No Conviction For Cop Who Threw Dog Down Concrete Stairs and Then Shot It to Death


The dog’s name was Parrot.

The photo you are looking at below was taken moments before Parrot was thrown down a flight of stairs and shot to death by Officer Scott Fike.


Officer Fike is seen in the photo driving his knee into Parrot’s back, as one would do with an armed criminal.

Without waiting to determine whether this technique would calm Parrot, Officer Fike grabbed Parrot, lifted him off the ground, and brought him to the top of the concrete staircase, according to reports.

Officer Fike then threw Parrot over the banister, down twelve steps, and onto the concrete floor, according to eyewitnesses at the scene.

Then, Fike stood at the top of the stairs, drew his weapon, and shot Parrot to death.

Aaron Block, the animal’s owner, cannot recall the number of shots fired. Witnesses state that Parrot was not harming anybody and was simply frightened by Officer Fike.

“The officer drew his gun in an unnecessary act of cowboy gunslinging law enforcement and shot my dog amidst a crowd of thousands.”

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Officer Fike has not been convicted for fatally shooting Parrot.

The incident began when Parrot became involved in a scuffle with another dog on the street, a Poodle.  The dogs were engaging in spirited barking at each other but their owners managed to keep them under control and restrained, according to reports.

Officer Fike got involved — despite the fact, according to witnesses, that the owners already subdued the dogs.  The presence and body language of Officer Fike made the dogs fearful, according to witnesses, at which point Officer Pike pushed Parrot onto the pavement and began using his knee to crush Parrot’s spine.

After the killing occurred, many police and wives whose husbands work as police officers took to the internet to try to “justify” what happened to Parrot.

As well, several establishment media outlets, some pretending to be “fact checkers,” tried to obscure the facts by granting a priori credibility to the “Official Police Report,” as if police reports can be trusted to accurately recount their own wrongdoings.

Police often lie in their reports to avoid prosecution. In light of this fact, blindly trusting whatever a police report says despite the accounts of multiple eyewitnesses at the scene amounts to common irrationality — an asinine, fallacious appeal to a supposed authority. It certainly has nothing to do with “fact checking.”

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The “evidence” that these establishment loyalists cite in the “Official Police Report” is a statement made by the officer who wrote it, alleging that Parrot was “aggressive” and “bit” Officer Fike.

Eyewitnesses at the scene say that this is false.

First, multiple eyewitnesses state that Parrot was not aggressive and never bit the officer, but rather that the officer lost his temper and in throwing the dog over a flight of stairs received a minor scratch.

The scratch was so minor, according to eyewitness reports, that the officer declined medical treatment.

One eyewitness at the scene had this to say:

“As seen in the photo showing the officer had control of the dog, he held the top of dog’s head and the skin on his back and walked over to the stairwell railing and THREW the dog from chest height down to the bottom – a height of between 9 and 10 feet. This I saw because I was standing at the doorway of the business where the dog was killed. As I turned away, in 1 – 3 seconds a single shot rang out. I then went out on the platform above the stairwell, and saw the dying dog’s head was nearly on top of the floor drain next to the locked gate at the bottom of the steps FACING away from the steps..”

Second, Lucky Dog, a professional animal rescue service, contacted several eyewitnesses to determine what actually happened.

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They report the following details:

1.     The [Official Police Report] alleges a bite to Officer Fike. The injury is classified as an abrasion and described as scratching on the hand and wrist. Officer Fike declined any medical care resulting from his injury.  Many eye witnesses state that Parrot did not bite or even attempt to bite anyone at any point during the police intervention.

2.     Aaron Block was not bitten. The police report confirms this as do Aaron’s own statements.

3.     According to multiple eye witnesses, Parrot had already been subdued and was being held securely by his foster, Aaron Block, when the police arrived on the scene.  Parrot was not “out of control.”

4.     Parrot did not charge the officer after being thrown down the concrete stairwell.  A witness who was standing on the Brass Doorknob’s porch saw what transpired in the stairwell.  He told us that Parrot was stunned from the fall and had only just gotten to his feet when the officer drew his gun and opened fire without provocation.

Despite these facts, friends of police officers, and officers themselves, continue to spread false information online in disturbing attempts to justify the murder. One of the many lies is that Parrot was an “aggressive pitbull.”


Lie: “Parrot was an aggressive pitbull”
FACT: Parrot was a mixed breed Shar Pei described as gentle and friendly by the community.

It turns out that Parrot is a mixed breed Shar Pei, whom neighbors in the community spoke of as being warmly gentle and friendly with people.

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On the day that Parrot was killed, he had been involved in a scuffle with a Poodle, at which point Officer Fike got involved — despite the fact, according to witnesses, that the owners already had the dogs under control.

Recent discussions at the facebook page Fine, Fire, and Arrest Officer Fike note that he was never convicted for shooting Parrot to death, and that he may in fact still be employed by the State.

Do you think Officer Fike should be convicted for killing Parrot?

Let us know your opinion below.

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  • Trish

    I think he should be fired on the spot. He must be a dog hater!

  • Jon Yuhasz


  • Sherri Crone

    He should be thrown off steps and shot an eye for an eye this is plain cruel and animal abuse. that dog was someone’s family and the fact remains there was no need for this and this happens way too often I think police go on power trips and feel the urge to become killers and because they hold a badge they feel even more powerful because they are always in most cases exempt from responsibility.

  • Celestia Rodriguez

    yes……cops have too much authority and are rarely convicted of wrong doing.

    • Jacob Graff

      by signing this petition we can force accountability by making lying and coercion a felony for officers, please sign and share!

      • newsfromwashington

        I’m not American but I am next door (north) I totally agree that all police forces should be accountable so, may I sign.

        • Jacob Graff

          I think so! Try it!

        • spike spiegel

          so your canadain eh?? so whats your take on that ontario provincial police officer that ran over that dog three times then shot it it happened in collingwood ontario me thinks

    • Just me

      I totally agree with you.

  • Firegirl

    Downright sickening, ,,

  • Mitch Mitchell

    This is a common occurence these days sadly to say, the police do appear to be getting out of control.

    • Jacob Graff

      By signing this petition we can force accountability. please read, sign, and share! its really an important petition!

      • Greg

        Where can I find this petition?

        • Greg

          Nevermind I see it, thanks.

    • Beth

      appear to be? They absolutely 200% are out of control. Every other country makes fun of us it’s so bad. We’re a lot like North Korea it’s kind of scary.

  • Theron Heideman

    Getting caught making a false statement on a police report should be a career ending offense no matter how small and insignificant the statement may seem because it draws into question every statement you make and therefore hampers a prosecutor’s ability to convict. One false statement, one time and you should be banned from police service nationwide.

    • Julie LaRoux

      I can’t agree more with this. If a cop is the only eyewitness of a murder and, while on the stand, a false statement they made in a completely unrelated case is brought up then the officers credibility in the current case is null. Allowing these kinds of cops to continue being officers of the law does nothing but endanger us and potentially let future criminals off without punishment.

      • Make Us Strong

        Agree with you and Theron.

      • Nina

        This is why I’m not in favor of gun control. Cops like this and criminals ( ok, same thing ) are all that would have guns. My dogs are protected by me. Hurt my dogs, you will be sorry. Kill my dogs, you will be DEAD ! Badge or no badge !!!

      • Gene Tanney

        I also agree with you however the fact remains that juries still in many cases will believe said officer. Untill prosacutors are forced to prosecute officers and be prosecuted themselves justice will not b3 served.

    • Jacob Graff this petition is for just that, and it needs some serious attention

      • Kitty


      • Nanette Valencia


      • Kimberly Sarcinello

        signed and shared.

      • Real Justice


    • KookieKAt

      Absolutely. You hit the nail on the head with this statement Theron.

    • Deb Mac

      But then you would have to fire EVERY SINGLE COP. They ALL lie. I’ve been the victim of it myself. More than once.

      • soulsabr

        I can’t see how this is a bad thing. If a person who has the power to get you thrown into prison for life lies then they do not deserve that power over you; period. I’ll take a good, honest criminal over a lying cop any day. At least the criminal isn’t going to mug you, beat you, shoot you, and tell you he was actually trying to protect and serve you.

        • Kat11

          Thank you. Well spoken and truthful. I applaud you. Clap Clap

      • Happenstance

        Sounds good to me, fire every damned one!

        • lysis777

          I so agree. The truly nasty ones should be behind bars, but they keep on getting paid vacations when they kill or maim property, humans, or pets. They should be held to a higher standard of behavior than everyone else, but instead, they are coddled and given a free pass after their criminal acts – even when it’s thoroughly documented on YouTube. I don’t know who’s worse, the criminal cops, the decent cops who cower and look the other way and participate in the cover up, or the supervisors in charge who take no action to discipline or fire them outright. They send us the message that cops are dirty, not to be trusted, and public enemy number one. And still they wonder why we don’t trust them.

          • geno

            A possible solution to remedy that would to make it mandatory cops carry liability insurance just like doctors have to since they carry a firearm and use lethal force. That law suits would not come out of taxpayer dollars and the bad cops would force themselves out as their insurance rates went up.

      • Guest

        I’ve seen a bad man do good things and i’ve seen a good man do bad things.

      • Joel Hiers

        I’ve seen a good man do bad things and i’ve seen a bad man do good things.

        • Roy Umroy

          whats your point??? Are you trying to rationalize this shit?…..well don,t, it’s far from rational.

          • Joel Hiers

            Uhm. Nope. Not trying to rationalize, sir. Was merely stating that, even with all of the media garble about police accountability, this Officer Fike may be a good officer and a good man. But he was unable to handle his power and authority which resulted in him killing that dog and taking that dog’s owner’s best friend from him. Thanks for trolling, though.

          • Roy Umroy

            umm, yup, you’re trying to rationalize it, that’s what “merely stating” what you said does, tries to rationalize it……don’t bother. If he can’t handle the power, then he’s not fit to be a cop, aka: would make a lousy cop…..get it?

          • L

            Aren’t you just a grade A jackass

          • Adam Dunstan

            the guys a cunt killing a dog like that hope a truly nasty dog gets hold of him then he will know what a bad dog is the prick

          • alfredkarius

            Well you are certainly not a good man.

          • Frostbitten

            You definitely sound more like the troll here, just saying.

          • Ronet Harvey

            You are not making any sense. I’ve had opportunity to be around people like this. They are bad ALL the time. It’s who and what they are!

          • eg

            a good man, are u really serious .. lol …ok

          • Pete Sleicher

            What? Joel…if he has any tendency to lose control, as he did here, he is not fit to be a police offiicer. He is also not a human being anyone, in their right mind, should emulate!

