Cops Furious About New App That Lets Users Track Police Locations


UPDATE (2/11/15): Hundreds of Cops Download Waze App to Fill it With False Information

In a desperate move, cops have now decided to attack technological progress itself.

Hundreds of cops in Miami have been entering inaccurate data into the Waze app to mislead users, trolling the app to cause confusion and inconvenience.

Evidently they think that by doing this, they can cause people to stop trusting (and therefore stop using) the app.

Cops seem to forget that they are vastly outnumbered, however, and a sea of accurate reputation-based reports could easily dwarf their trolling.

It’s Cop Logic 101: try to attack that which you don’t understand, and always fail.

It’s just like when angry cops decided to go “on strike” in New York City, but ended up demonstrating (i) that they are essentially armed revenue-generators for the State and (ii) that society would be much better off without most of their services. And one might also add (iii) that cops seem to have distressingly low IQs.

Tech Dirt explains how their attack on Waze is futile:

 Of course the very nature of crowd-sourced apps like this involves repeated false reports and unreliable users being weeded out not only by the system itself, but by more trustworthy reports from reliable Waze users with higher scores. Even if this dumb idea worked, and all Miami Waze users were confused into thinking speed traps were everywhere, wouldn’t they drive slower and ruin revenue generation (what this is really about) anyway?

All the Miami police force is doing is wasting time and taxpayer money in a war on perfectly legal conversation.

Continue reading below to get the full details. >>>


WASHINGTON — Google, Inc. has become the next target of cops.

Google purchased a feature for its traffic program called Waze.

Waze has been around since 2013, but many users have recommended it for a reliable way to track the location of police officers in their city.

There are over 50 million Waze users who can coordinate with each other to send out warnings about the locations of speed traps, traffic cameras, and police officers, along with more innocuous things like heavy traffic zones and construction zones.

But the cops will have none of it.

They claim that it puts them in danger because people can use Waze to stalk them, and they’re planning to fight Google until the app is disabled.

As reported by the AP:

Waze users mark police presence on maps without much distinction other than “visible” or “hidden.” Users see a police icon, but it’s not immediately clear whether police are there for a speed trap, a sobriety check or a lunch break. The police generally are operating in public spaces.

A Waze spokeswoman, Julie Mossler, said the company thinks deeply about safety and security. She said Waze works with the New York Police Department and others around the world by sharing information. Google declined to comment.

“These relationships keep citizens safe, promote faster emergency response and help alleviate traffic congestion,” Mossler said.

Police are fond of telling people that “If you haven’t done anything wrong, then you have nothing worry about.”

This slogan would apply with even greater logical force to police themselves.

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They are the ones roaming around public streets with loaded pistols, they are the organization that is notorious for having obscenely concentrated levels of violence and abuse — it only makes sense that citizens should begin monitoring them.

If they have no misconduct and corruption to hide, then they have nothing to worry about.


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  • Sawhim

    Sounds like a good program to me.

  • pissed

    I will be getting this app in support of telling the government to fuck off

    • Phil_J

      I just got it.

      • David Blake

        Me 2

        • king3opobn

          It works both ways though, they can now track you!?

          • Gary Horn

            No they can’t! You can set your profile as invisible!

          • eric

            if you have a cellphone they can already track you. why not have the road go both ways?

    • 7LibertyForAll

      I’ve had it for a while but really haven’t used it in this smaller town.

    • king3opobn

      It works both ways though, they can now track you!? And they are making it fun!?

      • Sassy Lou

        Great..and they will also track my dashcam watching them. The only thing Orwell got wrong was that the each person also had a camera and was pointing it toward the government!

    • Sassy Lou

      Excellent…the app has really improved also!!
      The dumbass police don’t know anything about being watched!!!

      Which is why they are getting into so much trouble these days.

      A NYC police officer Indictment just happened yesterday!!!! YAY!!!

    • from_Chicago

      Fool!! Haha!! And you believe this story!! They just told you a bs story to get you to download their app!!! Hahaha. Who has a low IQ??

  • Al Wolf

    time to hunt pigs.

    • Al

      Wolf, they’re gonna be bangin’ on your door for that one! You heard the one where the kid said, “It’s time to put wings on pigs!” He caught hell for that bit of FREEDOM OF SPEECH! …I hope you don’t have to.

      • Ashley

        WAZE is absolutey awesome. It’s not just used for cops, its used for traffic as well as hazards on the road or near it. ABC 7 even uses it for their traffic info 🙂 I’ve used the app since it came out!

        • adam

          What the name of that app

          • 7LibertyForAll


      • Al Wolf

        far from the first time.. save a life bbq a pig

    • DocHoliday

      It’s comments like that, that will see this app discontinued, banned and possibly illegal.

