Cop Who Filmed Himself Raping Children On Duty, Found Dead



Ste. Genevieve County, MO — It has been announced that St. Genevieve County Sheriff’s Major Joson Schott has been found dead in his jail cell, after a history of attacking women and even children.

The sheriff’s office has not released many details at this point, saying only that it “appears” to “be a suicide” and assuring the media that an “investigation is ongoing.”

If you are not familiar with what this (now deceased) officer did, the details may disturb you.

For years, he inflicted his sick and twisted desires on multiple victims.

In 2014, a co-worker found a thumbdrive that belonged to this cop.

On that thumbdrive were photos and videos of his victims.

This prompted a seizure of all of his computers and storage devices. What officials found was shocking.

According to the records, Rainey had been violently molesting children. He was committing crimes involving “acts of aggravated sexual abuse” against four women, and he even enticed a minor to participate in sexual prostitution, reports say.

He was charged with multiple accounts of sexual assault, corruption by a public servant, and use of a child in a sexual performance.
The Free Thought Project reports as follows:

 As if the horrific abuse of authority on women and children wasn’t bad enough, Rainey also went after the mentally ill. In promising to help a mentally ill woman who’d been the victim of a crime, Rainey began to stalk her and send her sexual pictures. He then told the mother if she wanted help solving her crime, she’d have to force her young daughter to strip for nude photos.

Commenters on social media have started to popularize the slogan “police are the new priests.”

A moment’s reflection on all the cops who have been molesting and raping might justify such a sentiment.  The Free Thought Project has enumerated many cases. As follows:

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Officer, Clarence Thomas Jr., was arrested after it was found that he was having sex with students at the high school where he was also the football coach.

Cody C. Smith, a former deputy with the Cache County Sheriff’s Office pleaded no contest to forcing children to have sex with him.

A Colorado deputy, whose name is being withheld to protect the victim, is facing charges of aggravated incest. The reason the court will not release his name is because the victim is his young daughter.

Dallas police officer, Oscar Araiza, 41, pleaded guilty to raping a sleeping woman. But thanks to a plea deal, likely stemming from his cop status, Araiza never served one day in jail, nor will he be required to register as a sex offender.

31-year-old Jeffrey Adgers Jr., of the Connecticut Department of Corrections, was arrested and charged with second-degree illegal possession of child pornography.

Last year, the Mount Pleasant Police Chief, Brian Fanelli, pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography.

Mark David Wallevand, 42, of the Fargo Police Department was charged within days of Fanelli with a felony count of promoting a sexual performance by a minor and five felony counts of possession of certain materials prohibited.

And the list goes on.

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  • disqus_8ueb10GkpY

    If the history of these cowards being held accountable for their crimes is any indication, it’s a good bet his buddies in the department had absolutely nothing to do with this one. In fact, they’re probably planning a candle-light vigil for their lost brother right now and swearing a blood oath to victimize more women and children in his honor.

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  • wyatt & billy

    We say 50% of cops do this. Oh yeah they’re predators out prowlin claiming they are helping society. the oath is weak. we need drug tests on these “helpers”…. right, Billy?

  • Rod

    No loss

  • memegawker

    Good news for a change

  • PAUL

    Good another stankn redneck pig dead .

  • johnny staccato

    we are seeing the decline and fall of an american structure. Since prosecutors allowed police to commit crime it snowballed to police now raping and molesting children. Its too late for prosecutors to stop the avalanche of police sex crimes. By letting them get away with it, prosecutors are co conspirators in depravity.

  • MsDeeDee

    Just because they wear a uniform doesn’t mean that they’re not human !

  • Shemp

    all you crooked cops just kill yourselves now. why go thru the embarrassment of getting caught.. just do it. your scumbag pedophile rapist cop buddy did it. go see him in the afterworld. do it.

  • 58 Squarebird

    Why can’t we just hang them?

  • Gregformercy

    His name was Marty Rainey. The Sheriffs department spokesperson was Maj. Jason Schott. Fucking fact check THE BASIC FACTS.