BREAKING: Cops Open Fire, Execute Citizen Who Ran in the Opposite Direction From Them


PASCO — Disturbing video footage has surfaced online showing police open fire on a citizen who appears to be running away from them.

The incident occurred Tuesday night in Pasco, Washington.

The citizen died at the scene after police fired multiple bullets into him.

According to witnesses at the scene, the man was suffering from a mental illness and had been throwing some small rocks on the street.

Some witnesses said that the man had punched an officer moments beforehand, and had a rock in his hands when he “took off running.”

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When police showed up, the man can be seen behaving as if he were confused, and ultimately running away from them.

Rather than giving chase to the citizen, the officers are then seen firing their weapons.

The man’s body slumps to the ground, lifeless.

The identities of the three officers involved in the fatal shooting have not been released, and Police Captain Ken Roske would not specify who fired the shots.

Roske said that the “officers fired after the man refused to listen to their commands,” according to reports.

There have been no reports of any weapon found at the scene.

We are waiting for more details, but as far as the video footage shows, this appears to be a confused citizen who was running in fear from the police, moments before they execute him.

They then appear to place the citizen’s dead body in handcuffs.

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No doubt the cops will claim that they “feared for their lives,” as police are trained to say in shooting deaths in order to avoid conviction.

The officers are due to be placed on paid leave.

This article will be updated as more details become available.

Watch the video below (warning – graphic scene of man being shot to death by police).

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  • I will say it again. Failing to immediately do what a cops says is a death sentence regardless of the circumstances.

    • Bane Zakaie Raziel

      DOING what cops say is a death sentence man. this guy was clearly unarmed, and posed 0 hostile threat. they shot him… he fell to the ground and they shot him again. THEN they stood over him for 2 min THEN hand cuffed him. yep pigs being pigs.

      could have used the tasors they have… could have used the clubs and batons they have. nope ‘I HAS GUN I USE GUN!’ murder and theft is all they do.

      • Betty Anne Emery Rubendall

        Guns are the new “pursuit”

      • Wendy Kay Dill

        they tazed him FOUR times before he was shot. do i think he needed to be, but, there is a lot more to this than the 30 seconds of video shows.

        • Keren Jeanne

          it was enough time tho to see he posed no life altering threat. people work with mentally ill everyday and are trained to deal with issues such as this. the officers are trained and paid to protect and to serve.

    • SickOfTheStupid

      yeah sorry the time has come to start fighting back .

      I carry a firearm not to protect me from the rare and random criminal but to defend my fellow citizens rabid cops ………It is better to die fighting than live another year on our knees.

      We the people have the right to self defense and that includes defending ourselves from fascist cops………..When you see a cop committing a felony lethal force is completely legal …………gunning down a unarmed man when no threat is present is a felony ……….wittiness could have shot and killed everyone of those cops that drew his weapon with legal impunity and no legitamte jury would convict them..

      • Chris Brock

        random rare criminal? Where do you live? In a hole? Do you leave the house? Criminal murder out-numbers officer involved shootings by over 1000 to 1.

        • SickOfTheStupid

          Nice try but by law enforcement’s own accounting violent crime nationwide is at historic 20+year lows…… Cops in the USA shoot a average of 3 citizens A DAY US LEO’s shoot and kill more citizens a year than all of Europe and Russia combined

          This nation has a gun control problem, the fascist police are armed……………

      • Adam Brian

        Yes. We need a militia group of the people for the people and by the people who will defend the constitution and bill of rights. It is time to fight fire with fire by organizing and plotting course of acting for the corrupt departments in america. Those found guilty need to be removed and or arrested by force. We have no other option, join my you tube account to sign up. Simply watch my videos. I have a video called tyranny its happening and its a crime. Watch it a long with my other videos. Join my page and let’s start having meetings and also I need a name for this militia? Let me know what you think.

      • AtheistPilgrim

        Your internet bravado is hilarious.

    • matt

      So was resisting the Nazi soldiers!

    • Nicole Lynn Spengler

      Well I will never accept that. NEVER

    • Kayla

      That is the problem.
      Its also rumored by witnesses who work in the area (I do not know yet, victim’s name/info has not yet been released) that he frequented this part of town, and appeared to have a mental disability. Some are saying he was trying to use sign language to communicate. If that is the case, and he was in fact deaf, no fucking kidding he didn’t listen to you because he couldn’t fucking hear you.

