Cop Slams 22-Yr-Old Girl’s Head Into Concrete, Shattering Her Teeth, After She Crossed the Street


WOODLANDS  — A young college student at Texas State University in San Marcos is now filing a lawsuit against a police officer who slammed her face-first into the concrete and proceeded to sit on her body, according to reports.

She is seeking an unspecified amount to cover her medical expenses and lost wages after being debilitated by the injuries she suffered.

The suit was filed in Hays County district court and has been moved to federal court this as of Thursday.

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The girl, Alexis Alpha, is a marketing student at Texas State University, described as intelligent, successful, and beautiful by her friends and community.

It began when Alexis, 22-yrs-old, was crossing the street to visit some friends on the other side.

Officer James Palermo was parked on the street in his patrol car at the time.  In order to make it to the other side of the street, Alexis had to cross Officer Palermo’s path given the way he was parked.

When he saw Alexis crossing the street, he singled her out, according to reports.

“I wasn’t the only one,” said Alexis, noting that several people had also been walking across the street and taking the same path.

“I was just the one he called out,” she said.


Alexis notes that Officer Palermo became belligerent right away, that he seemed like he was purposely out to start a confrontation, and that he was in a “bad mood.”

“I could tell he wanted to start an argument, and at that point, I was polite from the beginning.”

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“The meanest thing I said was ‘you’re in a bad mood and you’re taking it out on me, you’re just being a dick.'”

At that point Officer Palermo became enraged and began initiating violence on Alexis, as several witnesses watched.

The officer reached forward and gripped Alexis by her shoulders, then dragged her about four or five steps and finally slammed her body like a wet dish rag onto the vehicle, according to reports.

After slamming her onto the car, Officer Palermo then grabbed her a second time, yanked her over, and rammed her face down into the pavement, according to reports.

The impact of her face into the pavement was so hard that it is reported to have shattered her front teeth and left her with a concussion.

As her body laid bleeding on the concrete, Officer Palermo then climbed on top of her and sat on her back with his weight, sources say.

He then twisted her arms back and locked her in handcuffs.


Several witnesses confirmed what happened to Alexis and video of the incident has been released verifying her report.

Alexis has had nearly a dozen visits to the dentist and was left traumatized after the incident.

Watch the video below:

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  • Phasung Baccam

    Cop are really really pissing people off

    • Aaron Dana Pendlesteiger

      gonna start being dead cops

      • Keaghan Noch

        Good… We need to start sending a fucking message to these retarded ass pigs…

        • sheilam22

          Why insult people with learning disabilities and WHY insult noble sweet intelligent pigs?

          • Evil Creamsicle

            Why insinuate that people who simply have learning disabilities are mentally deficient?
            Why insult noblemen by insinuating that they are pigs?

          • sheilam22

            Think you have a reading and comprehension disability or you are just a troll – ta ta, now

          • Evil Creamsicle

            Merely trolling the troll to emphasize how ridiculous your tendency is to read all the comments just to criticize people’s choice of words rather than actually addressing the content of the message.

            Nothing you’ve posted has added anything to the discussion. Seems a waste of everyone’s time, yours included.

      • James Michael

        Already happening….

  • dude

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    • dude

      add quicklinks to your other recent vids so they can be easily referenced ‘n you’ll get more clicks that way. quality clicks not bullshit for .00001cent

  • intheknow

    What a big dick! She was right, he is a dick! Last time I checked it wasn’t illegal to tell a cop he is out of line.

    • South Texan

      But it’s not smart.

      • Evil Creamsicle

        Contempt of cop is not a crime.

    • Matthew Whited

      It actually would have beat legal for her to kill him if she has a concealed gun. Of course all the cop lovers would label her a cop killer and him a hero.

  • The bastard gestapo wannabe will have his come-uppence in federal court. I’m very happy the feds have taken over said case. When he goes to the joint in the federal system one must serve 85% of your sentenced time. So this Tin Star Maggot will be history after trial…

    • jay s

      i do not see anywhere in the article where it says feds have taken over just that the case has been moved to federal court

      • charliep

        If it has been moved to a Federal Court it is now a Federal Prosecution; not a State or city..

    • D-Rail

      Actually, Federal time is day-for-day. No good time. No shave off the sentence. You get sentenced to 15 yrs Fed time, you DO EVERY HOUR of 15 years. That’s why it’s Fed time. But they only handle capital murder & large drug trafficking cases. Glad to see this one is going to Federal court. Perhaps the judge will set precedent for future police brutality cases. God knows… we need a hero or SOMETHING to work in favor of the People. The system has utterly failed thus far. Like Simon Phoenix from Demolition Man said:

      The future has become one big pussy-whipped version of itself.

      • David Carter

        actually you do only serve 85% of fed time and you can get a little more shaved off if you take some classes they offer and they handle all types of crimes

        • D-Rail

          With the POSSIBLE (but unlikely) exception of maybe a few states, Federal time is day for day. Period. i’ve known at least 4 people in my life who have done fed time (not because i’m a criminal, but because you just meet people in life). Day for day. End of discussion. There’s a distinction between state time & fed time, because there’s a distinction between certain levels of crime. The more egregious crimes get fed time, & there is NO good time. idk where you get that you only do 85%, but that’s STATE time, & that’s only if the State hasn’t adopted Structured Sentencing (XX? months to XX? months). In that case, you either do the minimum or the maximum, but there’s no in-between in either case- Fed time or Structured Sentencing. Fed time, you max out.

    • Marquel Lavendar Truong

      She is filing a lawsuit, it is not a criminal trial. It is civil. There is no jail time involved in this lawsuit, just whether the city will be forced to cover the damages that this officer caused while in their employ. Any criminal actions will have to come from the District Attorney’s office. If people are smart, they will protest and demand the criminal be held accountable, non-violently, of course. Otherwise, he probably won’t ever see any real reprimand for his actions. He may (or may not) be fired from his job. If he is fired, they will probably let the criminal proceedings go and consider it punishment. But it is not. His actions were a crime and need to be prosecuted. But, trust me, if the D.A.’s office and the municipality feel they can sweep it under the rug quietly, they will and go on about business as normal. We have the right to protest for a reason. It is so that we can tell the government they have overreached their authority. We do not live in a dictatorship. We have rights. The police are civil servants, not totalitarian authorities with authorization to use whatever force they deem fit without reprisal for their actions. In short. They are required to live by the same laws as every other citizen, including when they are on duty. I cannot bash someone’s face into a sidewalk because I do not like what they said. That is a crime. Because policemen are given authority to keep peace and to use physical restraint under certain circumstances, they should be held to a higher standard and accountability. Not a lower one. I suggest the local college students should flood the D. A.’s office with mail, emails and phone calls demanding the man be held accountable for his crime, or no one can feel safe. How can the college girls feel safe if it is just okay for policemen to attack them randomly? That is the message that is sent by the Police and D.A.’s office if they do not pursue criminal action against this officer.

  • Kat121

    The police have been overstepping their authority for years now, and when we as people try to stand up for our rights, or for what is right and true vs the lies they spew, we are shut down by the corrupt court system. The whole system needs an overhaul.

    • Jeg Har Altid Ret

      The world need vigilantes since lady justice is blindfolded.. I reckon that fact is a underlying cause for the success of superhero movies ‘n series..

  • When you take his silly little costume out of the equation, you can see this situation for what it really is: a large, strong man beating the shit out of a much smaller woman because he didn’t like the way she spoke to him.

    In a just and moral society, this piece of shit would’ve been put down like a dog by an armed citizen.

    • sheilam22

      Really? put down like a dog??? Why should a dog deserve such treatment?