        • Chris Constance

          So many people here with one too many speeding tickets I think. I have bullshit D.V. charges, a well-earned DUI charge, and various questionable speeding violations. You’ll never see me jump on the Fuck the Police bandwangon like all you nutjobs do. You seem to think that if someone doesn’t condemn someone like you do, then they must be a bad person. IF YOU WEREN’T THERE WHEN THIS IS FILMED THEN SIT THE FUCK DOWN because you don’t really know what happened.

          • Michael Tiffany

            Neither do you were you there

          • Ronet Harvey

            The man with the dead dog knows and I believe him.

      • eg

        and I know youre right !

    • Johnny

      Here’s another idea; if they double fees in construction zones to “protect construction workers”, double sentencing for corrupt cops. Hold them to a higher standard instead of letting them get away with murder. And no more cops investigate their own, if an accusation is made a third party must be in charge of investigation.

      • Jonathan Mckeever

        oh but that would involve doing things honestly and cutting their own paychecks. can’t have that, now, can we?

    • Justin

      I second this notion as well. In the naval submarine world, if you are caught lying, or make a false statement such as move a valve out of alignment and not tell anyone about it, your integrity is put into question. You would go to captain’s mast immediately, and following that, possible discharge from the Navy itself. I don’t understand why this doesn’t happen in the police force.

    • Joel Hiers

      Absolutely. That’s accountability. If I were to give law enforcement a statement that turned out having false information contained within, then I would be indicted on a “Falsifying information in a police report” charge. I would be held accountable for it, whether it was a mistake or not. When I write a check and it bounces, whether I knew I didn’t have enough money in my account to cover the check or not, I would be held accountable for it and would have to pay the penalties for it. If I write even just one check or more than one check that bounces and do not cover the penalties of them having bounced along with covering the initial amount of the check, then I will be indicted for writing cold checks and will potentially do jail time. Cops, as lysis777 stated below in reply to a different comment, should be held to a higher standard of good conduct because of the authority and power that they possess. They should be held accountable for and also have to answer to repercussions for the wrong that they do, whether it is a mistake or not. If I run a red light on accident, it doesn’t matter that it was an accident, I still have to pay the same price for it as someone who did it on purpose. Cops keep doing wrong and getting away with it simply because it was a ‘mistake.’ Well, alot of times, an officers ‘mistake’ turns into another typical citizens misfortune and bad luck. This nation is quickly and more rapidly than ever turning into a police-state and it’s becoming a widely-publicized and believed idea that it will result in some sort of an uprising, revolution and/or potentially even some sort of a civil-war between police and the general population. People from other nations such as Australia(for example) are watching videos of incidents such as the one stated in this article and especially incidents involving real people, and are commenting telling us, Americans, that we need to do something about this because it is out of control. They state that behavior like this and in other instances would never be tolerated in their nation where the police ARE held to a higher standard and a higher level of accountability. They say it really works and everyone is happy. I hate seeing this sort of a problem in my generation especially knowing that it is only getting worse and will affect the generation of my kids, who are now 7 and 5. But, I am happy to see the kind of recognition that there is about the problem and I love seeing people stand up saying that this is enough and are demanding change. I guess that was my rant for the week, lol. Hope no trolls come along commenting on my post, but in todays day and age on the internet, it is almost inevitable that unintelligent keyboard warriors will come along misinterpreting what has been said and will go on with almost unlegible opinions about what they ‘think.’ Good day.

      • Roy Umroy

        HAA!, much better! (well put).

      • KylieA

        yep, here I am from Australia, and this would NEVER be tolerated! I often think if I ever went to the States I would probably end up shot cos when they yelled at me like that I’d be “wtf?” bang. non compliant. Cops here tend to go in and sort out who is what and get everyone sitting down and talking rather than pin everyone down and get cuffs on, before they write up your parking fine, lol. (unless it’s a total life or death situation) but I guess we’re just cruisy down here. Still, honestly can’t figure out why you lot cop it when they act like that, and people still think it’s justified? When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

    • Lee

      Google “Brady cops”

  • Julie LaRoux

    We can’t harm a police dog if we suspect our lives to be in danger. We can’t fight back or anything or we get arrested and have the book thrown at us yet an officer can outright KILL our animals without provocation and get away scot-free? Unacceptable.

    • Jonathan David Sloan

      We weren’t there so we don’t really know what happened. If what this article says is true, then yes, he’s a horrible person and horrible cop. Yet, we really don’t have facts so let’s not invest too much emotion into the situation before we know what -really- happened. If the dog was so peace loving, why was it involved in a fight with another dog? There are some contradictions to this story and open areas that need to be addressed.

      • Make Us Strong

        I have to say it but you’re right. I checked around online on this story and it seems that Fike was not convicted because there were mixed accounts of what really happened. There were a few things that didn’t really add up and some places were obviously biased. For example, I found this story on a gay-related website and the author who wrote the story said in the headline that both the cop and dog owner (actually, “foster parent” of the dog, if that really is the case) were gay and there was nothing in the story that implied that either were gay. Now this website reports on any wrongdoing of police officers like police brutality, police shooting animals for no reason etc…. so of course, you will find a story like this on this website. I also checked and it was stated “mixture.” They’re not sure if this is true or not because of the mixed statements from witnesses. This witness said one thing, another witness said another thing. Without hard evidences like a video of the incident, it’s very hard to convict someone when there’s nothing but mixed statements. People are biased. Block was allegedly fostering this dog so you can expect him to say that what Fike did was wrong but another police officer was around and police usually stick up for each other and said something different. So it’s all a bunch of “he said, she said, they said, Fike said this, Block said that…” It’s because not every person may be able to see what happened. Some people might’ve been standing too far and though they saw something, some might’ve had their visions obstructed, some might’ve turned their heads for a second etc… The 2-3 places I found on this story provided no hard evidences like a video. Just a bunch of statements from different people. I do have to wonder if the dog was loving, then why did he bite the poodle when walking by? The problem is the stories I’ve read so far, none of them revealed whether the poodle provoked Parrot. None provided any reasons why Parrot got into a fight, although it’s not unusual for two dogs (or two cats) to fight. A lot of places talking about this have some holes in the story so it’s hard to know what REALLY happened.
        Now before anyone attacks me, please don’t take what I’ve just said here the wrong way if you feel what Fike did was wrong. Maybe he was wrong, maybe he wasn’t. I’m not trying to justify what Fike did or defending anyone. If Fike truly did wrong and a video or something can prove that then he did wrong and that’s it. I’m just saying there are holes in the story and no hard evidences. Just witnesses and statements and a lot of newspapers and news stories have biased writers who will say just about anything to support their opinions. Every writer have opinions and people who run this website, a gay website or the Washington Post have opinions. A lot of things we read are biased until we see hard evidences. Fike was not convicted because they had to go by the law. They need hard evidences and there were none. People who go to court and give testimonies, they tell the court what they saw or heard but their stories often get checked into and if their story doesn’t check out, they’ve committed perjury. I don’t know what went on in the courtroom but my guess is the same thing in those stories I’ve read. Just mixed statements.

        • RobWMiller

          Just because a dog barks bites or tackles another dog does not make it vicious I have three dogs that don’t like when other dogs encroach on their perceived territory and act aggressively toward the other unknown dog or dogs not saying Parrot was or wasn’t an aggressive dog but dogs generally do take an aggressive stance if someone or something is aggressive to them

        • Concernedcitizen

          Dogs will snarl and bark at each other when meeting for the first time. It is territorial thing, you idiot! I have a 2 lb chihuahua and she will do the same thing with a 70 lb dog! There are just too many stories just like this for all the people to be lying and the cops to be telling the truth! They can and will lie to keep their jobs and the more I see of police attacking disabled people and animals, the less I trust them! there are too many videos out there showing the allegations are true, including police cameras themselves! Wake up and notice what’s going on around you, everyone! Be more careful when you call the police to “help” in any situation! You are liable to be shot yourselves!!

          • Make Us Strong

            Where in this article do you see a video? No where. Yes, maybe the police shot the dog for no reason and maybe the police shot the dog for a reason. We don’t know anything for sure! I have seen two dogs walking by each other without snarling so not every single dog in the world will snarl at another dog when walking by. By the way, calling me an idiot was uncalled for.

          • Roy Umroy

            I wont call you an idiot cuz you clearly are not, but I will say….”wake the fuck up.”

          • Make Us Strong

            I don’t know what part you’re referring to (and thank you for not calling me an idiot. People can be so rude) but regardless… I know many people have seen a lot of bad cops on the news so it makes it so hard to trust anyone, especially the police. I can understand that. However, not every cop out there are bad. There are some good ones, believe me! There’s been some published news about good cops. The problem is people are more motivated to react to the “bad news” about cops. Here’s something to see if you want to look at some good cops.

          • Roy Umroy

            Yes there are good cops, that’s undeniable, however this is not about the good ones, this is about the bad ones. They are growing in numbers and the intensity and frequency is increasing. This is about the psychopathic cops who act like we are pieces of shit and think they own us. No need to even mention the good ones here. They don’t need defending.

          • spike spiegel

            dont buy into that good cops myth roy if good cops existed they would turn in the bad ones

        • Nanette Valencia

          Why would their being gay even be relevant? Throwing a dog down steps and shooting it is criminal no matter who’s telling it. I saw a video of him doing it. Cops are killing dogs all the time because they can

          • Make Us Strong

            If I’m not mistaken, I think the incident happened at Dupont Circle, a very gay-friendly area in Washington, DC.

        • maxiemom

          No, he wasn’t convicted because they took the word of the ‘witnesses’ who were cops, or associated with the police, over DOZENS of others who were not, including the one who was directly overhead and saw Parrots last seconds alive. With the exception of the POLICE RELATED STORIES, everyone else’s were amazingly similar………….

      • fuckporky

        lol u should like a cop! u a punk ass porky too?

      • Linda Raffensperger

        If you look at his feet you will see they are dirty, l don’t always wear shoes sometimes l go barefoot, so the photo was not photo shopped. The cop just had it in for the dog, just as it’s happening all over, cops are killing dogs all the time and its always the dogs they THINK are Pit Bulls, there is nothing wrong with any dog it’s the cops that are shooting first and thinking later, what they need to get into their thick heads is those dogs they are killing are someones babies. That cop was wrong in what he did and should loose his job and get jail time.