    • Robertman99

      What if you are unarmed, running away, and mentally I’ll and don’t understand their commamds? What do you do in that situation?

      • Blake Bowden


  • noctumz

    The issue is this, when cops automatically use lethal force in non-life-threatening situations, civilians will also start using lethal force–then it will be a war.

    • Sherry Gillespie

      Yes we need to take a stand and stop this shit.

      • SickOfTheStupid

        It is long past time we put our cameras down and picked up our rifles……..

        • Corey

          say something yell something if your seeing this, film the cops up close they are not going to start shooting all of you, at that stage there will be a war with civilians if it ever comes to that point. No im happy people are filming keeping the public aware, But grow a pair, Stand up for those around you, we are all human on the blueberry together. Stand together and stand united, No one should be in fear of being shot by the police. Nor should we be going and killing innocent ones as well.

          • Clive

            People surround cops in a lot of videos. It doesn’t phase the cops at all, they just call more in.

          • Kenny

            Or declare it a riot

        • epicnoob

          Common sense is you fight fire with water.

          • SickOfTheStupid

            yeah, and that is how idiots start grease fires in the kitchen………you have confused common sense with uneducated ignorance.

            How have the peaceful method’s of demanding change and justice worked out?………….Are you expecting different results the next 50 years of ‘peaceful’ protest?

            how many times do you allow yourself to be punched in the face before you strike back?………..

          • John J Publicus

            You fight grease fires by smothering them, not by setting the living room on fire. Now, don’t be stupid. Use your brain. What does ‘smother’ mean in this analogy? A massive outcry by citizens or a lone nut job like you shooting back?

            This country WORKS if everyone is engaged. It doesn’t if we’re not. Shooting back, regardless of how good it may feel, will only justify more violence on the part of the police. If everyone that saw this happen in real time got out of their cars, called everyone they knew to show up too, and demanded action right there and right then, didn’t stop until they got it, believe me, this would change fast.

            Don’t get me wrong, I fantasize of laying in wait with a .50 cal about 300 yards away from the police station and taking these four assholes out myself, but it’s just that, a fantasy. I’m NOT STUPID, so I think, ‘what’s the best thing that could happen here?’ My answer isn’t to ‘fight fire with fire’, it’s to smother the fire with citizens.

            Now, if your reply to me is some form of derision or some type of retort that I’m stupid, then I’ll know that you’re simply a moron, or a cop trying to foment violent statements online…..

          • stormywaters

            No, actually, you start a grease fire by lighting grease on fire. Pouring water on fire will not start a grease fire, because the fire is already started if you’re reacting to it.

        • 7LibertyForAll

          BEFORE we take that final action, let’s get our common law back into OUR courts and run out the filth who keep these injustices going. This is the only peaceful way to take back our voices, authority and power as the People. They will not police themselves because it is too lucrative to surrender their riches and power that they’ve usurped at the people’s expense. And, speaking of police (code enforcement officers), it sure sounds like they’ve long since worn out their welcome. We don’t need no stinkin’ cops to murder us, to rape us, to steal our property, and brutalize us. Become part of this grassroots process at National Liberty Alliance dot org. Only the people can save America.

    • Dana Lo

      the war is starting. choose wisely. One side will wear costumes , the other side you probably won’t see.

    • Joseph Edward Bodden

      no, soon it will not be the guns that cops see that they need to worry about…

  • Rod Johnson

    It has nothing to do with fearing for their lives. That’s a ruse. You can be legally executed for not following a command. That’s how sick this country is.

    • Rod Johnson

      Google “I fear for my life from you, your wife and your kids, at all times.” You’ll see the ruse in action.

    • Tom

      You are telling no lies. We have a very big problem and we have to fix it.

  • Wayne Darby

    Shot after “refusing to listen to their commands”. This sounds like Nazi Germany. Listen and obey or we will kill you. Fucking thugs.

    • 7LibertyForAll

      Apparently these thugs don’t think they will ever be in a situation where they NEED help from the public they violate. I think that will be a truly enlightening moment for these filth.

  • Marais Baudet

    Death and taxes

  • martymarsh

    Hey hey, this is your overpaid hero’s at work.

  • Kayla

    check out this angle. if you can watch it full size on a computer. you can see him throw the rock then walk away, unarmed. they attempted to tase him, he put his hands up and started running, thats when they shot. the fatal blow it looks like happened when his hands were about waist height and still open, still unarmed. disgusts me. this is local for me… i’m glad it got on here so fast.

