WATCH: Departments Now “Having Hard Time” Finding People Who Want to Be Police Officers, Blaming Social Media

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UPDATE (2/20/15): Interest in Being a Cop Continues to Plummet

New figures have been released by WBAY showing that Seattle isn’t the only place where law enforcement jobs are undesired.

In Green Bay, Wisconsin, interest in getting hired as a law enforcement officer has dropped dramatically at nearly 50%.

“Our numbers are dropping,” says Capt. Jeff Sanborn, with the Brown County Sheriff’s Office.

“We’re struggling to get people to apply,” says Lt. Jeff Brester, with the Green Bay Police Department.

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When asked why they think their numbers are sinking, Sanborn replied “I would say negative publicity, law enforcement publicity even in the last two to three years, Ferguson obviously being one of them.”

In 2013, only 88 applicants for police work performed the written examination. In 2014, the number was even less: only 47 took the test. That is almost a 50% decline, according to statistical reports.

Watch the video below (full article continues afterward)

Police departments around the country are beginning to complain that widespread criticism of the institution of law enforcement is making it harder for them to find people who want to work as police officers.

The recent events in Ferguson, they say, are partly to blame for the backlash against police.

But many of us know that Ferguson is only the tip of the iceberg — underneath the surface, there are thousands of other cases of beating, raping, and killing, all committed by an institution that is supposedly here to “protect” us.

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The widespread exposure and criticism of this institution is becoming so popular that officers in the Seattle Metro area are complaining that it’s hard for them to find new applicants.

And Cynthia Fajardo, the president of the Pierce County Deputy Sheriff’s Guild, says that multiple police agencies are having the same problem.

Many departments report that this lack of applicants is due largely to the fact that growing numbers of Americans no longer respect the institution, and view it with deep distrust, due to stories of abuse being spread through social media.

“If you check with any of the agencies here in the Seattle metro area, every single agency is having a very difficult time getting people who want to be police officers anymore,” said Fajardo, in an interview with local news affiliate K5.

Cops like Fajardo do understand that Americans have been skeptical of the institution of state policing for quite some time, that it didn’t just start with Ferguson.

They believe that social media is what’s causing the problem of skepticism toward police officers.

But they’re wrong about that.  Their own abusive actions are causing the problem.

This skepticism of police officers is a “problem” for the institution of law enforcement in the same sense that skepticism of, say, 19th century plantation overseers became a “problem” for the institution of slavery.

The reality is that police are individuals, and individuals are responsible for their actions.

Individuals who willingly agree to coerce, extort, and initiate violence upon peaceful people in order to maintain a monopolistic rule of corrupt politicians are naturally going to be distrusted.

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They are responsible for what they do, not social media.

Social media is merely a new mechanism to display their actions in front of a larger audience.

As more Americans remove the scales from their eyes and see that the institution of law enforcement was created relatively recently  (for most of human history we survived just fine without it) and only for the purpose of maintaining a corrupt political order, departments will have a harder time finding any applicants.

Few people want to be part of something like that.

Old institutions wither away as new generations create organic and more innovative alternatives.

The state-controlled monopolistic institution of policing is no exception.

“THERE IS NO HONOR IN THIS” Watch the Video of Cops Left Speechless after Marine Veteran Publicly Calls Them Out

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  • Joachim Ger

    Sweet their own stupidity backfired on their faces sweet. Remember the police and the military are the sons and daughters of the 99 percent. Those who put 9 to 5 to raise the peoples who becomes cops. Consciousness is a very big gun.

    • Trolol

      No, they’re evil and soulless!

  • Bendy Bentley

    Police departments are the only employer I know of that will take any rotten p.o.s. they can find to hire, and never let them go. They will defend any criminal behavior their employee commits, and pay off any settlements, and never fire them. There is no honor in working for such trash, and I am glad more people are seeing that. Police are not respected, and for good reason. Only sadistic bastards want to be cops these days..

    • Michael Cannon

      And it’s just going to get worse before it gets better. Many departments have lowered hiring standards to boost numbers, letting all kinds of trash become officers, now they’re likely to lower those standards even more, making the problem worse.

      • Phillip Cantu

        …and that will only add fuel to the fire. Let their actions paint a hideous picture. Their insistence on keeping a sinking ship afloat is what will make them drown.

    • Go_Away_4eva
    • Sassy Lou

      Ive seen large corporations hire a few nasties! Take that Fox News station down in Austin!!!

      That guy ended up killing himself….those two women destroyed his carreer and ruined his life due to THEIR incompetence!!!

      This bully shit is rampant!!!

      • Chris Weiss

        This is about cops, not gays and how they are marginalized…..

    • Andrew Ekleberry

      Yeah, that’s a shock. You treat them like crap, and police departments are forced to take anyone they can get. Then you complain the people they get suck. How about you start treating police with respect, and maybe more respectable people will want to be police officers.

      • Bendy Bentley

        I always treated all police officers with respect, until they didn’t deserve it. It is now a case by case decision I make. If they want to be treated better, they should act better. They also need better training, and higher IQs. And better pay, when they do it right.

        • Andrew Ekleberry

          I treat all people with respect whether they deserve it or not. Now if you need to, bring it up in court, or somewhere else. But in person, you should always treat everyone with respect. It is what good people do.