        • Kimberly Sarcinello

          Agreed with you Linda. NOT ALL pit bulls or pit bull-mixes are BAD. This is no worse than racial profiling or acting based on stereotypes. @Johnathan….YOU also do not know what “really happened” and DOGS often show aggression towards other dogs (regardless of breed.) Your statements indicate to me that you pass stereotypical judgement as well….Maybe YOU should “Be serious…” What does a barefoot man have anything to do with any of this? Many of the people are wearing short sleeved shirts, too…so does that also PROVE the photo is fake? Maybe you should “Be serious,” and give some SERIOUS thought to your logic.

        • trade films

          Its not the 1st time some one heard a commotion outside their apartment and ran outside with no shoes on. But thats it? Thats ur reasoning to think this story is fake. I smell bacon all over you.and sad to break this to you but most dogs dont like other dogs. I had a Chihuahua that hated other dogs doesnt that make him a blood hungry dog? And the story didnt say they was fighting they was barking at each other,Ur way of thinking is so screwed up. Did u read how many people witnessed this? But lets wait for the real story. Thats exactly what a cop would say. I would have snapped this cops neck then used his own gun to shoot him in the face. If he did this to my dog.


        are you a gov. troll, Jonathan? It is NOT, a fake story. In fact the only thing fake, was the official police statement, and yours. “We weren’t there”, man you suck. Were you there when they wrote the Constitution? Then how do you know if it’s real? Have you not been watching the posts lately? All the unjustified cop shootings? makes ME WONDER, WILL THE COPS PROGRAM, SHOW US THE COP THAT SHOT AND KILLED THE CAMERAMAN? And Ferguson is just in our heads? Your questions, are so off base. Why wasn’t there a video? “Ah, say mr. policeman, would you stop whatever your thinking to do, until I get my video camera out and film this”?
        Where does it say that the dogs were fighting? Barking. NOT fighting. Before YOU comment, YOU get the facts. Your opinion, is just that. Your opinion. Oh ya, in your opinion, who murdered J.F. K? And I’ll bet if he answers, Oswald. Were you there?

        • spike spiegel

          copfuckers like him are a joke

      • Happenstance

        Idiots walk barefoot all the time, that doesn’t make this less credible. People hate cops for good reason, they are all thugs in uniform.

      • Gypsie Cat

        Actually, the “barefoot man” is wearing sandals

      • optimum1

        The dog was not vicious or aggressive…. If you own a dog you will know some dogs are just territorial. It could have been one of them was territorial….. it doesn’t even matter which one was provoked by the other. The natural response of the other dog is just to bark back. We as humans do this. However we do have the ability to think it through. Dogs are after all animals and even though they are smart…. They’re not as smart as us. They just act On instinct. I believe the officer was guilty of shooting a harmless defenseless dog. There’s just too many eyewitnesses contradicting the officer’s statements. If it was really an aggressive dog which needed to be put down then the eyewitnesses would have been more than happy to say it was aggressive to get it off the streets. It doesn’t matter if they were dog owners or not. Sorry Johnathan. I think you’re a fool to think that there’s any shred of truth in the officer’s statements.

      • William Anthony Suder

        I have raised dogs, just like humans they fight at times. It don’t mean that they are fighting dog or killers! Any two dogs that wont submit to the other WILL fight it is how they resolve conflict and standings in their pack or to chase away a strange dog away from their territory! Also any dog trained like cops dogs and fighting dogs are TRAINED to be violent! Just because its a pittbull or other dogs that are vilified because of their breed is stupid….

      • maxiemom

        Some of us have been following this story since this happened and understand the facts: then there are people like you who prefer to let this scumbag get away with murder.

        One thing this author fails to mention is that Fike also had dogs of his own, and even shot one of THEM to death before he shot Parrot. When Chief Lanier made her speech about what a great dog lover and owner he is, she was sadly mistaken.

        The Washington police department FINALLY found that he acted aggressively and improperly and referred this to the DOJ, which has so far not prosecuted him, so YES, he was wrong, and there were hundreds of witnesses who said so, including children.

      • maxiemom

        Fake and photo shopped? Get real already! It’s a real picture. It’s shocking how many people stick up for cops who kill dogs no matter how egregious their crimes are. Did you know this SAME cop had killed two of his own dogs PRIOR to this incident? Does that change your mind about this POS?

      • Ronet Harvey

        The cop had his knee on the dogs back. Dog subdued.

    • Mike

      So stop bitching on Facebook and do something about it.

      • Julie LaRoux

        My ability to do something about it is limited, as is yours. The same is true for a great many things in this world. The best I can do is offer my opinion in hopes that others agree and information about the subject spreads. The more people know, the sooner things will change. That in itself IS something.

        The person doing nothing is yourself. You’re just adding negativity to an already bad situation. Your comment does nothing to help this discussion and your attitude will get you nowhere.

        • Mike

          How exactly do you know what I have or have not done to promote anything? Nice assumptions, by the way.

          • hittingyourfeels

            So you’re going to tell people to get off FB and do something about it but then bitch when people assume what you have or haven’t done?

    • Concerned, fed-up citizen

      The day will come when some poor sap has his/her family member (pet!) executed in front of them and they decide to fight back! I notice the open carry and less restrictive firearm carry states dont have quite the epidemic that more restrictve states have!

  • Tom from Minnesota

    I have read all of the discussion and as a dog and cat owner..I am sickened by this police officer whom we believe to keep us safe. I have a chihuahua and a pug terrier who bark often but would never bit anyone…they are just excited or nervous by trade, are u gonna throw my 3 lb chihuahua down a flight of stairs and shoot her too…? This is really disgusting. ..I’m so sorry for that dogs owners…

  • Reinhold Von Kirschmann

    What police dept was he from?

    • Patrickhenry

      “State-licensed sociopaths, costumed tax-feeders, “licensed” consecrated purveyors of violence. Nothing to do with keeping the peace. They have NO obligation to protect us:
      They are trained to see US as the enemy, and the number one obligation is “officer safety.” And then come the donuts. You know what? Get rid of them. We can keep the peace much more effectively, in a VOLUNTARY society.


  • Jeanne Rasmussen

    Convict this bullying cop. He has no idea how to deal with dogs and determine (read) the dog’s behavior. Absolutely insane that he threw the dog down the stairs…cruelty charges should have been filed. Cops need to be educated in handling dogs whether they are aggressive or not.

  • Gator

    Push him down the steps and shoot both his knees out so he spends the rest of his life face to face with all dogs!

  • Cheryl Fairbrother McQuarrie

    We all know that Police Officers will Lie for each other and the Families who were not at the scene will lie and they should not be accountable as they were not on the scene during the incident. As for Mr. Fike. should be held to a higher standard and pay for his crimes. Animal Abuse is not acceptable. And the person who claims to be a man, well is not one at all. He is a criminal hiding behind a badge. As some say we can do what we want, just because we are the officer of the law. So through him into the prison system for up to 10 years or more and no getting out for good behavior. We need to make a point and use him as a sample that we are no longer going to hide in fear and we will speak up animals that do not speak for themselves.

  • melissa

    Yes he should.. Lose his job. Go jail. Get thrown down some steps & shot..!!!!

  • Laraina

    Officer Fike needs to be arrested and treated as a criminal. Because that is exactly what he is. Not only did he kill an innocent life but he also lied and falsely reported the incident. A cop that lies on reports? That’s a dirty cop. That’s the type of cop you see in the movies keeping the Drug Dealers and Killers on the street because they are getting their pockets lined with blood money. And all Officer Fike’s “Friends and Family” that are backing him would probably be enraged if this happened to someone they “Cared about” such as a child, spouse, or even a beloved pet. What do you think they would be doing? calling for blood. -.- Bunch of Corrupted dirty “Authority Figures” who shouldn’t even be around any more. Makes you wonder just what else Officer Fike lied about? Are some of those “Criminals” he put away really such? Or just people he put away for a stack of cash? Also on another note If an animal isn’t aggressive and you attack it when it doesn’t even show an ounce of aggression then there’s something wrong. Isn’t it true that people who kill animals, just because, and then try to “Cover it up” are the beginnings of a . psychopath

    a person afflicted with a personality disorder characterized by a tendency to commit antisocial and sometimes violent acts and a failure to feel guilt for such acts Also called sociopath.

    O.o is it just me or does the “Authority Figures” need some Screening?

  • Alisha Lotz

    That cop should be killed like he killed tgat poor dog.

  • mas

    He needs to be thrown down a flight of stairs in a prison filled with cop killers.

  • D Wyatt Gib

    I hope the dogs owner filed at least a civil case against the officer. So tired of seeing this. So many dogs being shot ny police. It’s like they are using it for a release because they can get away with it easier than shooting a human.

  • newsfromwashington

    Said it once will say it again. There are many great police officers but there is no doubt there are a number who should not be one. If this is how it is I can’t imagine what he would do to a person who disagreed with him. Absolutely disgusting should be off the force immediately with loss of all benefits regardless.

    • Jeff Colwell

      When the “great police” stand by and silently allow their “bad” brethren to commit heinous acts, there are NO “great police”!!!

      • James

        That’s like saying that you’re a horrible person because someone you worked with ended up being a killer and you didn’t stop them. Just because you worked with them doesn’t mean you can watch their every move.

        • Ricky Lee White

          Actually, it’s nothing like that.

          What it is like, is this….your co-worker killed someone while you watched and did nothing to stop him or to help law enforcement catch him. That is a crime and you can go to jail for it. Unless you are a cop.

          • Nick

            Yeah but he is calling cops everywhere bad because someone the just share the same job as abused the power. He may as well say that all teachers are bad because some get arrested for sleeping with students.

      • newsfromwashington

        If this officer did that with a few or several officers present I can do nothing but agree with you but just for those present. Officers in another village, town or city cannot be included in that any more that it can be said that you are bad. I take it you weren’t there but under your considerations it makes no difference so Jeff, are you just as bad ?

  • a concerned citizen

    Well first of all he filed a false report that in of itself is a crime, second so all of the people that weren’t there are now credible witnesses. Wow that is what this great nation is becoming. At is what I served 26 years for. Maybe we need to disband police forces and by that I mean fire them all and rehire folks that are not corrupt. Because of that son of a. Itch had done that to my dog, I would have have hunted down his house and killed his dog and then seen how he liked it. Just because you have a badge does not give you the right to bully any one, remember one thing, the second amendment. One day you may meet someone who will not just let you walk in their house without a reason and when you try you will be met with force. I hope one day Officer Fike’s dog or pet never has to see the injustice that he served on that mans pet.

  • Craig Bryan

    Take out the officer.

  • Lord Caine

    He should face mandatory dishonorable discharge from police force, as well as a lifetime BAN from EVER working in that field again!

  • Mickey

    It’s disgusting that this Officer has not been prosecuted for this horrendous crime. He had no reason to harm this beautiful loving dog who did nothing wrong. Find peace Parrot and watch over your owner Arron and those who loved you.

