Cop Pleads Guilty to Sexually Touching Minor, Possessing Steroids — Gets Only 45 Days in Jail

jeff det

TULARE COUNTY, CA — “He took away what were supposed to be my best years,” the girl said in court.

The man who sexually touched her while she was a minor sat and listened to what she said without moving, according to reports.

A now-former police officer has faced a shockingly light sentence after pleading guilty to sexually contacting a minor, according to reports.

He was also found to be in possession of illegal steroids at the time.

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Officer Jeffrey Detwiler will stay in jail just a little over a month; 45 days in total.

He’s getting a mere slap on the wrist, even though he pleaded guilty to the sexual contact with a minor and possessing a controlled substance.

Think about that. How many years would an ordinary citizen receive — that’s to say, a citizen without government privilege and a special blue costume — for committing the same crimes?

Reports say that the incident happened when Officer Detwiler was overseeing the police department’s “Explorer Program,” which basically teaches impressionable minors that police are good and trustworthy and encourages them to seek jobs as loyal employees to the State.

The victim was in the “Explorer Program” at the time the sexual contact occurred.

“I felt I could trust him,” the victim said.

“He really took advantage of not just his position as a police officer, but as an advisor to the Police Explorers, and really abused that trust,” said attorney Anthony Fulz.

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Despite all of this, Officer Detwiler will serve only 45 days in jail, and some community service.

Watch video below:

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  • Ben Dover

    PIGS. Never trust the personality that wants to be a cop. Never, not ever.

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    • MadTom

      Better to call them THUGS. I have stopped calling them “pigs”, out of respect for the intelligent, sentient creatures that pigs are.

      A cop is not NEARLY as decent a creature as a pig.

      • Rico Ironhart

        Good point. ..this stuff id crazy and it’s gona get worse. Pigs are on a killing spree in amerika..I hope we are making the news over seas..I hope yhey see what’s goin on in what usef to be america.
        stay awsy from amerika if you value your freedom and your bank accounts.

      • rust

        I call them ENFORCERS. That’s all they are. They don’t “police” anything. They don’t serve anyone but their masters, and they only protect their own. If they encounter you, all they want to do is ENFORCE some bullshit law.

      • LawrenceNeal

        Call them SA: SturmAbeitlung. Brownshirts. The Serpent’s Assholes.

  • Clifford Nytko-Galli

    His sentence will be reconsidered if I see him. Fucking pederest.

  • Dimitri Theodosakis

    Coldblood Rapist Jeffrey Detwiler getting away with Rape of Teen. this makes me sick as Human with soul unlike Jeffrey Detwiler without Soul who sold his soul to Devil

  • Rusty

    You have to obey when they want to “touch” you … always obey the police when they tell you to do something … works well in Colville Wa too. << multiple rapes

  • dollarbill

    District attorney should be fired!

  • Sgt. Killgood

    Corruption at its finest . This judge and the DA should be fired . And the cop should be sent to prison for life

    • Rico Ironhart

      It’s a big vicious circle here. .the judges. Cops. Parole officers. Jails. For profit jails. Attorneys. Baliff. The DA,s. Public defenders the courts..they all have their hand out for a piece of the pie..if you don’t pay’re put into a for profit prison..snd im not even mraning for a felony..amerika..stay out if ypu can.

      • Rico Ironhart

        Very accurate pix. Cops here are under no accountability. Just estch the news.

  • Rebuke The Heathen

    Don’t cry for the Jackal when he meets a well deserved grisly ending……

  • wildman

    the fukin low life in star thug should have received 45 year in jail in general population and be forced to wear a sign I was A cop

  • Dharma666

    If I were the parents of that minor girl, there would be one more cop funeral to go to. Plain and Simple. Always aim for the head.. 🙂

    • Rico Ironhart

      Be careful the words you choose to describe these out of control cops. ..they will seek revenge and websites will cooperate with them locating you.

  • Scotty Monte

    Does he have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life?

  • Guest

    Since you all hate cops so much, next time you get mugged, call a crackhead instead and see how that works. Yeah, I thought so. A-holes.

    • since you love abusive cops so much, keep us posted how you respond when one of ’em rapes your kid

    • rust

      Copsucker alert.

    • John_erox

      How about I don’t call anybody and I just defend myself with my concealed handgun? You’re not an asshole. You’re an idiot.

  • tim

    just think of what would happen to someone who put him in handcuffs paraded him embarrassingly in front of people and threw him in a brick room with bars on it and crappy food, That person would spend forever in “real” prison as that is to say the central bankers that mandate police ruling in the u.s giving power of state over everyone and kidnapping/extorting people a thousand times + a day. We don’t need traffic cops, We don’t need stupid little laws to bulk up “bankers” wallets by keeping people incarcerated. It is high time We the People not only stand up but get moving and remove these mangled excuses for “leaders” out of everyone’s lives. Join Free America and Police Reform on Facebook, build the knowledge and power of the people so we can return our country to its proper state.

  • Anthony Quatroni

    Typical. Let’s give him a break because he’s a cop. It should THE OTHER WAY AROUND, IDIOTS.

  • M.

    Anyone notice how even though we are paying an increasing amount of taxes for ‘security’ and ‘surveillance’ the more this shit keeps happening? If the NSA actually did its job these pedos would ALL be caught dead in their tracks – but guess what – they haven’t nabbed any of them… why? Because they’re too busy beating off! These sick fucks deserve so much worse than I can legally express on here.

  • jenicyde

    Pretty sure this happens ALOT with child molesters period. Has nothing to do with the guy being a cop. Ive known regular citizens who didn’t even get 45 days. Yes – unfortunately personally know.

  • MadTom

    Did that son of a BITCH get to wear his uniform to his SENTENCING ???


  • Rico Ironhart

    They’re all the same. .pigs

  • Rico Ironhart

    Ju$tice has been served. Had that animal been anyone but a fucking cop..he would be serving YEARS
    In prison. .wtf…fuvking cops know they can rape and murder and walk. .ftp..people will eventually see cops for6 who and what they are.

  • Voy Cooks

    They should lock up this judge for meting out such a ridiculously light sentence for an admitted pedophile.

  • Ian Battles

    We have people serving LIFE for growing weed in their basement, yet this pig gets a mere month-and-a-half in jail for molesting a child while under color of state authority?

    America has officially gone full retard.