          • Bendy Bentley

            Good people do not respect reprobates, nor do they give reprobates a reason to think they are respected.

          • Andrew Ekleberry

            Yes they do. You treating someone else badly, never reflects on the other person. It reflects on you. It always reflects on you. No matter how justified you think you are, if you start acting like a jerk towards someone, people are going to see you and think Bendy is a jerk… because you are acting like a jerk. Justified or not, that’s how it is. And the best thing you can do, is treat that other person with respect, no matter how much he does not deserve it, because then everyone will say “Why is that guy treated Bendy bad, when Bendy is a nice guy?”
            So no, you are wrong. You need to treat everyone with respect, reprobate or not. If you don’t… then don’t say anything when people talk badly about you, instead of the other person.

          • Bendy Bentley

            And that sort of passiveness is what led 6 million Jews to their deaths. There was no court for them to bring it up in. Dont think the US cant go down the same path. Our dear leader just stated how he would like to combine the powers of this country into one power. What do you think he meant? Shall we just politely accept it? I’ll go for being a jerk.

          • Andrew Ekleberry

            Then don’t be surprised when you get your head bashed in, and no one cares. This isn’t the same thing as slaughtering jews. No comparison whatsoever. Look, you want to piss off the police, then go look at Chicago. The police said screw it, and pulled back. People started slaughter each other. You, and your ideology has caused far more deaths, than anything government is doing.

      • Saitoh

        Or reprimand, fire or imprison the p.o.s. officers that break the law. How about start showing respect & not demanding it?! How about when cops murder people you treat them like the murderers they are & not give them a paid vacation. Followed by a raise a year later. Let’s try that. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4a290452f02e611137a975ef8ebefacad288cc9b647da90393c8a903e2742788.jpg

        • Andrew Ekleberry

          The police that actually murder, end up in prison. When you do something that gets you shot, that’s not murder, that’s called “justice”. You don’t get to fight with police, and live. You get to be shot.

        • Andrew Ekleberry

          When a COP actually murders someone, we do throw them in prison. The problem is, when you attack police, provoke police, and commit crimes…. that’s not murder. That’s called justice. You show me the person who obeys every single command, follows every single law, does exactly what they are told, and is shot… and I’ll agree that’s murder. And I do! There are I think I’ve seen two examples, and I agree that’s a criminal officer, and I was glad when they were sent to prison.
          But the vast majority of the examples you, and those like you, cite… no. They got what they deserved, and that officer needs a medal.

    • michael92064

      Police chiefs blame unions tieing their hands

  • Danny Thompson

    Police department application question number 10; do you remember the last I.Q. score was on your pre-exam to become ‘law enforcement’? Two thirds of these ‘applicants’ said 74 or lower. PERFECT for ‘law enforcement’, for “ignorance” of the law, is no excuse, unless you ARE an officer?!?!?

    • Randy Webb

      Where did you come up with this? Lol

      • Rob Lindner

        google is your friend

  • Ben

    I hope someday we have no police officers.

    • AverageJoeSF

      You don’t think that’s naive? Cops deal with the worst elements of our society, which helps explain why they share a lot of traits and behaviors with them. As long as our society is unequal and unjust, we’ll need them. Like it or not, the issues we see brought to a head by abusive cops are symptoms of deep structural problems in society.
      The “criminal justice system” really serves to maintain order in the absence of justice.

      • Lori Mardon

        Really ? The system is no longer working. I was mauled by cops in the late 90’s (no, I am not a minority, I am white as a sheet) because of a false call my hubby made. Hubby would not fess up but eventually the truth came out and NOBODY would admit they wronged me. I am on disability now because I have totally lost respect for any type of authority figures, cops, doctors, judges, bosses, and mostly I no longer wish for the company of other humans. I learned society blames the victim.

        • AverageJoeSF

          Please don’t think I’m saying it’s acceptable, but the system is working just as well as it ever has – that’s the problem. The system is doing exactly what it is designed to do, because it wasn’t ever designed to create a fair or just society. That’s the big lie.

          • Lori Mardon

            Thank you for making your comment clear.

          • Jim Magdelania

            logical fallacy to say that police are the only answer to crime.

          • AverageJoeSF

            Oh, are you going to mete out justice yourself with your trusty sidearm? I’m sure you’ll be way more ethical than the cops are. Your delusional self-righteousness will make you every bit as corrupt as the current police, but without the veneer of public service.

          • vicarofrevelwood .

            a system cannot fail those it was never intended to serve.

        • joy

          I feel for you and I have a friend (I helped raise her from the time she was about a year old) that was having problems out of her ex husband, “Sarah” and her ex shared custody of a son together, and her ex husbands girlfriend started causes problems when it was time to exchange the son, even though Sarah had remarried. She had to go to court and have a court order to exchange the child in place other than her home (nearby public parking lot) and her ex’s girlfriend was banned from being present when they exchanged the son. The girlfriend showed up anyway assaulted Sarah multiple time and even rammed Sarah’s car with hers while Sarah was 7 months pregnant. The police was called each time but they would not arrest the girlfriend even though she was breaking the court order by being there. Each time Sarah took out warrants, the girlfriend was released without bond and had the trail layed over until a judge that she knew was present and had the cases dismissed.

      • Phillip Cantu

        >As long as our society is unequal and unjust, we’ll need them.

