[WATCH] Cop Climbs on Top of Homeless Veteran Who Was Sleeping and Pounds His Face In, Tases Him

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Officer Cromwell can be seen climbing on top of the man who was sound asleep, clawing his face, and gouging his eyes.

MANTECA — The raw body cam footage of a police officer who beat a non-aggressive, sleeping homeless man has surfaced online, causing outrage at and criticism of the Manteca Police Department.

The Manteca Police released the footage last Thursday.

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They claim that the beating of the homeless man was “justified,” despite the fact that the man was sound asleep when the cop first began initiating violent force.

Robert Olvera, 48, is a veteran who became homeless due to financial difficulties in a troubled economy and had to find a place to sleep at night.

He says he was brutally beaten and tased by the officer for no reason.

Olvera was sound asleep behind a car wash facility.

He was not bothering anybody, and the car was facility appeared to be closed already.

Officer Ben Cromwell approached Olvera with his Taser already drawn, pointing it at Olvera’s sleeping body.

Officer Cromwell can be heard on the video screaming “Police! Wake up!” again and again.

Olvera was so deep in sleep that he couldn’t even consciously register what was happening, and clearly did not pose any threat to Officer Cromwell.

Despite no threat of danger, Officer Cromwell appears to use his foot to either kick or step on Olvera.

Olvera then is startled, confused and wakes up. He can be heard groaning in pain and saying something like “Ouch! That hurt!”

That’s when officer Cromwell appears to climb on top of Olvera and begin beating him.

Officer Cromwell yanked Olvera’s arm back so hard that Olvera can be heard complaining that “You’re breaking my arm!”

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At one point in the video, Officer Cromwell’s hand can be seen clawing Olvera’s face and gouging his eyes in.

After repeatedly beating Olvera, Officer Cromwell then escalates the situation even more and shoots Olvera with his Taser gun.

Olvera’s daughter explains the story via Cop Block.

“My papa, a U.S. veteran and grandfather of six, was outside of an express car wash with a friend when Officer Cromwell came to do a routine stop (harass) and the encounter turned violent. Officer Cromwell unlawfully tried to make an arrest and my grandpa complied while the cop tried to say he was resisting.

They began to beat him with his hands behind his back. Not only were they punching his face, but they kicked him in his ribs repeatedly; they also managed to give him a few blows to his head with a baton. After the three minute long beating was over, Cromwell uncuffed my grandpa and said, “Don’t worry, he’s not going to do anything now.”


“Don’t worry, he’s not going to do anything now,” says cop, after sleeping veteran is brutally beaten.

After the ambulance took my grandpa to the hospital, they took care of him for two nights, then released him. He was never charged with ANYTHING, and he was never booked. On top of all of this, it leaves so many questions. Why is it that they never tazed or pepper sprayed him?  Why does my grandpa have handprint-shaped bruises on his neck, and bruises, cuts, and welts all over his back and the back of his head? He even has road rash on the side of his face! Those police who handled this were cowards just looking for someone to pick on that night.”

Watch video below:

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