Video: Charges Dropped For Cop Who Fatally Shot Sleeping 7-Year-Old Girl


UPDATE (4/19/15): Cop Gets Job Back

Officer Weekley has been allowed to return to work, despite shooting a 7-yr-old girl to death.

Officer Weekley claims that the fact that he aimed his gun at the child with his finger on the trigger, pulled the trigger, and shot her to death was “an accident.”

He has avoided prison and has now been re-hired.

ClickonDetroit reports as follows:

Weekley is in the department’s Criminal Investigations Bureau and will be working a desk job until further notice, the chief says.

Weekley was cleared of an involuntary manslaughter charge by a judge last year, after he says he accidentally pulled the trigger of his gun and killed Aiyana Stanley-Jones.

UPDATE (1/29/15): Case Dismissed for Officer Who Shot 7-yr-old Girl to Death While She Was Sleeping

Officer Joseph Weekley will get away with killing a harmless 7-yr-old girl, as we expected.

ClickOnDetroit reports that Officer Weekley will not face a third trial in the case.

He had already faced a second trial, but the judge dismissed an involuntary manslaughter charge. The only charge left for Officer Weekley was “recklessly using a firearm,” which was a misdemeanor.

Now that charge has been dismissed too.

Kym Worthy, a prosecutor working on the case, called the news “unfortunate” and noted that the case is due to be dismissed.

child shot

Officer Weekley had been brought to trial for aiming his gun at a 7-yr-old girl, Aiyana Stanely-Jones, and shooting her to death.

Aiyana had been sleeping when Officer Weekeley entered her guardian’s house.

He was originally charged with manslaughter, but that charge has been dropped.

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In October, Judge Cynthia Hathaway granted a motion filed by Officer Weekley’s attorney.

The motion argued for the dismissal of a felony charge that Officer Weekley faced in the shooting death of Aiyana.

The shooting took place at about 1 AM on May 16, 2010.

Aiyana had been sleeping on a couch when a SWAT team busted down her grandma’s door .

Officer Weekley was the first one to enter the doorway.

He aimed his gun and opened fire on Aiyana, who was sleeping on the couch near the front door.

The SWAT team claimed that they were looking for a “murder suspect.”

“He could have avoided injury if he had followed his training,” said the prosecution.

“He didn’t, and as a result of him not following his training and not following the mandates of ordinary care, someone was killed,” they added.

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But the charges have been dismissed anyway.

After the dismissal, the only charge Weekley faced, was a relatively minor misdemeanor charge of “careless discharge of a firearm causing death.”

Watch video below:

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  • Rework Oh Ryan

    Seriously, fuck Mike Brown, here’s a REAL reason to protest. The stupid reasons get protested, and the legitimate ones don’t. Smdh

    • Jimbob

      STFU – getting publicly executed by a rambo gutless cop is further reasons to condemn gestapo police – you have a hierarchy of who’s important enough to be considered wrongfully murdered? You are utterly ignorant.

      • millbj92

        Yeah, we do. Kids > Mike Brown. She didn’t rob a store prior to her death. Fucking idiot. The only reason people are rioting in Ferguson is because they think that mothers shouldn’t have to worry about their childrens life every time they rob a store. This child didn’t do anything illegal. There’s a huge difference. Idiot.

        • observer

          Cop who murdered Brown knew nothing about any shop lifting incident. Forensic evidence shows irrefutably that the murdering cop lied. You are arguing that stealing cigars is punishable by death. That is not the best cover for your racism.

          • Ania

            Where were you when the testimony of the witnesses and the cope was disclosed? You can’t be serious! The one thing that was in the cop’s favor was FORENSIC EVIDENCE!!! That’s why he was acquitted! There were even witnesses who testified exactly as the cop did, which proved he was telling the truth. All other witnesses’ testimony was proven to be lies as all of their testimony differed. That’s the thing about lies- the truth always comes out, sooner or later.

          • Gavinh

            Honestly you’re all being a bit ignorant. You’re not looking at the big picture, you’re not looking at the history of Ferguson. Yes I agree that Mike Browns death was due to his own stupid behavior i.e. reaching for the cops gun etc. etc. and this was a pretty un-sinister shooting so it was a bad case to start the riots. HOWEVER, the riots are vital in exposing police brutality and racial profiling. The people of Ferguson have been oppressed for YEARS by totalitarian police forces. And many a time the same police forces have acted out extremely violently towards peaceful protestors, these riots which yes are destructive were provoked by LAW ENFORCEMENT! This isn’t about one persons life that’s been taken, this is about a city fighting for it’s freedom!

          • The average american paid little attention to civil rights until they burned Detroit and watts to the ground. Sometimes violent action is needed.

          • tammy

            This was about a bunch of animals who wanted to riot, steal and burn. They flocked to Ferguson as soon as they heard of riots. Gotta get that new TV and what fun to beat up on people and burn their stores down. We did see some Ferguson residents who tried to stop them, but the good was way out numbered by the bad

          • Hungry3

            The key witness in the Mike Brown case was never even on the murder scene never in the neighborhood where mike Brown was shot. For some odd reason she still testified FBI knew she was lying & she had never seen Mike Brown before but they still used her testimonial to fool jurors so you don’t say Mike Browns case wasn’t set up so that mike Browns murderer could get off do some research stop sitting in front your TV/computer looking at nonsense when everything is right in front of you.