        99% of the injustice is perpetuated by THEM, I hope you realize.

        • AverageJoeSF

          Don’t be a fool. The dude who robbed me at gunpoint was not a cop. The dude who broke in my car to steal the radio was not a cop. The dude who broke in my house to steal my bicycle? Also not a cop. Most cops are just people trying to do a difficult job. Unfortunately the culture and structure of our legal system directly enables bad behavior by cops, and often makes it almost impossible to do anything about them. That’s a huge issue, but it’s not nearly the same as saying cops are the ones to blame for society’s problems. They don’t create the injustice, even if they do enforce it.

          • Phillip Cantu

            >They don’t create the injustice in our society, even if they do often enforce it.

            Think about that statement. You’re basically saying “it’s not their fault even though they’re the ones who make it happen.” That’s completely illogical. Laws would be nothing but ink scribbles on paper if not for cops and soldiers.

          • AverageJoeSF

            So, you’re blaming the sword for the actions of the person holding it?
            Cops are tools and pawns used by their corrupt masters, nothing more.
            They’re complicit in enforcing unjust policies, but they don’t make those policies.
            People with power will always be able to get some kind of lackeys to enforce their control. That’s what power is.

          • Jim Magdelania

            and you’re a police apologist. pathetic really.

          • AverageJoeSF

            Whatever, Jimbo. Our entire society is corrupt and violent from top to bottom. American cops have become an unaccountable and abusive protected class, but that never could have happened if the bulk of the population weren’t endlessly consumed by prejudice, greed, and fear. It’s convenient to blame the police for society’s immorality and your own cowardice, isn’t it? Implying that I find the current police state in America acceptable shows that you have no idea what you’re talking about. Trying to categorize the world in absolutes like “all cops are awful” just identifies you as yet another hysterical simpleton without any capacity for nuanced or bigger-picture thought. Maybe you should become a cop too.

          • Mike Mesa

            Jim Magdelania said.

          • Phillip Cantu

            So a hitman isn’t guilty of killing someone, simply because he was told by someone else to do so?

            People with power are powerless without people obeying them. The “chain of command” is more appropriately called the chain of obedience, because no one rules if no one obeys.

          • AverageJoeSF

            Okay, obsessively insistent small-picture dude, you win. Clearly you must be “right.” I guess the order-following cops really must be the true root cause of society’s structural inequality, systemic oppression, and all of its injustice. Because, like, none of those things existed before there were police officers, right?

          • Phillip Cantu

            “I guess the order-following cops really must be the true root cause of society’s structural inequality, systemic oppression, and all of its injustice.”

            Yup, actions speak louder than words.

          • AverageJoesf

            You again? Two months later? I’m the first one to admit that the police in this country are totally out of control. So, you believe modern society would really function better with no government law enforcement at all?
            From your conveniently selective reasoning and your intransigent, tone-deaf insistence that you must be “right,” I can only surmise you’re another self-styled “I don’t need no gubmit” libertarian. The government system we have is horrible, but it’s entirely a product of the exact same mythical “market” forces that you think will somehow magically fix all society’s ills if only government would just go away. That’s right, MENSA, market forces are what created the system we have now. Your simplistic, wishful philosophy has no more basis in real evidence than the unsupported assertions of any other fantasy-obsessed, narcissistic, adolescent bong-rip philosopher.

          • Sassy Lou

            When all this shit was going down with your stolen goods…….where were the cops?
            Are they not out watching for real danger and real crimes?

            Exactly..they were out harrassing innocent people with non violent and victimless crimes…. and torturing them in their local jails and prisons. That’s where your hard working cops were.

            Lets be real on where the cops are NOT working!

          • AverageJoesf

            Oh, so you’d prefer that the cops were on every street, watching every citizen, all the time? No thanks. If you want cops stalking you 24/7, start dating one.

            While I was getting robbed, the SFPD was responding to domestic violence calls, removing naked crackheads from city busses, and filling out paperwork for some vapid chick who called the cops because someone was parked in front of her driveway.
            Maybe you’re thinking of the NYPD?

          • Sassy Lou

            YES…..and putting their energy toward VICTIM CRIMES..not victimless crimes and leaving the drug users and mentally challenged or homeless people to other services………they should be receiving help not torture and incarceration at YOUR tax expense.

          • AverageJoesf

            Again, there are very good reasons I choose to live in San Francisco. The SFPD cops don’t torture people, and they mostly understand that part of their job is to protect stupid citizens from their own stupidity. They help direct homeless and mentally ill people to the city’s excellent outreach and support programs, and they don’t hassle drug users unless they’re posing a direct and immediate threat to public safety.
            Only simpletons assume the entire nation is ruled by thug cops like NYC and Ferguson.
            Thanks for using ALL CAPS though, it really shows what A SERIOUS PERSON you are.

          • Sassy Lou

            SFPD is so perfect? What universe do you think you live in?..
            the Alternate Earth where your city is so fuckin perfect?


            Yeah..I’m serious..about my tax dollars going to bad cops…everywhere…and they are everywhere including your precious San Francisco bubble.

            What a dumbfuck u are!
            Got video player?

          • Sassy Lou

            Hear no evil…..see no evil.

