Video: Cop Shoots Unarmed Man to Death After He Was “Walking With a Purpose”


DES MOINES, IOWA — We have just received reports of a man being shot to death by a female Des Moines police officer.

It has been confirmed that the man had no gun or knife or anything at all.

He was shot after the officer observed him “walking with a purpose,” according to reports.

Ryan Bolinger was only 28-yrs-old and has been pronounced dead, leaving behind his new-born baby daughter.

Although he was completely unarmed, police claim that even a “body” can make them fear for their lives enough to justify using deadly force.

In fact, they claim, the decision to take somebody’s life is completely up to how the officer feels in the moment.

Bolinger collapsed and was taken to a hospital where he died, after a round was fired by Officer Vanessa Miller.

She was in her patrol car when she saw Ryan Bolinger walking toward her car.

She claims that Ryan “charged” toward her vehicle, and other officers say he was “walking with a purpose.”

If the officer truly felt afraid for her life, why didn’t she simply stay in her car and keep the doors locked, or why didn’t she back her car up, or any number of myriad options? Did she even issue the man a warning?

Rather than driving away, or even so much as taking one moment to find out what the issue was, she evidently pulled her gun out right away and opened fire from inside her vehicle.

The bullet passed through her window and struck Bolinger.

Police confirmed that Ryan did not have any weapons, but hasten to add that he was “walking with a purpose.”

“He was walking with a purpose,” Sgt. Jason Halifax said — meaning what, exactly?

Don’t we all walk with a purpose? Is that a reason to be executed?

Must Americans start walking with less purpose in order to avoid being shot by timid, fearful cops?

Other observers at the scene described Bolinger “dancing in the street.”

It started after an unrelated traffic stop, when Bolinger pulled his car next to the squad car.

Bolinger got out of his car and began “dancing.”

He then drove away and the officer followed him. When they cornered him, he again exited his car and began dancing and walking toward another police car.

It was when he “walked with a purpose” in the direction of the other police car that the officer in that car pulled a gun out and shot him to death, according to reports.

It could be that this man simply was mentally ill, or it could be that he needed help and trying to flag the officers down, it could be that he was just out dancing…

But we’ll never know now, since the first instinct evidently was to shoot him to death.

The cop has been placed on administrative leave while an “investigation” takes place.

Watch the video below:

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  • cewing2301

    she had her damn window UP!! so how in the hell was this man a “threat”? cops. you are only hurting yourselves.

    • Apparently, she doesn’t know how hard it is to break window glass. It’s not like in the movies where a quick punch shatters the glass.

      I’ve used 2lb hammers to break windows and had to hit several times. Somewhere in her early cop days, someone should have taught her an acronym used every day by cops around the world, FIDO – F*** It, Drive On.

      • techiewayne

        in order to break a window easily you have to hit it on the edge near the frame.

    • Mortimer Snerd

      because bullets can’t travel through glass… right

      • Chizzle

        Because bullets can travel without a gun…right? Do you even read, bro?

        • Mortimer Snerd

          and they ascertained he had no gun after his stupid, leading cops on a chase, then dancing in the street, then walking right toward a female cop with no avenue of escape ass was dead… bro… until then no one had any idea

          • Betty Anne Emery Rubendall

            You are an idiot. Deadly force. Cowards. Every one of them.

          • Mortimer Snerd

            eleven words, four sentences, one ad hominem attack and unprovable generalization… with such brevity you’ve managed to go two for two in how to make a poor rational argument! you must be so proud 🙂

          • DME

            oh, you’re reciting the Rush Limbaugh version of the story and reacting to THAT. Got it.

          • Mortimer Snerd

            Limbaugh wrote this article? I was wondering who the author was… makes sense, it was kinda poorly written

          • Pit Boss

            Jesus Mort, you’re an enormous cunt. Turn your pistol towards your temple and trip, or something.

          • Michael Giza

            There was plenty of time for her to change the position of her vehicle.

          • Mortimer Snerd

            there you are! Mr. Judge & Jury! I’ve been waiting to meet you!

          • Joe_the_Troll

            If you want to live in a nation where you can be killed just because the cops DO NOT KNOW if you have a gun or not, then you missed your heaven – the USSR. That is not how American society is supposed to be. The cops are supposed to have a SOLID REASON for using deadly force.

            If you don’t understand that, then I really cannot describe how little esteem I have for your level of intelligence.

