Cop Gets Job Back After Killing Unarmed Marine Veteran

‘Derek Hale’s Murderer Is Back On The Streets’

William Grigg | Pro Libertate

Lt. William Browne of the Wilmington, Delaware Police “did not violate police department policy or procedures” when he gunned down Derek Hale (left, in Iraq with a Marine buddy) on the front porch of a friend’s house last November 6.

This was the long-anticipated and utterly predictable finding of the Wilmington Police Department’s Office of Professional Standards.

The supposed exoneration of Lt. Browne came after Delaware state Attorney General Beau Biden cleared him of violating state law when he shot Derek twice, at point-blank range, after the decorated Marine combat veteran had been hit with seven taser blasts in a little more than a minute.

Derek, a retired Marine sergeant, was not the subject of an arrest warrant at the time, although he did belong to the Pagans, an “outlaw motorcycle club” that included several people under investigation for suspected narcotics and firearms offenses.

So Lt. Brown is now free to kill again.

He will not be stopped unless the civil suit filed against him and others implicated in the murder and cover-up succeeds.

On previous experience, it’s doubtful that such a lawsuit will produce that result, given that the murderous Lt. Brown has been “cleared” by the hierarchy of the gang that employs him.

Are there any Marine veterans in Wilmington who know Lt. Browne?

If you’re out there, could you take him aside and have a friendly chat with him, expressing your opinion of someone who would gun down an unarmed, unresisting combat veteran, leaving his wife a widow and orphaning his stepchildren?

Re-published with permission from William Grigg of Pro Libertate

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  • wellard

    I wonder if the reaction and outcry would have been different and had more media coverage had the murder victims skin color been different

    • bobby

      Maybe if they were purple. Go LEOs!

      • Matheus Grunt

        Go cops? Seriously? What crack are you smoking?

        • bobby

          The kind that knows the difference between right and wrong. Crawl back into your LEO hating hole. Go LEOs!

      • Dark Zuckerberg

        Fuck you and die you worthless cunt

        • bobby

          Hey Darkie Suckerberg, too bad your thug daddy’s condom leaked. Power to all LEOs and away with all worthless piece of shit thugs, much like yourself! How many times have you been arrested?

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  • snaker67

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    • tropical

      How pathetic, to be trying to make money off the backs of dead innocent people, by posting your crap here. You will be reported. You make me sick!

      • bobby

        topical, none of these were innocent people. Fact check, loser!

  • nalsan mangala

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  • Alan D. Harris

    This is VERY old…. and Lt. Brown was soon promoted to Captain…..

    • bobby

      Notice how cop block sites do not date their material. Brown did the right thing. Filming Cops is a site that feeds lies and deceit!

      • Matheus Grunt

        Supporting domestic terrorists who wear suits & badges is not American at all. I wouldn’t brag about your support on sites like this especially, nobody cares to hear it.

        • bobby

          Matus Runt, you are an ignorant fool. How many times have you been arrested?

      • Alan D. Harris

        Actually, those of us who live here no better. Derek Hale was murdered on his front step, and no one ever even answered why he was targeted in the first place.

        • bobby

          Actually, he was a piece of shit thug and deserved it. Good riddance!

      • Alan D. Harris

        Additionally, the taxpayers of Wilmington got to shell out $700K to Hale’s widow as a result of Brown’s crime.

  • Matheus Grunt

    BTW, here’s a question to you all. Why must we be unarmed to be presumed innocent when murdered/assaulted by the police state? Aren’t we SUPPOSED to be ARMED? The whole point of the 2nd Amendment is so that we can RESIST at all means THIS kind of tyranny!

    • bobby

      Matus Runt, there is no tyranny, only pieces of shit thugs that deserve what they get from LEOs. If you are unarmed you are an idiot!

      • So, bobby; I have a question. If a seven-year-old girl is sleeping on her grandmother’s couch, and a cop busts in and shoots her in the back of the head, does she deserve it? I want to see your answer in writing.

        Joseph Weekley was after a murderer, but was afraid he’d break into his neighbor’s house and hold the family hostage, so Weekley lied to the judge issuing warrants and said the neighbors were accomplices. On the night of the raid, SWAT teams broke into both houses, with Weekley leading the raid to the neighbor’s house. Immediately upon entering, Weekley opened fire, shooting seven-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones once in the back and once in the head. According to Weekley, her elderly grandmother had been laying in wait and attacked him and tried to wrestle his gun from his hands. According to the grandmother, she was asleep with her granddaughter and when she heard the door burst open, she was so startled she fell off the couch. The family had no criminal record. There were no weapons or drugs in the residence.

        Here’s a news report of his dismissal of charges:

        Come on, fucker, I want you to write it out. Tell everyone here exactly what you think of LEOs blowing a school age child’s head off and being exonerated.

        • bobby

          Hey Phantom, you are talking about a different story dumbfuck! Tell everyone here? Cop haters? Cop haters do not listen to anything other than hatred filled cop block rhetoric. Over 5 years ago this shit happened that you are so enamored. You were not there, asshole. You do not know what happened, asshole. The judge made the right decision. Have you ever been on a jury? I bet not and you are probably unable to perform civic duties. You are just another cop hating piece of trash that seems to know a LEO’s job better than the LEO. How does it feel living in fantasy land, loser? Get off the EBT card and be a productive part of society.

        • steve

          The guy Bobby is a piece of shit,i think he is a pig,,he has bugged me he needs an ass kickin,,

    • steve

      Conceal and carry,thats what u got to do when u get confronted by a cop trying to arrest u or shoot u at least u have and edge,carry ur weapons and don’t end up like DEAD fight back,,

  • jrhvt

    Can i get a copy of that “Policy and Procedure” manual. I want it for home so that I can get away with anything because it says so in my “Manual”. I guess it is time that we start badgering our local officials to get copies of these Manuals and have them reviewed and find out why everything in them is legal for cops but not for ordinary citizens. Last time I looked Policy and Procedure did not equate to being a law, only standards by which a company operates.

    • bobby

      Easy, moron. Don’t break the law! Break the law by attacking a LEO, you get deservedly whacked. How many times have you been arrested?

  • steve

    If we r in a police state u better act like it,do what is necessary,,,