  • Soozilla

    Police officers work for us, not the other way around. This cop and others like him should not only be fired, but made to face the same charges anyone else would fave if they had done the same. Maybe even stricter sentencing since they are supposed to have our trust. Let them earn it. Officer Fike has to go.

  • Tourville

    Nowhere I can find Which Police Dept. this Fike belongs to .. nor the City nor State . If you want action taken against this type of behavior you must reveal the Police Dept. & the Officer .

    • Soozilla

      In looking for the answer to your question, I found that this story is three years old and it happened in Washington D.C. Google the officer’s name and the dog’s name and you will find quite a few links to stories.

  • Soozilla

    This story is from November of 2011. It took place in Washington D.C.

    • Phoenixmarguerite Turner

      This is not new behavior. While I was employed as a police dispatcher for San Francisco police, my rottweiler, shadow was shot by the officer who’s mother lived next door.
      It happened right after the 1989 World Series earthquake. Our adjoined fence was knocked over and I was a renter. My dog had never been aggressive to her or anyone else. I was actually in my house sleeping after working the midnight shift so he could have knocked. I woke up to a note about my dog being shot and blood right in front of my front gate on the side walk. I didn’t sue them, but I did make a complaint and they reimbursed me for the cost of the dog and I took three days bereavement leave paid. Probably the only reason I was compensated at all without legal action was because I worked for them and also my son had died that June of SIDS and the dog was given to me for comfort. I was a hysterical mess when I talked with the chief and he thought it best to handle it that way. The point is they are escalating violence against animals and people and something must be done

      • Soozilla

        I’m so sorry to hear about your tragic and violent loss. Sadly, you are correct; this is not new behavior, but it is behavior that must stop.

  • Dean Johnson

    If this is true and the dog was not aggressive, first why wasn’t animal control called. And I hope that the officer involved rots in hell. Enduring the knashing of teeth for eternity

  • Marlene

    I am so incredibly sick of these balloon headed cops killing people’s dogs !!!!! Is the only way they feel powerful to kill something smaller than themselves ?? Assholes … hope this cop wrecks his cruiser and suffers painfully …

  • Dean Johnson

    I love my animals with every fiber of my being, and my heart goes out to the family of that beautiful creation of God, and I truly believe that if he did wrong he will have to answer to the greatest authority in existence even though I would like to personally give him the treatment that he deserves.

  • Lydia Ziegler

    This cop should be tried for murder! I am serious, what a monster he is, he better lose his job and more! Makes me sick and angry! I wonder what the owner of this poor dog is going to do!

  • DOGisGOD

    Shoot the PIG, after throwing him down a comparable precipice based on size difference. I vote something like a three story building, enough to brake something nasty, not enough to kill him. But then by all means execute the bastard.

  • Jonathan Silvestrucci

    Yes he should be arrested

  • Jacob Graff

    This is the link to a very important and well worded petition to make fabrication of evidence and lying in police reports a federal offence for officers of the law. please sign it! it will force accountability and make lying as a cop a crime, which just kinda seems logical

  • James

    I understand the topic and I’m not on either side but everyone is also being completely bias. A good report of the situation would have points from both sides and the truth and false in both. This article didn’t mention the points made by the other side, it simply called them all liers without any proof what-so-ever. Honestly, I’m more on the side of Aaron Block. That said, in court, this wouldn’t go far at all because, in the end, it’s basically saying “He is guilty because we say so.”

  • billytaxi

    After each and every shooting incident, the police officer should be tested for drugs. this is an example of an abuse of steroids.

  • anonymousjoe85

    Should’ve shot that fuckin cop in the street beside the dog

  • Donna Smith

    In a just world he should lose his badge. At least.

  • janet

    Hang that Mother Fucker!

  • Dayna A McDaniel

    This officer should not be in this job any longer. He has serious anger issues and lack of control of himself.. My sincere sympathies to the poor dog owner. I would legally pursue this case in court.

  • Bonnie

    I freaking hate these kind of cops. They are power hungry morons that think they can do whatever they want to people and animals with out any reason. I wish I could throw him off a balcony and shoot him multiple times.

  • Ima Trollman

    You should publish the city, state, and elected officials that the law enforcement answers too. Mayor, city council, sheriff, along with e mail addresses.When the people put pressure on them, they will put pressure on the law enforcement officers under their command.

    In this particular case, here are the members of the city council of DC.

    Chairman Phil Mendelson’s e mail is
    [email protected]

    Mayor Vincent Gray
    [email protected]

  • Jenny Treharne


  • pig=cop pig=cop pig=cop

    I say throw him in a yard full of angry dogs that bite with nothing to defend himself and let the dogs do what they want with him cuz thats how the dog he killed felt completely helpless this pig of the police force deserves nothing less then that dog got from him and he is damn lucky that i cant get my hands on him but i hope the gangs empty their clips into him

  • stillmind

    This is over 3 years ago. Sensationalist article only for shock value. But it happened. That’s the bad part.

  • Jesse Cormier

    Release his address to the public.

  • Jerome Stapleton

    this cop will end up dead and if he dont come out of hiding we will come to him.. this cop will die.

  • Archi

    Oh look, another hateful, biased report towards the police. I can promise you that each and everyone who acts tough behind their monitors has also done something that we’d all find disgusting. You’ll be crying once you need those of which you unfairly hate. Maybe this officer was out of hand, yes, but all of you assholes are going off the biased media, shame on you all.

    • Dawn 72

      Actually i needed them and i instead got arrested. I had a loaded gun pointed at my head by a drunk. Whom passed out in my home with my children gun still loaded. I coyld not get my children out i called police i had a $10 seatbelt ticket i was arrested he was left in the home with the kids to sober up. Sure i needed to be arrested for stupidly forgetting my ticket but he got to walk scott free yeah i got your justice. Thankfully when i got out he was still passed out and i was able to get my children. So thank you very much if some dont trust all the police.

    • Tristan Chris Heiss

      Archi.shame on you for believing the cops today arent guilty as hell of playing God. And no i wont be crying for a damned cop. I’ll be calling him only to get the mortuary to come get the bodies. And your mother was the asshole for not aborting you. Your obviously blind ,stupid or a cops bytch.

      • Archi

        Oh look, another useless maggot who doesn’t know their place. I never said the cops aren’t guilty, I just said the article is biased. Your statement only proves that most of the people who hate cops are just worthless fucks, like yourself. Some people have been wronged, while others are just stupid. While I’m on the topic of how stupid you are, it’s “bitch”, not “bytch”. Only maggots like yourself still think “your mom should’ve aborted you” is an insult. Grow a pair, kid, and please make your stupid comments more fun to read, please? Thanks.

        • Tristan Chris Heiss

          know my place? lmao..I know my place.. its you who exceed your abilities at stupid and reading words in that arent there. Personally i know most cops are good.. but its the assholes YOU support I’m worried about.. and go fuck yourself liberal pantywaist..your intolerance of truth is commendably fucked. and Its Bytch .. which means a man who acts like a woman. get with the times little noone. And my IQ is off the top of charts ..unlike yours which is under them. Go munch a penis..

        • spike spiegel

          speaking of which your momma should have swallowed one less bootlicker

    • spike spiegel

      oh look a copfucker why dont you lick boot somewheres else copfucker faggot #bluelivesmurder

      • Archi

        Oh look, someone so childish and immature that they reply to a post that’s a year old! You probably got caught breaking some laws and can’t handle it! Get a life, you necro posting piece of shit.

  • Michelle sessoms

    I would very much like to see the petition I can sign to have this officer fired and prosecuted to full extent as never to be allowed to be around another animal. I am so sick of stories like this. Please make an example of this officer to hopefully make others think twice. This was abuse and murder plain and simple…

  • Mardi Strong


    • spike spiegel

      i carry a walther ppk in a ankle holster for that very reason

  • Jo Humphrey

    I can’t make a decision unless I get all the facts, not just off the internet…

  • ann bramlet

    the cop made a false statement , and again an innocent dog has to die at the hands of law enforcement. it is ridiculous , and the cop should be punished for what he did. I just don’t understand this world anymore, cops are suppose to protect us, but for some reason they think they are above the law and can do whatever they want to and they normally get away with it. cops should be punished just like anyone else if they commit a crime. and killing an innocent dog , in my opinion is a CRIME……

  • Chris Mitchells Soap Box

    i would cum in my fucking pants if i could re act this on that cop. you would sip thru a straw for the rest of your life. i hope you read this.

  • Jacob Moll

    He should be charged for throwing the dog down the stairs alone. Right or wrong, the bullet could be justified. Throwing it off the stairs is clearly inhumane.

  • Joe Huss

    What agency does this asshole work for? we can blow all the smoke we want to here but we should be directing it as well as a petition towards his superiors

  • mikaila

    Should defanitly get jailed. Or do the same to him poor helpless dog. Bunch of bastards police these days very odd nice few. Bullys in uniform!

  • Jackie Marine

    Absolutely! What he did to that beautiful dog is none the less any different if that had been a human? But because it was an animal ? “and this is the outrage of it all” Their has to be a national vote to as if this poor excuse of a Police officer should or shouldn’t be convicted of “KILLING ” ? “WOW ” Is this truly how this is gonna work ? This was a murder this low life should be in jail lock the door and throw away the key start with this Officer of the law and put him behind bars where he belongs! He’s obviously a very big threat to our society! Please put him in jail

  • Kevin Stites

    Fike is like so many dim-wits wielding firearms legally as whatever type of law enforcement, usually behaving with brute intelligence as their guide… Cannot imagine the fictional character of Andy Griffith so brutally treating a live being such as Parrot was… Frontier Justice, Hang the Fiker High From The Highest Tree Til His Corpse Is Swaying In The Wind…

  • Feelthatblade Man

    this fucking bastard deserves to be killed !

  • Ian smith

    This guy needs at least 25 years in prison! Just because he is a cop doesn’t mean he is above the law. If this guy gets away with this I have lost all respect for our legal system.

  • PCP
  • help the dog

    i may be wrong but wtf are the eye witnesses doing?? step the fuck in and help the dog!! although it might get your ass killed too but still do something

  • iceoteck

    Yes I do he’s a real Moron and deserves everything he gets he had no right to do that it was cruel and unnecessary he needs to be sacked with so many witnesses how can the Police stick up for that creep false statements that is why so I really hope this creep is taken out of the police force he is not fit to be in it… Karma dude cruel idiot

  • Ef_the_police

    Officer Fike should have his face stomped on, thrown down a flight of stairs and shot! See how he likes it.

