WATCH: Cop Who Raped Woman at Gunpoint Calls His Sentence “An Injustice”

rapist cop

Officer Pena

Officer Michael Pena was convicted of raping an innocent woman.

The victim of the rape was a school teacher, Lydia Cuomo.

Officer Pena pleaded guilty to the charges.

It began when Lydia was getting ready to go to work.

She had recently been offered the new job as a school teacher and it was supposed to be her first day.

But that all changed when Officer Pena crossed paths with her.

He took her by force to a courtyard in an apartment complex.

The officer then drew his NYPD-issued 9MM handgun and aimed it at her.

He told her he was going to “blow her head off” unless she did what he told her, according to reports.

He then proceeded to rape her.

The details and nature of the case were thought to be so horrific that Officer Pena was given 75 years in prison.

Officer Pena thought the sentencing wasn’t fair, and his attorney said of it that it was the most severe sentence “ever imposed in the modern era in this country…”

For Lydia, however, it is hard to understand the kind of emotional, physical, and psychological trauma that she must now overcome for the rest of her life.

“I still have my entire life with this,” said Lydia.

Adding, “I did nothing to ask for it. I do think the punishment fits the crime.”

It must have been quite a surprise for Officer Pena to discover that he would actually be punished for raping a woman at gunpoint and threatening to murder her, given that police officers are rarely punished sexual crimes, and many of them don’t even get reported.

It must be asked: who is the real victim here? It is so typical of rapists to self-victimize and seek pity once they are caught; and this officer, evidently, is no exception.

The nerve to paint himself as the victim, after all of the pain and suffering he caused to this woman, justifies a much harsher punishment, if anything.


Watch the video below:



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  • withavengeance

    Being drunk it no excuse! The sentence was too light, IMHO!

  • west

    hahaha that’s what u get fucking scumbag! hes gonna be everyone’s bitch in jail. finally some justice served

    • west

      although chances are he will take the cowards way out and take his own life

      • trentrockport

        I could live with that. Pig hangs himself like that coward Ariel Castro from Cleveland. If there’s a Hell waiting for him, so much the better.

  • Chum Lee Jr

    Put him in Gen Pop – his sentence will last only a week or so. His fellow inmates will mete out prison justice for cops who rape. He will not go quickly, or painlessly. Typical whiny BS from bad cop – “it’s not fair”. Die, rapist scum.

    • Phil

      I doubt he’d last a week , sound idea tho .

    • Jeramie Walton

      Chum, I like you… and I see eye to eye on this shitl.

    • kingshit410

      It sucks that they don’t put cops and Child molesters in gen Pop.

    • tinynot

      right with ya there CHUM, place the mofo in with all of them, let them take care of his damned ass, and they will. i would love to witness it, and see it, i would love it, no shit. beat his ass, or, let em give 5years or so, and right before he went inside, give em to me for 15mins and with me with a baseball bat, he may not make it to prison….no shit!

    • Mike

      Put him in general population, and make him the prison whore, passed around for a bag of chips as payment, the coward rapist cop will soon kill himself!!!

  • Tom Birmingham

    rapists are only caught a small percentage of the time. This guy probably had 3 others under his belt if stats are correct.

    • Joe Shmo

      a cop would have gotten away with more than the average

      how much more for someone who would abuse their authority as an officer? there is simply no telling

    • CarlanmartinRyan Kelly

      brilliantly true Tom Birmingham !

    • Stazzy

      Double that. According to statistics rape is 2 times as high among cops than general population

    • Now that they have his DNA, and **IF** they bothered to process previous rape kits…

  • patrick

    You are all wrong. Just kill him, tired of paying for the shmucks. I can think of plenty of other things to spend $40,000 on.

    • mikeholtan

      Hahaha it costs a touch more than a million a year to lock someone up in prison….. $75,000,000.. Completely agree but death sentence is too easy on him.. They should be shipped to a 3rd world country prison and forgotten to live his days as a stuck pig… American prisons are too soft for sex offenders… Especially cops

      • dragonseye96

        Maybe we have finally found a good reason to keep Gitmo open.

    • JazzyJazz123

      and refuse him the same torture he put that woman (and probably others in?) HELLZ NOOOO! lolz He better hope for some soap on a rope lmao

  • SNT

    i can only hope an inmate return the favor everyday of those 75 years..