      • Just a figure of speech, but yes, a dog – any dog – deserves much better than what this thug deserves 🙂

        • sheilam22

          Yes, I know it’s a figure of speech but we NEED to watch what we say as words have power and DO influence thoughts and behaviors. We have to get rid of cruel figures of speech and replace them with something better.

          • Smaug

            How about, “shut the ever-lovin’ heck up, you semantic-arguing dipstick.”

          • sheilam22

            How about this, you stupid ass, has nothing better to say ass fart, mind you own business. Unless you have someting intelligent to say – which OBVIOUSLY you do not – YOU STFU, scumtard – and this is the end of this as I, unlike you and karl fungus, actually have a life and better things to do with then getting involved with trolls that are too stupid to understand things. Now you and fungus go somewhere and makeout

          • BigD15

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          • Live Long and Prosper

            Do you still kiss your mother’s vagina with that mouth, Big?

          • Chris Tarkington

            Lol I just got involved lol

          • Mark Terry


          • Paul Legrand


          • Live Long and Prosper

            How about we smash your teeth out instead, you retarded and incivil bag of crap?

          • Joshua Sukut

            You’re suggesting that we smash someone’s teeth out, and Smaug is the uncivil one? You sound like a danger to society. Perhaps you’d be better suited to prison life.

          • Chris Tarkington

            Do u fell better just like the cop u r

          • Live Long and Prosper

            It’s fast dentistry. You seem like an effeminate man. Maybe you desire your azzhole to be enlarged, so you’re a danger to heterosexuality and you’d be better suited to prison life than me, Mr. Suckit.

          • Joshua Sukut

            I can’t tell you how delighted I am that you’ve revealed yourself to be a monstrous bigot, as this further diminishes your credibility, and reinforces my idea that society is much better off without you. Also, kudos on your clever wordplay of my last name. I can’t define the level of your comic genius.

          • Breathial

            Get real. NOBODY cares what you think. You’re a cop sucker, and your ideas about “society” are flaccid. Where society is concerned, you’re just another parasite on the body politic. WE want a divorce.

          • Joshua Sukut

            Hi, Breathial! Thank you for taking the time to reply to my 3-month-old comment! It seems you’ve made a handful of assumptions about me, so I’ll go ahead and tack them one at a time. I’ve gotten a handful more of likes than Live Long and Prosper, so it might be reasonable to assume more people think highly of my opinion than his/hers. I don’t know what a “cop sucker” is, and the only idea about society you could deduce that I hold is that we’d likely do better without hateful bigots who are quick to make unsolicited threats to people they don’t know. When you say that I’m a “parasite on the body politic,” I must wonder what you think I’m taking from the body politic without giving back, and when you say “WE” want a divorce, I feel obligated to remind you that you speak for yourself and no one else. Have a nice day.

          • Breathial

            What part of “NOBODY cares what you think” do you not understand?

          • Joshua Sukut

            I understood quite well what you meant, thank you. However, I’m led to believe otherwise, considering you cared enough to take the time to reply to my comment. My above rhetoric still stands, as you’ve done nothing to diminish my credibility or raise your own. Good day.

          • T. Scott

            You’re a cop, aren’t you?

          • Allahu Akbar

            Maybe you are the one that needs to be put down like a dog with a disposition like that. 😉

          • Mick

            Allahu FUCK YOU.

          • Douglas Moore

            Maybe we can Aloha your Snackbar, Jeehadi Bob! Mohammad was a criminal, a pervert and a moron.

          • Live Long and Prosper

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          • Mark Terry

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          • Localexpert

            Get some meds douchebag.

          • Patrick H.

            I think he has a point would we say that in front of a jury who held your future in their hands. You might be innocent but that language says guilty.

          • Doug

            This is why we should fire this piece of shut jock and have his kids eat rocks for the rest of their lives since he won’t be able to afford food.

          • Evil Creamsicle

            Really? his KIDS should eat rocks??? Why should a kid deserve such treatment?

          • Live Long and Prosper

            It’s a delicacy in North Korea. Breakfast of champions and such.

          • You’re right. Right now, as I type these very words, someone is shooting a dog because I chose to invoke that figure of speech. I don’t know what I can ever do to atone for the destructive effects of my words, but my check to Sarah McLachlan will go out in today’s mail.

          • sheilam22

            So sorry that you are a COMPLETE ASS. How about this, dick head, eat shit and die. I would sugesst that you read up on language and how choice of words DO have an impact – though I doubt you have the ability ot understand much or have the ability to apply critical thinking. But I leave you to your sorry life because I try never
            argue with an idiot as they’ll drag you down to their level then beat you with
            experience! And as Thomas Paine said, ‎”To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.”

          • Wow, you’re an angry little spud, aren’t you?

            Maybe someone as consumed by rage as you are shouldn’t be lecturing me on appropriate verbiage; and maybe someone who so clearly believes that words cause crimes shouldn’t be lecturing anyone on his or her supposed intellectual deficiencies.

            You’re dismissed, cupcake.

          • sheilam22

            Well, I dismissed you first scumtard but nice try, karl fungus. Now ta ta – unlike you I actually have a life and better things to do with then getting involved with trolls that are too stupid to understand things.

          • Poor lil critter, you’re far too sensitive for this whole internet thing.

          • pgeller

            He sounds like a good candidate for law enforcement officer….

          • DBlain

            I like it when people actually call them law enforcement officers. Their job description should overtly let me know what their actual mandate is – to enforce *all* laws, regardless of whether they destroy people or not.

          • Charles Hart

            Since most laws are thought up by bigots and fucking idiots, pigs are usually just enforcing some rich assholes ideas that the rich asshole couldn’t stand up and do on his own. That’s why I think Mohawks and middle fingers say it best. FUCK COPS!!

          • jacjm313

            Actually, the police were started by the rich, and their precious corporations. They had to have security due to their excessive greed, and the associated risk of physical harm due to said greed. The actual “laws” part of it came later as a way to keep the peasants in line, with “their” definition of a proper “working” society.

          • Allahu Akbar

            Ha ha ha… I’m a mirror and you’re glue… Lol

          • pgeller

            Obviously not….

          • Khai Fox

            If you truly are a cop or someone paid by them to detract from dissent and to dispel opposition, there will come a day when you and every other cop will have their throats slit as your blood runs live rivers into the street. I hope the money was worth it.

          • Cheryl Fojtik

            This kind of talk does not help this situation actually it is very sick.

          • Cheryl Fojtik

            Are you also a cop? Apparently you have anger issues also and like most of them you can dish it out but not take it.

          • kmc

            Just keep in mind cops are paid to troll like that idiot above.


          • Cheryl Fojtik

            Exactly and well said. I think everyone else is getting way off the issue. The thing is apparently the little man in blue has some anger issues and needs to be dealt with appropriately. I wish I was one of the ones making the decision to award her money.

          • Khai Fox

            I am daily consumed by the most blood thirsty rage. I focus it on issues that matter, such as the brutal violence perpetrated against this innocent child.

          • Bobby Linton Oates

            Who are you defending? Your a jackals who think defending concepts on the Internet make you a good your idiot logic if we stopped saying racial slurs then the feeling would vaporize.putting down a dog was supposed to be a humane put something down when it’s can’t fight to live or it can’t help but kill

          • Allahu Akbar

            If you applied “critical thinking” to the first post we would not be having this conversation. Just saying… 😉

          • Cheryl Fojtik


          • Khai Fox

            I guess you care more about imposing your opinions on other people than you do about the fact that a large man brutalized this young girl without consequence.