            The lying key witness in the mike Brown case is known as “witness 40”

          • That’s not correct. No one can prove that he was reaching for Wilson’s gun. In fact there is a disturbing lack of forensic evidence that should have been present if true. One if the reasons we will never know is the cover up attempts by fellow officers who spectacularly failed to follow protocols. As allowing Wilson to wash himself and drive himself to the station still possessing his pistol. They also failed to immediately take a recorded statement to preserve his story prior to knowledge of what evidence there was.

          • David Wilson

            The Forensic evidence basically showed that Mike Brown attacked the officer and the officer defended himself. Even with Eric Holder and President Obama looking over every bit of evidence no one could fault the Officer. If those two wanted him charged and they could not come up with the evidence it means there was none that could even be manipulated to show the Officer was possibly negligent by shooting and killing Mike Brown.

          • John Jones

            F.Y.I. the little girl in this story is also black. The only racist here is you. I agree that stealing cigars should not be punishable by death but nobody else said anything about race. While the previous post may be incorrect, it was not racist.

          • David Wilson

            He was not shot for stealing cigars, he attacked a cop and the cop defended himself. The Forensic evidence basically showed that Mike Brown attacked the officer and the officer defended himself. Even with Eric Holder and President Obama looking over every bit of evidence no one could fault the Officer. Now, take the Detroit killing, there is absolutely no reason to shoot an unarmed 7 year old on a couch. The cops that are just shooting at people not posing a threat are the ones that need to go to jail not the ones that shoot criminals that are attacking them or someone else.

          • Rusty

            The shooter in the Mike Brown murder was never investigated as a suspect…. the cop was considered the victim to begin with they always are! This approach and mentality destroys evidence of an officers crime.

          • David Wilson

            Oh my, you are backwards. The Forensic evidence basically showed that Mike Brown attacked the officer and the officer defended himself. Even with Eric Holder and President Obama looking over every bit of evidence no one could fault the Officer. Now, take the Detroit killing, there is absolutely no reason to shoot an unarmed 7 year old on a couch. The cops that are just shooting at people not posing a threat are the ones that need to go to jail not the ones that shoot criminals that are attacking them or someone else.

          • tammy

            Beating a cop through his window and trying to shoot him is a felony. This gigantic monster was no innocent kid. I saw a video where he beat on an old black man and stole his back pack. Brown was an out of control bully. Someone else would have shot him by now anyway. Thugs don’t last long

          • tammy

            Yes, he knew it, it came over his radio. Good black people who saw what happened and testified is why the cop did not go to jail. I heard a recording of a black gentleman explaining to another what had happened, he verified everything the cop said. Your racism is showing. You think cops are bad, wait until all your rioting causes martial law to be declared. You want cops gone, careful what you wish for, you might get it. BTW, many of the rioters were brought in to riot by Soros, who paid all their expenses and a wage. Or at least he was suppose to pay them a wage, but they are now rioting, because they did not get paid and they want their money. Soros can afford it, he should pay them, since he set the whole thing up. The rioters were mostly paid to cause anarchy

          • Rusty

            All Cops lie, almost ever single time.

      • tammy

        If blacks or any criminal does not want to get sshot, they need to stop being thugs, attacking people, robbing stores, asking to get shot. Brown deserved what he got. He was a criminal who attacked a cop. Don;t want to get shot, don’t break the law

    • Rusty

      John Crawford was also completely wreckless and a murder. Yet Mikey Brown is the poster child….. I truthfully assume MB was innocent too

  • Fabricio Samuel Bautista

    Now this is a case worth protesting for! but unfortunately, because of the Ferguson case, this case will get little, if any, attention

    • Marg

      It happened 4 years ago and had too much attention! This was the second trial for the cop and always declared a mistrial! That grandmother and that murderer son of hers should be charged with murder for letting a known murderer stay in the house with the kid!

      • Fabricio Samuel Bautista

        Maybe where you live, but I live in California and this is the second time I hear about this case.
        Having a criminal in your house does not give cops permission to just walk-in and kill innocent people. The worst part is that the defense team came up with silly explanations and the pig still gets away with murder.

      • Princess Mononoke

        Always the fault of everyone else but the scared, incompetent pig right? Grandma, her son. Not the pig who shot the 7 year old. It’s never their fault, that’s why nothing will change. Too many pig cheerleaders.

        • tammy

          Teach your kids not to kill, steal, or be thugs. Don’t let bad people around you, you may end up collateral damage. Take responsibility for your own screw ups. Blame the cop, that is doing his job or hunting down a killer, try blaming those who put that child in danger by having a killer in the house. Why will black people not take any responsibility for their behavior and how they live. They have every possible chance to better themselves, but would rather live off others. Teach your children, they are responsible for their own lives. Teach them to be good people, not thugs. You will save their lives

      • Leatrice Jones

        The killing of a child never gets too much attention…Her son did not shoot her the pig did

        • tammy

          If the killer was not in the house, the cops would not have been there either. The mother and brother are at fault for putting the child in harms way. Stay away from criminals.

    • Jimbob

      ‘unfortunately’? Geezus- you sick moron; publicly execution in the street was just a tipping point for all the cop racist crap building up in Ferguson- don’t embarrass yourself by being so ignorantly glib. Attention is NOT the objective- the objective is getting criminal cops put out of the business- of murder; of anybody, whether overkilling an unarmed suspect or babies in their beds.

      • David Wilson

        No the 7 year old was executed, Mike Brown was shot in self defense.

