DEATH PENALTY Sought for Cop Who Shot Unarmed Mother to Death in Front of Her Daughter



This Cop Was Not Fired Despite 75 Counts of Stalking and Harassment — Now He Just Shot a Mother and Her Daughter.

It was still daylight on December 15 last year when police officer Stephen Rozniakowski learned his ex-girlfriend Valerie Morrow had taken out a protection from abuse order against him.

However, it did little to stop him.

Just hours later, he went to her house and killed her.

In an act of cold blooded defiance he also intended to kill her husband and 15-year-old daughter.

With the forensic evidence stacked up against him, it is hard to believe he denied the charges pressed against him.

It is even more difficult to believe that he was a man the police department has trusted with protecting the residents of Delaware County.

The victim Valerie Morrow was a member of that community.

She had been separated from her husband when she met Stephen.

There is a chance she may not have not known that he had a history of stalking and harassing his ex-lovers.

He also seemed to have an interest in taking paramours.

It’s easy to trust a man in uniform.

Valerie and Stephen began seeing each other romantically, until she reconciled with her husband and broke up with her lover.

That is when all hell broke loose.

The details are still unclear, but there was something that made the victim realize she needed a protection order.

The crimes he is accused of are so heinous that the District Attorney Jack Whelan has decided to pursue what he calls a “rare” course of action for former members of law enforcement.

The department is seeking capital punishment against Stephen.

“He had a callous disregard for that court order, and went and carried out the execution with the intent to kill all three family members,” says the DA.

Valerie’s daughter Bridget Cruz saw her mother being killed.

She was also injured during the ordeal, but family members say it is emotional scars that she is really needs help with.

In an episode that lasted perhaps one hour, she lost her mother and was attacked by the killer.

Had it not been for her stepfather’s heroic attempt to save his family, Bridget could have fallen victim to Stephen’s murderous intentions too.

However, the brave teenager was present at the court when the charges were read out to the man who destroyed her family.

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  • Katrina Turner

    all cops nationwide should have an annual checkup for mental health and a random mandatory drug test

  • Allison Parks

    He did not snap!!! He had been stalking her, this was premeditated murder, not a passion killing!

    • Cassie Robinson

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  • Seatired

    Give up your guns and we promise that the police will protect you.

    • Ron Lynquist

      English cops don’t say that!

      • Seatired

        Well this ain’t England.

  • donna warner




    1. STRENGTHEN THE SELECTION PROCESS AND PSYCHOLOGICAL SCREENING PROCESS FOR POLICE RECRUITS!. Police departments are simply a microcosm of the greater society. If your screening standards encourage corrupt and forceful tendencies, you will end up with a larger concentration of these types of individuals;

    2. PROVIDE ONGOING, EXAMPLES-BASED TRAINING AND SIMULATIONS Not only telling but showing police officers how they are expected to behave and react is critical;

    3. Require community involvement from police officers so they know the districts and the individuals they are policing. This will encourage empathy and understanding;

    4. ENFORCE THE LAW AGAINST EVERYONE,INCLUDING POLICE OFFICERS!. When police officers do wrong, use those individuals as examples of what not to do – so that others know that this behavior will not be tolerated. AND TELL THE POLICE UNIONS AND DETECTIVE ENDOWMENT ASSOCIATIONS THEY NEED TO KEEP THEIR NOSES OUT OF THE JUSTICE SYSTEM!

    5. Support the good guys. Honest cops who tell the truth and behave in exemplary fashion should be honored, promoted and held up as strong positive examples of what it means to be a cop;

    6. Last but not least, POLICE CANNOT POLICE THEMSELVES! . . DEVELOP PERMANENT, INDEPENDENT BOARDS TO REVIEW INCIDENTS OF POLICE CORRUPTION AND BRUTALITY!—and then fund them well and support them publicly. Only this can change a culture that has existed since the beginnings of the modern police department.

  • Da_Boss

    Why didn’t she just comply with the police? Isn’t that how it goes? when someone get killed by the police the victim or victims get blame for not following the police’s instruction or commands.

  • edward stengel

    The Gestapo is alive and well. It’s just moved from Germany to the United States. Sieg Heil!