  • Zächary Trüdeau

    These are the lowlifes that we need to use for testing & experimenting on. Lock him in a cage for the rest of his life, expose him to every disease & radiation & maybe we can find a cure for cancer or something useful for the rest of us. No need for animal testing anymore when we have beings like this.

    • mikeholtan

      Cancer has a cure… Marijuana.. Its been proven that CBD and CBDC eat away at cancer cells in the body… But completely agree, except he shouldn’t have any contact with anyone other than ppl bigger than him so he can find out how traumatic a rape actually is

      • Elegy Mills

        I wouldn’t say a cure, exactly, but an effective treatment? Yes, most definitely.

        • Faslane

          Yes. Very effective but not proven as a cure.

        • dragonseye96

          Actually, every “independant” study that has been conducted by a reputable reseach facility that does NOT have ties to BigPharma(who stands to lose billions$$$$ when they can no longer sell their treatments that klill more people than the cancers do) has shown that it not only prevents cancer but does, indeed, cure it.
          If you want more info, get back and I’ll give you a list of links to the studies.

          • Elegy Mills

            Hell yeah I want more info, this sounds awesome. 😀

      • Zächary Trüdeau

        I wasn’t thinking about testing medical marijuana on him, we got plenty of people that would actually volunteer for that… I was thinking of a more Dr. Mengele approach. Why test on monkeys when we have these degenerates?

        • JazzyJazz123


      • Rory Murray


    • Eva Amore

      Have we learned anything from World War II?

      • Zächary Trüdeau

        Yes, we have learned more in the fields of science from some of the Nazi’s experiments. They were obviously cold & sadistic people, but they were not stupid. Now we have opportunities to learn even more using these lowlifes as test subjects. The difference between WW2 & now is the sadistic people will be the subjects. I hope that answers your question. 🙂

      • Alhazred

        Blind child.



    • JazzyJazz123

      heh 😛


    oh you dont wanna serve 75 years for being a domestic terrorist? lets publicly castrate you then.

    • Joe Heisenberg

      And take off his limbs. Castration, removal of limbs and blinding, no cop pensions and banishment to Alaska. He should get that in lieu of prison.

      • mikeholtan

        Why would you want to taint Alaska??? No I couldn’t allow that. Give them to the solviets. They have the harshest worst prisons in the world

        • Amara Solita Vala

          sell them to Iraq as suicide bombers 😉

    • Dylan

      Prison should be the second option, Castration the first. If you’ve no regard for others’ right to have their sexual organs free from invasion you should have no right to yours. That’d be some real justice. If he gets put in General Population here’s hoping the real justice gets delivered.

      • Kkkriss

        I totally agree…… Castrate the MFer!!!!

    • dragonseye96

      Rape is rarely about sex. Its about power… and honestly, is there a more powertrippin’ gang on the streets these days?


        there is not. but theyre still terrorists.

  • Elizabeth Mielczarek-Hulsen

    for his attorney…Mr. Savitt maybe if he did this to your wife, mother or daughter you would sing a different tune. this vile depraved scum thug should have received the death sentence. So happy this maggot will NOT walk among us in society. May he get raped in jail everyday of his miserable life!

    • Toasty Menace

      No death penalty in NY.. :-/

    • wulf

      why kill him? why not just revert to the old ways and chop his wang off?

  • shortie

    Public Officials, Especially Cops, Deserve Double The Punishment. Their Job Is To Uphold The Law, Breaking It Makes Them Even More Criminal Than The Average Person.

    • Elegy Mills

      Given how often they literally get away with murder… :/

    • Eva Amore

      Double the punishment? I disagree. Equally punished? That I can agree with. Here we are screaming about how the country is unfair due to corruption yet you want more punishment for a certain group of people. Hypocrite.

      • George Joseph Lane

        We punish teachers who rape students more harshly than others, due to the duty of care, same with family members, why not same with cops?

        • Karen Glammeyer Medcoff

          no they don’t. at least not the female teachers. which is sick in and of itself. equal crime, equal treatment male or female.

          • That.s not correct. I have seen several women sentenced for statutory rape more harshly then men who violently raped women.

      • Mark F.

        Eve Amore, are you a cop? Or is a cop in your family?
        Because that is the only reason why anyone could possibly not want this sentence. Cops are above the law. That’s what they tell us at every opportunity. So, to be an “Effective” deterrent, the punishment has to be more than everybody else’s. Otherwise that is not a fair or unbiased result.