      • tammy

        Your racism is showing. Black is not always right. In this case, Brown was guilty. He could have wALKED away, if he had just stopped. He didn’t stop, he got shot. That is how it works. BTW, the same day Brown was shot, in Utah a white 17 year old, had ear buds in listening to music and did not hear the cop. A black cop shot a white teen, for no reason. Like Wilson, the black cop thought the kid was reaching for a weapon, so shot him. He was unarmed. Where is the outrage for all the white kids who get shot. Every year white kids are shot twice as often as blacks. Where is your outrage????

  • ronson1977

    Training?! What a joke! SWAT teams aren’t tactical specialists anymore. They used to be elite, now they are just the same buffoons that patrol the streets, with the same weak academy training. Weather he did it on purpose or he was negligent with his finger on the trigger, doesn’t matter, she is still dead because off his incompetence.

    • Rusty

      She is dead because he knew he would get away with killing anyone.

  • JEbus

    the kkk is strong in detroit apparently….

  • martymarsh

    He didn’t get away with anything, because, in the end we all have to face the same God.

    • Dick Fitzwell

      The Almighty Thor!

    • Adam Abramowitz

      God you say? The god who condones genocide, incest, murder, rape and slavery? The same god who allows children to die of starvation, priests to rape children, who engineered five mass extinctions? The same god who will allow an entire city to burn, except fo a lucky few? That’s not a loving god. That’s a sadistic, incompetent dick. How anyone could preach this god’s love is disgusting. By the way, god isn’t real, nor is Satan…

      • martymarsh

        There is one thing about all of this Adam, in the end WE all get to find out the truth. I do think that is funny how you mention all those bad deeds that men do, and then say there is no satan. God doesn’t allow or condone any of this, we do, but we don’t want to take responsibility. You don’t want a God, you want a magician.

        • Scott Muth

          Wait a minute…… god doesn’t allow typhoons to kill 3000 filipinos, who by the way are devout worshipers, overnight? God doesn’t allow earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning strikes, floods??? Really?

          • martymarsh

            God created the weather, he don’t control it, you having a house to live in should prove that to you. Now you have a problem with Him not controlling it so no gets hurt or killed, if everyone died of old age could you imagine the population of the earth, not to mention, if they were God fearing folks and got killed in some natural disaster they are in a far better place than what they left. Again, you want a magician.

        • bigjeff5

          All of the stuff he mentioned we things specifically directed by God in the Bible. If He were a real person he’d be tried and convicted for crimes against humanity. Quit skipping over the nasty bits in the Bible and read the whole thing. If God is real he deserves condemnation, not worship.

          • martymarsh

            I don’t have to skip over anything, I’m just trying to give you the whole picture, which is hard. You would have to admit, if there is a God he certainly does not have to answer to us. Now just think of your own little life, even if you live to be 90, it was very short. Anyone will tell you, the older you get the faster it goes. Do you know why, because it was just a test for what is coming. Satan rules the world which is why there is so much corruption, remember he offered Jesus all the kingdoms of the earth. It is also in the Bible where there will be floods, earth quakes and so on. Why would God stop that when He knows where you are going? Jesus is your ticket, take it or leave it, you have the choice.

          • sceezone

            dude. . either God is the controller or not. . the flip flopping isht is kinda lame.

          • martymarsh

            I’m not flip flopping on anything, Satan rules this world, unless Jesus is in your life. Which is no guarantee you will have it easier here, but when you leave here it will. The reason Satan rules is because it is so easy, look at the world today, we give him reason to be here. God is in control of you IF you want Him, it is that simple.

          • sceezone

            Well you offer that God has control over everything but no control over the humanly domain, paraphrasing. It can’t be an either/or scenario if god is omnipotent. but equivocate away. . .

          • martymarsh

            Let me put it this way, because you have free will, if you don’t want Him in your life He will not be there. God made the weather but He don’t control it.

          • sceezone

            So. . the party responsible for creating the system. . . and how it works. . . bears no responsibility for how it works. . . ok.

          • martymarsh

            LMAO, basically He put it on you, but it works the way it is suppose to if you follow the laws. What you really don’t get is, you are not here long enough for any of this to really matter, it is the next life you should worry about.

          • sceezone

            As long as that makes sense to you.

          • martymarsh

            Do you think there are so many believers just because we are gullible?

          • sceezone

            Quantity does not inform quality.

          • martymarsh

            Funny you should say something like that, because I didn’t go to church or start reading the Bible to get saved, I was saved first. The masses could preach to you every day and it wouldn’t mean anything, I know I was there.

          • sceezone

            So why make the argument?? Because there’s nothing more to it.

          • martymarsh

            I’m not sure I understand that.

          • sceezone

            Ask god.

          • tammy

            God gives us the ability to live as we wish. We can do good, or bad. We make our own future. You are in control, but there is always consequences. Like Brown, we are all responsible for our behavior. God allows us to follow whatever God we wish. You can not serve God and Satan, you pick who you follow. Satan is easy to follow, you can sin, kill, lie, steal and all is ok. Following God you follow his laws. You decide your outcome. Satan will be stopped, but not before he gathers many souls to follow him to the second death. He thinks he can win, but he can not. You have free will to follow who you wish, but you will be judged by what you do. Many people think all you have to believe, but if you believe you have to live it. There is a scripture that reads, Faith without works is dead James 2: 17-26

      • A Touch of Sin

        The only thing worse God could do is take away our free will.

      • confusion

        I don’t agree, nor disagree with you.

