Cop Responsible for the Torture of Over 200 Citizens, Tied Bags Over Heads, Called N****ers and Electrocuted Penises

Office Burge is said to have tortured over 100 black men. He has been released from prison after serving only 4 years, and now he gets to keep his monthly police pension.

Office Burge is said to have tortured over 100 black men. He has been released from prison after serving only 4 years, and now he gets to keep his monthly police pension.

UPDATE (1/5/16) Government Agrees to Pay Reparations to Some of the Victims

The government has formally “apologized” to the victims and now it has agreed to throw some money at them — a mere $100k.

The Free Thought Project reports as follows:

Last spring, the City Council agreed to make Chicago the nation’s first major city to pay reparations 44 years after the first known instance of torture committed by Burge and his men. After Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced the creation of a $5.5 million city fund for Burge’s victims, the former police commander condemned the decision by stating, “I find it hard to believe that the city’s political leadership could even contemplate giving `Reparations’ to human vermin.”

On Monday, 57 of Burge’s torture victims each received $100,000 from the city of Chicago. Since a few victims had already received previous settlements, those amounts were deducted from their shares. Family members of deceased Burge victims were ineligible for financial reparations but were still eligible for non-financial reparations, including prioritized access to senior care services, health services, job training, small business assistance, and specialized counseling services.

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Besides formally apologizing and paying the reparations, the city has also agreed to begin teaching students about Burge’s legacy of corruption in Chicago’s public schools. Beginning this school year, eighth- and tenth-grade students will examine Burge’s crimes in U.S. History in regards to police brutality and the violation of constitutional rights.

CHICAGO — A now-former Chicago police officer will be rewarded with a $4000/month pension despite the fact that he was found responsible for the false imprisonment and torture of as many as 200 citizens, mostly African American males.

Officer Jon Burge was a police commander for over a decade in Chicago.

During his time as a commander, he oversaw a literal torture ring for innocent black people that his officers scooped up from the streets and framed.

The torture used on these victims included electrical shocks, genital torture, suffocation, bludgeoning, and isolation, to name but a few techniques. Some of the techniques are so heinous we cannot repeat them here.

Officer Burge was eventually sent to prison, but spent less than four years.

Pictures of him walking out of the court house victoriously after being released and rewarded with a $4000-per-month pension have outraged the victims, who still bear the emotional and physical scars of what Burge did to them.

Many of the victims are now reliving their nightmares as Burge was transferred to a comfortable halfway house in Florida.

The terrorism and torture that he waged on Chicago’s southside spanned from the 1970s to the 1990s.

Because of the statute of limitations, Burge was not fully punished for his actions, but only received four years for a charge of perjury, having lied about the torture he managed.



Many of the victims have started to speak out on this travesty.

You’d think that with all the attention the mainstream media is giving to police brutality lately, that they would be broadcasting this story every day and night.

Instead it was briefly reported and then allowed to sink quickly down the memory hole.

One of the victims who spoke out recounted how police under Burge’s command kidnapped him and took him to a police station where his family and friends could not be reached.

Once in the police station, the officers tied a bag over his head.

They then hooked up electrical devices to his body that would shock him.

They began shocking him over and over again, suffocating him until he “confessed” to a murder he had never committed.

Since police could not solve the case, they chose a random black person from the streets and tortured that person into confessing so that it would look like they solved it.

The victim recounts how Burge screamed “don’t bite [n-word]!” as he was suffocating inside the bag.

Burge also oversaw the electrocution of the victim’s penis repeatedly.

“I need some help,” Holmes told a crowd of reporters at city hall yesterday, according to the Tribune. “I try to hold my emotions back because I don’t want people to see me like that. … My family has been through a lot.”

>After gaining the fake “confession” from him, Officer Burge saw to it that Holmes would spend the next 30 years of his life locked away in prison, torn from his loved ones.

Since Burge’s capture and release, Mayor Rahm Emanuel officially apologized on behalf of Chicago.

