought up against them. Empanel a Grand jury!!!!

      • we don’t need a corruptible grand jury to know that this was assault & battery

  • InnocentOldLady

    Signs that a man has a tiny penis: 1. Beats up on women and kids. 2. Abuses animals. 3.Thinks a uniform and badge will disguise these facts.

  • Silverbells

    As if that puke will ever face any type of charges! The “brotherhood” of blue will cover for him. Look at all of the related stories where cops have shot people and nothing has happened to them! Shot and killed a grandma as she held an infant and they were completely exonerated. Hell, they probably got a medal! She’s lucky that he didn’t kill her to cover his own ass. As a Native American, I’m always afraid for my children and grandchild. We are the most law abiding citizens, but that doesn’t matter any longer! All it takes is a cop “thinking” (and I use that word loosely!!) that you have done something, may do something, or they just don’t like you for whatever reason that comes to mind, and you’re either beaten or DEAD. And there is absolutely no possible way to defend yourself or your loved ones! NONE! And there is no one to turn to.

  • Real Justice

    Sod the complaint, that bastard coward copper should be dead full stop!!!!!

  • dbltapp

    So where’s the rest of the story?

  • kcdad

    NEVER trust a cop. They don’t work for you, they work for the corporation that hired them.

  • Brad mcmillan

    johnny Buck not all cops are like this cop the ethnic group called mennonites make up a majority of the force they use force frequently because they know there is enough of them on the force to cover up the crimes they commit. If this lady wouldnt of opened the door they would of kicked the door in because they know they can cover it up.It wont get any better the last graduates from the academy are all mennonites.The chief should stop pairing these idiots together

  • MistyH

    Anyone getting tired of seeing people brutalized by police when they never raised a finger being charged with assault???? I am!!!!

    • kaynash

      Yes, and the always present, resisting arrest that they make up in EVERY case.

  • Clive

    This is absolutely a case of a cop playing judge, jury, and executioner. He made up his mind that she’d been beating the kid so he was going to teach her a lesson by beating her up. The truly disgusting thing is that his department will back him up 100% by claiming the force was justified.

  • Natasha Nadia

    Is this becoming a pandemic? Police brutality is one thing in the US that shouldn’t be mimicked in other countries.

  • Venchenza

    And what about the bird too? OMG outrageous

  • Margarett Brophy

    The pig needs to be taken out somewhere & beaten see how he likes it Bastard !!

  • Debbie Mccormack

    I feel for her! She is a woman alone with her child and her home is invaded by a police officer!

  • LawrenceNeal

    Gangs is gangs, anywhere you go.

  • kaynash

    I hate to say it, but the more often young people see this, the less likely they are to trust these sadistic, egotistical, power hunger killers and the more likely they are to keep them out of their homes, and call someone they know if they need help. We can’t trust them anymore….and it needs to be known before the next victim of the police.

  • Dakota Erikson

    Kick all men off of police forces. Hire only women so this crap does not happen.

  • Disvox

    Way to go a$$hole. You just created another cop killer. Maybe three.
    Correctional officer (ret).

  • nolickspittles

    cops need to be tested for drugs and emotional stability
    this insanity has to stop

  • T. Kelly


  • CLO


  • C Money

    I just came here for kinky photos ad below the article. If the cop beat the hell outta her on her sewing machine, it obviously means she shouldda been making him a sammich.

  • tsinoktiio

    what will happen to this prick cop? I suppose nothing, as if they can just walk in anyone’s house. That’s why Cops get shot, they like to bully and beat people up cause they can, hope she sues them.

  • cmdj1982
  • Jazzelle Sanchez

    He could have subdued her without bashing her face into a dang table. I know 15-year-old BOYS who could get me under control without punching me, and I am a pretty strong woman.

  • Not pro Israel

    Hi 5’s all around! The RCMP protected and served the shjt outta her!

  • anonymous2123

    There is 100% more to this story. If there wasn’t she would sue the city, the department and her neighbors.

  • Allison Moss-Fritch

    This is NOT good. In USA we call complaints against an officer a “Pitchess” motion…and we ask to see the WHOLE record on that particular cop.