Cops Try to Use Major League Baseball to Spread Propaganda, MLB Asks Them to Take it Down

ST LOUIS — In a dubious attempt at propaganda, the St Louis Police Officers Association posted a picture of the official mascot of the Cardinals baseball team holding a “police lives matter” sign.

Major League Baseball Officials have openly distanced themselves from the photo.

They also requested that the Police Officers Association stop posting the photo.

According to reports, a man and a woman — who either were cops or supported cops — approached the mascot at a recent game.

They handed the piece of paper reading “police lives matter” to the mascot and then asked the mascot for a pictures standing next to the woman.

Strangely, the police officers association then cropped the woman out of the photo, and posted only the mascot holding the sign, making it look like the mascot was taking a political position on controversial matters involving police brutality.

According to reports, the mascot didn’t even know what the sign said. Given that the costumes are large and bulky, it is sometimes difficult to gain complete visibility of the surroundings.

The police officers association has removed the photo from its social media channels, in accordance with requests by Major League Baseball authorities.

Asserting the phrase ‘police lives matter’ is just like saying ‘slave-catcher lives matter’ in that police, as individuals, have agreed to enforce immoral and unjust laws that enslave Americans.

Take, for instance, all of the laws that make up the War on Drugs. These laws have resulted in millions of innocent Americans being locked in cages for harmless activity like ingesting cannabis.

And they’re willingly enforced by police in exchange for government paychecks.

Police are quite literally the modern day equivalent of 19th century slave-catchers, rounding up innocent people and throwing them in prisons.

These people are then put to work inside the prisons, assembling raw materials or digging ditches.

When you get past the propaganda and look at the reality of the situation, police are simply individuals who get paid to go out and scoop up bodies, then fill for-profit prisons with those bodies for cheap labor.

This is why mainly only police wives and their families say ‘police lives matter.’ The rest of us understand that policing is an inherently corrupt institution that destroys lives, and nobody with integrity would sign up for such a job. Not to mention that the phrase was started as a response to ‘black lives matter’ — as if police are suddenly a race.

That’s Cop Logic for you.

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