He called Burge’s torture ring a  “dark chapter in the history of the city of Chicago.”

“All of us,” he said, are “sorry for what happened.”

And there you have it. Officer Burge gets rewarded with monthly cashflow, while the victims receive an “apology.”

Watch the video below:

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  • felixinmontana

    So much for the whole “cannot profit from one’s crime”

  • The first complaint about Burge was filed in 1978. The Police and the State covered it up for over 30 years and villainaized the people who were trying to get justice. When we in Chicago at that time were working to expose Burge and the coverup in the 90’s, the Feds put us on watchlists and infiltrated and meddled instead of just doing something about the torture we were trying to expose and deal with! As though we were bad people or suspicious!! 30+ years they could have done something!! Then the statute of limitations ran out on the crimes this gross vile animal committed.. so all they could do was get him for perjury about lying about not being a torturer.. what kind of pathetic “intelligence” is that? The Democratic Party in Chicago. This is their cover-up and it is their shame.. the Party of the first Black President, no less.

    • K Solomon

      No matter the party, the puppets on either side are controlled by the same elites. Slavery through law, mental slavery and a brutal police to en-force the law… If the slaves still play up then put them back in chains, inside a metal cage. Maritime law under the Crown Corporation of London is the remedy for the master.

      • it does matter which party regardless of which party.

      • Kikay Exum

        K Solomon..Forgive me for asking this question..in this manner…Why on earth do you have sense enough to know Israel DID 9-11… How can Maritime Law be applied…when the question of citizenship doesn’t apply. Please send a message on Facebook. Peace

    • sheryldotrock

      It certainly does not sound like justice. Did they drag their heels intentionally to allow the statute of limitations to pass? That’s my impression.

      • of course that’s what they did.. they thought? think it is all going to go away because they are the police and they’ve been deceived into thinking they are the law.. but all that’s happened is they have less and less credibility every day.

      • yes . which means it’s possible to argue in court that the statute cannot run out when the corruption is ongoing … having been reported in a timely fashion

    • there should be a question as to whether the statute of limitation can run out when reports were made … because the reports of torture and corruption were made within the statute of limitation

    • Chynah Blaze

      This happened years before Obama! He can’t change the statute so gtfo my president and blame the people responsible! Stick to facts

      • ok.. i’ll stick to the facts. Obama was a community organizer in the neighborhood where this was happening, and he was a state senator and a us senate seat older and never did anything because he is a political actor. there you go, there is the fact based response to your political non-sequitur. are you glad you did that now?

  • bumbum

    Robert Run=Imbecile

  • jessica ciocca

    I’m frankly surprised that somebody didn’t kill him in prison. Vile piece of trash.

    • DO

      Protective custody yo.

    • John’s Kawasaki

      killem before they grow……. lol

    • 1AmericanKat

      they could have saved the taxpayers some money if they did so…i am only sorry that he is still breathing

    • They dont put copper in gen pop.

  • nationangel1948

    It is an outrage this man is receiving a pension. He is being rewarded for his crimes!


      This happens all the time with unions. There is an entire building of scum-of-the-earth teachers in NY, that have committed felonies, including rape, and other child abuse, and still get a paycheck and retirement, for just showing up to this building, because they are not allowed in or near a school anymore, but the union keeps them from getting FIRED! These people frame the unions, then pay the unions, then frame them some more, then pay judges through the unions, so they are above the law! Typical Chicago mafia MO! Pray for these people, because God is going to get them for that!

  • IHateFatChicks

    I hope someone gets and enjoys the appropriate street justice against this torturer and murderer. He’s despicable and subhuman. MOST LE is comprised of narcissistic sociopaths, pathological liars, violent psychopaths and troglodytes with double digit IQ’s.

    • and every other officer, investigator, prosecutor, lame ass ‘defense’ attorney, and judge …

  • ben dover

    I think we need his home address and he needs a visit in the middle of the night


      Makes you really wonder, why all the drive-by’s are black-on-black!