            You’re that special kind of “denial-stupid” aren’t you

          • AverageJoesf

            Sorry sweetie, but the tripe you borrow from other people and pass off as your own ideas doesn’t warrant any actual points or informed debate.
            You removed any possibility of me viewing you as a serious person worthy of discussion the first time you tried to make a point with a stolen insult.
            You’re worthy only of mockery. Luckily I’ve got some that fits you.

          • Krista Kimba

            I don’t know who you two are but I have already reported this to Disqus for violating several rules including threats and inappropriate information. How can someone could be so stupid as to post personal information about other parties in a comment forum. I have been dealing with a computer hacker and a bank account hack since January. I already have an investigation going on. I will be sure to include you two!

          • Nezzie

            This AverageJosef jerk has legally broken some digital laws here.
            Your investigation should result in finding him and bringing a legal suit.

            No one should be posting personal information and especially making a threat about sending some package to their office.


          • Nezzie

            He is from San Francisco.

            Thanks for the IP address
            University of San Francisco

            Thanks for the info. We should be getting back to you on your legal options.

          • Krista Kimba

            The best..Thanks…
            My boss is also my best friend. He was thinking this was going ruin me? It worked the other way. He obviously did not do his due diligence and can’t tell when he’s being moled. Meanwhile, he never bothered to research my friends or who I was connected with in NYCourts. Idiot.

          • Krista Kimba

            Well a 12 year old troll found out what an ass he is today! Trolls have
            no power. They think they can bully, lie, manipulate, or intimidate you
            or your friends…or even try to get you fired….guess what…he LOSES
            because I have the best boss and friend in the world who saw right
            through that!!! We are having a good laugh….we might make a short film
            about AverageJosef in San Francisco…it should be very short… about 1
            minute…It should go viral and disgust a lot of people….and did I
            mention the weather is really nice in NYC today? Good day for a shoot.
            Made some calls…going to be in D.C. tomorrow to see some old
            friends…Making a little stop at a special office downtown there to see
            about a mouse. It’s great to have family in the know and in interesting

          • Guest

            Vamoose to DC!!!

          • Guest


          • Nezzie
          • Nezzie
          • Guest

            Here is that screengrab. 1 – 2 years?

          • Guest

            Missed Hoover!!! Havent seen him since 1996 when i had a special tour from my Forensic and Investigative Services days. MIss that team! Always sucked when you didnt do your due diligence!

          • Nezzie
          • AverageJoesf

            Got any other earth-shattering revelations, s-Assy?
            Bad, stupid citizens (like you) are everywhere too.
            You’re right, SF isn’t perfect. But it’s better than whatever hellhole you’re squatting in, if only because we don’t have you here drooling on our city. Please stay where you are.
            Mouth-breathers like you are what keeps the corrupt and violent in power.
            Luckily, you can’t do much harm on the internet – because here, you’re just one tiny drop of pee in the vast, wide ocean of useless big-talking internet jaggoffs.

          • Sassy Lou

            Look everyone…”Asshole” here admits SF isn’t perfect!!!
            De Nile…just ain’t a river in Egypt.

            The internet is cake….words are easy…..try handling actual threatending, groping assholes on the subway. Reality sets in pretty quick here unlike LaLa land there.

            I’ve been to San Francisco. I’ve been many places. You wouldn’t last 2 minutes on a NYC subway!

            We are smarter and more cunning. We have to be. We know when we step into a subway car…that something went down in there 5 minutes ago.

            But when you do get the balls to come to New York..be sure to ask Johnny T some advice.


          • AverageJoesf

            Is subway groping the only physical attention you get, precious? That makes sense.

            I’m not from California, I grew up in Detroit. You don’t know about “actual threatending.”
            NYC is a hell-pit, which explains why most people there are miserable assholes – just like you, sweetie.
            No wonder you think all cops are violent criminals. In NYC, they really are – and you deserve them.

            Going to New York doesn’t take balls, it just takes self-loathing and a lack of better options.
            Staying in NY requires the cowardice of being born into rancid shit, and pretending it’s really sweet.

            Keep whining about your cops. It’s much easier than leaving the shit-hole you know, right?
            You’re really just crying here because your therapist told you to grow up, aren’t you?

          • Sassy Lou

            Born in Dearborn asshole..I know Detroit all too well..and also did the Boblo thing as a kid…but I don’t have to use where I grew up as justification in an argument on the internet to expose YOUR stupidity on life expereince….so if you want to start opening up life experience…then go ahead……New York is STILL much more threatening and dangerous than Detroit ever could be! I’ve lived in BOTH…jerk off!

          • Sassy Lou

            Sucks to be stupid on the internet…isn’t it “Dearie!”

          • Sassy Lou

            Let’s also add a very special note about the difference between Reality and La La land…..New York IS where the people who protested the police for the murder of Eric Garner and the general atrocities of the police nationally actually happened next to Ferguson over a few days…We were instrumental in sending a very clear message to the NYPD on what is acceptable. Deaths by police officercs plummeted AND we stopped people signing up to be police officers- applications are down. We also proved life improved for everyone after they decided to ONLY go after VICTIM crimes in the city…..and the protestors were mostly WHITE people doing it. The machine lost a lot of money while they did that so they were forced to go back to do tickets and petty victimless crimes.

            What did San Francisco-La La land do? (crickets)


            California USED to be the place where they protested against atrocities….Now you all just eat macrobiotics and get hi-colonics.