        They give longer and stronger sentences for certain crimes or to certain groups of people. Cops need to get a MUCH Stronger sentence because they are supposed to be the persons who know the laws and are paid to enforce those laws. If and When a cop goes “Bad”, that cop should get the absolute worst sentence available!! As a general warning to the other cops. “Hey, don’t break the law, we get the book thrown at us if we do!”

        • cavenaugh

          I am a former law enforcement officer. I had to leave my position because of non work related back and leg issues. As an officer I treated the public with dignity and tried always to empathize with whatever the individual was involved in. This jackass deserves the absolute maximum amount of punishment available. Any law enforcement officer who commits a crime deserves the maximum of whatever punishment is available for the crime he or she commits. As a former law enforcement officer I know there were good officers and bad ones just like any other profession. I can rest easy knowing I did my very best to be a good officer and never thought of myself as being better than the person on the other side of the law. “But for the Grace of God, there go I.”

          • luis

            Well then thank you for doing your job. The problem is the position creates ‘opportunities’ for the abuse of said power. It sucks because I’m friends with several LEOs and they are good hard working people, who love their families and their neighbors, but I know very few who have never ‘bent’ the law for their own favor. It’s a rotten conundrum, but still better to be safe than sorry. If we give someone a monolopy on violence they are more apt to use it.

          • luis

            and to clarify, when I say ‘better safe than sorry’, I mean better to distrust law enforcement until proven trustworthy.

          • Jeramie Walton

            there is no good cops. if there were, there would be no bad cops…. The so called “good”cops,(like you)…are just cowards.and we have no fucking use for cowards that can’t even clean their own house of the scum infesting it.

          • bj

            Cavenaugh, why do good cops so rarely ie virtually never (legally) collect evidence that would expose the bad cops? Did you see any moral obligation to do it? The evidence could be anonymously given to a journalist for all to see. Until the bad cops are exposed and shamed in mainstream media there is no hope of change.

          • cavenaugh

            The bad cops know how to cover their tracks and finding provable evidence is like finding a needle in a haystack. I heard rumors of things going on that shouldn’t have but I never viewed it happening. I do know officers that got caught doing something they shouldn’t have were terminated quickly. Also, policy makes it difficult to make sure the information gets to the top of the chain. Its one of things where “who knows who is watching who’s back.” If I followed the chain of command and someone is buddy, buddy with the person I knew was doing wrong then it wouldn’t go very far. If I approached the media, then I would lose my job. The only hope is to have more good cops than bad. Again, I didn’t see any evidence on anything I just heard rumors. If the rumors are not true I could have ruined someones career. Yes, If I witnessed an illegal search, I would have to contact an attorney to assure my protection and hope that it worked out for the victim. Try and understand. If you are an officer and you are not absolutely sure of something happening that is illegal you are going to lose support from a lot of your co-workers and if you are there doing your job and get in a dangerous situation, your back up may not rush to get to you. Its life or death out there and you better know what you are talking about when you turn in a fellow officer.

          • Paul J Salerno

            There are no good cops. They’re all bad. Even a recently interviewed former New Orleans cop says 70% of his department should be fired or indicted.

            Don’t give me your cop BS, you were never a good cop. Neither is the cop who lives down the street who has the fun July 4th party every year. Your cop uncle isn’t a good cop either. They’re all bad cops. They might all be good people, great people, when you hang out with them on their days off, but being a good person outside the job does not translate into being a good cop.

            If your cop friend has ever ticketed or arrested someone for a victimless crime he’s a bad cop and the poor souls he arrested or ticketed were so for committing acts that harmed nobody.

            Imagine if a normal citizen started going around acting like a typical cop. Imagine a normal-looking guy in regular clothes handcuffing people, throwing them in the back of his vehicle, and then locking them up in his dungeon because he doesn’t approve of them consuming marijuana, carrying a handgun on their person for self-defense without government permission, or even fishing without a license. Imagine if this guy was demanding that people who don’t wear their seatbelts give him money. Imagine if this person was claiming the right to use violent force against anyone who didn’t comply and the right to kill anyone who physically fought back.

            Regardless of whether or not he believed he was doing a good deed, such an individual would rightly be seen as crazed and criminal. But this is exactly what typical police do on a daily basis.

            The only good cop is an ex-cop who left the force disgusted by the number of victimless crime laws he was asked to enforce and that’s clearly not you.

            “Well, we’ll see who how much you hate cops after my cop friend saves your life!”