      • truth

        What makes you think they are all committed by Black folks. That’s just what the media reports. In the last 2 months there have been 3 drive bys, major, major, drive bys. All committed by whites. Didn’t make the National news.

        • 4PERCENTER

          I phrased that wrong. Blacks are doing the drive-bys in the black communities. If whites were doing drive-bys in the black community, Ferguson would look like pre-K! I know whites do drive-bys. They invented it!

  • John’s Kawasaki

    get over it, it is a racist and xenophobic country, even those who are discriminated are also racist, you learn to be racist at an older age, kids get along but as they grow the tend to Chinese with Chinese, blacks with blacks. and rednecks with rednecks…. now its Muslims, before it was Indians, the fact that this cop gets away with shit is because the law was written by WHITE MAN FOR WHITE MAN…….. NOT EVEN A BLACK MAN COULD CHANGE IT FROM THE WHITEHOUSE

    • marytg

      when cops start doing it to white people it will change. I just hope this thing finds out what it felt like

      • Steve Royal

        They do it to white’s as well, equal opportunity torturer’s. They all have tasers.

      • 4PERCENTER

        They have already done it to white people. It will never change! It is not about race, it is about power!

        • L

          This is very much about race. It doesn’t happen to white people as often because they are white lol.

    • Rose

      Yes, let’s just get over it. Getting bagged, beaten, and tased in the genitals is just another day in the park – huh man? Nothing to see here, moving a long. You’re just as bad as the city is. Turn a blind eye. Shame on you.

  • Mike Fuller

    is nothing being done?


      How do you think we got obama in office? Of course nothing is being done!

      • Mike Fuller

        your hate of a man will not solve a problem

        • 4PERCENTER

          That is true. My Prayer for a man, and my hate of his evil ways, will solve the problem. I hate no man.

          • DRE

            I hope your justification is that you’re unemployed. I hope you don’t buy lower price gas or even use the stronger dollar. This economy is at the best it has been in decades, look up it. Stop being blinded by hatred and open your damn eyes.

          • 4PERCENTER

            My Justification comes from Salvation, but you won‘t understand that statement. Lower priced gas is a result of obama stockpiling gas to drive the price up. It backfired on him, as more things are backfiring on him, every day. He had to dump the hoard before it went bad! This is just a temporary correction. As for the stronger dollar, the Foreign Exchange Market says that you are incorrect, so your evident is flawed or non-existent. China, Russian, Saudi Arabia, and South America have been in secret talks since shortly after obama, and America is never invited. The are discussing how to replace the Dollar as the base currency of the world! Read what happened to Great Britain, when this happened to the Sterling. Buffet, Soros, Slim, Gates, Trump, etc, have all positioned themselves for the collapse of the Dollar. You are too young to know about Nazi Germany, or to care, but there is a direct overlay of the events leading up to WWII, and we are passed the point of no return! It is you that are blind, and cursing does not make your point any more valid; in fact it degrades your credibility, integrity, and literacy. Merry Christmas; thank your food stamp President that your ‘economy’ has gone from $7.35 to $10.00. You might be in hog-heaven, but the Department of Labor and Statistics says, you are dead wrong! BTW, if God Loves a person, and hates their way, you might want to learn to do the same.

  • Al Schlichter

    Why is it a big surprise that he’s getting paid? He spent his career getting paid to treat the public this way. He’s not the only one & it wouldn’t keep going on if others didn’t support his behavior.

  • Rudya

    To Rahm Emmanuel:
    If you want to stop this sort of behavior in the future, any legal costs or fines imposed because of police misconduct should come out of the police budget, not the general budget. Then watch how fast commanders properly supervise.

    • leann

      Very good idea!!