      Think before you comment, idiot..

      • Al Wolf

        so.. your worried the slave master will come down harder…

        • DocHoliday

          Judging by some of the content you spew, this “slave master” that you speak of will be knocking on your door soon… Are you ready to meet your Master?

          • Al Wolf

            im ready to kill or be murdered. you sound like a house slave.

          • MillerC

            Can you spell honeypot? You sound like an agent provocateur.

          • Al Wolf

            yup. i do know what one is. would you rather roll over and be a willing slave? would you rather our children are? i for one do not want my daughter growing up in what i see happening now.

          • jones

            Its about time the People woke up and took their chains off?

          • Sgt. Killgood

            Al Wolf don’t believe that punk . And don’t forget LOCK AND LOAD .

          • Sgt. Killgood

            Yep just as I thought your a punk .

          • DocHoliday

            Ya… so? Punks not dead.

      • Sgt. Killgood

        Did that big bad Al Wolf hurt your feelings ? We know who you are and we know what you are is not a very good man . Go and tell your cop buddies , that Wyatt Earp is in town and he is bringing hell with him .

        • DocHoliday

          cool story bro.

      • Jim Zubkowski

        al wolf comment is true

      • dikhx dik


    • Dmitri

      dont incite violence,

      • Al Wolf

        any interaction with the state is you defending yourself for all interactions are a threat of the state murdering you if you fail to comply. the state is always the aggressor and the individual the defender. and yes defense may also be use of force that is lethal.

  • Jason Faulkner

    Why are police such cowards?

    • Henry Haze

      Cause there cowards & criminals & you follow them enough you will get loads of eveidence that there bigger criminals than the ones they lock up.

    • Sassy Lou

      Because criminals are cowards! Everyone else is making a hard living doing it the on level – “Hard”. While the police have the free license to kill with the justice system blindly backing them.

      I don’t have those same rules when I go out in the world?

  • Paul Val

    I’m a courier, I drive all day every day,…been using waze for a year now, I can’t tell you how often I have avoided a speed trap because of this app, And it warns you of red light cameras too…. AWESOME app, kills google maps

    • liberty420

      Kills it in terms of reporting, but Google maps is still better at giving directions. If only they can combine the two together

      • Me

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Google purchases Waze

      • Jason Santiago

        Use google maps on your phone with waze logged in through your g+ account and it does work together. Through google maps you can see and report everything.

  • aerdna smailliw

    WAZA is useful. Odd that cops find it threatening for citizens to do the very same thing they do to non-cops.

    • from_Chicago

      And you believe their story? Don’t you think it might be a scam to get sheeple to sign up for their app?? Hmmmm?? Cops WANT you to speed!! Use your head!!


    waze saved me from numerous speeding tickets on the highway . . hunt them down. . yeah right . . thier mad they cant lay in wait for speeders . . download waze while its still available

    • Angela

      So you admit to doing something illegal and wonder why they would want to remain hidden? To catch asshats like you who speed and put the rest of us in danger. What a moron.


        lml ….asshat .. that was cool fuk head

  • John Coker

    Sounds great except you MUST enable GPS AND LOCATION SERVICES to operate the app.. I dont like that

    • silver

      Its a GPS map app. of course you have to enable gps and location services…

      • John Coker

        They should have an option for entering zip code to access local info without having to reveal my identity or whereabouts…

    • Todd

      this is such a stupid statement…

      • John Coker

        Indeed.. Some just don’t get it..

        • Zack

          First off, Todd was saying that your statement was stupid. Not Silver’s. Secondly, the app is made for drivers to inform them about driving conditions in surrounding areas. It’s not an app that is meant for you to input your zip code while you’re standing in your living room peeking out of your windows wondering if there are any cops around…

          • John Coker

            With Google maps.. Gps and/or location services aren’t necessary to obtain data from their servers.. Waze could do the same… There is a reason they won’t allow access to information without giving away your location… The only information that is needed , is the area in which you are requesting currently updated info…

  • Roddy Addicott

    Very Fucking true, if the police don’t have anything to hide then why worry about citizens knowing your locations. Think about all the lives that can be saved on the highways because the drivers would drive safer if they knew the criminals with badges were close bye. It’s all about the money. If 10 percent of people caught speeding by vascar or any other form of manual timing device fought their speeding tickets, we would bankrupt the local and state government agencies. (True fact!)

    • from_Chicago

      Do you really think cops do this? They want you to speed to generate $$$$!!!
      Why are sheeple so dense?

  • LaVon Divine Minter

    definitely downloading this right now!!

  • Barry Crimm

    If the purpose of speed traps was to slow traffic and advance safety, cops would welcome this kind of program.