          • Mortimer Snerd

            don’t be slammin’ the USSR! there was no One Percent (LLC) and food, education, and healthcare were FREE!

          • Judgement Day

            You really have shit for brains and a waste of life.

          • CloudTiger

            Purlease! There WAS a 1% elite.. they were the Party members. They had the higher wages, the perks, the Zil limos, the better healthcare etc… shopping in luxury shops restricted to Party elite. The majority of Soviet citizens being equally poor and not having any chance to excel and be free is just slavery, why most people loathe Marxism. You are an ignorant fool.

          • Doug Brownyard

            the only flaw in your argument is that there was “no avenue of escape”… do we have proof of this?

          • Ernie McDowell

            No avenue of escape? The bitch was in a CAR!!!

        • Mortimer Snerd

          is this Meathead Rob Lowe?

    • watchdogg2007

      Too bad people have to die “maybe” for one cop to “maybe” lose their job. The possible bread winner is dead. While the cop gets a paid vacation.

    • Janes Chiarelli

      Hello. My husband of almost 7 years, cheated on me and left me for her and is living with her now. He said he hasn’t been happy in years but never told/showed me he was unhappy. We have a 4 year old son that missed his daddy so much and cries for him to just come home. Our son even crawled all over his car crying “daddy stay home with me.” And he stilld left. He just keeps saying “he’s never coming back, no matter what.” I didn’t know what to anymore..he left me 5/7/15, the weekend before mothers day this year and it broke my heart and I keep praying to God and he keeps telling me “be patient” I was still trying my best but it was hard when this was hurting my son so badly. I have told my sister about this and she gave me some advice to contact a very good and powerful prophet who can help me pray for my husband to come back and be happy with us again which i did and i contacted the prophet. he prayed for me and my husband cam home begging me to take him back and now we ar happily living together and a family. all thanks to the prophet and his email is ([email protected]). May God bless you abundantly!

      • Mr_Stryker

        Shut up cunt. No one gives a shit about your relationship problems. He’s probably still cheating on your fat fugly ass.

      • Brandon

        Don’t do stupid shit to get involved with the law in the first place.

    • it would be great if true that they’re only hurting themselves . in this case they killed a man, hurting him, his child, his family, his friends, and every witness who has to live having see that cop commit murder

    • Joseph Edward Bodden

      cops just want to kill everyone who does’t have a badge… which means they will all be unemployed… that’ll teach ’em!

  • Hasanda

    smh wOw! Now walking like you have somewhere to go is death worthy?!?! ….

    • William Ball

      That is the same thing I was thinking,might need to hang a sign around our necks while walking “I have no Purpose”

  • withavengeance

    Is this never gonna stop?????????????

    • withavengeance


  • Tom Goffnett

    You just murdered a man. You don’t need to go to his home and violate his privacy. You killed the man and now you want to violate the fourth amendment. You want to violate his God given right to privacy.

    YOU MURDERED A MAN! You are all cowards. Violate the murderer, get a warrant to do an entire search of her home looking for reasons you shouldn’t have hired her. Go to her apartment and find some clues as to why she’s a coward. Then investigate the police chief. Go to his home and see if you can figure out why he’s such an idiot.

    “There is not a hard fast this is when you shoot and this is when you don’t”

    In the month of March U.S. police killed twice as many people as the United Kingdom police have killed in 115 years. They apparently have hard fast this is when you kill and this is when you don’t.

    • uppinya26

      Thats the first thing that I thought too! WTF is wrong with people? Those cowards will go violate the man they just murdered and plant some drugs or bath salt or something to make it a “justified execution”! You said it perfect though! They should already have independent agency taking that cops blood and going through her life????

    • techiewayne

      they only hire LESS INTELLIGENT PEOPLE, with VERY LOW IQ’s.

      • SBRon

        Yep! Dumb, logic-challenged & lacking in compassion…

  • Scotty Monte

    Another BULLY Cop that needs to be exposed on NATIONAL TV to get her charged with MURDER!!

    • Friendlyword

      Why do you think grand juries, prosecutors, and judges are any different than the police force? They’re all a part of the justice system. A system now intent upon the extermination of Black Men.

  • Ben Dover

    First, they call a cop with 7 years a “senior officer”? That’s one problem.

  • Wendy Colby

    That is murder. I hope the grand jury sees it.

  • Edward The Great

    I am amazed that by this point anyone still supports police. How can people be so fucking stupid?