          • AverageJoesf

            Oh, you stopped NYPD brutality AND made people stop signing up to be cops, huh?
            Funny, the NYPD hasn’t changed.
            Any other absurd fantasies you’d like to type out while you’re adjusting to your new meds?

          • Sassy Lou

            Oh……Did you even read this article? Because the article just stated that.

            What fantasy La La land article did you read in?

          • AverageJoesf

            FYI, special one, “La La land” refers to Los Angeles. See, the “LA” is the “la.”
            I know it’s hard to understand, but perhaps you can ask someone with a higher reading level than yours (like second grade?) to explain it to you.

          • Sassy Lou

            La La land is applied to California as a whole..because your state has lost it’s balls since the 1970s. Reagan..really??? You people don’t know how to protest or VOTE!!!

            Fuckin voted in Arnold Schwarzenegger as a Governor..you gotta be fuckin kidding me… New Yorkers see Bullshit as Bullshit way before Californians see it.

            You probably believe in a diety and worship it…so fuckin stupid!
            GOT FACTS!!!

          • AverageJoesf

            Are you sure you’re not a Tea Party activist? You’re using their language.

            If you could see bullshit as bullshit, you’d see your own and either correct yourself, or kill yourself.

          • Sassy Lou

            Wanna bet your a stupid conservative cop defending these assholes!
            Or related to one!

            Sorry…I don’t watch Fox News..unlike you!

          • AverageJoesf

            I know that NYU often takes students with deficient language and reading skills, my vapid socialite ex went there. I also know they take many students with learning disabilities, which explains how you could fake your way in to a liberal arts program as a “special needs” charity case. Bush has more scholarly credibility than you do.

            Thinking I’m a conservative or a cop is funny, and consistent with your weak thinking.
            I care what you believe just as much as I care what Lady Gaga puked up after brunch.
            You think only one beverage was only made in Detroit? I can instantly name four.
            Do you mean the best ginger ale, the juggalos’ favorite drink, or maybe a Detroit beer?
            Hearing on the news that a famous department store got blown up doesn’t mean you ever set foot inside it. You’ve only been to Detroit as an entitled, clueless tourist.
            You should look up proper usage of ‘it’s’ versus ‘its,’ to appear slightly less backward.
            “Wanna bet” isn’t very NYU-like, but it suits the suburban spawn of factory-rat trash.

            Ooh, “go fuck yourself!” Strong words don’t change your weak-mindedness, precious.
            You claim Detroit roots, but you’re really just loud suburban trash. When you say you “live” in New York, do you really mean Jersey or Long Island, trashy lou?
            “It’s the same thing! It’s in the same time zone! I’m S-s-sassy! I’m really tough!”
            Did your therapist tell you that you’re not the only one who cries when they’re alone?

          • Sassy Lou

            Yeah.. I used to eat in that blown up store and had mickey ears for dessert asshole! So yes..I do remember what was on the menu. Just because you can name 4 micro brew beers in Detroit tells me that all you know is fuckin beer. YGBFKM! So…Why have I been the one all around naming shit I’ve expereinced….Well gollly gee….ain’t you the brillaint one. – Full of pseudo-sounding intellectual non-fact talk is all you got.

            AND YOU STILL still haven’t named anything YET as you know nothing jon snow!

            BTW Vernors, Saunders, Charles Chips and Guernsey…maybe from back in the day..but hey.. I actually lived it…you still haven’t added anything from Detroit culture…sorry…Detroit was not known for it’s beer..in case you didn’t realize that while growing up there!

            But thanks for playing!!!

          • AverageJoesf

            Still spitting and sputtering in all caps, precious? Your sad catch phrase is as embarrassing the fact that you call yourself a liberal. Keep showing off those DPS-quality writing skills!
            Somehow you forgot about Stroh’s (and Faygo too), but I guess that’s understandable considering that your trashy poser ass grew up in the ‘black people are scary’ suburbs on a diet of Wonder Bread, Twinkies and White Castle . You didn’t live shit. Did you go to DEMF with the suburban candy-ravers too? Tourists like you visit Detroit from lots of places, but just like you, they always leave before it gets dark.

            If your only knowledge of Detroit history revolves around Boblo, Hudsons, and the places your parents took you to stuff your dumpy ass with ice cream, Dearborn schools must be as good as Detroit Public. Windsor kids know Detroit better than you do.

            Thanks for reminding me that before it became Middle Eastern and interesting, Dearborn was exactly as diverse, classy, and cosmopolitan as Eastpointe.
            Admit it, you live in Queens now, don’t you? It the perfect place for you to be surrounded by people as tasteful and eloquent as yourself. Actually, Jersey really seems to fit your class better.
            I truly hope you’re enjoying your weather.

          • Sassy Lou

            Well now…we all know who you are by your true colors showing. All you have is ridicule, hate spewing words…and ignorance to go along with it. Go ahead and re read your post. You are classless ignorant sorry excuse for a human being. You should be EMBARRASSED for your posts.

            The rest of us good, educated and helpful people will still be here to help the world become a better place..Unlike you!!!

            …but thanks for playing.

          • AverageJoesf

            It’s pretty laughable for you to use such poor writing skills and then yourself as a “good, educated, helpful” person. And ALL CAPS like a tea bagger – and again THANKS FOR PLAYING! You write like a home-schooled child, which reflects the level of your thinking.
            You’re still trash, still deluded, and still a sad joke that everyone gets but yourself.
            I can’t wait to read your next blithering attempt, precious. Really.