          • Willie Calhoun

            sheilam22, maybe you should grow up and not let your feelings get hurt so easily. People should not have to watch every little thing they say because it might hurt your poor widdle feewings.

          • DBlain

            Depending on the size of that cheque, I may have to do a quickie name change…

          • Live Long and Prosper

            She’s going to return your check for insufficient morality funds. Not cashable.

          • Rick Prohaska

            Love Long and Perspire

          • Allahu Akbar

            Karl, you inhumane worthless… Lol… Nevermind, read my previous comments 😉

          • Evil Creamsicle

            If the dog attacked someone, which is where the phrase comes from, and did the kind of lasting damage that this cop has, I would do the same to it.

          • Allahu Akbar

            A human capable of critical thought! Bravo!

          • DBlain

            Let’s start where human beings are concerned, and save the language changes for the non-sentient beings for a little further down the line…

            Kind of a douche move to step into a thread about a young women being beaten down by a man, and make it about figurative dogs. Keep it over in PETA land along with that 98% “saved” animal termination rate…….

          • EricaKY

            You’re an idiot…why don’t you take you’re dumb bs somewhere else? PETA might appreciate your rationale. This post was about a woman being beaten, and you’re worried that this girl used a figure of speech? We live in the US, which means, freedom of about you research what that is, instead of her researching about how words affect the psyche.

          • Anon Ymous

            He missed a key word in that figure of speech. It’s “put down like a RABID dog”. Think Old Yeller!

          • Live Long and Prosper

            No, he left out the word “snoop”. Put down like a Snoop Dog. All other dogs should never be harmed.

          • NYBly whiplash

            Hey genius, you do understand the figure of speech “up him down like a dog” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a malicious act. Dogs get put down all the time, most offen for very good, very humane reasons. To end a dogs suffering or (relating to this article) the dog’s proven to be vicious and unable to be rehabilitated. If you hear “put him down like a dog” and your mind immediately think of it as being done out of anger and violence, than the problem isn’t with the phrase, the problem is your personal interpretation of it. Not to mention this is a video of an ACTUAL person get her ACTUAL teeth smashed out of her ACTUAL face by a ACTUAL government official which is paid via your tax dollars. but nevermind this ACTUAL act of abuse, right? Because you choose to pick your battle to fight metaphorical abuse against a metaphorical animals.

          • Allahu Akbar

            Let’s stop being so sensitive… It is a big part of what’s wrong in this country today! Seriously! Put your big girl pants on and try to think outside of the box!

          • Sgt. Killgood

            How about screw you . Is that Ok ?

          • Jason Hersh

            sheilam you need to stfu. You fucking mentally challenged dimwit. watch what i say? freedom of speech, you atrocious piece of shit. go play in traffic.

          • jack r

            oh just shut the f*** up and focus on the what she saying

          • Khai Fox

            you’re detracting from the power of his statement. could you please focus on the issue instead of dissipating the emotional/mental energy that is SO needed to combat this? THANK YOU.

          • Mark Terry

            Or just not be a bitch about everything

          • Cotton LC

            its a figure of speech referring to a rabid dog. No need to get rid of it and no need to be PC.

          • Talyah FinallyFamous Medley

            He used the right figure of speech sad but true, when a dog is rabid it will destroy anything in its path before it is put down with no regard to who or what it is. So yes, he need to be put down like the rabid dog he is a simple j walking ticket turned into shattered teeth not too far fetch to say a ran red light will turn into him killing someone.

          • Rusty

            Euthanized like a dog little happy injection goes to sleep and don’t wake up and don’t attack any more unnecessary cruelty is not needed.

        • James Michael

          Nahhhh I like dogs…These treasonous psychopaths need a noose…..

        • Dimitri Theodosakis

          He is Orc from lord of the Rings/Hobbit

      • Ellie_Light

        At a minimum he deserves a baseball bat to his front teeth and another swing to his forehead. All performed by his victim with him tied to a light pole. And then kick him in the nuts for doing this to an innocent female. Eye for an eye.

        • Senator Haywood Jablowme

          Are you sure that’s enough? I’m still not satisfied.

          • SarcasticBimbo

            Oh Senator, I realize that this is neither here nor there, but your name PLEASES me greatly. 🙂

        • OhWellHell

          Should we castrate him while we are at it Ellie_Light?// lol

          • Mitch Mitchell

            Why not? They are lower than pond scum anyway.

          • jacjm313

            If it keeps his DNA from being passed on, ABSOLUTELY!!

          • Mathieu Hubin

            Make sure that vile piece of trash doesn’t breed? I’m on board with that!

        • Creative, but I think the best bet is to ensure that a cop who commits a brutal assault is treated the same as any other citizen who commits a brutal. To me, that means either being put down on the spot (but NOT like a dog!) by a concerned citizen or being arrested, charged, and put on trial.

        • Khai Fox

          he deserves to be both castrated and neutered. Never allow people like this to reproduce. End the cycle of violence by ending their defective and obsolete genetic code.

      • OhWellHell

        oh stop being a word policeman,.. don’t take it so personal and literal…roflmao :<(

      • Andre Maunsell

        Think cujo.

      • Anon Ymous

        “Put down like a rabid dog” like in Old Yeller.

      • Live Long and Prosper

        They should be put down like a Karl Hungus instead. Dogs deserve better, but not Karls who insinuate hurting innocent animals.

      • Allahu Akbar

        Is a rabid dog who attacks a random child or adult not usually euthanized? I have no problem with his comment.

      • Manfrom Modesto

        When dogs attack and scar humans, it is very likely they will do it again, so they are killed (in most cultures, even in the U.S., unless high paid sellout lawyers get involved.)
        But, this is not done with humans. We pray for them… but, we also take control and limit their ability to harm. In this case, that means firing this guy, and requiring counseling.

      • Benjamin Smith

        Well if the dog is rabid… it needs to be put down like this rabid cop

      • Cotton LC

        its a figure of speech referring to a rabid dog.

      • Rosa Alicea

        I would defend a dog with my life, that savage beast of a cop…I would let die. Wouldn’t help him if he needed help. Scum!

      • John Bunch

        In the “old” days, if a dog had rabies, it was put down, because it was a danger to people. Thus the phrase. His phrase was fine…your (classically defined) ignorance was the issue that kept you from properly understanding it. Ignorance as in lack of knowledge…not stupid.

    • Edward The Great

      There are still idiots who would defend this pig. There are always idiots who blame the victims and defend the pigs, no matter their crimes or evidence against said pigs.

      • Evil Creamsicle

        Indoctrinization has worked wonders in this country it seems.

      • DBlain

        Authoritarian enablers – bootlickers – are always to be found.

        Head over to if you want your head to explode. Or huffington post or jezebel. Two sides of the same coin, no matter how hard they pretend to hate each other. They are just fighting over which way to pull the leash.

        Reasonable people are standing by the wayside, saying “what about trying no leash…..?”

    • SherylSimpson

      Armed citizens…right. That will keep the cops in line. No more violence…they will shape right up. Surely they won’t be even more paranoid and rage filled if every citizen would just arm themselves and shoot “like a dog” (?) every bad cop they see. Yep. Problem solved.

      • Do you prefer a society where people are conditioned to stand idly by while a man beats the shit out of a woman in broad daylight because she mouthed off to him? Do you feel it would have been wrong for witnesses to this man’s crime to have intervened on the young woman’s behalf, even if only to have restrained him or placed him in his own handcuffs?

        No, I’m not advocating people go hunting for cops. I’m simply saying that the fundamental human right of self-defense (or the right to intervene on behalf of the victim of a violent crime) doesn’t magically disappear simply because the assailant is wearing a costume.