    • Kayla

      Its also rumored by witnesses who work in the area (I do not know yet, victim’s name/info has not yet been released) that he frequented this part of town, and appeared to have a mental disability. Some are saying he was trying to use sign language to communicate. If that is the case, and he was in fact deaf, no fucking kidding he didn’t listen to you because he couldn’t fucking hear you.

    • SickOfTheStupid

      The video speaks for itself , this was unquestionably a murder. Those cops should have been arrested immediately………and by rights should have been beaten to death where they stood by a angry mob.

      • Kayla

        I agree and that is why I posted it on here. The original video on the post just did not show enough, and once I found this, it needed to be on here. I am glad that it was also added to the main article. It also came out yesterday that one of the officers involved was charged with police brutality in 2012 but the city “settled” for 100K.

        • Margarita Cardenas Moreno

          Kayla yes the officers name is Ryan flanagan, he was charged with police brutality and racial profiling. City did settle for 100k. I live here in tri cities, all we want is justice- JUSTICE FOR ANTONIO ZAMBRANO-MONTEZ! IT WAS JUST A ROCK! !!

  • Chris Brock

    Nice liberal slant to this article. When you are told to stop, lay down, put your hands up and you do ANYTHING different, you deserve to die. The world simply needs less stupid people, hopefully this man has no children, that he might have passed the “idiot” gene too. Police Officers DO NOT SHOW up to work everyday looking to kill someone, they are normal human beings, that have families, families that want them to return home at the end of the day. Have we already forgotten about all the police officers (and firefighters) that died on 9/11 because when everyone else was running away, they were running too…??? Even if there was a malicious officer, there at least three officers firing at this man, after they attempted a non-lethal solution, I seriously doubt there are three corrupt cops. Regardless, this incident will be investigated by an outside agency, and if the officers truly executed this man, as this piece of crap article suggests, then they will pay for their crime, but I have no sympathy for the man that was shot.

    • Kayla

      Its also rumored by witnesses who work in the area (I do not know yet, victim’s name/info has not yet been released) that he frequented this part of town, and appeared to have a mental disability. Some are saying he was trying to use sign language to communicate. If that is the case, and he was in fact deaf, he couldn’t hear their commands to get down. He was still shot while unarmed, and within a short enough distance that SINCE he was unarmed he could’ve been tackled and cuffed….rather than murdered then cuffed.

      • Cromwell

        Well put, but don’t expect officer Brock to understand. As with all cops they aren’t deaf they simply choose to not listen to anyone. Sure was a good thing they handcuffed him and just left him to die, you know cause they “feared for their lives”.

        • Kayla

          I mean yeah, I fear my life every time someone throws a rock and run away. I just didn’t know i could kill anyone who throws the rock in my direction then walks away.
          Oh wait!!! That badge is why they could. That’s right.

          • Kayla

            *obviously… insert eye roll after the first sentence*

    • Nicole Lynn Spengler

      You are INSANE. Cops are useless.

    • SickOfTheStupid

      At this point in our nation LEO’s have made themselves legitimate targets and all should have bounties on their heads ………the mythical good cops have stood back and done nothing and are thus willing accomplices to these crimes .

    • Bob Pineo

      Brock, I will not shed a tear if I ever read about you catching a bullet. I hope it fucking hurts for awhile too.

    • JessBka

      Noncompliance is not a death sentence. If this is your mentality, I hope and pray these types of officers never stop your children/teenagers or relatives. And if you’re a cop, I hope you’re stripped of your badge before you take a human life over them not listening to you.
      Someone making your job a little harder is not a license to kill.

    • Craig

      Your Fucking moron…Chris Brock The man was disabled… I hope you don’t breed.. The man was mentally challenged and maybe deaf… I hope and Pray you burn in hell you worthless piece of shit…. 9-11 has nothing to do with this…. But, nice slant… keep hiding behind the computer because I promise you would be a dead man if anyone reading this post happen to see you in the streets…. Cops are normal human beings they weren’t retarded and that is exactly why they deserve punishment…. Go fuck yourself and die… You ignorant waste of life

    • Meech B

      Shut the hell up!! People deserve to die because they aren’t doing what they are told?? You’re part of the problem. I bet you believe this is your country and the shooting was Obama’s fault

  • Cromwell

    Another group of cowards who’s only use should be as balast. I sure am amazed when I hear Americans constantly talking about how great their country is. This sorty of thing rarely happens anywhere else. I really hope you guys start to challenge law enforcement in all ways, before it is too late.