          • Sassy Lou

            ..and yep…! you still have nothing.. But thanks for playing!

          • You just don’t quit, do you Krista?

          • Sassy Lou

            Never….it’s the detroiter in me!

          • Sassy Lou

            …and Detroit should also never quit.

          • Detroit won’t ever quit. Not for the Nain, not for Kwame or Rick Snyder.
            When it comes to starting nasty internet fights with people who might be totally insane and then leaving all your info easily accessible, however, you should definitely consider quitting.

          • Sassy Lou

            What info?

            Sassy Lou is not used on any other website for any other purpose except Disqus…..sooooo….

            All along YOU probably searched Google…LMFAO….Dude…..I’m better than that.

            Assumptions are the mother of all fuck ups!

          • Sassy Lou

            LOL..you think I’m – https://www.facebook.com/sassylousbowtique

            Bah haha hah…No wonder you thought NJ…bah hah hahhh….
            Or maybe I’m from Texas….LOL!


            But keep trying…and again…..and thanks for playing!!!

          • You’re classy enough for Newark, but no, 81st isn’t exactly NJ.
            Ever get pizza at Bella Napoli? Someone I know from school eats there, shall I send your pic and ask if she’s seen you?
            Thanks for your “charm,” but I think we’re done playing.
            Dress warm tomorrow, I hear it’s going to snow. Enjoy.

          • Sassy Lou

            Yep..we’re done as of this morning.
            Enjoy the afterglow messiness!


            Hacker to dumbass troll!

          • So, you don’t work for Max Curious, Krista?
            Didn’t anyone tell you that using cliches makes you seem unintelligent?

          • Sassy Lou

            Nope! Keep trying..LOL!!!

          • Too late, sweetie.
            You’re way too old to be using LOL like a 12-year-old.

          • Sassy Lou
          • Too bad, I just sent Krista a package at work.

          • Sassy Lou

            What’s it like to be a two-bit nothing troll?
            Please..spare no details!!!!..because I can google too!!!


          • Sure, give google a shot! Enjoy reading about all the teenage gamers and bloggers.
            Better hope your bosses have a sense of humor.

          • Sassy Lou

            ..again..you were going to share that institutions name???


          • Sure, my MFA is from FU!
            Did you get my call?

          • Sassy Lou
          • So, you’ve been reading all about yourself, honey?
            No wonder you’re so alone – and at your age!
            Does it hurt knowing you’re not creative enough to do anything but support real artists’ work? Or would that require self-awareness that you don’t possess?

          • Sassy Lou

            Does it hurt knowing you are nothing but a sad troll who can’t even google as well as a 8 year old???

            Sucks to be you now.

          • How come a kid with a high school education has a better command of English grammar and punctuation than does an NYU grad? Do you even suck at making copies at work?
            Eight-year-olds are more mature than you are, and have much better dating prospects.
            Just for fun, I’m emailing this entire thread to Chris and Kyla. But they love you, right?

          • Sassy Lou

            I guess they will be surprised then!


            But keep googling….troll!

            By the way..is this you?


            LOL LOL LOL

          • Sassy Lou

            Maybe you should go back playing games child in your virtual reality world.
            Leave the rest of the real hard work to us grown-ups.


            …aww..and aren’t you cute.


          • Ooh, you’ve found me all right! Why not post some of your charming drivel to say hello?
            Funny that a stupid puffy, old admin pushing 50 would get so obsessed with a gamer kid.
            You could have children older than me, if you’d found someone drunk enough to do you.

          • Sassy Lou

            Your imagination is really incredible.. I love you how you just pull stuff out of your ass!!!
            It apparently is a big ass I see.

            Keep going…google will always be there.

          • Thanks, I like to think I’ve got back!
            Your double chin is big too, but you were never pretty enough for TV, or for NYC.
            When you hit 50, you should spring for a face lift. It beats photoshopping your profile pics.
            Not sure what to tell you about your dumpy white belly though. Maybe a girdle?

          • Sassy Lou

            or…Maybe I’m ….



            But keep googling!!!

          • Sassy Lou

            ..or maybe even..



            and thanks for playing…

          • Well now, your mother is the mother of a fuck up.
            You’ll never be a mother at all. Or a star. Or a producer. Or a Detroiter.
            How does that feel, fuck-up?

          • Sassy Lou

            Sorry you are troll. Sad days for you….
            and you still don’t know how to google straight.


          • Give it up Kapalko. From one troll to another, you suck at the internet.
            And you listed your professional contacts too? Spectacular mistake.
            Lots of goodness headed your way, sweetie. Enjoy – it’s spring!

          • Sassy Lou

            I love how you still think I’m this person you keep throwing out from some New York company…LOL!!..and because she has Novi in her facebook profile..Even BETTER!!!!

            Go ahead…..see what an ass you will make of yourself.


          • Sassy Lou

            What I should do is contact her…..and let her know you have her name and work plastered all over here.

            Oh the fun!!!

            Got a lawyer? LOL

          • Funny that you felt you needed to edit your profile, Krista. Too late.
            Bon Appetit.

