Canada’s Prime Minister Expected to Directly Punish Cops for Sexual Assault, the Opposite of What American Presidents Do

Four women are suing the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for sexual harassment and sexual assault and they have asked Canada’s new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for help. Trudeau is expected by many to get involved and help by directly ensuring that the officers in question are held accountable.

Two of these victims, Susan Gastaldo and Atoya Montegue have already been fired from their respective roles at RCMP; the remaining two, Alex Fox and Catherine Galliford are afraid they may well be next.

All of them suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. They have had to hire their own lawyers to pursue the court case.

“You should be locked in a room”

Fox was ostracized and bullied by her boss, staff Sergeant Marc Alexander who she had caught committing fraud on the job. She suffered years of embarrassing comments and behavior.

Her claim states that the harassment left her with lifelong damage and irreversible harm.
Fox had always suffered from learning disabilities, which can be noticed through her poor handwriting and spelling.

After she advised Alexander of her disability almost a decade ago he told her that he thought she suffered from attention deficit disorder and “should be locked in a room”.

In 2007, Fox was transferred to the integrated road safety unit where she was one of the top employees.

However, as soon as Alexander joined the unit as her commanding officer things took a turn for the worse.

He would embarrass her in front of her co-workers for her handwriting and ordered her to come into work on her days off. He even told her that she would not receive any overtime because of a file backlog.

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