    • DME

      Well police are an integral part of a functioning, civilized society. The problem is they have been infiltrated by the decidedly uncivilized. white supremacists, as part of a decades long agenda, began infiltrating police forces. They don’t have the same objective as traditional law enforcement. They’re operating under their own directives.

      • bigg hulk

        Is that true?

      • no, police are an integral part of a capitalist slave society

  • Bruce Vayne

    Scum bag cowardly cop. end of story

  • VoiceLots

    this issue continues to be a problem. VoiceLots is here to help. A social network for justice where you can use the power of social media to help put an end to injustices like police brutality.
    Twitter – @VoiceLots
    Mobile app coming soon. Until then report stories like these on VoiceLots

  • Bill Withers

    Being a Police Officer is a job. When a person takes that job I’m sure they have to realize they are choosing a high stress career that could put them in harms way. If you can’t handle it…..quit. If you have to kill an unarmed man from the inside of your car, with the window still up because you feel threatened, God help the next person who approaches your car to say “Hi Officer, hope your having a safe day!” Short version….give it up you don’t have the backbone!

    • DME

      they did. Until white supremacists, as part of a decades long agenda, began infiltrating police forces. They don’t have the same objective as traditional law enforcement. They’re operating under their own directives.

      • keithpr

        Not really- Unless you are referring to the corporate and power hungry masters.. yes, they are racists, but more classist really. Poor white man barely more tolerable than poor black man. Don’t confuse it- this story is simply our daily reminder that this is no longer a functional republic, but a fascist corporatist state. Him today, maybe you or me tomorrow. If we dare even appear to question the police or approach them, we will be eliminated with extreme prejudice.

        One day in the not too distant future, those of us who dared to speak dissent today will be rounded up and dealt with, also with extreme prejudice. When we get to that point, I guess I just don’t care to live anymore anyways, they can kill me while I give them the middle finger.

      • police were originally amassed as slave catchers . they’re still slave catchers
        ‘traditional law enforcement’ = slave catchers

        this has been a public service announcement

  • Zakk Osborne

    FUCK. YOU.

  • Dave Mason

    The problem is that it takes a certain type of person to be a good cop…she isn’t that type. You seem to be hiring anyone and everyone instead of properly screening the applicants. after 7 years she still didn’t have the confidence & skills necessary to assess & escalate appropriately IF necessary. Not saying I could, just, that she didn’t. …there was even another cruiser right there!

    • Wayne Rosenberg

      They seem to seek out the psychopaths actually.

      • wolfenii

        One pic says it all

    • DME

      The problem is they have been infiltrated by the decidedly uncivilized. white supremacists, as part of a decades long agenda, began infiltrating police forces. They don’t have the same objective as traditional law enforcement. They’re operating under their own directives.

      • Michael Blake

        no they are not dumb ass there is black cops too and they kill white people too so stop.

      • Dave Mason

        No, I reject outright your assertions of “white supremacy”, that is just more racist nonsense. The problem is character, courage, and training…that is what is missing! …and the first two must be there BEFORE being considered for police work.

  • Leland Whitehouse

    Unjustified & unprofessional. Where in the hell do they get these cops ? The man should have never been shot. The officer that made the public statement, makes me sick. The cop should be charged with Manslaughter one.

    • Tom Meadows

      I am for MURDER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John Crowley

    It had to be the chicken dance that scared the poor little enforcer.

    • Raji the Green Witch

      Yep, that’d scare the crap out of me too… LOL

  • enjoeyme

    Why are so many cops now such pussies. Male and female. Gutless cowards. A ton of other ways to handle this situation. This cop is a murderer. Period.

    • wolfenii

      But she had a license to kill…

  • Cani Lupine

    So I can kill a cop because they make me fear for my life, right?

    • Michael Giza


  • Mortimer Snerd

    I’m sure this guy walked up to this cop car with purpose too… this cop doesn’t give two craps what the internet says, she wanted to get home alive… good for her

    • Michael Driver

      Mortimer, every SOLDIER wants to go home alive as well… but we DON’T just shoot non-combatants using that as justification! Such atrocity would be the subject of trial by a General Court Martial and end with Life w/o Parole and DISHONORABLE discharge! Emphasis on DISHONORABLE, as that is what such cowardice clearly shows!