  • Timewarped

    Would the same standards apply to a Civilian…cops must be held to a higher standard, not something lesser

    • tammy

      Cops are not expected to let people kill them. A 300# monster charging full speed at a 160# person, would kill them if he had hit him. The cop shoot him and kept telling him to stop, but he kept coming. The cop has a family, why should anyone expect him to sacrifice himself for a thug/criminal??? He did his job and Brown could have stopped it all if he had just cooperate. He is fully responsible for his own death. He was in control the whole time. Now if he had stopped, and the cop had shot him, that would be different. But that is not what happened. Check out the information, you will realize that you have faulty info

      • Timewarped

        Charges Dropped For Cop Who Fatally Shot Sleeping 7-Year-Old Girl

        What the hell are you talking about … This story is about a girl not Brown

        And the damn point is that cops can kill people out of fear, but we can’t without being charged with manslaughter, they are trained and professionals and should be more qualified to disarm
        The situation without killing. Furthmore, if they have a family and want a safe job the lb get the hell out of police work, it is no justification for killing others who are in there home that the fucking cops invade without a warrant or over some stupid non-violent crime .. The police only serve and protect themselves and are cowards who are out of control full of fear and hate towards citizens

        • tammy

          I was responding to another comment using Brown. The little girl is another case all together, but the main people responsible are her family who put her in harms way. Stay away from killers and you will have less a chance of getting shot. It is sad, and I am sorry for the little girl. No innocent should die. Her family is responsible for her safety. They put her in that position. As far as the cop is concerned, I have not followed this one close enough to have a positive opinion one way or another. But all cops are not bad cops. There are a few bad cops, just as there are a few bad plumbers, or TV sellsmen. I do not know if this cop is bad or got caught in a bad position. I know many cops try to do a good job every day to make things safer for us all. Prejudice comes in all shapes and sizes. Yours is showing

          • Timewarped

            You’re living in a denial, you’re delusional…this is the sort of cop you want coming to your place and you blame the parents for the death of the child.
            You think there are good cops, where are they?
            It is a fraternal order, they protect their own, they lie to protect their own and if you don’t lie and protect your own they get ride of you or have you killed.
            The police are completely out of control in this country or are intentionally trained to be this way and to create fear and absolute control over people to the point of criminality.
            The judges, lawyers and politicians are in bed with the bad ones and use a few good ones to provide their cover and protection against investigation and removing the bad ones.

            Weekly is Barney Fife and shouldn’t have a damn bullet in his gun…fucking idiot

            Officer Weekley claims that the fact that he aimed his gun at the child with his finger on the trigger, pulled the trigger, and shot her to death was “an accident.”

            Weekley is in the department’s Criminal Investigations Bureau and will be working a desk job until further notice, the chief says.

            Weekley was cleared of an involuntary manslaughter charge by a judge last year, after he says he accidentally pulled the trigger of his gun and killed Aiyana Stanley-Jones.

          • tammy

            I know many cops and they are good people. They have to work with the scum of the Earth. I have never had a problem with any cop. But I do not break the law. When the cops came to my house, when my sister and her husband was fighting, we did what they said and nothing happened. Cops are just like you and me. There are good ones and there are bad ones and many in the middle. I would much rather have cops than armed military roaming the streets. Been there, it was awful. Taiwan, which is a democracy, had soldiers on every corner with rifles. Crime was down, but at what cost???

          • Timewarped

            Well maybe that has become their problem, working with the scum of the earth has caused them to think everyone is scum and not human. Or, maybe they have PTSD and need treatment or to retire. Maybe they are too immature is scum themselves or on some sort of ego power trip. We expect more from our troops fight true enemies and punish them over the smallest infraction and yet our cops who are her to serve and protect all citizens seem to be able to get away with anything

          • tammy

            Maybe your prejudice is taking over your logic. There is no group that is all bad. Cops have many good decent people and as a whole do more good than bad. There are other groups such as anarchists or rioters who are mostly bad

          • tammy

            Why don’t all you people who think it is such an easy job, a job you can prevent accidents from happening, go down and sign up. You do the job and show us how much better you can do it. Put your feet in his shoes even for a day and lets see how you would do with a 300# crazy person flying toward you with “I’m going to kill you, all over his face” Especially when he had just tried to kill you with your own gun. It’s so easy to spout off from your recliner

          • Timewarped

            The problem is that we’re moved further and further away from the police protecting freedom, privacy and property and towards politically correct outcomes in which the Constitutional Rights of Citizens are violated. We wouldn’t have so much of this police crap if people were allowed to exercise their rights of self-defense and to protect their freedoms, property and privacy and to have police back them up instead of arresting them and charging them with breaking laws. People wouldn’t even try all this crap against fellow citizens if they knew it could cost them their life and then the police wouldn’t have such an impossible job. The bottom line, is that the police have either got to learn to work smarter and not push matters so fast or they will continue to run into opposition from people who feel the cops have one standard and the rest of us something so far less that it can’t in anyway justify what the cops do; especially when we have to pay for the cops to treat us like crap.