  • Travis

    If a motha fucking cop shoot my dog you better believe that I would be shooting that motha fucker. Whats wrong with these cops now a days none of them are safe anyone were gona have to deal with shit on are own soon FUCK THE POLICE!!!

  • jim

    what a suprise another wonderfull cop killing a dog ,and then they wonder why cops are down right hated these days ,seems its ok to beat the crap out of anyone ,or anything and shoot first , then lie to cover it all up

  • Marie Bernache

    Yes, he should be convicted. The police seem to think they are invincible and can murder whomever they wish…and get away with it. Human or animal it is NOT ACCEPTABLE and the officer or officers should be brought up on charges..frankly, that kind of violence needs to be thrown off the police force, without benefits.

  • Mariel Button

    Seems to me that police departments all over are simply hiring sociopaths on a daily basis . these people need to be given psych tests before being given a gun and life changing authority.

  • jgriff

    Someone should throw his ass down the stairs and then shoot him. Worthless waste of a human being.

  • Mark Caston

    Yes I do………

  • Stacy

    Yes he should go to jail for animal cruelty just like some other people that hurt animals

  • Repulsed

    Thug hiding in a policeman’s uniform. He should be thrown off the force & placed in jail for what he did.

  • jediman

    Someone needs to do to that out of control pig as he did to that dog. It used to be protect and serve but it seems more like do whatever they want because they always get away with it. Too much corruption and not enough people to keep them in check. I’ve said for years every time I hear of a cop killed I always say now he is a good cop that would certainly be the case here. Cops with a god complex need to be taken out and shot like the scum they are.

  • susan taylor

    Over 25,000 dogs have been killed by cops in the last 5 years, from pregnant labs to small lap dogs, as police say they were in fear of their life, if thats the case, their in the wrong job. In the UK unarmed dog wardens deal with dogs daily. not heard of many being shot.Check out YOU TUBE there are more than enough clips showing cops killing defenceless dogs. These people and I use the term loosely, should never be allowed near a gun as they obviously have issues that need medical attention. The job seems to be drawing the very worst of people to it.

  • jediman

    This is why most people do not trust cope or the government. Just another dirty pig getting away with murder. If I ever witness some garbage like that he would’ve left the scene in a bag like that poor animal. The world needs more vigilante justice to combat all the police brutality that is going on. The really bad criminals are let go but things like this end up as abuse and murder then they just lie about what happened to protect themselves and noone ever questions if they are tellinv the truth. THE ONLY GOOD PIG IS A DEAD ONE!

  • CASO

    Comment peut-on se comporter de la sorte ? Des gens comme ça ne méritent pas d’avoir un insigne de la police, ce sont des malades. Comment peut-on s’en prendre à un animal de cette manière, il mérite la prison et qu’on lui retire son insigne. Peut-on encore faire confiance à la police après ça ? ils se prennent pour des cow-boys et je ne vois pas comment on peut leur faire confiance, ils sont capables de tirer sur n’importe qui.

  • HateAnimalAbusers

    Fucking Pig.

  • M1

    This story is heartbreaking being a dog lover myself. I love pit bulls very much. This act was horrid and the officer should be held accountable for it. this is why officers should be made to ware cameras that can’t be turned off by hand with live feed to not one but many city and federal government offices. So that it is impossible to pay off any one to with hold findings. If I can be watched as a civilian so should the people protecting us. Maybe then these things will occur less often if they know they are being watched by not one office but many. This act was horrible and may never be treated as a murder case.

  • Carol Willcock

    this is disgusting , i do not believe that someone like him should be allowed to carry a fire arm, what will it be next a child who knows, this poor little dog was murdered because he was frightened by this man, and then getting caught making a false statement should end his career and he should be held accountable for his actions and be jailed with no special treatment, the law should be the same for us all, there is no excuse for what he did, if all police are the same the country would be better off without any as no one is safe

  • Ruby Muraco

    This is horrifying!Seriously how does anyone justify animal cruelty? Every county servant should face charges and be accountable for not only their actions,also their blatant lies…if this was a citizen this would be a felony…I pray that karma makes him pay 10 times more.

  • Harry Maker

    Some people don’t join the police force to ‘help’ other people. They join the police force because they know it’s the one violent gang they can join that allows them to act in a criminal manner while under the guise of authority. Once on the force they are all indoctrinated into a ‘us against them’ attitude toward everyone, man or beast. No doubt that without the police we would have ‘Purge Night’ every night. But, purge night shouldn’t be started by the police.

  • Lilharley

    Yes he should be covicted. He seems like just another a**whole with a badge and gun.

  • challengeyourlimits

    I hope this ba star gets hit by a truck

  • rick

    Karma will take its course. hopefully in the future the cop that shot the dog will have whats coming to him and feel the same pain as the dog owners whose dogs were killed by police.

  • Jody

    These are the people we’re supposed to believe would protect and defend us, our children, and our grandchildren. I truly believe anyone who could do something like this to a helpless animal, is more than capable of harming a human being. Can’t say it makes me feel safe, and the brothers in blue that try to hide it or lie to justify it are every bit as culpable and just plain bad!!!!

  • Pat

    The officer should have the same thing done to him. The owners should sue the ass off the officer and anyone else involved. RIP Parrot. What a heartless BASTARD. If he had a wife or children how does he treat them? Makes you wonder doesn’t it.

  • Tim Bo

    Hey Fike! Come to Windsor Buddy!!!!

  • Dog is part pit bull. He did the right thing putting this dog down. All kid killing machines aka pit bulls should be euthanized starting today. They are kid killing psychos. I have a great friend that lost his 4 year old son last year to one of these monsters aka pit bulls. Pit bull was let out of his neighbors fence and his son was on his swing set swinging and the pit bull monster came running and jumped straight for the 4 yr old boys juggalar and wouldn’t stop thrashing the little boy by his throat. Pit bulls are sick effing monsters and should all be slaughtered. Anyone of you say anything good about a pit bull or pull some bullshit story out of your ass, I’m gonna go ahead and say FOCK YOU BIOTCH!!!!

    • Jalisha

      You fucking damn ass retarded bias fuck tard. Why don’t you come to ohio so I can kick your fucking ass. Anyone ever comes to hurt my babies and I’ll fucking shoot them, no questions asked. Just because an unfortunate accident happens doesn’t mean all pits are evil. Fucking move the fuck out of America and go some where pits aren’t allowed. And as for us owners pulling bullshit stories out of our ass, well what the fuck do you think your story is, a full round ass pulled story with extra bias. So FUCK YOU AND FUCK THE FUCK OFF YOU STUPID FUCKING ASS HOLE PRICK DICK. I HOPE YOU GO TO HELL AND ROT

      • Pit bulls are kid killers you street walking slut!! I’m sick of these Sicko’s taking up for these killing machine pit bulls. Their are not trust worthy one damn bit and they all should be put down and thrown out to see for the sharks to feed on!!! Now shove it you gutter slut!

        • jalisha

          I didn’t know they had WiFi in hell. Tell me, how’s the bull Shit taste down there? Probably just the same as the bull coming out your mouth. THIS IS WHY PIT BULLS HAVE SUCH A HORRIBLE REPUTATION. ANY ONE THAT HAS EVER SAID ANY THING ABOUT THIS BEAUTIFUL BREED, HERE YOU GO. The fact the pit bulls are forced in to a category as an ‘evil dog’ is despicable. I will never see pit bulls as a bad breed nor will I ever tolerate the negativity against this breed. If your to thick headed to open your eyes and see past the the holocaust the media has brought so ruthlessly on to this breed then I pity you. Any one ever caught involved in dog fighting should be euthanized for the wrongful brainwashed pit bulls they trained to be so hateful. Anyone killing them for no reason deserves to have their dick shot off.No animal should be treated so wrong when they have no way to fend for themselves. I could never express how sick it makes me to see this Shit.

        • spike spiegel

          dumbass prick you dont know fuck all about pits do you? its how they are raised ppl train them to fight they arent like that unless someone trains them to be that way im done takin your dumbass to scholl now fuck off back to your moms basement

          • Spike Seagull the moron! Every living pitbull on the planet should be quarted and shot with a 44 Smith & Wesson right between the eyes. And I mean every last one of these good for nothing child killers! It is in their breed to kill. And the majority being little harmless children playing outside minding their own business. And these half ass out of control pitbull owners take no responsibility by keeping these child killers in a secure metal cage. And I don’t mean a chain link fence. I mean a heavy duty zoo cage like you see at zoo’s containing tigers. I know alot of welfare pitbull owners want one to make them look like a tough guy and most train to fight to the death. But even a normal family (and I use the term normal loosely) pitbull owners who think their pitbull would never harm a flea, are dead wrong and are brain dead idiots like you spike seagull !!! You have an IQ of maybe 30 if you think a normally raised pitbull won’t turn on them, are playing Russian roulette by owning these monsters from hell. I would love to see the day the pitbull breed is driven to extinction! If anyone out there owns one of these pitbulls, they should be served papers by the Government to immediately quarter and drive a railroad spike right between their eyes or make it quick and provide them with a 44 magnum to put one bullet between their eyes. spike seagull if you own one of these monsters, I hope it never cripples or murders a child next door or down the street from you. Because if it does happen one day, and the chances are very good that it will happen, you spike seagull should go ahead and hang yourself from the nearest tree limb you can get a rope over you idiot!

      • Unfortunate accident? The put bull monster got out of his cage or rope or whatever you monster loving bastards do, and he mauled an innocent 4 year old who was playing in his own back yard on a swing. And he got “unfortunately” mauled you street walking bitch! Eff all put bulls and cut every pit bull throat on the planet!

  • Jane Franklin

    I’m so sick of those evil bastards killing people’s dogs. So help me God if an owner ever kills a cop for doing that to his dog I would love to sit on a jury and refuse to vote guilty. These thugs with badges have got to be stopped.

  • jim
  • Doreen Schultz

    Absolutely. Fine, Fire and Arrest Fike

  • D Moran

    Obviously the whole force is corrupt. To allow this idiot to get away with this speaks for that. Officer Fike…you are a pathetic POS that deserves twice the abuse that you inflicted upon that dog. May it be returned to you soon. That’s all we need is idiots brandishing guns and firing them at will on innocent animals. Clearly this a$$ doesn’t have the brain God gave a worm. The people in this city needs to complain to the major. Don’t let up. If he’s not willing to clean up his “police force” vote someone in who will. This crap has been happening far to often and it won’t change until people make it change!!!!!

  • EricJM

    I’m getting REALLY sick of the cops in America.

  • Dakota Dundas

    Yes I think that officer File should be charged and off the police force. And for the officers that had filed a false report should also be investigated in how they actually do their police work.