  • Joseph Von Zipper

    The funny and sad thing about cop killing INNOCENT Civilians,its sad someone is dead,the funny part is every country on earth is laughing at America thinking not a SINGLE AMERICAN can stand up and say no to police killings.The courts are either throwing cop killings out saying they were justified or they arent even being brought to court.And in Russia and China you would think this type of behaviour would happen but oh no its happening right here in America….Fucking pussies will burn half a city down for one fucking black thug nigger who committed a crime but unjust killings by police officers are ok…

    • Michael Driver

      And this is why retards like ISIS believe they can just walk in and take over… we have completely lost our SPINE.

      • DME

        No. The reason evil is in control is the lack of knowledge we have of who the evil actually are. Isis = The CIA. I wish the world would wake up.

    • DME

      well you have rabid white supremacy taking over the democratic process while the rest of us sit out midterm and local elections. Those local elections we skip? They’re where the personnel charged with adequately overseeing police and administering APPROPRIATE punishment for misconduct are being elected. They’re all part of a very sinister agenda. I Don’t Vote = I Can’t Breathe.

  • Cecil Max-George

    This bitch

  • KellyAnn Booth

    :::looking at the various article titles and being Disgusted and HORRIFIED::: Ba-jeebers!! UNARMED People are being KILLED Left & Right. DON’T Walk ALONE people! Have a WITNESS!!

  • reatalk

    Toxicology report to be released on victiim, but not officer??? She could’ve been taking anything for all we know.

  • lynn

    How many see these stories, and then comment, like and share, and move on? How many people go to the websites of these police departments and send an email directly to those responsible? Here is mine: “Since your website states that your department stands up for civil rights, I’m sure you can explain how executing an unarmed citizen who is “walking with purpose” fits into that narrative.Just who was it that you were “serving and protecting”? “. I have recently had a very interesting exchange with the Chief of another PD, so yes, it matters that our voices are raised.The contact for this is “[email protected]”.

    • DME

      we don’t vote in midterm and local elections! We let the right wing extremist control local legislature and are genuinely confused about local municipalities are run by people who tolerate this. I Don’t Vote = I Can’t Breathe. Wake up America!

  • Rework Oh Ryan

    What if he was walking toward her to ask for assistance?



  • Infowarrior

    When will the police admit that they are instructed to execute “problem” citizens. Eugenics and Agenda 21 are working great in America! The slow kill of Americans is moving into high gear!

  • MikeParent

    Too bad they didn’t have a communication system in place so the officer could’ve called for assistance. / sarcasm

    • AlphalphaMale

      Yeah, it’s not like there was another police car 10 feet away. Oh wait there was.

  • Mr. Hand

    Shoot first, because you know you’ll get away with it. That seems to be their training.

  • regulatepolicebrutality

    These police want pity for breaking the law and act like it’s acceptable. Why don’t police start using riot bags first and then if necessary use a regular firearm. Now this man’s daughter has no father for the rest of her life. I don’t know how they sleep with themselves at night. They should look at the families of the victims and justify their reason for opening fire. You take someone’s life you owe that family justification.

  • Joe Schmoe

    If “walking with a purpose” or being in “general fear for one’s life” is now the new standard for killing people (i.e. to commit murder), then it only stands to reason that citizens should use that same standard against officers whenever they are encountered. If an officer walks towards you “with a purpose” or causes you to “fear for your life”, should it stand to reason that it is now justified to use deadly force to eliminate that threat, even if the treat is largely based on irrational thinking? Based on the arguments presented thus far (by law enforcement personnel), any action (or inaction) – such as walking, or not walking, talking or not talking, movement or no movement at all, can be construed as a threatening act – because as they indicated, the decision to “kill” someone is solely within an officer’s discretion – based on how he/she feels at that particular moment. I completely disagree with that notion – and with the belief that officers are somehow above the moral standard of conduct and ethical behavior. Sure – there are times when it is “absolutely necessary” to use deadly force… and other times when it is not – I don’t see how this situation could ever be applied to those types of instances.

    • sceezone

      Stands to reason. . . but we don’t have the luxury of investigating ourselves.

    • kinda like ‘clenching fists’ …

  • Charles Bundy

    If you’re that big of a fucking pussy, then DON’T join the police force. Are they all cowards who execute people at will?

  • Dylan Griffin

    Nothing to see here folks. He was just a white person.

