Cop Rams Pregnant Woman’s Belly Into Kitchen Counter, Pounds Her in the Back



Brett Sanders | April 7, 2015

QUINLAN TX – Child Protective Services made a visit to interview a family in Quinlan, Texas last week and things went south very quickly.

It all started when one CPS bureaucrat knocked on the door of the residence and directed two Hunt County Sheriff deputies to display a court order to come inside and interview the children and family.

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The owner of the house asked to see the court order again since it was quickly flashed and not properly displayed.

According to the homeowner, as soon as she requested to view the court order a second time “the police forced their way into the house.”

She was pinned in the corner of the kitchen and that’s where the video starts.

You can clearly see the 38 week pregnant woman as she screams for help and reminds them she’s pregnant.

“I am pregnant!!!”

You can also hear the kids crying in the background as the CPS employee holds off the rest of the family while the officers assault her.

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She said she was in extreme pain because her stomach was pressed on the counter top.

Shortly after that you can clearly see one of the officers punch the women twice in the back.

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Watch video below:

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  • Tony Velez

    hope this POS cop is charged with assault & battery, no need for this violence on a woman, bet if he’s married, he beats his wife & gets away with it ? punk with a badge beating on a defenseless woman

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      cops are rarely ever charged. and even more rare are they actually convicted

      • Mautief Hamlet

        The only way to get justice is to take it into your own hands. Fuck the police and the whole department of fraudulent justice! They are all foreign anyway.

    • Brandon L

      She seems a *little feisty and her family is just standing there talking to each other ignoring it and letting kids cry. Like wtf? Don’t you wonder what else is going on and why this video is so short?

      • mmdccbslm

        read the article again. the cops blocked her family from helping her.

    • Mautief Hamlet

      No need for anything else but the be heading of both of those cops. And the rest of those cops in the room need to go to prison in GP for 7 yrs minimum!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

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    • Fuckdirtypigs

      Fuck off spammer

  • Brandon L

    Where’s the full video so I can see what lead up to this (and why her whole family doesn’t seem to be at all concerned) and what happened after this? I find this clip to be strangely short.

    • Matthew Huntington

      What does it matter? How did the foetus hurt them? Surely there was some way to take her down that didn’t involve risking the child within?

  • Fuckdirtypigs

    These cops need to die. I don’t support violence, but this is too far. And what the fuck were the other cowards in the room doing, I’d have killed those cops on the spot. No warning. Dead.

    • Mautief Hamlet

      Im with you!

  • edoyle7

    I would have shot those motherfuckers dead on the spot.

  • Hasanda


  • philly

    I would have got my gun and shot them for attacking her. #standingmyground

  • Lenwood Powell Jr.

    well whats white people she was that scared of the cops that she just stood there and watched her family member mom or whatever get beat like that wtf

  • Ronald Ramseur

    Cops claim to fear for their life because of the inhumane treatment the inflict on unarmed and defenseless citizen. Have the law not learn since Little Big Horn you can’t provoke people with abuse and not expect them to fight back trying yo protect them self. Our government is stupid ignorant and as bad as a Russian dictator to be so barbaric as we suppose to better than that or is it all Bull Shit