    • RainmakerMWO

      in the uk our police dont carry guns, but they do carry everything else u can imagine as a weapon. but when the armed police are called out even if someone thinks they saw someone with a gun ..they always shoot somebody ..they close of the street dont film it (which is unbelieveable in todays age) even if they film it just to protect themselves they dont bother.. its target practice and nobody else gets close enough to see if the person gives himself up first.. dosnt matter they shoot him anyway. in Liverpool the armed police until is called the matrix , like thats not the wrong frame of mind to be in for an armed police man thinking they are going into the matrix shooting people who are not real people.. well yes they are real people.

  • Arcangelo ‘Cisco’ Cocco

    This is what happens when you make it so police lives are more important than the citizen’s, who they are supposedly to protect. They’ll get a paid vacation and be back out on the streets. I feel so much safer now.

  • MistyH

    Keep your gun on him after you have killed him! He’s gonna get up zombie-like and attack you!!! Order the corpse to give you his hands and cuff him-he’s still a dangerous corpse, lol!!! Dummies.

  • Joe

    A badge should not put you above the law

  • fractalsphere

    Burning questions in my mind:
    1. Why was this person in the police targets?
    2. What was he doing or suspected of doing?
    3. Was this person actually guilty of anything? As in what evidence do they have against this person?

    • Wendy Kay Dill

      1. he was throwing softball sized rocks at cars, that is why the police were called to begin with.
      2. after police arrived, he switched to throwing rocks at them. they tazed him four times, with no effect. he ran
      3. they have eye witness accounts as evidence, and the fact that he was still throwing the rocks when they arrived.

      did he deserve to die, NO, absolutely not…could it have been handled better, yes…is it murder as its being slanted to be (unprovoked) no, it was NOT. he was not still running when he was shot, he turned around and was being agressive, they shot. stupid, yes, murder, no.

      ok. that is my opinion so…blast away, i know you all will,

  • Christopher Usewicz

    oh no the guy was slowly getting away without a weapon, how can we stop him? Let’s shoot him and say that the three of us were in fear of our lives, I’ve always wanted to shoot an unarmed man, maybe I should be a cop where they shoot kids, adults, dogs. They beat up handcuffed citizens and get paid vacations afterwards where all I have to say is “I was scared for my life” That about wraps up what it’s like to be a cop

  • Sherbert

    So basically the dead individual wasn’t conforming to the system. It cost him his life

  • Dale Ford

    My nephew was shot 6 times in the back as he was attempting to go to his knees. We buried him the day before Thanksgiving 3 years ago. He wasn’t armed and his only crime was suspicion of joy riding the day before. He was killed on video and his death certificate said he died from exsanguination from gunshot wounds to the chest. Being shot in the back by the C.H.P. turns to getting shot in the chest. Nice trick. F.T.P.!

  • Antwon1357

    Combative towards the officer/officers….resisting arrest….evading…..sudden turning movement or any SUDDEN movements at all…ya….you will get shot…..i see a gun pointed at me, im DOWN. Or hands up or something….like please don’t shoot me….sorry, but thats just how it is…Cops draw weapons…finger on trigger….Don’t be frickin stupid..

    • Meech B

      You’re still one of the delusional ones huh? The cops are the aggressors! There are more options than using a gun. And they shoot regrdless. You won’t understand until it hits home.

    • timirson

      .you are the fucking stupid one
      get your head out of your ass
      and be realistic

  • Julie Deann Verma

    I’m sick of the cops breaking the law we all need to put a end to it

  • Chaiyz


  • Clive

    A cop explained this to me as them having the right to kill people for running away because they “need” to apprehend or stop the “bad guy.” Unless this guy did something more than throw a rock, however, it’s going to very difficult to argue that he was a large enough public threat to be killed. The shitty thing is that no matter what happens to the cops, this guy is still dead. The shittier thing is that the department will back these officers as heroes acting heroically by needlessly killing an American citizen. Then, they’ll try to tell us about what a difficult job it is and how nobody else has ever had to make a life/death split second decision.

    Plain and simple, these three cops are murderers with badges.