  • DME

    Well police are an integral part of a functioning, civilized society. The problem is they have been infiltrated by the decidedly uncivilized. white supremacists, as part of a decades long agenda, began infiltrating police forces. They don’t have the same objective as traditional law enforcement. They’re operating under their own directives. Tom Metzger, Fxck you!

  • DME

    Well, we don’t vote in midterm and local elections! We let the right wing extremist control local legislature and are genuinely confused about how local municipalities are run by people who tolerate this. I Don’t Vote = I Can’t Breathe. Wake up America!

  • Stephen Bellinger

    This situation is just sad. Inside her police vehicle, she feels a threat to her life, from an unarmed man, “walking with a purpose,”, toward her, sad, just sad.

  • david

    This is absurd. Now we can’t “walk with a purpose”, whatever the fuck that means; without fear of being shot by some incompetent fool. NO circumstances warrant this action, and this chicken shit little girl better find herself a new job if she doesn’t end up in jail, which is where she belongs.

  • Joe_the_Troll

    I will now only walk purposelessly. Unless that’s illegal.

  • Mike

    The cop shot through her window at an unarmed man, who was just walking towards her. If you replaced the cop with a citizen, I am almost sure they would have arrested the shooter, as they had other options, beside MURDER! This cop is a danger to society, lock her up and set the execution date, as she is a MURDERER!!!!

  • Jerry Rotten

    Maybe this is another reason we shouldn’t have women in patrol cars. If you feel threatened by someone who is unarmed from inside a locked squad car while wearing body armor, mace, a side arm, and a shotgun, then you’re not fit for the job.

  • Larry Capponi

    fkn pigs …… time to have a huge national rally and i think august 24th should be the day and we should do it to the opening of the NWA movie FTP

  • Steve Vogel

    police claim that even a “body” can make them fear for their lives enough to justify using deadly force. This is like a firefighter running into a burning building and pouring gas on the burn victims because they feared for their lives.

  • Ole Man

    She’ll get away with it.

  • Funny thing is when ppl start killing cops everyone becomes sympathetic fuck it they deserve it for all the shit they have done already.

  • lungfish

    Cops are so poorly trained that they can’t do anything but kill… no tazer, no mace, no hand to hand skills, no social awareness or training to deal with the mentally ill….. if they are such pussies that they can’t engage an unarmed man without killing him they shouldn’t be cops….

  • I’m sorry but ya Americans are pussies. Ya got millions of LEGAL GUN OWNERS and all ya do when something like this happens is record. Notice how cops NEVER SHOOT someone walking around with a legal gun cuz they are either pussies or racists.

  • Laura Koning

    This is why police get a bad reputation. She is a disgrace to the human race not just to police officers! She still has her badge while a daughter lost her father,a mother her son and a g/f or wife her husband good job fucktard karma sucks. P.s. if you fear a walking man you should have never became a citizen on patrol!

  • David Wackerhagen

    She accidentally discharged.

  • John_erox

    Another police shooting ending up with the death of an unarmed citizen. How in the world can anybody support the police and defend their actions? If you are a police apologist save it for the hand cause there’s nothing you can say to make me feel a shred of sympathy for the police. That is not going to change. And neither will unwarranted, uncalled for, unarmed citizens getting shot by the police agency. Until that does I will remain a hater.

  • Tom Schneider

    Cops are doomed at this rate, public relations-wise. The public is now hating and disrespecting them more and more and more.

  • Gina King

    uh….she shot thru the window. So she had her windows rolled up, I assume the doors locked and his walking presented such a danger to her safety inside of her closed up, locked up squadcar that …..Seriously? Seriously? Walking with a purpose??? Now, I am getting scared. I’m retired military and one thing we were trained to do was to ‘loom’ ‘look dangerous’ and ‘walk with authority’. The police need to stop killing civilians and coming up with lame excuses that sounds like a 5 year old pooped thier diapers.

  • johndavis1

    Does a citizen have the same right to determine when they feel their life is in danger! Of course not! If tey did, they would probably shoot the cops more readily fearing for their lives! It is bullshit that the cop saying that there is no concrete way to determine and that it is in the eye of the beholder. I think it would help not be a fucking coward and react so quickly. If she is that fucking scared she shouldn’t be a cop! What happens when normal citizens feel threatened do we have the option to shoot ???

  • JzzE1 .

    What if he actually needed police assistance?