    • Reimo

      But if speed traps and traffic tickets are about generating revenue, and apps like this cut into their bottom line, they may feel financially threatened by such apps.

      That is just pure hypothetical speculation however because cops are absolute angels that only care about public safety, not money. [/sarcasm]

  • bLaKouT

    I use it, handy for many reasons including seeing where cops are.

  • Walt Karma

    …I am getting Waze, without a doubt.
    wouldn’t it be great if all Waze users could also tag a specific location when they see it… as to something going down…the cops about to kill someone else…and have who is ever close by to and video it…..and share it….a small army of Waze users always on the road and out could be really good…to keep the cops in check…

    • Chad Zathra

      walt they do have that on this app.. its a great app! my girl and i use it all the time it has saved us time and money.. i wish and hope more people use it.. more people the better..

  • Anthony Vincent

    .. been an ardent user since day one .. and if law enforcement is concerned about it’s use to share their locations, then they have something to hide. that bullshit excuse works both ways.

  • Brian Lucey

    The police have Guns, the Law and Radios … and they are afraid? Bullshit. They are sneaky and want to stay that way.

  • Christine Silver

    Waze just got the best free advertisement ever.

    • Sgt. Killgood

      You’re right and because of these good people we heard about it and now we are users of Waze .

  • Toby Nixon

    My new app, nice to meet you.

  • Christopher Hintz

    been a member of waze for about 6 or 7 months, whats the difference between cb’s and waze? i didnt hear about the cops of the time freekin about them, or scanners, at one time completely legal, and with a scanner you could hear what unit was going on a call. never heard a word of them freaking out due to scanners. get a grip you are on our payroll, time to realize it.

  • Christopher Hintz

    sorry, scanners are still legal.

    • Tom

      not in virginia

  • tman229 .

    You know…. if the government and police REALLY cared about safety then they would download the app and mark out many areas as cop stakes and speed/stop cameras so people would likely be weary and probably not speed or drive crazy. But apparently, the cops aren’t about safety but instead revenue so of course that wouldn’t come off as an good idea.

  • Aww da poor wittle government parasites dont like it when the citizenry decides to fight back

  • engibineer

    “Waze works with the New York Police Department and others around the world by sharing information.” Wat?

    As a Waze user I find this very disconcerting.

    I also find it rather disconcerting that Waze was/is an Israeli company. I wish there was an open source alternative. Maybe we’ll get one if the cop-watch feature gets shut down.

  • 卐WehrWulf卐

    I installed it today… as an EMT, it helped me navagate the ambulance more efficiently during my runs.. and avoid cops once I was off duty. I love it!!!.

  • Jenn

    I’ve had Waze for awhile now, and I LOVE it! Love that helps tell where the popos are sitting at, eating their donughts, radaring people! KWPP WAZE GOING!!!

  • Nathan Phoenix

    If they are going to fight this, then is it also illegal to call someone and tell them you saw a cop somewhere? The slippery slope would be steep indeed.

    • Shirik

      In some places it is now a ticketable offense to even warn other drivers of a speed trap by blinking your lights at them.

  • Rose color glasses

    I like the app and look at with … Maybe rose color glasses…. Helps with directions- road issues such as accidents construction weather cond. And as far as the police comments…I find it a safety help to be able to move over to keep the police safer….as I remove my rose glasses…we live in a crazy world and it saddens me to think this app would be used in a negative manner of stalking police….I hope it stays up its fun to use on a long drive…

  • MistyH

    I didn’t know about it before, but I do now!!! Thanks, cops!!!

  • cops are pussies

    Guess that my CB radio’s channel 19 will be their next thing for them be afraid of and to cry about.

  • Sandy Arnold

    The end of this article is ridiculous.

  • Ray Jacobsen

    WTF if the cops don’t want to be known where they are just hit the button “Not There” RTFM

  • LMAO

    This is great! Love it, back atcha oink oink!

  • Ian Grant

    This app sounds Awesome!! Downloading now. However… I do NOT like the idea of warning people of sobriety checkpoints, especially if it’s on New Years Eve or Saint Patrick’s Day. DUIs are stupid and get people killed. DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE! I fully support every cop who pulls over someone driving under the influence. Other than that, track those cops and share their info!!
    P.S. I have nothing against alcohol, and I support pot legalization, as long as it’s done responsibly.

  • Jim Asprey

    Police are fond of telling people that “If you haven’t done anything wrong, then you have nothing worry about.”

    Right… because I blindly trust every police officer/force. Haha.

  • getoverit

    Did anyone even consider they might be concerned because it gives robbers and burglars a good idea where police are too, so they know to avoid those areas when the want to come and take your stuff. In general I think it is more out of concern for officer safety than it is to cover up some preconceived notion of wrong doing on the part of the police.