        • SherylSimpson

          That might work, if everyone was like you and me, Walter-Karl. But there are always knuckleheads and criminals, some in costume, some not. I think we evloved societally away from the days of everyone being armed for a reason. Wouldn’t it be safer for all of us to better screen who becomes a cop and better train them? For that matter, better screen who gets guns, too. I’m not anti-gun just anti-any idiot that wants one can have one everywhere all the time. I just don’t see his more violence is the answer.

          • Clearly we need to better screen people applying for a job that arms them and gives them power over other people. It used to be that violence-prone people like the man in this story were weeded out during the training process; nowadays it seems they’re actively recruited. But back to my original question, which I think can be answered with a simple yes or no:

            Do you feel it would have been wrong for witnesses to this man’s crime to have intervened on the young woman’s behalf, even if only to have restrained him or placed him in his own handcuffs?

          • SherylSimpson

            Your style of discourse is a bit demanding, eh Walter-Karl? Would I? probably yes. Would I want every yahoo with a hankering for high caliber cold steel packing and waiting for just such an opportunity? Not on the streets i walk

          • As long as you agree that every citizen enjoys the fundamental human right to forcibly resist a violent crime – or to forcibly intervene on behalf of the victim of a violent crime – then we’re pretty much on the same page. 🙂

          • SherylSimpson

            I have a yes/no for you, W-K: are you a member of the NRA?

          • No, I do not belong to the NRA.

          • SherylSimpson

            Then perhaps we are more or less on the same page. I will give you the benefit od the doubt, as this has been the most rational discussion I’ve had online in some time. Good day, sir

          • James Michael

            NRA? lmao…..

      • Edward The Great

        Cops sure as fuck leave protestors alone when said protestors come armed. What does that tell you? It tells me that cops only brutalize the weak who cannot defend themselves. It’s what bullies do. Every single protest where people are armed, as is their RIGHT to be, cops keep their distance and not a single arrest is ever made. not a single protester is ever dragged out of the crowd and beaten. Yes, armed citizens DO keep pigs in line. It happened with the Cliven Bundy protesters who actually AIMED their weapons at police and government officials.
        Here is the proof. Cops do not like it when people have power. Hence all the shooting false flags we’ve had lately. They ARE trying to disarm us to take away our last bit of power against them.

        • SherylSimpson

          Clive Bundy is a criminal. an armed criminal resisting arrest. the police cOULD HAVE shot HIM. and been within their rights. IMO, they should have…

          • Edward The Great

            That is not the point. The point is that coward cops leave people alone when confronted with equal force. they pick on the weak who cannot defend themselves.

          • SherylSimpson

            so you use an example of a criminal standing off the cops to prove your point, but the fact that they’re criminals isn;t the point? we are talking about unarmed, peacefull protestors attacked by cops and you bring up armed law breakers resisting arrest. and i’m off topic? move on. gun nut…

          • Edward The Great

            Why don’t you move on, anti-gun sheeptard. Here is a news flash for you. On average 2.5 MILLION per year people keep THEMSELVES from becoming victims of crime because they are armed. More people die each year in traffic accidents. FAR more people die per year due to poisonous prescription drugs. More than half of all gun related deaths are suicides. News flash, the cities with the tightest gun control have the highest murder rates and highest crime rates over all. Yeah, because gun control works, right? So I take it you’d rather these 2.5 million people have become victims? I suppose women should not have the right to defend themselves from rape using lethal means if needed?

            What I am talking about are the protestors, I wasn’t talking about Clive himself, dipshit. You’ve focused on the wrong part of the example. Typical of anti-gun retards like you. The PROTESTERS are left alone by police BECAUSE they are armed.

          • SherylSimpson

            I’m not anti gun. I’m anti nut

          • James Michael

            You are a treasonous, sophist, ignoramus…

          • SherylSimpson

            I live in Texas. I own guns for hunting and home protection. I just don’t want to share the streets with cockoos like you who are packing and can’t wait ti start popping off shots. Why don’t you go do something positive with your bloodlust and join the military..

          • Edward The Great

            Where the fuck do you get the idea that I “can’t wait to start popping off shots?”

            How the fuck do you get that from me saying armed protesters keep police in line? Are you fucking mental? When did I ever imply I wanted anyone dead? When did I ever say anything that implied “blood lust?” You’re fucked in the head if you can just make shit up like that from what I’ve written.

            You clearly do not understand the purpose of the 2nd Amendment. Armed protesters keeping police form attacking them is EXACTLY why the 2nd Amendment was written. Protection against the government and its goons, and it works. The link I provided is PROOF it works. Every single pro-gun armed protest has been left alone by police. Not a single instance of police brutality or abuse of any kind in ANY of them.

          • SherylSimpson

            Cray. Zee. And packing….

          • Edward The Great

            Excuse me. Of the two of us, YOU are the one who thinks some one should have been shot,

            “Clive Bundy is a criminal. an armed criminal resisting arrest. the police cOULD HAVE shot HIM. and been within their rights. IMO, they should have…”

            is what YOU said, but I’m the one who “can’t wait to pop off shots” and has “Blood lust?” You are fucking touched int he head. You want crazy and packing, look in the mirror.

          • James Michael

            Then you are a traitor to my 20 years of service, to protect EVERY Americans right to do exactly that. You need to go live with the redcoats….

          • SherylSimpson

            You were in the Revolutionary War?

          • James Michael

            Why, are you a 200+ year old, dust farting corpse?

          • Edward The Great

            Reading is hard for you, isn’t it?

          • James Michael

            What you think all the redcoats died? you are living proof they still live…a Well trained obedient subject of your master….Wait a minute we kicked the Kings ass off of America a long time ago…I have no caesar there ignorant one…Whom is YOUR KING??

          • James Michael

            A criminal?….He was a man standing against treasonous criminals, you ignorant dip…. Get a clue.

          • SherylSimpson

            Nope. Clive is in FACT a criminal. No matter how loud and crazy you scream otherwise.

          • James Michael

            You like most of the ignorant masses of the public know NOTHING about Law…

          • SherylSimpson

            Watching five hours of FOX a day isn’t the same as a law degree, sorry. He grazed his cattle ILLEGALLY for years on US land. And when the law came to stop him, he put up armed resistance. That’s actual US Law, notmade up Tea Party Law According to FOX. Conviction is not Truth…

          • James Michael

            ignoramus…The land belongs to the people…NO the corporation called the UNITED STATES is a treason to the Constitution…see you like most of the masses, are an ignorant well trained US “subject” citizen and he is not….WE the People, are the sovereigns of this country and he is one of We the People and that land is his to use…not to be extorted by these traitors….Posing as these united States of America.

            You require way more education…oh and US CODE is not law, it is code based on statutes and when violative of the sovereigns will and their charter, is NULL and VOID in law… Try again ignorant one. You might try actually reading American Jurisprudence, Blackstones commentaries and the founding documents and anti and federalist papers, instead of dribbling puss filled misinformed opinion….that you know nothing about and trust all of the treasonous bar association members about…

            I haven’t watched commercial TV in about 15 years…that would be YOUR main problem…and definitely not MSM news …lmao. Lies and bs are all they give….Because you are an ignorant slave, does not mean we all are…and the UNITED STATES and their treasonous buddies of the international banks own only what We the “People allow…because We are the Land…they are OUR servants…Anything else there cupcake?

            A few real law court cites before the courts became treasonous tools for the BAR association.