  • DE Matthews Copeland


  • Tee

    Honestly, I can’t stand these gangsters called the police but a number of articles describing shooting incidents such as this one are disclosing the circumstances that led to the shooting that should make anyone with half a brain scratch their heads… HARD. Why did this idiot act so strangely? Is this something a normal person would do? And no, he wasn’t “simply dancing”. When the police corners you the last thing you want to do is get out of your car and start walking towards them! Filmingcops, is doing a great thing with this website, but how about someone coming up with a website that teaches half-brain idiots on drugs how to act when confronted by police if it’s that hard to figure out on your own?! There’s a difference between refusing a sobriety check point because it’s illegal and this kind of interaction.

    • Mary Titus

      He could have been suicidal and just stopped caring (hence the dancing). This guy could have been straight up crazy. And now he’s being deprived of help because a dumb cop KILLED HIM. *facepalm*

  • Shon Johnson

    Cause clearly dancing makes cops heads explode! Duh, that and can lead to the spontaneous combustion of fucktards. Now that explains it fully….

  • jpowers55

    Was the victim a black man? Just curious is all.

  • oldbear

    this person should never have been made a cop all chick shit cowards should be removed from the force

  • Danielle Kenehan

    This is disgusting. America sort yourselves out. I don’t think you should have a system like the UK, but for Christ’s sake, he wasn’t even harmed. Do you know what we do in situations like this? Get out and speak to the person and if the time comes that they need to be stopped we restrain them. We have these special things, you may remember them, they’re called handcuffs! The ONLY time deadly force should be used is if someone is coming towards you with a weapon of some kind, saying ‘i’m going to kill you’ and actually acting like they’re meaning it, i.e pointing the weapon at you and refusing to stand down. Even then it should be non-deadly first, as in tazer, mace etc.

    And if, as they all say, so many of your police force feel threatened by citizens, maybe you should consider a mass firing and not hiring complete and utter pussies who are scared of their own reflection!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she saw her own gun in the window and got confused!

  • Brian Folks

    The guy had committed no crime in the first place, then they started chasing him. Dancing in front of a cop car is not a crime. Jaywalking maybe?

  • Popawson

    If it were my son or daughter, I would track down the cop and show her the truth.

  • Caption Oblivious

    These killings make great defense exhibits in court. If you ever use deadly force you can basically explain how anything made you fear for your life. Plastic badge or not.

  • Christopher Marshall

    Thank fuck I live in a country where this rarely happens!! Too many people becoming “trigger happy” in law enforcement. There was one other possibility that was NOT mentioned: He might have been LOST, & needed directions!!!

  • Inspiridos

    In the military “walking with a “purpose”” meant having a military bearing … it meant having a confident and secure stride. The action of this trigger happy paranoid psychopath (the officer) is not by any means at all defensible. If he was walking with a purpose toward her car … perhaps he had one … maybe he had just witnessed a crime and had the “purpose” to report it to the officer. Being Paranoid is not justification for killing anyone … it is a mental disorder … and people with such mental disorders should never be handed a gun, let alone a badge. I am tired of the half-as pasted together explanations for what is murder.

  • Joey Galleno

    Ima stop walking with a purpose and start walking with no purpose.

  • Lauren Starkweather

    OMG. And of course she’ll get away with it. Gee…I wonder…she is probably on paid administrational leave as well. What a f###ing joke our public servants have become. Sad really.

  • chikambura59

    __________?hhhiii dears 77dollors in one hours with filmingcops —- Find More __________?


    Proven time and time again that woman can’t handle the pressures of being a pig. Most of these coward men can’t anyway aswell but woman over react for any little thing.

  • Larry Bitcon

    And cops are constantly bleating that they deserve respect and adulation because they risk their lives to ‘keep us safe’. Now they can execute us without even using a ‘reached for his waistband’ excuse. This bitch is a murdering coward, but as a member of the most protected group on earth – she won’t be held responsible – but the taxpayers will..

  • Mike Askew

    He was walking with a purpose …….. What next??? And where are we getting these gutless fools with badges from

  • Searcher59

    Apparently the police are so “afraid for their lives” that they have an EXCUSE to KILL YOU for no real reason, other than they were insecure.

  • Joseph Edward Bodden

    Idiots, man with a newborn baby, hello? Mommas and Poppas, ‘DANCING IN THE STREETS’ anyone? An officers decision to take a life depends on how they feel? Hope to God they don’t get cold oatmeal in the morning!

  • Joseph Edward Bodden

    well, now we know what all the serial killers are doing for work…