Cop Who Pounded Man With Shotgun After Man Complied Found Not Guilty


UPDATE: Mar 8, 2017

Former Owasso police officer, Mike Denton, found not guilty.

OWASSO, Okla. — Wednesday, a former Owasso Police officer was found not guilty after being accused of excessive force.

Michael Denton was acquitted Wednesday. Dashcam video shows Denton hitting a suspect with a shotgun during an arrest.

Denton was found not guilty of assault and battery with a deadly weapon and reckless conduct with a firearm.

Following the verdict, the Owasso Police Department posted the following message in its Facebook page:

“Today, March 8th, 2017, former Owasso Police Officer Mike Denton was acquitted by a jury in Nowata County on the charges of Reckless Conduct with a Firearm and Assault and Battery with a Deadly Weapon. As Chief of Police of the Owasso Police Department, I affirm my respect for the rule of law and judicial process. The burden of proof in a criminal trial is the highest of any judicial process, as it should be. The outcome of the trial in no way diminishes my belief that the decisions made by Mr. Denton are inconsistent with Owasso Police Department policies and the department’s core values.”


OWASSO — Officer Mike Denton has been confirmed to have beat a citizen with a shotgun over and over again after new footage was released from a dashcam.

He has been placed on paid suspension.

The Police Chief said — amazingly yet not surprisingly — “We were within our policies and guidelines in this pursuit.”

He then added, “As you know, there’s other things under investigation but I’m not at liberty to comment on that because it’s under investigation.”

The “other things” that this police chief is alluding to would be the footage of the compliant man being beaten severely with the barrel-end and the butt of a shotgun.

This was already after the citizen had been tased.

Watch the video below: – Oklahoma City, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports |

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    these police need to be weeded out, and prevented from doing any kind of law enforcement anywhere again, if the polcie start to act that way they may just start getting respect back, right now they are all part of a gang of donut bloated tick like thugs.

  • hstevenmead

    That guy has big issues. Notice how he can’t wait till the guy is pulled out. He is a psychopath and should never have been allow any kind of enforcement position. I would beat that he has done this to many a time to others. What he needs is some just like him to beat his ass down until he complies.

  • Les Labbauf

    Went to YouTube to find video and found another one from two years ago where he was using excessive force on another individual.

  • Yup Nash-Shannon

    How about we start raising the standards for entrance into the police academy? Followed by a radical advancement in the psyche evals they receive to weed out the douche bags. Then we start rewriting the laws so that corrupt, and subversive police are held to a much higher standard than the populace. fo instance the fucktard with the shotgun above wouldn’t just lose his job, he would do life in prison.

    And finally, if after raising all of these standards we still end up with the occasional cop acting like an animal, they get euthanized and removed from the gene pool.

  • michael92064

    This is what they do in full view of a camera. This is the poster child case to re-evaluate the arbitration process that gave him his job back.

  • Aaron Davison

    That guy is just an asshole. But did everyone see that fat sob come in from the left ??? Holy Hell !! Anyway that cop probably thinks he’s a tough guy because he can elbow a hundcuffed man and beat someone else with a shotgun. I’d be embarrassed and unable to look at myself in the mirror if allowed one human to treat another human that way. Police pride !!! They should all be ashamed

  • cory blubaugh

    Are they really trained to use a firearm as a bludgeon? Seems like the wrong tool for the job. Just like the cop.

    • Patrick H.

      Its called pistol whiping, it just has a longer barrel, or a higher machanical advantage.

  • Patrick H.

    It would appear police did everything wright until the shotgun cop got involved. With the previouse abuse charge this officer should be behind bars. I fail to see where he was defending himself or others with the beatdown. Making him the lawbrwaker. This is the kind of man you would have to defend yourself from.

  • khkta37

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  • kinal45
  • PJ London

    It was not “one cop” it was all of them, they stood and watched a “person” beat another without stepping in and arresting the perpetrator.
    The “shotgunner” should have had the cuffs put on him and arrested by the “Good” cops, and charged with assault.
    They did not, they are the problem!
    I agree there will always be some A-hole in any unit, but it is up to the rest to keep him in line, or get him out.
    They are all guilty.

  • CharlesGWhiteside

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  • MichaelAHurd

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  • Cliff

    And they wonder why they are having trouble recruiting people to be police officers.

  • IndigoBro

    Demand too that YOUR local Mayor know that he/she will now be 100% accountable for every badge on their force. When that ‘force/trust’ is violated…12.25.11…yup..Christmas. …then said Mayor can stand up or be sued. Dave Bieter…Mayor du Jour chose the later.

    God sees us….this is a change order.

    Lastly, W. Bratton must go. Too weak. . . too old..too crusty..too compromised. Diggin the comments below, right on the money….feel the shift?

    me too.

  • AnnCClarke

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  • Larry Hardee

    It is a shame that shot gun did not go off and blow this ass hole cops head off.