            “For the very idea that one may be compelled to hold his life or the means living, or any material right essential to the enjoyment of life at the mere will of another, seems to be intolerable in any free country where freedom prevails as being the essence of slavery itself.”
            Yick Wo v Hopkins 118 U.S. 356

            “The words “people of the United States” and “citizens” are synonymous terms and mean the same thing. They both describe the political body who, according to our republic institutions form the sovereignty, and who hold the power, and conduct the government through their representatives. They are what we familiarly call the sovereign people, and every citizen of one of these people, and a constituent member of the sovereignty.”
            Dredd Scott v Sanford 60 U.S. 393

            “The people or sovereign are not bound by general word in statutes restrictive of prerogative, right, title, or interest unless expressly named. Acts of limitation do not bind the King or people. the people have been ceded all the right of the King, the former sovereign… It is a maxim of the common law, that when an act os made for the common good and to prevent injury, the King shall be bound, though not named, but when a statute is general and prerogative right would be divested or taken from the King (or the people) he shall not be bound.”
            People v Herkimer 4 Cowen (NY) 345, 348 (1825)

            “…at the revolution the sovereignty devolved on the people; and they are truly the sovereign of the country, but they are sovereigns without subjects… and have none to govern but themselves; the citizens of America are equal as fellow citizensm and joint tenants in the sovereignty.”
            Chisolm v Georgia 2 Dall 440, at pg. 471.

          • James Michael

            Go lick your master puss filled crack slave….I’m not screaming I’m informed and you are just another ignorant misinformed animal…

          • SherylSimpson

            Yes. You’re not the least crazy, are you? So easy to expose…it isn’t even sporting, really. Hate and crazy…what’s wrong with our country, and American society as a whole. Do you even realize how the rest of the civilized world views us? Here’s a clue: you won’t find it on FOX

          • James Michael

            Yeah retard. I have evey right to hate treasonous murder retards….Committing felonies across America……And if you don’t, you need to move to North Korea, because us real Americans are taking The land of the free back, slave.

          • SherylSimpson

            you sir, are the lunatic fringe. a tool of fearmongers and misinformers who are quietly stealing all our rights while your drown out their Third Reich-inspired manipulations with your shrieking threats, quoting words you can never understand, let alone interpret. you are the ignorant one…so insulated by your paranoid nationalistic fervor that you have no idea how this country–the reeking mess your kind is making of it–is viewed by the rest of civilization: a spoiled, tantrum throwing bully who believes himself to be right in all things at all times with no regard for the global consequences of an action beyond self eggrandizement and personal gain. i bet you wave a Bible with the hand not holding a gun dont you, without irony? actually believing that violence and CHristianity arent mutally exclusive. please, mister…continue to prove how sane you are and how crazy i am. i need a good laugh today…

          • James Michael

            I am a 2 decades Veteran that served for one purpose you treasonous piece of filth….To protect Americans rights and FREEDOM…

            If you do not like or cannot handle freedom there are flights from South Korea to the North all of the time where you can go worship your master…I’m sure they will love you…. You sure as crap are not an American…You don;t belong here… Slavery has been outlawed for a long time ignoramus….
            That is the problem, I actually know what the words I use mean and you do not…

            Go get your licenses and permits renewed there US “subject” citizen and leave is free and aware American alone….

          • SherylSimpson

            Sorry bubba. Calling a veteran crazy isn’t treason. Thanks for your paid service, but you’re crazy.

          • James Michael

            No, violating sworn oaths and committing murder is…..and as you are condoning the felons and traitors, you are a colluder….and a domestic enemy of every American…

          • James Michael

            BOOM! Traitor domestic enemies of America will pay…Count on it….

          • James Michael

            You are a butt licking slave maggot and I’m crazy? lmao….That’s just precious…

          • James Michael

            Blah blah blah I’m an insane treasonous fascist slave…I’ll lick masters boots till he decides to get rid of me and gladly walk into the burn chamber….Enjoy your status “subject”

          • James Michael

            Of course I hate treasonous, murdering, psychopaths ,holding themselves out to be protectors…I’m sane…Duh…
            But you just love licking massas boots, like a good dog.
            Sorry, I’m no ones dog…

          • SherylSimpson

            Keep telling yourself that. The Koch bros take it to the bank. They are your puppetmasters and you are too deluded to realize it. Dance monkey dance. Your days of cray are numbered.

          • James Michael

            lol…Pathetic traitor…..The Koch brothers would not even see me coming…Knew what you were, the second you started your chittering like a little monkey…

          • SherylSimpson

            LOL. Viva le revolucion, mullet.

          • James Michael

            Done responding to your stupid North Korean fascist ….idiocy… LAter there cupcake..

          • SherylSimpson

            Yep. Still cuckoo…

          • DBlain

            You realize that every single person in the USA is a criminal, if you use the police definition of “someone who breaks the law”.

            Do you know how many laws you break every day?

            I expect you to be first on the steps of the police station tomorrow, hands out, confession in your sweaty palms, begging for “justice” from the mandate-enforcers. Until then, leave off and stop bootlicking.

          • Angela

            You really are a dumb ass! I hope like hell one day someone comes to take what you have by wrongful force armed willing to shoot your ass if you try to stop them and there is not a soul around to help because you believe Clive Bundy and those who stood up with him are criminal !

      • DBlain

        Despite your rhetoric, this actually works. Castle doctrine has been re-established in a few states recently, and the number of instances of babies getting flash grenades in their face, dogs getting shot, and the *wrong house getting raided and people being killed* have dropped to basically zero.

        That shit saves lives.

        • happy hayden

          and how exactly did you come by that number? it’s common knowledge that the government collects no data on this. way to just make shit up there sparky…

    • SherylSimpson

      You strike me much more as a Walter Sobchak than a Karl Hungus…

      • If you believe that anyone who advocates for the right to stand up to violent criminals is some sort of socially awkward, right-wing war-mongering loner, then yes, I guess I’m more like Walter Sobchak than I am Karl Hungus.

    • Salvador Molina


    • Jared French

      Good perspective. It is very difficult to help others see the light, when they are never awake to begin with.

    • Tom Goffnett

      Hear hear!

    • Wow that’s an interesting situation to think about since I do in fact carry a weapon. If this cop were beating me, do I draw and shoot him in self defense and risk life in prison for killing a cop? Or do I take the risk of him seeing my gun and preemptively shooting and killing me?

  • fractalsphere

    Guaranteed this wouldn’t have happened if he had a body-cam on his person.

    • Rising_Star1et

      Yes it would have, he would have just turned it off or covered it and said it wasn’t working just like they do with their dash cams and mics now.

      • Frank Clarke

        There’s a simple, straight-forward solution to that, too:

        Your body cam was turned of/not working when the incident happened? That means you’re guilty. Go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass GO. Do not collect your pension.

        • Rising_Star1et

          I like your thinking! However what is the point if they’re going to get fired, then re-hired with backpay? (referencing another incident that just came to light where a cop was caught beating a white man who was in handcuffs, he was fired, then cleared and brought back on with back pay)

  • fuckdapopo

    kill the punk

  • James

    Start killing these f****

    • Natasha Marie

      Yea and then end up in jail for the rest of our lives fml as if police are a certain kind of special person :/

      • James Michael

        They will run out of thugs long before we run out of Americans tired of their treason….

  • Once again, bystanders are only brave enough to folm the cop breaking the law. “At that point Officer Palermo became enraged and began initiating violence on Alexis, as several witnesses watched.” We are Americans, and this behavior from police is NOT acceptable, and the lack of involvement from those standing by is not acceptable. Grow some balls!