          • tammy

            I have never been treated badly by a cop, only because I do what I am told, do not commit crimes and teach my children the same. I agree with most of your statement, If you commit a crime, you need harsh punishment and if you kill a cop, automatic death sentence. An eye for an eye sounds about right. Also the courts have come out and stated it is not the job of a cop to protect you. That is why you need to protect yourself and your family, however you can. I have a nephew who does martial arts and just took out 6 thugs who was bothering his brother and his girl. Cops tried to arrest him but the business owner said, no, arrest those 6. I have a nephew who boxes and a son who carry’s . How ever fits your life style, but learn something. We hunt, do I need to say more. The bottom line is, there are always in every group a few bad apples, but most cops are just plain people who try to do a good job

          • Timewarped

            I hunt too. The bottom line is that if cops can’t or won’t clean-up their bad apples and do so fast and in a meaningful way then they sure as hell don’t need to worry about all the other bad apples in WE THE PEOPLE. Just because you and I haven’t had a problem with cops because we do what we are told doesn’t mean we can’t or won’t. Furthermore, if the cops are so good then they should be the last to tolerate bad cops and the fact that they do is extremely disturbing and shows just how much of an us vs them mentality they have despite your belief to the contrary that they are just plain people. They are not, they think and know they are above the law as long as they all watch out for and take care of each other. That shit has to stop and if they don’t like the job, the people the risks then get a damn different job and be one of the plain people.

          • tammy

            So easy to say, so hard to do. BTW, most cops are good people, just like most black, white, tall, short, teachers, McDonald servers are. If your co worker was an a– to his neighbors, would you know it? I wouldn’t. If there is a bad cop, most good people have a hard time believing that guy they have beers with could be bad. People have brothers, husbands, kids etc that do things they could not believe. Why do you think all the cops know what every other cop is doing. Also, before we go shooting cops for buying gas, let’s start with the criminals. 90% of the blacks that were shot by cops this year, were committing crimes, fighting the cops and causing trouble. Most of the hand up don’t shoot, I can’t breathe, etc were made up. Johnson was a liar and many black people from the neighborhood testified to that fact (see, good people) One fellow had the voices on tape that verified what the cop said. Blacks are not being victimized, they are criminals and got themselves killed. Blacks are only 20% of the population but commit 60% of the crime. It amazes me that more are not shot. BTW, more innocent cops have been killed in the last 2 months than blacks. Criminals are killing innocent cops just for the fun of it. This is the real crime

          • tammy

            I blame the parents for putting the child in that position. So now let me ask you, what about the other children who are killed by black thugs and their drive byes, gang wars, robberies and just plain target practice. Clean up your own back yards, then talk about the 1 poor child that 1 cop accidently shot while chasing down a dangerous criminal hiding in that house, whose parents were hiding him. They didn’t know the cops would or could end up in a gun fight? Her parents didn’t know it could be dangerous breaking the law and hiding a fugitive? They put her in that position. My kids won’t ever be in that position, because we don’t break the law, know to co-operate and have enough brains to never put our kids in that position

          • La Loca

            As long as you don’t break the law, you are totally safe! Just like this 2yr old and his family:

        • tammy

          As many cops were killed last year by blacks as blacks were killed by cops. twice as many whites were killed. Cops were doing their jobs, blacks were mostly if not all criminals. Approx 1/2 blacks killed by cops were killed by black cops. Blacks need to clean up their own people, stop killing each other and take responsibility for your own behavior. Stop being criminals, get a job, teach your children respect.. I understand it is a tall order because it has been about 3 generations since many black familiies have had real families, support systems and thee will to be better. Much because our gov has encouraged them to be parasites on the tax payer. They have kept them down with promises of more and more, but just not enough to keep them voting Democrat. Like Johnson said, after we get them on welfare, we will have their votes for the next 200 years. He was right. Convince people they have nothing and they are victims and you keep them on the (plantation) slums. Sorry, getting back 3 generations to lose all the ambition to better your self, for men to be fathers and husbands, when the gov will pay you if you do not get married, more kids= more money, and the break down of the family. Blacks used to be strong, with strong families and family values, hard working, good dads. You want a better life, you want safe kids, get back your families and your values. Then you won’t have criminals in your house and your innocent killed

  • Shari Peterson

    A fucking misdemeanor. SCREW THE COPS. I would first watch a cop bleed out than help him.

    • tammy

      Don’t call the cops when you are in need of help. Screw them, just let the robber take what he wants and if you get raped, don’t call the cops. Amazing how many people hate cops until they need help.

      • Chelsey Proctor

        Cops won’t help you as you can clearly see by all of these articles on this website. Get off this site, you child-murder defending, pig dick riding, evil she-bitch.

        • tammy

          Little girl, you have a nasty mouth. When you grow up and can converse like an adult, come on back. In the mean time, wash that mouth out with soap. You wouldn’t want anyone to catch that filth.

        • tammy

          Wow, what a nasty mouth you have little girl. Go get the soap and wash out the filth from you mouth and brain. Then maybe you can come talk with the grown ups. BTW, only stupid liberals kill babies. Since I am a Conservative Christian, I do not kill babies, in fact I work bringing babies into this world. And love everyone of them, each baby is a special spirit. When you grow up, hopefully you will understand that

        • tammy

          Such a lady. You don’t kiss your mom with that mouth, do you little girl?

    • LawrenceNeal

      There’s not a one of them I would piss on if they were on fire.

  • Randy Robinson

    that video is not even close to the truth! It was a duplex! To separate addresses! They only had a warrant for the other one!

  • Oscar089

    This stuff.

  • Robert Hunter


  • E=MC2

    get a rope

  • sovreigncitizen

    I want this fucking pig dead in the worse fucking way!