  • It’s time to start planning the Revolution. The Militaristic Police State Reagan fathered must go!

  • Steve Sands

    I hate that the dog got shot, I’m an animal lover. I ‘m sure the witnesses lied about the incident as well. Somewhere between this is the truth.

  • emma

    Animal cruelty is against the law.. even if you’re a cop.. it don’t fall into the ‘ special privileges’ category. It also is a great example for what he will do with his romantic partners and even his own children. . (If the psychopath has any) what a sickening excuse of a human being.

  • Matt O

    I know it’s hard to believe but we are still the good guys..
    “And maybe just remind the few, if ill of us they speak, that we are all that stands between. The Monsters And The Weak.”

    It is unfortunate that sometimes officers become the monsters, but we are still better off than a society without order.

    • spike spiegel

      the good cops myth is about as believable as the holohoax

  • Cola T

    Michael Vick was sent to prison for abusing dogs. Why is this cop exempt from the same punishment for his mistreatment of a dog? or even a punishmment for filing a report with clearly enough witness to prove his statements false? Where are the animal rights activists (PETA) picketing for justice for this poor animal victim? Sick of the depths of police abuse and the fact that they can literally get away with murder & assult with no consequence. Not saying that they are all bad, but jeez who’s there to police the police? Especially when they all stick together whether right or wrong. SMH. I am morning for you Parrot….rest in peace.

  • J

    He should be held accountable for his actions. He murdered another person’s animal without appropriate cause, and then lied about it. This is unacceptable and justice should be rendered.

  • Hugh Janus

    Some of the comments on this thread are hilarious. Are you guys for real?

  • Rose-Marie

    The important thing is that a fair trial takes place disregarding the police report as evidence… We really don’t know what happened because we weren’t there… But it is important the truth be considered and if all stated here is true then action needs to be taken against this officer. To answer another response: If the nicest dog in the world is being bothered by another, he will defend himself -so having had a brush up with another dog in no means a dog is agressive. If you know nothing of dogs you really should not make such comments, when I am ignorant on a topic I shut my mouth.

  • Ramiro Hernandez

    Yes he should but that’s how the government protects it’s own where is the (we are here to protect and serve the community ) it should say (we are here to protect and serve ourselves and our fellow government employees)

  • flamecut1

    I pray that this guy and those like him receive the karma that they deserve. When one of his children or his wife get sick and die of some disease or die in a freak accident, I hope that Officer Fike remembers the way he brutalized this animal.

  • Enrique Elizondo

    Pork chops in the horizon

  • Sigrid Konietzny

    Auf alle fälle würden das alle machen wo kommen wir da hin ,Der Horor was die Kerle sich alle erlauben wo bleibt da nur die Menschlichkeit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JoAnne Rekow-Fowler

    Yes he should be held responsible for the needless killing of Parrot. He must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. There were many witnesses that stated the sweet dog did nothing threatening to the cop. Too many dog-hating dogs kill them just because they can. But a lot of us citizens love animals. We consider our animals to be part of our families. When somebody like this hateful officer kills one of our babies, it is totally heartbreaking. If this officer doesn’t get prosecuted, karma will take care of him. His hell might be in a room full of vicious dogs, dogs who have been trained to fight ’til death.

  • Debbie

    Officer Fike, you should not be a police officer! You are what gives policeman a bad name!! I hope with all my heart you are dismissed before you do this to an innocent person! Which will happen!!

  • Caolan

    They treat K9 dogs like officers of the law. When are they going to treat other dogs as a part of the civilian population.

  • Gasukonyu

    Whether the dog was a pitbulll or not wouldn’t not made any difference in aggression. It is all on the owner on wheather or not the dog is violent. This man is a trigger happy son of a bitch with a god complex simply because he has a badge. This is why I hate people…for they are the only creatures that will kill something else for absolutely no reason.

  • Ruben Patino

    YES!!! Without a doubt, he should be charge at once!! Its inhumane to attack a defenceless animal. Police officers are trained to access the situation before using deadly force. Even more so should they do it, when it comes to dogs (animals). Its really sad to see how police officers are here to protect the innocent and helpless, but yet take advantage of their badge and power to commit crimes. I do hope the law prevails and the officer pays for his act of cruelty and murder.

  • flyboybill

    We were taught something called “The Blue Wall of Silence” where cops will never tell on other cops. you have remember the police file the charges they also determin if there is enough evidence for charge. Cop all the way to cheif are taught as young officers yo never tell on another officer even if they totally wrong and are breaking the rights of american citizens. Unless we have civil rights the only investigation will be done by this officers peers who are taught from the very first days that no matter what happens you never tell on a fellow officer

  • Nate Gephart

    The cops cant even tell that dog from a pit bull to a totally different dog (idiots) plus why would he need to throw the dog down a set of stairs in the first place. Plus the owner of Parrot had him restrained and subdued like a responsible owner should do, especially in a crowd of people. So there was absolutely no reason for Officer Fike to get involved and get all big and macho towards Parrot.

  • Candace Mclane

    I absolutely think that sicko cop murdered the dog! That cop should be convicted of killing him! I would sue his ass in civil court since justice wasn’t given in criminal court!

  • Diana

    I think he should ve convicted, lose his job, dropped from a flt of stairs slowly, while someone is shooting him to death! DISGRACE

  • Happenstance

    Po-po are assholes, every single one of them! Fire them all and send this shithead to prison!

  • Kirk Selfridge

    CAN YOU SAY PUSSY! COP!! I cant wait till a mean pitt grab’s his ass, Fuckin CREEP!

  • Kirk Selfridge


  • Rhonda Stark

    I don’t know what city that officer was from but he needs to fired, because that is no way to handle any dog. Theron, is correct,

  • Rhonda Stark

    If any civilian did that to a police dog, they would be prosecuted for killing a police officer, and he gets nothing for killing a pet. Sooo wrong.

  • Guest


  • Bill

    As an ex NZ cop (14 yrs ago) this disgusts me also. This would never happened in NZ as the other cops present (if there were any ) would not allow it to get to that stage. Also other cops would have made sure the one responsible never worked as a cop again. I am upset to read how some people have reacted after the incident. Cop or no cop why did no one intervene at the time and save Parrot. Everyone just stood there and watched? What a brave bunch! If at no other time why did no one pick up parrot after he was thrown down the steps? I do not know where this cop was from but most cops where I came from (Not living in NZ anymore) would put their lives on the line to save any person or animal in threat of being killed or injured. Anyway I am sure there are avenues that can be pursued to have this particular cop eventually prosecuted and kicked out. As for some of the comments made here, my mind boggles but I am not surprised. If these are the people walking around in our cities at present with attitudes like this then our future is in serious trouble.

  • yes he should be convicted – animal cruelty is a crime, malicious behavior. falsifying police documents… fire, convict, and educate the rest of the police dept.

  • ale

    i am so upset with this, i hope this cop rotes in jail. How the hell does he think he is to kill someones dog.

  • Lonny G Hillier

    Lonny G Hillier cops & government are bigger criminals the anyone out there, I will not say all but a good percentage !!! I have seen & heard enough in my lifetime, we know more now then ever before because of technology but a lot goes on we never hear off !! turns my stomach I have no time for them, the bastards !!!

  • Tom Sullivan

    If this doughnut-eating slob had done this to my dog, he’d be on his way to hell right now.

  • Make Us Strong

    I would like to see a show of hands of people who were actually there and saw the whole thing. Bet you that less than of us or none of us here commenting were even there at all. We don’t really know what happened. If you looked around online for more stories on this, you will see there were mixed statements of what really happened. have stated this story as “mixture” so they’re not really sure of what happened either. So how about doing some research instead of calling each other idiots? I’m starting to believe most people here didn’t come here to discuss the story or be rational. They came here to insult each other.

  • Robert Zraick

    You may argue that this is just a hate cop story. But the problem is that it is not isolated. The problem is that these stories are far to prevalent to be all fictitious. While there may be no video of this particular incident, there are far too many other such stories to be dismissed.

    We have a big problem in our society. It has not always been like this. There was a time when policemen did not cower behind Kevlar military armor. But what we are seeing a problem which goes much deeper than the result we see in action such as these. The police are just the symptom of and a refection of a corrupt government.

    What we fail to understand is that government has a monopoly on the use of force. This is what happens to a society which allows government to become too powerful and unrestrained by the very laws which created it.

    Direct all this anger not only at the symptom (the Police) but also at the system of government which promotes this type of action.

    We are living in a police state. We are living under tyranny. Our government is now an empire, doing every evil thing of which an empire is capable.

    You want to fire the cops. Fine. But you have to overthrow the government as well.

    I love what our country once was. I do not love this government. I do not confuse our country with our government.

  • naomi silverband

    yes this officer should be punished parrot style eye for an eye tooth for a tooth where is he located?

  • Nanette Valencia

    Dirty son of a bitch

  • Angela Allmendinger

    i think that the cop convicted for killing Parrot if the dog did not do any thing

  • justiceforparrot

    He should be executed the same way he murdered Parrot!

    • spike spiegel

      a colombian neck tie would be better quick and painful

  • Michael Jenkins

    The people should have beaten that guy to death all of them.

  • Marie Parks

    This bitches fate should be the same as the dog.

  • Penance

    Cocksucking POS. I wish nothing but deep pain and suffering on him, and his entire family.

  • duncan

    What does it fucking matter if it were a pitbull or not

  • Very Sad

    This is unbelievable and makes me sick to my stomach. This officer should receive the same repercussions as if he had shot and killed a human being.

  • Jessie Raines

    Fire him and jail time.

  • Ian C

    He is not just bad cop, but a bad person too. The world would be better without him.

  • Charlotte

    THIS is why so many cops lie, because they are never held ACCOUNTABLE, so they think they are above the law

  • Chris Constance

    Not every one of these stories are exactly as they are reported. I have read a couple of stories on this site and they are very clearly full of OPINIONS. It seems that the majority of comments on this site are from people who are clearly only here to see what new sensational rumor they can spread on Facebook among their friends. This site is completely biased. I bet if there turned out to be a video showing Parrot attacking the officer repeatedly you still would not see an acknowledgement by the author… and you would have a thousand comments by conspiracy theorists debunking the video. It’s called cognitive dissonance: people who are drawn to this kind of site cannot stand the thought that a cop might be justified using force… it makes them uncomfortable because it goes against their beliefs that all cops are criminals and thugs. People who have gotten a couple of speeding tickets or maybe a citation for pissing on the street and they are forever convinced that “the man” is out to get them… I am not saying Fikes was innocent… but I am certainly not going to let 200 comments from arm-chair lawyers on a biased site tell me he is guilty.