            I challenge the claim that police provide any protection at all. Cops are too busy ruining young pot smokers’ lives and giving single mothers $200 tickets to worry about protecting me from bad guys. On top of that violent crime rates are at a four-decade low (in spite of the bad economy and in spite of a great deal of that violence being a result of the government’s drug war) and there’s evidence that an American is more likely to be killed by an American cop than a terrorist.

            History will not look kindly on the modern American police. We have the highest incarceration rate in the world and there are daily police-brutality incidents, each one slightly more horrific than the last, being documented on YouTube so historians fifty years from now will be able to look back and study the Great Amerikan Police-State.

            School children in other countries will watch footage of American police dressed up like Darth Vader kicking down families’ doors, pointing guns at the children, and killing the family dogs over minor marijuana possession the same way American school children learn about (or used to learn about) the frightening brutality of police in Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union.

            When that time comes you won’t want to admit that you were related to or friends with American cops anymore than someone would want to admit that they were friends with or related to Nazis. If you’re related to one of the really bad cops you might even have to change your name and move far away.Take steps now to prevent yourself from being put in that position and to reverse the trend towards tyranny. Shame your cop friends into getting real jobs and if you’re unsuccessful gradually cut them out of your life completely. We need potential police to know that becoming a cop could cost them friendships and their invitation to the family Christmas dinner. Police need to know that a rapidly growing percentage of the American population looks at them with disgust. Only then will wannabe thugs stop joining police forces. Only then will the idea of becoming a cop be so degraded that law makers will be forced to end the war on vices because there won’t be any people willing to put on the badge and enforce victimless laws anymore.

          • John Dickinson

            Furthermore, if a good cop exposes a bad cop, the good cop gets shit on and abused.

            She was making things safer people, and then she practically gets staked out! She crossed the blue line, and they want to make her pay.

      • wizayn

        I agree it should be double if not triple the max sentence for anyone in a position of governmental power.

      • Keaira

        But as a woman you should understand the degree of his crime. He not only raped or probably changed this woman’s life for forever but he abused his weapon and power of authority while doing so. Nthn is injustice about 75 yrs, they actually should have stoned his ass.

      • Hawk

        Wake up Eva. If a person of responsibility abuses their power it is an even more terrible crime deserving a higher sentence. This girl may never be able to trust police again if she needs help. Imagine being in her situation and have some empathy. The real issue is inequality here and thats how cops continually get away with an abuse of power. On the few times they get caught the penalty should contain a strong enough message to say ‘This will not be tolerated’. Politicians have even more responsibility. In this case the punishment fits the crime.

      • Robo

        Anyone who’s taken an oath to uphold & defend the Constitution should be punished more severely.

      • Emily Willow Lovrien

        You know why that is Eva? Cops have taken an oath to serve and protect the People. They swore that to the best of their abilities they would promote justice and uphold the laws so we may live in peace. But that is simply not the case anymore, as I hope you can see from all the crimes being committed by the corrupt men and women who took said oath. Injustice and greed have a price, and anyone who can stand there and blatantly ignore a solemn promise like that deserves to be severely punished for their actions.

      • George White Jr.

        You ever been raped?? From what we have been told, the damage is at least 3 folds with a rape victim. So yeah, double the sentence for police officers.

      • People who put themselves in a position of authority are expected to act in a higher fashion. When they fail they need to face a harsher punishment.

    • Robert Smith

      I agree shortie

    • Rolanda Hurst

      I couldn’t agree more.

    • countz3r0

      Breach of the Public Trust should be a Capital Crime.

  • Joe Heisenberg

    Shame is, I reckon he will get the sentence down on appeal and get parole earlier than that sentence. Damn i wish scum like this would get thrown in gen pop, die scumbag. nothing worse than rapists & cops, put the two together and it should be instantly aborted from this realm.

  • John Dickinson

    “Mass murderers get less time than my client.”
    Well… Yeah. Their victims suffering ends immediately. He caused her mental and physical trauma that’s going to haunt her for the rest of her life. He also smeared NYPD’s name though a mud field.

    • Elegy Mills

      Also the attorney is full of shit anyway; mass murderers do NOT get less time. They get 25 to life for each murder. Mass murderers typically don’t actually get convicted for all their murders because there’s no point; if they lived a thousand years, they’d spend them all in prison after a certain point. This pig and his greasy little pet lawyer are being a pair of disingenuous, remorseless, unapologetic drama queens acting like justice isn’t being served. Piggy’s used to being on the delivering side of the the “law,” not the receiving. Guess he doesn’t like how being put on trial, convicted, and sentenced to a “harsh” sentence feels.