  • black first

    The media has the story completely wrong

  • TCR

    Anybody else feel like there has to be more going on then what this article portrays. When you read it you can just feel key things being left out. I believe almost nothing I read these days until I’ve heard a few sides of the story. If you believed what they said about Michael Brown putting his hands up in the beginning and then found out 3 autopsies said this would have been impossible, you would realize you should get more information before you jump to conclusions.

    • Freethoughtproject has been reporting on this story for awhile. The police were investigating their neighbor’s house (it was a duplex) as a drug dealer. When it came time to raid, the SWAT gave false testimony to a judge that the neighbors were accomplices, not because they actually were, but because they were afraid that the fugitive may be able to get into the neighbor’s residence from inside the duplex. To do this, they provided “reliable” testimony from an informant. When they initiated the raid, officers threw flash bang grenades. That’s when the officer killed the girl, shooting her once in the back and once in the head. When investigators asked why he opened fire, he said he had been blinded by the grenades and accidentally discharged. When the investigation went to court, he changed his story to say that the grandmother had tried to take his weapon. Finally, when it was shown that a ninja assassin, never mind a sleeping grandmother, could not possibly have responded so quickly (the fatal shot was fired a mere 6 seconds after entry), his story finally became that when she dropped down over her granddaughter, she accidentally hit the gun. By the way, the suspect wasn’t home, and police didn’t find so much as an eyelash linking him to the neighbors. So you see, if you’re a cop, you can lie about why you need to enter the wrong home, then go in and kill a sleeping girl, and you won’t even so much as get a reduction in pay.

      • Joseph Edward Bodden

        gee, there orta be a law! Uh, I mean one that is actually enforced…

  • slimelaws

    Hey, you piece of shit….
    Every time someone looks at you, may you see the way they hate you, and know you deserve it. An idiot shoots a seven year old girl because he’s acting like a macho prick. A fucking coward fights to get away with it, like he’s being victimized and he’s really a hero.
    You are shit. Know it every time someone meets your eye, forever, you shitbag.
    You are worth nothing, you have no pride, no dignity, no purpose on this planet.

  • Sgt. Killgood

    How can this animal sleep at night .The justice system is just as corrupt . Why hasn’t our congress brought this up . The police are for protecting the politicians not the people . We need to start our own police force and tell the cops their fired and to evacuate our police departments . Those buildings belong to the people not to the government . Our tax dollars paid for them . The Gov. didn’t .

  • Humanswillbefree

    This guy should be hunted ruthlessly until the end of his time here.

  • Bill O’Kelly Jr.

    Joseph Weekley, burn in hell you son of a bitch! Aiyana, rest in peace Little Angel!

  • Marsha Woesner

    When the Justice System fails, remember the name and the man. It’s up to society to take up the job and publically shun this man. I repeat, SHUN this man. Do not seek revenge or stand as judge, juror and justify actions no different from this man’s as that is just dead wrong.

    But this man has no place in society until he modifies his behavior enough to recognize mistakes are made, accept his responsibility and sincere attempts to repay that debt to society. By fighting his culpability for being so jacked up on adrenaline he couldn’t distinguish between a full grown adult they were seeking or a grandmother and grandchild who suddenly found their home under military assault in the dark of the night.

    The very sanctity of our homes is no longer safe. thanks to policies that are designed to find and hire the wrong person and a gangland thug mentality that has decided any and all of their actions are justified, even if they are actually more harmful and dangerous than those of the one they seek.

    The only way this group will understand enough is enough and to get themselves under control will be the day we see them and openly hide our children and take up defensive positions just on sight of those people.

    Based upon the epidemic of out of control and poorly trained law enforcement completely owned murder of the defenseless- old, mentally ill and young which has not come with an apology but with attempts to make those actions acceptable and something we can stomach…

    It’s time we begin to shun these people to send the message to be the professional they claim to be, or find no place for the criminal intentions and predatory behavior among us.

    • LawrenceNeal

      There’s not a one of them I would so much as piss on if they were on fire.

    • LawrenceNeal

      Very articulately stated. They need to be shunned. People should turn their backs and refuse to acknowledge them.

    • tammy

      I think we should get rid of the police. They are all bad and never do anything good. Obama wants martial law. Those soldiers are trained to put down riots and to control all the people all the time. I am sure that the army/military would be much more able to keep the peace. Get rid of the police, let the military deal. I am sure they would do a better job. Let’s demand martial law, soldiers on every corner, just like when I lived in China. They had very little violent crime, mostly robbery. I also really liked how they blacked out all cussing, sex and anything neg about China in their books. They also had cops, but they were only used for arresting men with long hair, which they shaved on TV. Girls had to cover their bodies, especially their arms and their bellies. Martial law is great. People behave very well in public. I never saw any civil unrest. Course those rifles are kind of intimidating

  • Justin Stevens

    They news reporter needs to do some research because flash bangs are lethal….that’s not the problem here though, it’s trigger happy cops who get away with it every day!

  • Garrett Johnson

    Jesus H. Fuck…

  • Conspiracy Bob

    I tell you again and again. The dual national Michael Chertoff started all this. We have Israelis with MOSSAD and IDF background training our police now, they are being given military equipment and training, and turned against We the People. You keep on watching television and electing traitors, Judas goat, wolf in sheep’s clothing.I don’t know what more I can say to you. Stop voting for career criminals and their puppets. Network with others politically, become an activist for good government. Stop waiting for the knock at the door, stop waiting for your turn, stop simply hoping they won’t come for you. Do something about it. Decriminlnalize everything, and they won’t have any excuse to kick in doors. I mean everything, guns, drugs, everything. Finally, stop being so gullible and readily believing lies simply because a good looking talking head spews them. Don’t you Americans have any more self respect left? Read the guidance left us by our Founding Fathers. Google “Founders Keepers” and do a little light reading, and if this doesn’t get your blood boiling, perhaps the FEMA camps are the right place for you.