    • spike spiegel

      so copfucker do ya think he’s innocent??

      • Chris Constance

        You are a great example of what I was saying: you only read what you wanted to read then attempted to insult me by calling me “copfucker.” I’m guessing you are about 15. You have the attention span of a goldfish. Read the whole thing… the WHOLE THING. I said a the very end “I am not saying Fikes was innocent.” Had you read the WHOLE GODDAMN COMMENT instead of just as much as you needed to get your panties in a wad you would have realized that I answered your stupid ass question before you even asked it. Seriously… of all the stupid comments that could have occurred in the last year since my post I had to draw the complete fucking illiterate moron comment.

      • Chris Constance

        And at least I withold judgement until there is more evidence. You obviously think he is guilty because the internet said so. You couldn’t make up your own goddamn mind to save your life. Someone posts a video on the internet so whatever their story is must be true, right? Because cops are the only ones who lie… sensationalists with cell phones never do, right?

  • LIAB

    Not only convicted, but then hung by his gonads until he is no longer a threat to society.

  • Dallas Harvey

    Kill that SOB COP

  • What reason could he have had to throw a dog down cement stairs and then execute the dog. Is this an officer or ISIS? This is so sick and evil.

  • Lisa Smith-Elyea

    IF the witnesses are telling the whole truth, then this bastard should be fired. There’s just not enough video evidence for me to form an opinion.

  • Patrick Dunbar

    Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, reloading…..bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, reloading……

  • Justice

    Yes is should be charged he’s a lying pig who needs to be charged. Only reason he probably did it was because he assumed it was a pit bull and he’s nt gonna get charged because people r stupid and r gonna say he was a mean pit bull even tho he isn’t. Cops have gotten away with to much shit people new to take a stand on them for lying and being able to shoot and kill people and animals because they said they did something they didn’t. It’s bullshit that’s all I gotta say complete bullshit.

  • humboldtrick

    This fucking piece-of-shit scumbag cop need to be dragged into the street and summarily executed. If he isn’t locked up for life, he will be slaughtered in the street. His worthless carcass needs to be removed from the planet immediately.

  • Kristi Johnsen

    This is just disgusting & the police officer shouldn’t be getting away with this!

  • Jacqueline Daly

    The United States is becoming a dictatorship run by mercenary thugs who have forgotten why they have their jobs. They are like legalized gang members causing heartache and misery wherever they rear their ugly heads. Our dogs and cats are not living targets. Go to a shooting range.

  • Toby

    I read about this when it 1st happen and it hit me now like it did then. I don’t understand how with all the witnesses that this murderer is still on the force?! Oh wait yes I do, it’s because he is a cop. Have me do what he did and because I have no badge I would get the punishment deserved. Tired of reading day after day about police killing dogs, because they have a badge and even when caught on video of their wrong doing they get and way with it! Please join the FREEZE DON’T SHOOT MARCH in April at your State Capital!! This has to stop!!

  • Bill Matthews

    Kill the son of a bitch.

  • Laura W

    • Here’s something for the policemen and

    politicians to consider before writing their future…

    Mr. Policeman, a little food for

    thought…for every dog that is or was murdered by a policeman you have left or

    will leave behind a trail of children with PTSD, some may not even realize it

    for days, weeks, months or even years. You are singled handedly and sub-

    consciously removing all trust in law enforcement they may have had and taught

    them all about murder. You are not killing a murderer, robber, etc….but instead

    you are killing a companion, a friend, someone they love. Don’t be surprised if

    one day all of this comes back to haunt you and the only one to blame will be


    Every time a child watches a video or

    hears of a policeman shooting / killing

    or dragging someone’s pet off or talks about a policeman shooting / killing or

    dragging someone’s pet off, which with today’s
    technology will be every minute

    of every day, another child will develop PTSD.

    This is your legacy for the children of our

    future. —- And when a child experiences a

    event, which is what you are providing a lot of, it
    will often follow them

    throughout life. Obviously policeman
    shooting/killing and dragging dogs off to

    their deaths is a practice of brutality that has been
    going on for some time

    and it is only because of today’s technology /
    social media that it has been

    brought out in the open and exposed it

    to the masses.


    World is watching and speaking …and I hope these
    policeman stop and think about

    the consequences of their actions and change their
    practices before they create

    a society of children with little to no regard for
    life….they are affecting

    their own children as well and are probably not
    even aware of it. The children

    are watching not only the policeman but any and
    everyone involved including the

    politicians allowing this barbaric practice…


    when your child or any child asks you why that
    policeman is killing peoples

    dogs/pets/family members….give them the police
    department, mayor, governor and

    anyone else involved phone number and tell them to
    ask that person….They are

    the ones murdering these dogs/pets/family members
    let them explain it to the

    children they are affecting…..

    Continue taking pictures and videos for

    posting so the world can see. Also provide a list
    of Names with email

    addresses physical addresses and

    phone numbers to Police

    department heads, government

    offices and anyone else you can think

    of, so people of the world can have a

    medium to voice their opinions/feelings on what is
    being done there and so they can SHARE…SHARE…SHARE… These agencies need to

    be and will be bombarded with calls,

    emails and letters

    from around the world… then maybe they will rethink
    what they are

    planning to do….who knows maybe and

    Hopefully “ANONYMOUS” will pick up on
    this and assist in our

    fight. Their motto is “JUSTICE IS COMING’…

    ask the police dept. in Hawthorne California..

    . …..your actions serve only to further

    desensitize the minds of the people and our
    children regarding law


    Get any and every bit of information you can about

    cop to include pictures of him, place of employment
    with phone numbers and

    email addresses and anything significant. Then post
    it and

    SHARE—-SHARE—-SHARE for the World to

    see. This will also give the world a venue to
    respond and voice their opinion

    on that cops murderous action. No one likes their
    dirty laundry exposed,

    especially to the world

  • Laura W

    It never ceases to amaze me how police departments are always
    saying how they don’t understand why people aren’t more sympathetic when a
    police officer is injured or killed. Well it is their fault. Social media has
    exposed their brutality towards people and their pets on a daily basis and with
    everyone armed with a camera they will continue to be exposed. Their own
    actions have desensitized people to what happens to them—-and for those who
    aren’t yet desensitized it is just a matter of time. Police openly break the
    law without consequences daily as evidenced by all the available video online
    and they wonder why they are not given any respect. You have to give it to get

    A policeman used to be someone you could look up to and go to for help but not
    anymore. Now people tend to take care of themselves rather than call the police
    due to their lack of trust in the police. I have known some very good policemen
    in the past but can’t say too much about now. I keep seeing the words “Police
    State” used to describe people’s respective police department which doesn’t
    bode to well for policemen. Again you have to give respect to get it…….

  • Laura W


    I personally think there should be a review board that
    changes with each case, people picked from random like for jury duty to review
    the evidence and pass judgment. The fact that the police investigate themselves
    is a joke. Change won’t come without the
    mandate of the people and people we far outnumber the police.

    I do realize that all of this is me dreaming and due to the
    mere numbers of the crimes against people and animals by the police would make
    this impossible. But we as a society can
    bring about change. The question is when. When will we get tired of the
    disrespect and brutality displayed on a daily basis by the police? When will those that turn their back on all
    this injustice turn back around and see life for what it is? I could go on and
    on with the When’s but you get the idea. We as a society tend to wait until it happens
    to us before acting but by then it is too late.

    There are more than enough atrocity’s being committed right
    now against our beloved pets and fellow mankind that should have all of our
    blood boiling. Change will only come when we as a complete society become one
    and stand up against what has become a world of Police States who truly believe
    they are above the law. I doubt I will
    see this change in my lifetime but then I never thought I would see Cannabis
    legalized in my lifetime either!!!
    There is HOPE!!!

  • MACE

    ce flic devrait payer pour son crime… tout animal est un être vivant et doit être respecté en tant que tel…. c’est de la cruauté simplement. Il devrait aller faire quelques mois dans les refuges pour pitt bull et comprendrait peu être un peu mieux ces chiens.
    C’est en tout cas honteux d’agir de la sorte…. quel bel exemple que ce policier montre à ces concitoyens !
    cop has to pay for this animal crime. Each animal is a human being and
    must be respected as such it is the cruelty simply. He should go to
    make a few months in refuges for pitt bull and would understand these dogs and how lovely they are.
    It is in any case shameful to act that way which beautiful example which this policeman shows to these fellow countrymen!

  • Eediot Spudworth

    If that had been my dog I would be dead now too, because that vicious unprovoked murderous attack on a living creature that I loved would have so enraged me that I would have lashed out at the officer in behalf of my dog as a reflex, not even considering the consequences. Clearly the cop would have been entirely let off from my murder too, since that seems to be how things go these days (though an excuse of self defence might be applied and accepted).


    In a truly just society this so called cop would have the same treatment before going to prison if still alive….

  • jake

    Honestly it pisses me off so much. I can’t even put it into words. This man doesn’t even have the right to call himself a police officer. He is nothing and will always be nothing except a piece of shit. How would you like to be face down on the ground with my knee in your spine crushing your face on the cement, then throw you down 9 or so feet then finish you off with a couple rounds of my 9mm.

  • Miss Justice

    “The year they hung the lawyers” may very well end up being “the year they hung the police” if they aren’t careful. People are getting fed up with this behavior.

  • wildman

    here’s hoping everyone involved in this police action and it’s cover up gets to see everyone and everything they love die a horrific death right before their eyes, and you fukin tin star thugs don’t understand why AMERICA hates you and don’t give 2 runny shits if you are killed, me included

  • Debby Ruiz

    Yes, I think anyone who harm’s, abuses or kills any animal should be convicted to the fullest extent of the law. No matter who it is, but especially an officer, they are supposed to uphold the law.

  • the one

    Any cop that can put down a dog without cause can and will execute a human being for the same. This man is a danger to himself and others, and needs to be locked up.

    • spike spiegel

      no he needs to be planted six feet under

  • onymee

    of course he should. But it won’t happen. Over there police literally get away with murder on a daily basis and the docile, medicated with antidepressant public do nothing!

  • Regina Sellers

    cops are all scum…..