          • Sassy Lou

            Funny you had to change yours to GUEST in previous POSTS!!!
            Bah hahaha…

            Of course she’s changing her shit.
            She knows as of this morning!

            Have fun!

          • Guest

            I have a story about a child that thinks he has power over big adults. He thinks he has the power to get people fired and he thinks he has the power to break up friends that have been friends for over 40 years! Who wastes his day and life away saying stupid things and picks fights. He wastes his day defending abusive police tactics and sits at a computer all day thinking he’s all mighty…but he’s just a child..sad as more time is wasted thinking he can destroy peoples lives which whom he knows nothing about. In the end he loses.

            It should be a short story…about 2 min

            But thanks for playing!

          • Krista Kimba

            Well a 12 year old troll found out what an ass he is today! Trolls have no power. They think they can bully, lie, manipulate, or intimidate you or your friends…or even try to get you fired….guess what…he LOSES because I have the best boss and friend in the world who saw right through that!!! We are having a good laugh….we might make a short film about AverageJosef in San Francisco…it should be very short… about 1 minute…It should go viral and disgust a lot of people….and did I mention the weather is really nice in NYC today? Good day for a shoot. Made some calls…going to be in D.C. tomorrow to see some old friends…Making a little stop at a special office downtown there to see about a mouse. It’s great to have family in the know and in interesting places.

          • Sassy Lou

            Really..the best part about all this..is you are searching for the wrong Sassy Lou.

            It’s SASSI LOU!!

            LOL..really now…A troll like you can’t be THAT stupid!

            Lesson one..the spelling on a nickname of Disqus is VERY DIFFERENT or SOMEWHAT similar to the actual email they use.


            But again..thanks for playing!!!

          • You’re stupid. and your troll-fu is weak.

          • Sassy Lou

            oh..the cat has been let out this morning!

            Some trolls just get what’s coming to them.

          • Sassy Lou

            Still ROFLMFAO!!!!

          • Sassy Lou

            And..yes..you are that special kind of stupid..you had no argument…still no opinion about the lack of people signing up to be police.

          • AverageJoesf

            Aw honey, did you just get out of your residential treatment session?
            Look, another copied cliche from the internet! And whoa, you even found someone else’s meme and copied it to show me what a strong thinker you are! Well now, that’s definitely proof positive of your stunning intellectual prowess!
            Do you have even one thought of your own? Just one? Come one, Dearborn, try harder.
            All that money your parents paid for your education was sadly wasted.
            I’m sure they’re lovely people who love you despite your disability, though.
            Thanks for playing the role of the stereotypical spoiled American idiot – you’re a natural!

          • Sassy Lou

            I also find it funny that you consistenly used deerie…as if Im a girl. What makes you think I’m a girl?
            Because of the name?

          • You’re not a woman like you’re not white, honey.
            But if it makes you feel better, I use ‘dearie’ to address angry male conservative homophobes too. They love it!

          • AverageJoesf

            *lost “its” balls, not “it’s.” It’s means ‘it is,’ not a possessive.
            ** don’t you mean “deity,” sweetie? A “diety’ is what you need to go on before swimsuit season.

          • Sassy Lou

            again…..you make no sense whatsoever. You make no argument and no case. You have forfeited any standing in this article.

            LOL…And…as if perfect grammar (ooooo you got me…I missed an APOSTROPHE!!!…whooooo you da bad ass!) is a reality here.

            Wow..you really are whack job!

            What instiitution did you say you attended? Was there a big sink in the room that a Native American could lift?

          • Sassy Lou


          • Is that an example of your “creative work?”
            I wonder if your employer would like to know how you’re spending your time at the office?

          • AverageJoesf

            Still trying, Sissy? Aren’t you late for therapy?
            Dearborn is not Detroit. Boblo is not Detroit.
            The only thing you’re exposing here is your deep-rooted insecurity, and of course your horrid writing and reasoning skills.
            Don’t you ever wonder why you feel so worthless when you’re alone?
            Why do you keep replying to your own comments? Are you talking to yourself? Sigh, more therapy…
            Take a minute to reflect on why you feel unloved, and then have a good cry. Go ahead, it’s okay.
            Yes, you’re a mental weakling and a disappointment to your parents, but what do they know anyway?

          • Sassy Lou

            I lived there…what part of growing up in detroit did you not get? ..I was born in a hospital in the same county….its like saying I was born in Queens..it’s still fuckin NYC!

            FYI – Dearborn…. last I remember is in Wayne county which is still same county as Detroit. I was an infant..Did I have control over which hospital I was born. Maybe my parents felt Oakland Hospital was a better option.

            But Man….you are dumbass! Now I wonder if you really lived there at all. You have not offered one piece of knowledge that you lived there. And not many people know about Boblo..hence I threw that out. And yes..Boblo was very much a part of Detroit culture. The boat left from Detroit.. Every kid went there. It’s like Coney Island is still New York City!!! I would reflect on maybe why you weren’t loved enough to be take to Boblo..LOL!!!! If you did live in Detroit…..you would’ve know about Boblo being down the river 6 miles. It was very much part of Detroit!

            Go ahead.. tell me something about “Growing up in Detroit!”

            Maybe you still need some therapy and some logic and reason applied to YOUR reflections!!! I would start with the psychoanalyst and tell him/her…”Yeah…I lie about where I grew up because I get off on using my previous living addresses..to validate my arguments”

            But thanks for playing!!!