    • Clem_the_Great

      it is very risky nowadays to get bossy or confrontational with an LEO. He has the gun, the taser, and all the protection and authority, and it will likely remain that way after the incident. You must cower, kowtow and be very nice regardless of what he does to you.

      • America has become a nation of cowards. We elect people who sell us out to the highest bidder, and then reelect them again. We buy a ration of shit about the necessity of war against countries who have done us no harm, and sacrifice young men and women in those wars, call them ‘hero’s’ (which they aren’t) and fuck them over when they need help when they get back home. We allow militaristic cops to push us around and apologise to them. The spirit of freedom and courage have been bred out of most Americans, and the ones who stand up are arrested and demonised by the jerk-offs who live for their growing pile of toys and acquisitions. The founders must be spinning in their graves.

        • Clem_the_Great

          Hey, you’re right. It’s all part of the zionization of
          America–everything from the Israeli-trained police forces to the many
          wars and conflicts for Israel. They own us.

          • charliep

            You sound like a Bigot against Zionist. I bet I got that right; didn’t I?

          • D-Rail

            Remember that time the head Zionists were the bigots? Clem just likes freedom & the idea of a world without that cancer of a ruling class. BTW Israel of today is NOT the 12 Tribes from the bible. Repeat… NOT the 12 Tribes from the bible. Israel is a fascist State set up by false Khazarian/ Ashkenazi “Jews”, who are not truly Jews at all, but have co-opted the face of Jewry & fomented every war since the French Revolution, funding both sides & profiting both ways. They tried to exterminate true blood Jews (& other ethnic lines) from the face of the earth through the Holocaust & other genocidal campaigns. THEY are the head Zionists. They’re the bigots. To set one’s mind against them is just morally right. You sound funny defending Zionism. It’s pathetic, actually. Sounds like if someone doesn’t agree with murderous foreign policy, you just aren’t HAVING IT, are you???? LMAO!!!!!!!

      • D-Rail

        When there are several People standing there watching, they need to jump in & stop the officer forcefully to at least prevent the person they’re attacking from being injured or killed. It’s just RIGHT. Even if the person has murdered someone, the police have no authority to dish out punishment. That’s what the courts are for. i’m not saying beat the officer, even though they may well deserve it; but to physically restrain the officer would at least be enough to stop the injustice of that moment. Maybe even use the officer’s own mace to subdue them if they won’t STOP RESISTING. Can’t have someone so hell-bent on doing the wrong thing just get away with it. If more officers swarm the scene, everybody break & run in all directions. If the victim is someone like this girl, who didn’t do anything to even warrant being talked to by the officer, get them clear of the police as well. Minimum damage to victim & officer, maximum Justice. Human dignity MUST remain intact.

        • Clem_the_Great

          I agree, but riskly, because they have guns and readily use them. Backup would soon arrive in a situation like that and they will ALL take the side of the cop.

          • All the founders of this country risked more than arrest when they stood up for what was right. They risked their lives that we might have the freedoms they saw as inalienable.

        • charliep

          Anybody interfering with the policeman would have been charged and convicted and strengthen his case against the woman. Taking pictures is the best way to handle this. Interfering with a policeman while performing his duties would have resulted in other people being arrested with back up help.

          Yes; I would like to have this guy in the back of the Wood Shed for five minutes.and one us would have spent about two weeks or more in the hospital. I suspect that it would be him because I have been known to be very nasty with his type.

          • Does beating the shit out of an innocent woman count as “performing his duties”? We’re in a bad place as a society when people are conditioned to stand quietly by as a man beats up a woman just because she mouthed off to him. In a just society, a thug like this would be forced to take care to commit a crime like this behind closed doors.

          • James Michael


        • Evil Creamsicle
      • James Michael

        You arrest them…duh…They have no more authority than us, in fact they borrow ours…

  • lberns

    Modern day redcoat mother fuckers. I despise them with a passion.

    • mmike762jhp

      Your reference to “redcoats” reminds me of one of Hamilton’s quotes from Federalist Paper No. 8…

      “Safety from external danger is the most powerful director of national conduct. Even the ardent love of liberty will, after a time, give way to its dictates. The violent destruction of property incident to war, the continual effort and alarm attendant on a state of continual danger, will compel nations the most attached to liberty to resort for repose and security to institutions which have a tendency to destroy their civil and political rights. To be more safe, they at length become willing to run the risk of being less free.

      The institutions chiefly alluded to are STANDING ARMIES and the correspondent appendages of military establishments…”

      With that in mind, here’s my question: What’s the difference between a standing army, and a militarized police force?

      • lberns

        None. That’s why I now refer to cops as modern day redcoats.

        • mmike762jhp

          That was sort of a rhetorical question, but… agreed.

  • Lorelle Hatcher

    The police need to be reigned in and held accountable when they become thugs in uniform with a badge, violating peoples rights. Beating people, killing them, especially unarmed victims, is not part of their job.

    • Zale Frein Ferguson

      Bastard steroid Addicts Need To Get “Blooded ‘ it’s their Ritual…Like all Gang bangers do.

    • D-Rail

      Neither is getting angry! Since emotion isn’t sanctioned by their job description, they need to act like automatons & follow every jot & tittle of the law. Police have made themselves Public Enemy #1 for their impunity & willful cruelty. Sickening reality.

  • Morrisovich

    We get angry and condemn men who hit or beat women yet we put up with this?

  • 3r23er12er

    this cop would already be dead or in prison if citizens had any pulse left. America is now just a fucked over slave pit for corporations to advertise shitty products to. The middlecclass are the worst of all. Apathetic ignorant shit heads who hide in their suburbs doing nothing.

    Every time this happens, the wealthiest people in the area should suffer, as it’s their money that influences the elections. Maybe after Ferguson burns to the ground, San Marcos should be next. Along with hundreds of other shitty little towns full of broken City Halls. Calexico, CA, too.

    • Goodsir

      Corpus Christi too, burn it all to the ground, especially Flour Bluff, nasty ignorant fuckers there.

  • Jeffrey Barber

    These fucking cops forget they are public servants. The operative word being servant. Know your rights. We the public pay their wages. Don’t let cops intimidate you. Most of the time they have no clue about the Bill of Rights. The really sad part is they all stick up for each other in the brotherhood. What they really hate are cameras and video, so what do you do? Video them and document everything. Catch them in their lies and deceit.

    • unlistedxpat

      Respectfully Sir, your statement may not be accurate “These fucking cops forget they are public servants” they are in fact private contractors. To prove this point I would recommend that we prior to confronting these “thugs with badges” do some research (county commissioners manual) you may find out that that they have no authority to arrest anyone, or anything remotely connected to law enforcement.

      • James Michael

        Wrong with a sworn oath and taking taxes for them to survive off of us…They are servants….Private contractors are paid privately not with public money….

  • RandyBoBandy

    Police are begging for more Eric Freins. Hopefully another hero steps up to the plate.

  • Clem_the_Great

    The punk cop is not fit to serve. Used to be, one of the first things LEO’s are taught is to keep their cool, that some people will insult them, call them names, etc. You must keep you emotions out of it and remain professional. It appears that’s all out the window now when our militarized cops can do no wrong.

    • RandyBoBandy

      “The punk cop is not fit to serve.”

      I think you misspelled “live”

  • David Nevers

    fucking cunt cops die

  • Amy D’Acquisto

    Wow – aggravated assault. When does that happen? When the victim is from “The Woodlands”? At least they were able to make an example. 🙂

  • Jessica Heitman

    She’s such a beautiful young woman! What a shame an ignorant man brutalized her that way. I hope she wins a large settlement.