  • Gene Leonhardt

    we all need to start pulling a Christopher Dorner or else this country is going to go to shit

  • MendocinoBruce

    ” A firefighter will endanger their life and enter a burning building for the POSSIBILITY of saving a life, a lifeguard will risk drowning for the possibility to save a life. But a COP will kill you, or even a 10 year old child, because you POSSIBLY could have caused them harm” Anonymous (the activist group))

  • SewerCat

    Well there it is. Who’s taking bets the cops will get off yet again, this time despite undeniable proof that they straight up murdered a man? You know, local governments across the U.S.,there is point your citizens will reach where they start taking justice into their own hands en masse. Maybe you ought to start giving their testimony equal weight and acknowledge that statistically walking around in a uniform with a weapon attracts a certain type of person and that statistically cops are maybe more likely to be sociopaths than the rest of the populace. Testimony and morals may favor cops but video and (increasingly) science doesn’t.

  • EyemNotFree

    Violently overthrow the US government

  • David Oran Burch


  • Ned Day

    Always, always, always have a cell phone near you when away from home and turn on the video as soon as you hear a disturbance to catch something like this. I like the app “Manifesto” is it starts recording immediately as soon as the icon button is tapped.

  • Jeff Estep

    Sounds like the guy picked up a big rock and damaged a person or place or something, which made him a suspect in a crime, the police were called, he was approached by the police, he refused to comply, he turned his back and ran, during the chase he turned and the witness rein acted how he turned.( in a way his arm looked like it could have had a weapon). Same old story. Disregard officers orders and resist arrest or run. The long arm gets you. Sorry.

    • Margarita Cardenas Moreno

      Excuse me? which pedestrian witness report did you see? I’m from the area and I totally missed the one you’re talking about. Believe me I’ve kept up with them all.

  • Kayla

    Oh also! I felt you all would like to know… I recently found out that the victim was in fact deaf, so he couldn’t even HEAR the commands from the officers while running away.

  • carl56

    You know, they’re so visible. And an intelligent Chris Kyle might just come back from our wars of aggression and mass civilian slaughter with the idea that THEY – those bubbleheads in blue – are the enemy. What then? What if there are thousands of Rational Kyles? Pigs should not play with fire.

  • Jay Moreno

    All yall so.e dumb mother fucker talking about the cops was wrong on this one. If you were chasing a fucking suspect without searching him already, and the mother fucker turns around and pretends to have a gun, I don’t give a fuck what the situation was or what he was doing I’m shooting more than once. I’m not going to chance shit. At that point it’s you or me bitch and it ain’t gonna be me. I got a family too mother fuckes, and I gotta feed that family too.

  • Cromwell

    Here is a quote taken from the FB account of a PA cop named Joe Hoffman He endorses lethal force on almost all of posts, and seems to be openly endorse racial profiling.
    ” ……While Chief Metzger is doing an admirable job of supporting his officers, I feel that he is being far too gracious with the family. To be quite honest, Chief Metzger spent 1 hour and 58 minutes longer with the family than I would have. Here is exactly what I would have told the family:

    “Antonio assaulted two of my officers with potentially deadly weapons. Despite this fact, the officers initially attempted to subdue Antonio with a less lethal weapon. My officers showed more restraint than they were legally required to under the circumstances. Antonio had a violent criminal history, so he evidently had his problems. If you actually cared about Antonio’s well being when he was alive, he wouldn’t have been homeless at the time of his death. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have more pressing matters that I need to attend to.”

    Yeah, I know. You can file that as Reason Number 10,289 why Joe Hoffman will never be a police chief (much less be promoted), but some things just need to be said that bluntly.

    Here is his email

    [email protected]

  • Mohammed

    some cops dont even deserve their job

  • AllSeeingEye

    Trigger-happy pussies. They will murder a citizen for ANY reason these days. I used to respect LEOs–I’m done with them. I do not care what happens to them anymore. F’em!

  • AllSeeingEye

    In my neighborhood, as kids, we used to have “dirt-clod fights” that were more risky than this. F the new murderous, scaredy-cat cop-soldiers!

  • Alex Lacelle

    Sickening. The sad part is that this is happening everywhere; including here in peaceful ol’ Canada. Soon enough, the citizens of our countries will fully realize just how greatly we outnumber the pigs and the result will be a continent-wide war and a lot of destroyed cities and neighbourhoods.

  • Joseph Edward Bodden

    soon, the police will outscore the serial murderers – and get paid for it.