      Put more of these corrupt fucks in prison. Put the fear of true justice into them. Maybe it’ll humble the piggies and remind them they’re there to serve US. NOT the other way around, despite how much they forget that these days.

      • John Dickinson

        I’m entirely with you on that. He’s a piece of shit, and he shouldn’t be given any respect.

  • NjPatriot

    Fucked up thing is that piece of shit will never see general population. God forbid something should ever happen to him while being property of the state, the state is still responsible for him that could lead to a civil lawsuit. Cost the tax payers even more money. He deserves a harsher sentence because he was a officer of the law and I bet he’s raped more than one since most rapes go unreported. If I was a prison cop, I’d make sure he would end up in general population somehow. Now that would be JUSTICE!!!!

  • Elegy Mills

    “Harshest?” For an officer of the law, who raped a woman at gunpoint?

    No. No, it’s too soft. His nuts should be tazed for an hour for every second he spent raping that woman, while someone holds a gun in his face and tells him that once they’re done, they’re going to blow his fucking head off. Load the gun and click off the safety in front of him for good measure.

    Piggy needs to quit his squealing and deal with living with the consequences of his disgusting, despicable actions. I doubt this woman was his first victim, too. Enjoy prison…ha…ha….HA. 😀

  • Harry_the_Horrible

    The sentence was a little light – he still has his junk and he’s still breathing.

  • Lucy Hernandez

    He got what he deserved he was not supposed to abuse his power as an officer yet that is what he did. GP is exactly what he needs the guys will teach him a thing or two. Bitches like him are exactly what keeps them happy.

    • capolarry

      The killer from Milwaukee, Jeff Damhler (I think that was his name) somehow got whacked in prison. Shit happens and one can hope it happens to this piece of slime.

  • beentoprison

    chum obviously you have never been to prison. inmates arent going to risk spending years in the hole to beat the shit out of some rapist. prison sucks but when you lose your commissary and tv and your free time and have to sit in an even tinier cell 23 hours a day with absolutely nothing to do but stare at a wall…

  • David West

    A .9mm gun? Damn, that’s not even a peashooter!

    Gun nut smarm aside, piss on this guy. I have no sympathy for a man who does something this heinous especially after making a career out of violating the rights of others.

  • John T. Castle

    This is *absolutely* the appropriate sentence. Police officers are all too often let go with a slap on the wrist — IF that — for crimes that would land non-police officers in prison for decades.

    What happened here is what should happen EVERY time. Being a cop doesn’t mean you’re above the law, and when you break the law after that trust is placed in you, you should pay HARDER than anyone else.

  • Faslane

    Let him rot….Then burn in he’ll. ALL rapists should get life and let them in general population to see how they like being raped in prison.

  • Ed

    a high percentage of these posts are representative of a mentality that is fundamentally at odds with the 8th amendment.

  • Arthur

    “mass murderers have gotten less time than my client” Yeah probably cause they didn’t parade around as a good guy, only to be a sick little fuck underneath.

  • George Raybin

    The injustice is that he still draws breath.

  • Jimmy Parks

    death to pigs

  • Screwthepiglets

    deserves to get raped in gen pop

  • Daniel Lewis

    Why is it that some rapist cop gets PC, but a 18 year old pot head gets gen pop?

    • zaiger

      Because PC is reserved for bitches and snitches.

  • Daniel Lewis

    Cut him up and put his organs on the donor list, that’s what I say.

  • Byberrian

    I agree with double even triple the sentence. If it were that poor rape victim on the chopping block that degenerate pig would throw the book at her. After being raped she would be charged with drug possession, resisting arrest, assault on an officer, disorderly conduct, and knowing those pigs they probably would’ve charged the poor woman with indecent exposure for being raped.

  • Ricky Blaze

    Cant stand people who prey on the weak. A school teacher? She was probably the purest woman he could find.

  • Mark Watson

    The sentence fits perfect. Those that are paid to uphold the law should be handed the max sentence for there crimes. How else are we going to stop this out of control police brutalty. They live as those they are above the laws. Social networks have brought to light so much of there you do what i tell you to do. Or i will charge you with something. Anything so they can fill the egoes with more power.