    • JonEdHil

      Oh, for crying out loud! My great uncle was a cop in San Diego in the 40’s – 60’s and guess what? He was a pig. Bragged about some of the stuff he’d done. Ever heard of the Chicago Democratic National Convention, 1968? There’s some fine policing for ya! How ’bout Birmingham and that piece of garbage Bull Connor. What a great upholder of the Constitution, freedom and liberty!

      “1896: An investigating committee headed by State Senator Clarence Lexow hears testimony that police officers took bribes from brothel owners and gambling-house operators. The initial fee for opening a brothel ran from $300 to $500; officers collected a monthly fee of $50 to $100. 1930: A state investigating commission headed by Judge Samuel Seabury hears testimony that an informer, Chile Mapocha Acuna, and 28 vice squad policemen had extorted money from prostitutes. 1954: Harry Gross, a Brooklyn bookmaker, testifies that he paid $1 million a year for police protection for his $20-million-a-year gambling operation. A five-year special inquiry into Police Department corruption headed by Julius Helfand, an assistant district attorney in Brooklyn, led to 300 resignations, 22 indictments and 10 convictions. Ultimately, Mayor William O’Dwyer, himself a former policeman, resigned, as did Police Commissioner William O’Brien and Chief Inspector August Flath. 1968: Nineteen officers are indicted following an investigation by District Attorney Frank S. Hogan of Manhattan into police payoffs. Ten others were dismissed for refusing to sign waivers of immunity to testify before a grand jury. Investigators traced a pattern of cash bribes paid to policemen by gamblers for warning of impending police raids.”

      You think cops pre-Chertoff were saints? One word, my friend: Serpico: “1972: The Knapp Commission, after a two-year investigation, calls corruption an ‘extensive departmentwide phenomenon, indulged in to some degree by a sizable majority of those on the force.’The investigation was begun after two policemen, Frank Serpico and Sgt. David Durk, exposed a pattern of corruption and a cover-up by policemen were who were receiving millions of dollars a year in graft.
      “A separate 14-month Federal investigation into bribery of police and other law-enforcement officials led to a series of indictments. The key undercover agent was Detective Robert Leuci, assigned to the special investigation unit of the Police Department’s narcotics division, who subsequently admitted taking money seized from narcotics dealers and perjuring himself.”

      “1981: Five officers from the 10th Precinct in the Chelsea section of Manhattan were sent to jail for taking bribes and 11 supervisors were disciplined by the department for being unaware of the corrupt activity. 1983: After an undercover Federal inquiry into possible organized crime connections, 10 officers from the 10th Precinct were charged with accepting bribes from after hours clubs in Greenwich Village and on the Lower East Side. 1985: Five officers in the 106th Precinct in South Ozone Park, Queens, are accused of torturing drug suspects with a stun gun, an electric device designed to subdue violent people. Two of the officers were eventually convicted and trials for the other three are pending. Police Commissioner Benjamin Ward transferred every supervisor in the 106th Precinct.” (ibid)
      Oh, and let’s not forget that paradigm of law enforcement virtue, John Burge. What a great guy!
      And what about the great transvestite Hoover, huh? As corrupt and evil as they come. I’ve met and known retired cops in the south who LAMENT the good old days when they could beat and kill, bribe and take bribes with impunity and talk about how “hard” it is for cops today with the liberal politicians and media blah blah blah.

      As it was from the beginning, before Michael Chertoff and the Mossad and all the other hysterical conspiracy theories, so it shall be forever more amen.

      The Mossad!…gimme a break…

  • Humanswillbefree

    They are savages

  • Wayne Darby

    Fucking piece of shit! It amazes me at the lack of conscious that these morons have.

  • raythemixer

    Time for some justice… Fuck these court animals that let murderers get off… Time to drag assholes like this through the streets.

  • adamjdlm

    only cops can “accidentally” kill people. its starting to get really old. The people of the city’s should be the one who choose who gets hired and fired. on a day to day basis the cops have more control over us than congress does. why do we not get to vote for police chiefs or be part of investigations.

  • David L Grabill

    cops will lie every time

  • Fred Kitto

    Won’t there be a civil rights issue? I mean, WTF? Change the races, the girl is white and the cop is black. Then what happens?

    • tammy

      Nothing, as in the black cop that killed an unarmed white kid in Utah the same week end as the Brown shooting.

      • Shari Peterson

        So nothing happened to either cop!!!!! See? Cops suck.

        • tammy

          They were talking white cops killing blacks. I do believe some cops are out of control, but the majority are trying to do good.

  • Jacqui Butterworth


  • JonEdHil

    You get the pigs you deserve. Until SOMETHING is done, expect more just like this…and so it goes.

    • tammy

      There are bad people in every walk of life. There are wwway more good cops than bad.

      • Shari Peterson

        Doesn’t matter. The point is, you say to call them when you’re robbed or raped. So what happens when a bad one shows up in response? You might get robbed and raped again.

        Good cops protect bad cops and the departments themselves protect bad cops. If you harbor a fugitive are you good? Nope.

        Sorry Charlie, nobody’s buying what you’re selling, AND DEFENDING.