  • bccrn

    Cops are upset? BOO F**KING HOO! Someone call a waaambulance.

  • Jim Zubkowski

    just downloaded waze!

  • Arcangelo ‘Cisco’ Cocco

    They will fail.

  • TonyVoluntary

    I get so much satisfaction out of tagging a cops location on Waze. Save the next guy from being extorted.

  • damionmc

    New APP?? I’ve been using this app since 2012.

  • Michael Cowan

    Don’t forget cops are lazy. They will get bored and stop posting soon. But hey, thanks for the tip about the app .. downloading it now.

  • Sassy Lou

    Well…if the police have nothing to hide…..”What’s good for the good for the gander! Hello Sailor! Oh!…oh Sheila!!!…..”

  • Sherbert

    This app is great for notifying people of speed trap cameras as well. This is a great app to have. I have been using it for years

  • Scott Leger

    i love this app,

  • 53Sinner

    Breaker 1-9, I’d ask for a smoky report but I hear they are trying to get CB radios taken away….

  • Overheaddoor

    I use it every time i get in the car and I always look for the traps and instantly report them!!

  • Elias Grey

    Fuck a bunch of cops, they’re nothing but terrorists and wife beaters anyhow, #putwingsonpigs

  • torybluesux

    cops is bastards

  • Kevin Edgington

    I’ve had the app for about a year.. It is fairly reliable. If say it has
    Served it’s purpose.. 😉

  • The police, once again, widening the gap between them and the people. Let me ask you pork products, are these petty and desperate actions going to make the people A) love you, B) hate you, or C) we don’t care, we’re cops!

  • Anthony Quatroni

    Love this article and love this site. Accountability is something the police DO NOT want. This is why they continually cry (and their unions) that their job is so “tough.” 90% of them MAKE it as tough as it is, so that argument is invalid. I believe window washers jobs are much more difficult, and you never hear them complain. So, they complain because they figure, “My job is so tough, they’ll let me get away with anything.” That is true to a certain extent, coupled with the fact that so many abuses are occurring every day, and people are getting angry. I personally am getting tired of reading every single day another abuse or killing that was unjustified, and they deem it justified and move on. I wish police would rise to a level that is truly above everyone else, I really do. However, until they stop hiring the social outcasts and those with personal and mental issues, the abuse and killings (of humans and pets) will just continue. No accountability. The taxpayers pay out any and all lawsuits and no one gets fired. It’s like they’re our poor, misfit children and we the taxpayers have to bail them out all the time.

  • Todd Naz

    I have used this app since the beginning and it’s the only GPS I use. The cops can’t get the police reporting feature taken out of the app. They would need multiple incidents where officers were targeted by Waze and injured. They have NOTHING, they just don’t like their speed traps and checkpoints foiled. This is freedom of information and they are public servants that need to be monitored at all times since tax $ is making their livelihood possible. I would love to see this go to court and get shot down hard to set a precedent. Hopefully a group of cops files a lawsuit.

  • StringJimi

    This App should come pre loaded on all GPS devices such as Garmin or TomTom or who ever makes them, I think its a great bonus and added feature to know your surroundings.

  • lawahe

    This app is great!!! Now when the bad guys are hiding out, with the drugs, children they are trafficing, bodies of those they are disposing of… They will know exactly when a cop is near enough to catch them. They will all get away. Yay!!! Hurray for true crimes!!!

  • from_Chicago

    It must be true! It’s on the Internet! Hahahahaha!!
    How do you sheeple think they will get you to download their app?
    By writing stories like this!! Hahaha!
    My kids add police cars on the roads on waze to slow down traffic!
    It was my 12 year old son’s idea while we drove down to Florida and cars were flying past us! I’m sure many others do it also! But to blame that on the police now, too!!! Hahahahaha! You guys are so gullible!! Hahaha! Likes cops would really waste their time!! Wake up America! They WANT You to speed to generate revenue!! Talk about low IQ’s!!!! Hahaha!

  • Vance Lighter

  • LBD

    I LOVE WAZE!!! It is putting cops in their place, it is making black cabbies go broke because who need the knowledge if you have waze with uber! It is doing so much good- including getting me to work on time. YAY!

  • Angela

    I’ve been reading these comments and really have only one question…why do you want to warn people who are breaking the law (speeding, DUI, drug running, etc.) that there are cops in the area? I don’t want you speeding or driving under the influence and endangering my life. I hope they catch you! This has nothing to do whether you trust cops or not. You are basically aiding people knowingly break the law. Speed limits and the like are not just for your protection, but for everyone else on the road. I have no sympathy for people who get caught. The fine is supposed to be a deterrent. I got a speeding ticket once, you’d better believe I was driving better afterward.

  • dikhx dik

    keep trolling cops =D