  • Samantha Wysocki

    gen pop for sure he’ll be taken care of

  • wizayn

    Rapists should get death.

  • John Castigo

    Fully emasculate him surgically. Remove it all. Have him peeing through a tube the rest of his life. Tattoo a bright red “R” on his forehead, facial cheeks, and neck and let him loose on society, letting society know exactly when and where this rapist will be released. Let society decide his fate.

  • holmessph

    I don’t care if it’s first offense or not, if you hold someone at gun point and rape them you should be castrated and put away. 75 years was a light sentence compared to the scarring and constant fear this lady will have to live with the rest of her life

  • Alex Figz

    I hope when he’s in general population a fellow inmate shows him some baton love..

  • justapatriot

    The sentence is just. Since he was an officer of the law, he knew that his actions would net him a greater penalty. I’m glad he got this and hope he serves every last minute of the time.

    • John

      I agree that the sentence is just, and I agree that as an officer of the law he ought to have a greater penalty for abusing his position.

      I don’t agree that ‘he know his actions would net him a greater penalty’. Many police think they are above the law, and the courts too often support them. He probably thought he could get away with it *because* he’s a cop.

      • justapatriot

        You have a good point, John. There are too many who think they are above the law today.

  • rugvendor

    no sympathy here

  • greenguy

    How’s this guy get 75 years but the cop who KILLED a mentally disabled kid only get one year?

    It does sound politically motivated – but this guy does deserve more time then a regular rapist because when you are a cop you take an oath and are held to a higher standard.

    • asdf

      If Americans could just ban together and make every single crime down do stealing candy an automatic death sentence, the world would be a better place overnight.

      • greenguy

        lol – well, thousands of years of evidence shows that humans have to be humans no matter what the silly laws they make say.

  • Matt

    Good, about time they actually throw the book at a cop. they should get quadruple the time as regular citizens because those scum bags are suppose to protect the people. An harshest for 1st time sex offender? There shouldnt be second time sex offenders, either deserve a pysch ward or bullet to the head.

  • Gary Williams Jr.


  • Tre Tyler Farmer

    If there is a just and loving God, and I believe there is, he won’t last long in prison.

  • John

    Its not .9mm. Its 9mm. A .9mm would fire bullets less than 1mm thick.

    I’m pleased by this sentence. Abusing your position as a police officer makes him deserve an extra heavy sentence.

    • rayb_baby

      I didn’t even notice that! He should have had said .9cm.
      (I know, that’s not official gun talk)

  • Christina Woodruff

    Yea, dude, you’re in a position of authority. You SHOULD be held to a higher standard than the average.

  • Dancing Mad

    The guy that made Loose Change is making a movie about police brutality and is looking for stories like this to cover.

  • Rebel

    Fuck that bastard.

  • Robo

    Cops should suffer a million times more for every crime as they’re placed in a position of trust by society.

  • Thomas Smith

    You know what a travesty is? The fact that his cop used his power as a cop to rape a woman and expects that he should be treated like a saint. He is slightly less bad than priests that rape children. Only slightly less bad because the priests are repeat offenders.

  • Maxine Kreider

    sorry but that woman will forever take that rape with her.

  • Heidi Medel

    He doesn’t deserve to live

  • kingshit410

    The lawyer is that type of sentence is not the norm and that’s the fucking problem. What he got should be considered light. People that rape in molest little kids won’t change. that’s like saying you can change anyone’s sexual preference you can’t so let’s just put a bullet in these sick fucks head and be done with it

  • Jesse Denby

    If he’s this offended at being punished, and if he performed the act with such obvious impunity : this is only the first time he’s been caught.

  • Gary Williams Jr.

    he is gonna be real popular in prison, IF he goes to prison. the inmates would love to have tea time with a cop. and a cop that rapes, he’s gonna have a lot romantic escapades in prison. maybe he could get a red dress and be “pretty woman”

  • darncat

    Too lenient. String him up by his nuts, and let him slowly stave and bleed to death while piranhas consume his genitals. that is still far less than the horrors he deserves. kill this devil, painfully, and make an example to them all. politically motivated- hell yeah. he carried a badge and did this? there is no defense as he admitted to it. kill him, kill him horribly and then there will be justice.

  • darncat

    NWA said it best 30 years ago:

  • Michael Loflin

    OH,,BOO HOO HOO. He’s damn lucky it wasn’t my family member. He would have gotten the death penalty.