Cop Pushes 2-yr-old Child’s Face Into Urine as “Punishment”: Reports


BARTLETT — A gruesome report has surfaced online according to which a Shelby County Sheriff’s Deputy has been placed on paid leave.

According to reports, Deputy Brian Hoard grabbed a 2-yr-old child and pushed the child’s face down into a puddle of urine on the ground.

The child’s father filed a complaint against Deputy Hoard after his 9-yr-old daughter and 7-yr-old son told him that Deputy Hoard had forced the child’s head down as a punishment for having an accident in his diaper.

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Deputy Hoard was seeing the father’s ex-wife.

The father’s children were with his ex-wife when Deputy Hoard was at the ex-wife’s home.

Both the 9-yr-old daughter and the 7-yr-old stated that they witnessed Deputy Hoard assaulting their baby 2-yr-old brother.

The statement prompted the father to file a report on the Deputy for assault.

“Hoard pressed [the 2-yr-old child’s face in urine on the carpet after [the 2-yr-old child’s] diaper had leaked,” the report states.

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It continues stating:

[The father] reported that he was made aware of the incident by his nine year old daughter and 7 year old son who he stated were both present and witnessed the incident. [The father] stated that his children stated their mother and Hoard argued about Hoard’s actions after the fact. [The father] stated that he does wish to press charges.”

Detectives from internal affairs at the sheriff’s department have interviewed the father, but so far no charges have been filed against Deputy Hoard.

The sheriff’s department is conducting an internal investigation on themselves to determine if they were involved in wrongdoing.

Watch the video below:

FOX13 News, WHBQ FOX 13

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  • Outlaw

    You have to be quite pathetic and a waste of air if you abuse children. This guy should be imprisoned!

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      if he wasn’t a cop, he WOULD BE. but, alas cops are immune from the law, regardless of the atrocity

  • Gordon Shumway

    “The sheriff’s department is conducting an internal investigation on themselves to determine if they were involved in wrongdoing.”

    Well, don’t we all feel better now? They’re investigating themselves! I’m sure justice will prevail, right? RIGHT?

  • Sgt. Killgood

    That cop feared for his life . The child kept quiet and wouldn’t present any form of I/D . I’m surprised the cop didn’t yell ” stop resisting and stop reaching for my gun . give the baby a ticket for leaky diaper . What kind of animals are they hiring to be police ?

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      demons from hell…..plain and simple.

    • Raymond R. Reines

      Low IQ thugs…

    • Phasung Baccam

      only in america
      Once you give badge and gun they turn to America.Psychopath don’t care about anybody lie kill your whole families even your toddler and still get pay accommodate by taxpayers plus pension families vacation to Disney world
      This is welcome to united states come on vacation leave with a bodybag thank you for your life taking away

  • ben dover

    Id gladly put one in that PIG in the blue suit

  • Rusty Bucket

    I have investigated myself and found that I did no wrong! Fucking ridiculous!

  • Timewarped

    If this is true were is child protective services … And this asshole officer needs to be fired

  • Madelym Shockey

    What is happening in our country? What! We can’t even trust the police? I have always taught that the police are our friends! I would never let my child be alone with a police again!

  • rat

    lol all i could think of…