  • Breezy

    Can’t trust any law enforcement these days. He’s a murder he should pay for what he did. He’s a coward. Hope his family disowns him for such rageful behavior towards a dog, who knows he could rage out on his family one day. Also to think cops use dogs to their advantage and then treat them like this. So sad rip Parrott

  • steve

    Where r u anonymous need help and info asap,,,

  • rico

    To be honest. I would have kicked that cop in the face and fucked him up if he touched my dog like that. Zero fucks givin,he should be shot and thrown down stairs. I never let any cop near my dog ever because all they do is shoot. Scared mother fuckers

  • kim

    The dog was doing nothing wrong. I don’t understand how any police officer can think it is acceptable to throw a dog down steps and shoot them. This police officer should be put in jail for what he has done. Makes me sick how they are getting away with everything

  • Catblack

    I think the American police force, nationwide, needs to be scrapped and started again. You people put guns in their hands, perhaps you need to rethink the direction of your nation in this regard. Totally shameful

  • Gunther H.

    He needs to be arrested and this should go down as a felony, murder is murder whether it’s to a human or animal and he should be tried for murder

  • Thomas McCartney

    Objective Analysis of the Facts & Myths Concerning Pit Bulls.
    By J. Thomas Beasley dives into the sobering pit bull mauling epidemic in our country, the primary false myths trumpeted by the pit bull lobby and pulls in pop culture figures like Jon Stewart, Tia Torres and more.
    Press release:

    http://www.digitaljournal dot com/pr/2543891
    A synopsis of the book is provided on the blog below:

    http://blog.dogsbite dot org/2015/04/book-review-misunderstood-nanny-dogs.html

    • AlvinBr

      Admit it, you will gloat at the death of any dog, regardless of breed or accompanying circumstances. You will also give the cops a pass on anything they do, no mater how sadistic and heinous.

  • Thomas McCartney

    Facts on the Danger of all Pit Bull Type Dogs
    The Truth about the success of Pit Bull type Dog Ban & BSL enforcement, Views of Dog trainers/animal control, Pit Bull breeders, owners,Canine experts, animal behaviorists, Vets, Doctors, Dog attack statistics for the USA, General Dog Bite Statistics across the country.

    And everything you were want to know about the pit bull type dog but were afraid to ask.!

    http://banallpitbulls.blogspot dot ca/

    • Drakenfly

      Another knuckle dragging fucktard…

  • Shirley Deeter

    a cop should be treated like any other person when they fuck up- sbuse or shoot my dog I WILL GO TO JAIL FOR A LONG TIME

  • Patty Rincon

    As a cop you are held to a higher standard than are those you serve. Not because your are better but because of what the BADGE represents: honor, integrity, service and dedication to the people you are sworn to protect. Your goal while wearing the BADGE should be in mastering your skills and yourself so that through sound strategy and tactics, utilizing professionalism and applied knowledge, you are operating in a full spectrum response to the problems that present themselves to you in your duties. You are expected to be distinguished for your commitment to the service of others, over yourselves. You shall assess this constantly and hold yorselves accountable.I feel some cops think its a license to kill. It’s to the point now that if there is a situation that you feel you need to call the cops people are scared to call 911. I know I won’t unless it’s absolutely necessary. They are the last people I would call for help.

  • Brad White

    Who wrote this crap, a 5 year old?
    The dog is clearly a pit bull.

    • AlvinBr

      What’s your point, Rebecca Furr?

    • Drakenfly

      Clearly you’re a fucking retard ball-less bitch…

    • spike spiegel

      yeah and?? what is your dumb ass saying this subhuman piece of shit justified??

  • caseykc

    What s the name and phone number of the Police Department and the Judge?

  • Dimi Rougeau

    His ass should be fired where is PETA???? Poor dog this is getting out of hand the government need to step in and get rid of all these evil as demons that hide behind a uniform they took oaths to protect and defend communities but have become hit man’s without a cause they are killing human being and people who give a damn love and cherish thier animals as thier family members so he viciously murdered a person’s family. I am not sure how much more people can take before a civil war against the police departments across the country breaks out to get our points of humanity is taken seriously.

  • teddyb

    There are people who will never say a cop did wrong, until he or she kills their pet or kid.

  • michael douglas

    I hope someone kills this pig the same way he did the dog

  • jessie james

    This dirty pig should be slammed into concrete a thousand times until he dies

  • Tami Chapman


  • Charlie L.

    Speaking of filming cops, how come big time movie makers haven’t made films, documentary or fiction based on fact, relating such matters? It can’t be because they haven’t thought about it. Organize a boycott of all new films until they make a film called “The Fury of the Enraged Policeman” or “Caligula Cops,” preferably both, a scene should show ugly, vicious police surrounding a grave, firing 800 times into it and all hollering “stop resisting” and “get on the ground!” We must cause as much embarrassment and stress as possible to “law enforcers.” Another scene should show nightmarish bully faces coming out of a so-called “criminal justice” class. No peace, and no retirement funds, for anyone in cop occupation, none are “good,” else they’d denounce the bad ones. (Except it seems there’s a cop group that says drugs should be de-criminalized?) In “Kung Fu” TV series a Chinese woman says, “I know you’re capable of great destruction , sheriff!” and in “The Rockford Files” find the line about a cop, “That’s Pete Kolodny, and he can get a lot meaner than that!” Let the movie show demon spirits entering the cops skulls as they sleep.

  • IcedTeaParty

    Look at all those “heroes,” frightened of domesticated animals.

    Long past are the days when it was respectable to be a cop in America.

  • Ryno

    You guys have to start time/date/location stamping these stories, if you want to maintain any semblance of journalistic credibility.

  • nolickspittles


  • Angela Ridgely-Wade


  • Drakenfly This is their main website. Make sure to give them a 1 star NOT a 5 on there review site here: Also they are “reviewing” EVERY thing now posted on their main page…

  • Elizabeth Mary Lane

    You know I am sick and tired of hearing about American Zionist cops murdering innocent Americans and their pets and do you know why I am fed up? well you have all been warned about the police state and still today some of you brainwashed idiots still say it is only a (conspiracy) ? ha! , well sleepy heads it has come and it is going to get worse, oh! a lot worse …. Did you know that most of the so called American police have been trained in Zionist Israel? Oh ya!!! do you know that you have many many Zionist Israeli police in your forces ? The Zionists want to take over and every so called conspiracy that you have heard you laugh! but guess what sheeple they are ruling your country and laws…. God bless the true America , God bless the World and pray to God because these Zionists are also turning you all away from him .

  • Mike Askew

    You are killing our children, now you are injecting yourself into situations where you weren’t called or needed and killing our pets …….

  • Sandra Weber

    Of course the cowardly POS is going to lie. He has to cover his butt for killing a dog for basically no reason. It will all be swept away as if nothing ever happened.

  • Mathieu Hubin

    This is why I cheer whenever a cop gets killed.

  • Crystal M OldChief

    I believe cops should be arrested prosecuted and if found guilty charge with animal cruelty; its wrong for them to hurt human or animals just like everyone else

  • Dharma666

    I still wish Officer Fike would come visit me up in Canada. But he it too much of a coward to come visit by himself. Even if he is wearing a gun, he is way too gutless. Plain and Simple.

  • concerned citizen

    Yes he needs corrected for his actions, he shouldn’t have been involved since eyewitness’s said things were under control, its the same as shooting someone in the back, there was no excuse for throwing the dog down the stairs, guess it made him feel good to shoot a defenseless dog, …..this is what makes the good guys look bad……. I wouldn’t want him in my neighbor hood, taking care of anything for me…this won’t go unjustified, there is a higher power that he will have to answer to… I say get him off your streets, before he goes berquirk on some kid.

  • Linda Blanchard

    I think prison is too good, he should receive the same abuse as the dog did !

  • Adam Dunstan

    And they wonder why people hate cops so much

  • Colin Washington

    No Spike I am not Canadian and my thoughts of such unnecessary brutality on any animal, domestic or wild, are that such person should be treated as a hostile animal and severely punished.

  • Noel Guerra

    You have to write a formal complaint to internal affairs and the DA of that county first before they can take action. File sounds like he’s in a ghastly or morbid attention seeking pathology that has little boundaries or empathy for life.

  • Rhonda Clute


  • alfredkarius

    A common symptom of serial killers is that they often start out abusing
    animals. There is no doubt in my mind that police officer Fike is a
    psychopath. The fact that he has not been convicted means the system is
    frighteningly sick and twisted.

  • Sharon-Shay Walsh

    Hell yeah the scum POS sorry excuse of a cop better be convicted. I hope he never has children!

  • dragonlady9947

    Charge and fire this dangerous POS. The monster is not capable of serving or protecting.

  • Kathryn Aldridge

    OF COURSE he should be fined, fired and prosecuted! I hope Parrot’s owners SUE…the cop, the PD, AND the City!

  • kinga

    he not just must be fired but also has to go to jail, no excuse! he is dangerous to society and has to be separated before he harms somone else! he is not stable, he also needs a doctor, and treatment he must be mentally ill!!! eather he ends up in jail or a hospital for brain sick people, but he has to be separated from the rest of us, and not having a gun for Gods sake…

  • Starr Hughes

    Yes I do think and believe that officer Fike should be charged for throwing Parrot down the concrete stairs,shooting Parrot,and the truth be known for even touching Parrot to begin with.I would like to see that he be charged for his crimes!

  • TT

    Where is the black lives matter group “aka the black kkk”?

  • Nina

    Find out where this PIG lives… there are people that actually take the law into their own hands and provide REAL justice for animal abuse of ANY KIND .

  • seanh5

    Cops are all worthless bully pieces of shit

  • Colin Young

    Wow. And the dog wasn’t even black.

  • michael92064

    Missing from the article is the killer’s own department recommended charges against him and the DA refused.

  • Michael Tiffany

    The guy is a punk, and I have seen cops that are punks like him all my life.

  • Ronet Harvey

    Cops are power loving cowards. That man will get nothing for his brutality.

  • siglavy auerga

    Is it a secret where this happened?

  • michael92064

    This is an old case. The department recommended that he be prosecuted but the DA refused. Many have speculated that he was showing off to impress a man that he was trying to date. (not a joke)

  • BEN66

    “Do you think Officer Fike should be convicted for killing Parrot?” <– Not only convicted. He should be deported to Guantanamo for the rest of his life. My opinion. (My Motto: Eye for Eye, Dent for Dent).

  • Mc Tam

    I can’t and won’t watch the video! That poor pup!!!! How was it aggressive, if you could pick it up and carry it to throw! I’m almost happy to hear he shot the animal, as we don’t know what kind of pain ad damage was caused. What is worse, if he’ll do that to a dog… what will he do to people he feels are less than human? #Gunsdon’tkillpeople #Stupidpeople do #AllPittsaren’tVicious #Ownershelpdetermine

  • Dharma666

    The Pig named Scott Fike needs to die. Plain and Simple. And all other pigs that are just like him. The day will come.

  • Kevin

    Makes me so angry to read this crap and think that these are the people who are paid to protect us, when in actuality they are just bullies with badges.