    • charliep

      The problem is that we the people have to bear the expense of his legal fees and any award that the court might dictate. The best solution would be for these individuals to have to bear the expense of any.awards if they loose the case which surely will happen in this case… The Tax Payer get the SHAFT again,

  • jerry11

    Regardless of what happened in Ferguson, what this young lady describes is a national problem with police. They overreact, freak out and go crazy if you assert your rights, or say anything they do not like. That’s why it’s hard to believe what happened in Ferguson. Cops overreact, go crazy, lie and then every other officer and the entire department will protect them.

  • RightFighter

    Did anyone catch all that on their phones camera? Poor woman.

  • David Rivers

    this is why im buying a gun, to defend myself and others against cops

  • Francisco Carbone

    Police and/or an authority figure are “NOT” above the law because they take great advantage of citizens of wrong doing for no reason whatsoever.

  • How does something like this happen?!? I thought most Texans were armed!!!

  • SCC

    A search of the officer indicates that the incident occurred in July and that the officer has been suspended without pay (ie fired) after an internal investigation at then end of August. Criminal charges are still pending.

  • Don Talley

    You are a road pirate piece of shit. You are not needed. I have guns. I can protect MYSELF, my home and my family! Some one breaks in to my home, I am THERE to respond in an instant where you assholes are minutes away sucking each other off in a parking lot some where. If I am in a car accident, I need EMS and the Fire Department. You would probably shoot me for not obeying your commands, and shoot anyone trying to help me. If my house is on fire, I need the Fire Department, not you. You’d probably shoot me if I came running out of my house, then claiming you feared for your life. Pussy. You assholes are not heroes. Fire Fighters and EMTs are REAL heroes. They actually SAVE LIVES, while you dickheads only TAKE LIVES. Nice job in extorting money from hard working people under threat of force and violence. This is what you pigs do. You try to extort money from people, if they refuse, you threaten with violence. If they continue to refuse to be stolen from, you assault them and kidnap them, and hold them for ransom. You call it bail, but it is ransom. If they continue to resist paying, you reserve the “right” to break into their homes while heavily armed. And if they resist and try to defend their homes from an unlawful entry with intent to kidnap, you fuckers will ALWAYS kill them.


    Ok I’m done.

  • gvw3

    People are getting fed up with this from our police. They should have to comply with the same laws as any other citizen. This is assault and battery. Good for 7 years in prison.

  • Rising_Star1et

    I’m still confused as to what she supposedly did to warrant such a response from him? All I can gather is she walked in front of his parked car to go meet her friends?

  • Evan Taylor

    Hang his ass. Literally. I want him hanged for his crimes.

  • Mr. George

    Officer Palermo is a pussy and scared of a girl, and by the way why is he beating on a girl I guess his mother did not teach him that women are not to be touched in anger. opps

  • He was only serving and protecting her from the dangerous consequences of jaywalking. With a set of broken teeth and brain damage, she has learned her lesson and will be safe from now on. I only wish this cop could tell me how hard I need to drive my nephew’s face into the cement so he can benefit too.

  • Lena Haber

    Because there are so many people with video capacity on their mobile phones, we’re all starting to realize how very, very many police officers in this country are just bullies, and they are not only wrongfully attacking people, they are being protected by other officers and their supervisors. Someone, below, said “Cops are really, really pissing people off,” and that is the truth. I think that the police are going to find themselves more and more closely monitored by modern technology. Then they will be less and less able to bully citizens.

  • Where is her Father, her Brothers, her male friends? Why hasn’t someone honored her?

  • disqus_Xlj7cJ9k8c

    Cops like that have no business on the force and give the good cops a bad name. A scumbag like him needs his head split wide open with a crowbar!

  • OhWellHell

    There are good cops and bad cops.. This was a buttwipe piece of shiete.. I have had run in with bad cops and have also met excellent cops. Not saying that this assHoleio does not deserve what he gets, but you guys all paint cops as bad people. This guy for sure is, but there are decent one on the street as well.

  • OhWellHell

    All this negative shit is making me well, “shit”.

  • Kenneth Paul

    at any time in the future ,until officer polermo passes on from this earth, Alexis could bring a common law claim against the wrongdoer polermo. in alexis court at common law the man who sometimes acts as a government agent (polermo) will have to show up as a man and face his prosecutor alexis, for his physical assault upon her outside outside of his peace officer status. polermo action is a crime in common law . if you want to learn more about common law go to facebook and search for claim common law i, a man; claim. there is tons of common law learning available for membership.(its free) waiting for you there.

  • Alan Batterman

    That MF pig should get cancer, suffer years of unbearable pain, die in excruciating agony, and burn forever in the hottest part of Hell.

  • Quint
  • Automatony

    I hope they destroy this guy

  • Art Deco

    Try to do the same to a cop and see how long they put you away …. without pay!!!

  • John Oliver

    That PIG needs to have the living shit kicked out of him!!

  • Doug

    Let’s get this piece of shit fired and have his children eat ramen for the rest of their lives. Fuck you officer palmermo. Another jock who peaked in high school, simply mad because they finally realized they had a small dick.

  • Joseph Smith

    Bit of an update, turns out this happened a while ago.

    News article dated 7/16/13 shows he was arrested and released on 25K bail over this.

    This article from 11/21/14 says that he’s getting sued by the woman over it. Towards the bottom of it, it states that criminal charges vs. the cop were dismissed, but that he was fired in September of ’13.

    What I can’t find is any up-to-date news articles after November of last year.

  • Boko Hos

    Another cop that needs to have his face treated like a football, about the times in succession.

  • nariz

    what a surprise..people arguing in the comments..

  • Outlaw

    “Shattering her teeth” in the headline makes it sound MUCH worse than it is.

  • Adrian Lashua

    I wanted to see exactly what this pig did so what happened to the video?

  • Alex Masters

    What I want to know is why didn’t any of these spineless bystanders jump on that PIG and beat his ass to a pulp?

  • MIKE

    people get together by hundreds when this happens beat them so bad take there badge gun fire them on spot wake up you may be next remember jewish people.

  • Humanswillbefree

    He needs to be strung up by his balls and dragged around town for 1 hour.

  • Live Long and Prosper

    If she moves to the south or to the UK, she’ll fit right in.

  • Live Long and Prosper

    The cop was obviously a fan of Mortal Kombat. He just wanted to “Finish Her” like Stryker would. 😛

  • Ben Dover

    WHAT A FUKING TYPICAL PIG COWARD….. People need to take up arms and protect themselves against the police…. and that means STOPPING A COP FROM BEATING THE CRAP OUT OF ANYBODY…. “suspect” or not.

  • Aaron Curtis

    I dont know about some people. But if anyone did this to me i would rip every single one of their teeth out of their mouth.

  • Shawn

    This made me tear up. So scary! Why are they not screening and training these animals better??? If a cop has women issues, racist issues, mental health issues, or simply has something to prove, citizens are at their mercy. They are beating and shooting people like wild outlaws. I feel that no one is safe. I have been sexually harassed and verbally abused by these animals. I have been in the company of cops who have verbally abused me and my companion and it was racially motivated. And we called them on it. I have been a victim of a cop lying to give me a traffic ticket to make his end of the month quota. I make it a point to write when I come into contact with an officer who is out of line. I am a law abiding citizen, a tax payer, and an overall wonderful human being, there is no way me, you or anyone should let these transgressions pass. They are shooting and Beating everybody.