    • Leigh306

      Fine and jail time. Crimes are crime no matter who commits them. Was there ever integrity in police? For some reason, I am thinking there’s not been. Fines for the institution and jail time for the police who does the crime. And definitely a lost of that pension. Any crime should be a loss of pension, but then would there be a lot more cover ups?

      • there couldn’t be more cover ups . every crime by every cop is already covered up

        meanwhile, police were originally amassed as slave catchers … they began as servants to the slave owning ‘elite’ …

  • Russann Tomlinson

    We condone the acceptance of violence, bullying and abuse through our children on a corporate level and it must stop! Think about just the orcas alone at SeaWorld and work your way up through society! Take a stance and STOP giving money to corporations that strip society of our morals and rights.


    Under obama’s watch. Not a word from him, holder, biden, kerry, clinton, pelozi, reid, schultz, waters, rice, wiener, jackson, sharpton… If he was America‘s greatest community organizer, does that mean he organized the torture of these men, or he just didn’t do any “organizing” in that area?

  • Jae

    I hope this devil die evil my

  • MsNae Wrknonmines Perry

    THIS IS SOME BS!!!! If his skin were Darker Meaning that of a minority HE WOULD BE UNDER THE JAIL…& We all know that pension would be out the DOOR!! Stop giving these RACIST Special Treatment and start showing them there are CONSEQUENCES FOR THEIR ACTIONS!!

  • “TheDixieDrifter”

    This is a slap in the face to all the Tax payers of the state of Illinois …… P.S. you must VOTE to change this F’d-up system .

  • Meisha Byrd

    After all the money he cost them for lawyers and paying his victims he used all of his pension up. The State of Illinois shouldn’t give him a dime more. Make him live in the slums of south Chicago where he would only be able to afford to live. Lol. He wouldn’t make it a week before someone did something to him.

  • Redvirgo

    This needs to be protested.

  • Lisa Summers-Johnson

    Why in the hell is he getting a pension when he is costing the city millions not to mention the sadistic stuff he did..only 4 yrs and a pension..Wtf

  • Carl

    take it all away as he did to his victims. Give that money to his victims every month. And he still should be in Prison be tortured the way he did his victims. SICK!

  • Hannah Hayes

    How is he still alive?

  • Edward The Great

    And idiot cop lovers will still try to justify this pig’s actions and spread that same old tired line/lie that not all cops are bad. Yes they are. Why did no one ever put a stop to this? They are just as guilty.

  • Seth A. Yellin

    Paid temporary leave if that…. :'( #RIP
    Torture and probably kill those cops. 😉

    #America #Merica #Murica #USA #Obama #Science #Fibonacci #AstralProjection #LucidDreaming #Dream #Religion #Religions #Police #Cops #Policestate #Fascism #Fascists #Corporatism #Election #Elections #xD #Namaste #Bless #God #Goddess

  • Gabriel Anibal Toribio


  • charles000

    Send him to ISIS. I’m sure they’ll find something interesting to do with him.

  • Tsavo

    Do your community a favor, kill cops.

  • Clive

    This is one asshole who deserves a fatal case of lead poisoning.

  • Disgusted

    These are sick people who become peace officers… Sicko… I am really surprised he did not get life in prison for torture

  • iGlad

    God Bless Amerikkka

  • DiePIG

    The only way to protect yourself against a PIG, is to shoot first and ask question later.

  • Johnny B Good

    He’s in Florida now? There has to be some retired thugs from Chicago down in Florida…I’m not saying break the law, but you could eliminate this pension boondoggle quite easily. Just saying…

  • Ali Senga Ferunzy

    Its hightimes people have to rise up and standup for their rights due to systems sucks and all those whom are in power and govern they just Thugs,thugs whom are still thinking of Mental Salvery their are the masters,this has to Stop .

  • Brock Lee

    This shit is gonna stop,,,,

  • Errol Hobson

    Burge won’t live long enough to spend any of that pension, he’s going to be visited by some uninvited guests wherever he chose to hide. Mark my Word!!