      • JonEdHil

        “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

        I remember years ago, around the time of the Rodney King incident, watching a talk show that was covering the issue of police brutality. They showed the King beating and others, including one of a cop striking a woman on the back of her thighs with his baton as she knelt, handcuffed and helpless. His partner simply stood there looking around as if to make sure no one could see them. Luckily, the person filming was hidden by fence slats. I do not recall what, if anything, ever happened to the cops.

        In the audience were many cops, having been invited to provide balance and feedback. Every…single…one of them said that what was caught on film was terrible, awful, wrong, “I would never commit or condone such actions”, etc. And that may well have been true. One thing, however, is absolutely true: Not a single cop said he would report a fellow officer if they witnessed such behavior. “There are wwway more good cops than bad”, you say? No ma’am. Seems like there are mainly two kinds of cops: Like the ones in the video, those who do the beating, and those who keep watch. The REALLY good ones end up like Frank Serpico, shot in the face by drug dealers while his own “good” brother cops did nothing. “The circumstances surrounding Serpico’s shooting quickly came into question. Serpico, who was armed during the drug raid, had been shot only after briefly turning away from the suspect when he realized that the two officers who had accompanied him to the scene were not following him into the apartment, raising the question whether Serpico had actually been brought to the apartment by his colleagues to be murdered. There was no formal investigation.” (Wikipedia)

        That final sentence is telling, since it appears that nothing has changed since the 70’s, except that the “investigations” today are conducted by people who have a vested interest in the cops’ NOT facing justice. Yes, there are bad people in every walk of life. But not every walk of life gives a person a gun and the power to use it with near impunity. If the “bad” check out clerk short-changes me, I’m out a few bucks at most. An experience with the bad cop may just get me killed. And I can just bet his fellow “good” cops will do nothing.

        • tammy

          I am sorry you have such a negative outlook on cops. Please don’t call them when you need them. They have more important things to do for people who actually want their help. Don’t forget to remind your wife and kids not to call. Have a great day

          • JonEdHil

            “Warren v. District of Columbia (444 A.2d. 1, D.C. Ct. of Ap. 1981) is an oft-quoted District of Columbia Court of Appeals case that held that the police did not owe a specific duty to provide police services to the plaintiffs based on the public duty doctrine.” (Wikipedia)–women raped–repeatedly–cops didn’t show up, no culpability. La dee-dah. You are not entitled to protection, much less service, by the police. Period.

            This case is a matter of public record. It is no coincidence, then, that law enforcement agencies feel unbound–or bound–by any constitutional, moral, or legal restraints. It is not I who have a negative outlook on cops, it is THEY who have a negative outlook on US. Trust me, the only situation I can possibly think of when I would feel it potentially beneficial to either me or my loved ones is a home break in. Even then, I would hesitate, because the chances of my survival WOULD NOT INCREASE with the arrival of law enforcement–if they could even arrive in time; they would actually decrease. The presence or absence of law enforcement does not prevent crime, it only helps to SOLVE it.

            I was born in 1960. I have lived through the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, his brother Robert, Medgar Evers, and the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., among many others. I have lived through Bull Connor’s Birmingham, 1963; Watts, 1965; Chicago, 1968; Kent State, 1970: LA 1992; New Orleans FOREVER; the south, FOREVER, and…Kelly Thomas, definitely not last-2011:

          • tammy

            I am so sorry for you. It is sad you are so negative. I know many cops and most are good guys. Just like any other job, there are good and bad. As far as the cops giving up on us, if you worked with the scum of the world everyday, you might be leery of people too. Every time they come in contact with people, their life is in jeopardy My nephew is a cop and has been shot more than once. He has been in the riots in Calif. Between the blacks and the illegals his job is very dangerous. On the other hand, I believe people need to be able to defend themselves. Cops can’t always get there in time. If I had my way, everyone would conceal carry. They find in countries that the people are armed, violent crime goes down. In areas that are weapon’s free, more crime happens. Much easier to rob etc people is you know they are unarmed

          • JonEdHil

            I am not negative, just realistic. What is really sad is that you simply keep parroting the same old refrain and refuse to address the specific issues I bring up. BTW—and I just know you’ll ignore this too!—The 10 most dangerous jobs (in ascending order): Construction laborers; electrical power line installers and repairers; farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers; driver/sales workers and truck drivers; mining machine operators; refuse and recyclable material collectors; roofers; aircraft pilots and flight engineers; fishers and related fishing workers; logging workers.

            “A report put out at the beginning of the year by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, highlights that lack of danger by showing that 2013 has had the “Lowest Level of Law Enforcement Fatalities in Six Decades” and the fewest officers killed by firearms since 1887.”

  • tammy

    This is so sad, no child should ever be shot. Poor little girl and her family

  • rad3078

    So you can shoot the wrong person and it makes it okay…. that he was looking for a murder suspect…. that I’m sure that 7 year old resembled soooo much… honest mistake huh…. such bus…

  • LawrenceNeal

    A beautiful child, a Serpent’s Asshole, where’s the justice? Not in the courts.

  • Randy Statton

    I really think that someone should accidentally discharge a firearm into this pig’s head. Nuff said

  • Chas Burns

    Please! some one stand up, be the hero this country needs, and kill these murdering police.

    Protests havnt worked and cops are now shooting anyone who dosnt submit to them. We need heroes to stand up for us like the heroes in America stood up against Nazis in the 40s.