  • Realist101

    After reading some of these comments, I’m scared even more for the fate of this country. If we can’t agree that the people we pay to protect us are out of control, and need to be held accountable, then we’re doomed. This girl may have spouted off. NO excuse to hurt her. Hope her lawsuit is successful because ??????? ANYBODY? Authority is SUPPOSED to be trained to handle themselves according to each situation. And this injury was uncalled for.

  • djtorchMusic

    Let’ me guess? He was “fearing for his life”. Please don’t tell me he’s still working for the PD because I just ate. Don’t wanna throw up.

  • John_erox

    If I were armed and witnessed this pos cop doing this to that girl I can assure you we’d have one less leo in the world.

  • Trollhater78

    This is a forum for exchanging Ideas and opinions on this particular story, or perhaps the broader subject of Police brutality. I am concerned for a society that, when posting o the internet, almost ALWAYS erodes to name calling slander , unnecessary cursing, and complete insanity about 2 posts in. I do not envy police their jobs. This is the public that they deal with every day.

  • johnee

    Too bad someone didn’t kick his ass!

  • Andre Leonard

    Sounds like this cop suffers from midget man syndrome. It’s good she filed this lawsuit as the only way to get any agencies attention is calling them on this recurring issue and having them settle the lawsuit. It’s hoped she receives a ‘large’ settlement.

  • Sgt. Killgood

    A woman beater , I bet he feels tough . He probably practices on his wife and mother . What a peace of crap .

  • Mathieu Hubin

    Well if I were her father I would shoot that cop in the face because I would be in a “bad mood”.

  • Mathieu Hubin

    See this is why you carry a camera (whether it be a phone or whatnot) AND a gun. When the cop sees the camera and still doesn’t stop he obviously has no fear of reprisal. That’s when you use the gun and show him why he was wrong…

  • Manfrom Modesto

    I wondered as I read this if the guy is just a woman hater.

  • David Rivers

    people need to stop recording and start jumping these pigs when they are assaulting someone

  • Nine Inch Nail

    Please provide updated information. This article is so incomplete it’s pointless. This was a year and a half ago. It’s very easy to find more information.

    Here’s more info. Arrested:
    Federal lawsuit:


  • Jacob Watkins

    I like how the video link has been “somehow” disabled.

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    Had this harlot been home taking care of young jihadis and tending to her owner’s goats, she would still have all her teeth.

  • Musashi5000

    Is there really any confusion over what needs to happen to this “officer”?


  • D-LU

    These fucking cops are out of control everywhere and they wonder why we hate/fear them as a whole. Go to hell, pigs.

  • Danielle Biondo

    Wow alot of the following comments are truly mean and nasty! They have nothing to do with the article and sound just as angry and mean spirited as the A-hole cop who assaulted this girl. Try being kind people. Jeez!


    Had this cop taken a round through the back of his head, he would have been eulogized as a hero, a man who never met a stranger, who’s smile was infectious and lit up a room. A man who had a calling to serve and protect ever since he was a boy.
    In reality his is nothing but a thug wearing a badge. The vast majority of Law Enforcement officers are good folks, yet there is an ever growing cancer within that demographic.
    Never forget that you never know who is taking video of you, documenting your interactions with the public. If you treat them right, GOD bless you. If you treat them wrong…………GOD help you!!

  • Frank de Leon

    This is why I am opposed to the idea of giving (bad) cops the authority to launch atomic weapons. But I support the idea to send them (bad cops) out to fight ISIS.

  • Jared French

    So when bodily harm is the result of null charges, there should most assuredly be a case of assault charged against the officer. Good for her, for going after him. Hopefully justice will be served.

  • Scotty Monte

    And they want to stop bullying in schools!!! Start with the biggest bullies of all…….The police who are sworn to (serve and protect)

  • Carlos Gonzales

    Why are they still paying that piece of shit?!

  • Padge Vounder

    Fucking warpigs need to get shot. Give her family some baseball bats and tie this officer up, leave them all alone in a room for an hour. Disgusting. Everyone who fights back against pigs like this is a hero.

  • jimmie

    Why is this officer off duty with “PAY”, If you or I went to jail, we are not going to get pay.

  • bdj1

    Worthless sub animal cops. Can’t live with them (as they may just kill you), and law won’t punish these miscreant animals. No justice, no respect.

  • Jeff Pearce Sr.

    This guys wife/girlfriend needs welfare checks

  • Patrick H.

    Its only only way he gets to touch a real woman. Other than a police interaction he gets turned down

  • Patrick H.

    The video wouldnt play anyone have the link.

  • Tim H.

    Roid rage.

  • OldManMtn

    Obviously some pent-up Freudian frustration on the part of the pig-cop. Probably couldn’t attract a girl in HS…. especially not one that looks like her…. so, it’s “revenge of the losers” time for Mr. Authority. Infantile mentality. Where do they find these damaged-goods scum to be our “law enforcers”?

  • AlaskanStyle

    Who the hell can just sit back and watch another human do such a thing? Mob attack that POS cop and stomp his face in so his kids cant recognize him

  • Daniel W. McCullar

    When departments hire Neanderthals with low IQs and an inability to cop, understand and and comprehend the basics of human interaction and decency and coping skills, then this is what you get.

  • Melissa Rohm

    I’m sick of pigs getting away with the shit they do someone needs to put a stop to it

  • Richard Wallace

    hey officer, yes you are a fucking dick!!! come fight a 50 year old man ass hole. I hope you got a daughter and when she grows up some cop can knock her teeth out. god I get sick of stories like this!!!! now wheres all the cop apologists trying to make excuses for this one.

  • Joshua Ward

    Wow, how wonderful we are to one another, eh?

  • Gary

    Keep voting for democrats and liberals and watch as they take more of your freedoms away. I know I know they don’t do that, they don’t have the AA community enslaved without them even knowing they are.

    So while you keep voting for them don’t complain about the slave like treatment you receive, suck it up after all you asked for it.

  • Rusty Shakelford
  • Bill Catz

    I see another all-expenses paid vacation coming up for the Police involved. The more abusive you are, the more PAID leave you get. The reason we have so much of this kind of police brutality is that the system rewards it! The unions defend it! The prosecutors won’t prosecute their own.

  • Brock Lee

    What about Freedom of Speech as long as u don’t directly say ur gonna kill,shoot,stab,blow up,whatever but u can generalize ur feelings and who wouldn’t,we r not a cruel society,but when someone does something that is not right we can voice our opinion and in this case we all agree the cop was wrong and needs to be punished,what if she hd died,would u really care what u would say,what about the father and mother u think they would care what was said about this pig,,,no,,

  • Leland Whitehouse

    He’s a PIG not a Police officer. He needs to be fired & charged in Court with criminal charges.

  • This is why I don’t leave Dallas unless I absolutely have to: Dallas PD is extremely professional and respectful of citizens in my experience. Suburban departments on the other hand are all about making money from traffic tickets and tend to have way too many roid-raged animals like this and an “us vs. them” mentality that permeates the departments.

  • Krystal Gervais Beerworth

    Is it true that you need to have a lower then normal IQ in order to be a cop? Since they’re so unintelligent, the only way to resolve a dispute is with violence…hiding behind a badge amd uniform given to him by the city he is now assulting

  • bobwadas

    Lesson: Don’t call a cop a dick, or do and become a millionaire in court. Id I called an adult a Dick and came home bruised and chipped teeth.. I would have been told I got off easy.

  • joecooling

    I hope he dies soon.

  • Denton Young

    This scumbag should be executed on the spot.

  • 🙁

  • At YourSix

    Those of you pathetic fucks that don’t support authority will certainly get yours someday AND hopefully soon.

  • NeonDisease

    Oh look, just another violent thug using his badge as an excuse to beat people.