          • AverageJoesf

            “Same county” as Detroit? Well, that settles it then!
            Grosse Pointe is in the same county as Detroit – so is it the same thing too, MENSA?

            Dearborn is as much like Detroit as Astoria is like Harlem. You’re full of shit, honky.
            Dearborn is now mostly Arabs. Before that, it was Henry Ford’s all-white enclave. It’s not “Detroit” at all, cracker. Have you ever been to Gratiot or Cass Corridor? I dont’ think so.
            The Boblo boat was for dipshit white kids from the suburbs (like you), not Detroiters.
            “Thanks for playing” suggests you have some authority on something, which you don’t.
            You think like Queens trash, is that where you actually live? “B-b-but it’s NYC too!” Not.
            All this because you’re upset that NYC has the most abusive police force in the country?
            Run along, sweetie. I’m embarrassed for you.

          • Sassy Lou

            So embarrassed for YOU..Never did I say I lived in Queens..Harlem is part of Manhattan. Which is New York city. Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island are boroughs of NYC.Bah Ha haha…Again..Assumptions are the mother of all fuck ups.
            As you have plainly shown.

            Honkey? Cracker???…another assumption? Why do you assume that I am white. Black people can’t go to college, work to pay for tuition and better their lives?

            You afraid someone actually pulled their ass out of detroit and moved to Manhattan?…ever think I may have lived out west before I did move to Manhattan? Been there Done that too. Obviously you lack a lot of rational, reason and logic. You obviously don’t know any better.

            But go ahead..Keep rising yourself up on living in poverty..growing up in it..or whatever… glorifying the downtrodden lifestyle obviously gives you some kind of internal belief that gives YOU an authority. Guess what ..it does not. It only shows who you really are. Uneducated.

            Run along now and play in your ghetto with the other uneducated idiots who glorify it!

            …and thanks for playing!

          • AverageJoesf

            No precious, you didn’t say Queens. I said you sound like Queens trash. Or just trash.
            You’re whiter than snow white, sweetie. No black people think Dearborn is Detroit.
            Black people go to college all the time, but you’re not one. You’re low-class white trash.

            You do write like you went to Detroit Public Schools, though, but couldn’t learn to read.

            It’s sweet that your parents met in school before getting knocked up and dropping out.
            It’s pretty funny for you to call anyone uneducated. Barely getting in to a state college and graduating with a C+ average isn’t exactly a huge achievement.
            Hmm… have you asked anyone else how smart they think you are? Maybe try it sometime.
            Do you have even one thought that you didn’t swallow from someone else’s words?
            Pretending you’re from Detroit doesn’t give you cred, it just makes you sad and deluded.
            Thanks for showing that some liberals are every bit as brainless as the tea baggers.
            More “thanks for playing” – that makes you sound so clever, sweetie!
            You really earned that C+ average! Mom must be so proud!

          • Sassy Lou

            “Character Assasination”…but thanks for playing!


            Got any real evidence?

          • AverageJoesf

            I don’t have to attack your “character”- you have none.
            And I can’t possibly say anything that would make you look any more stupid than your own comments do. You’ve done all the work for me. Bravo!

          • Lorelle Hatcher

            Sounds like it’s past time for you to be armed and ready to defend yourself.

          • AverageJoesf

            While your comment indicates you’re one of the one-track crowd who thinks more guns in our society are the answer to everything in life, I assure you I’m already more than adequately armed. I’m extremely tired of arguing in circles with the “having everyone armed will make everything better!” faction, so I’ll just leave it at that. If you’re up for an honest 100-yard match at the range however, I’ll happily meet your wager.

          • Mike Mesa

            I stand by my previous comment.

      • Rob Lindner

        No its not naive. Police officers are a recent invention, not existing until the 19th century. People can fend for themselves, believe it or not.

      • Mike Mesa

        Average Joesf, Wrong ! The criminal justice system perpetuates injustice. Your statements is not based on logic or truth.

        • AverageJoesf

          American society’s inherent inequality perpetuates injustice- and it has since long before the advent of the modern police state. The criminal “justice” system does indeed reinforce that injustice, but it’s not the root cause.

          • Sassy Lou

            Yeah really ..it’s called economics. Money and corporations control a lot of what happens in this country..in case you didn’t know! Did before Monopolies were broken up..then arose a middle class…then Monopolies started back up again…which is why there is a rise in poverty. Got any other brilliant insight that anyone else already doesn’t know?

          • AverageJoesf

            Stop trying to speak for progressives – you represent deluded idiots, no one else.

          • AverageJoesf

            Your views of macroeconomic processes are laughably simplistic, and the language you use to express them makes third-graders look sophisticated.
            Is English your second language?
            Now I think you’re just trolling, because I can’t believe any serious person could really be as inept and nonsensical as you’re pretending to be in your comments.

        • Sassy Lou

          Exactly! This guy AverageJoesf has no thought process whatsoever. Can’t think things through…and used being from “Detroit” to validate himself as an authority on police…apparently his SF police are angels! He has no “bullshit” detector whatsoever. Surprisingly, that usually comes from living a long time in a city. He apparently lacks it. Probably lacks and internal moral compass also.

          I’m from Detroit. Live in Manhattan…he has no logic whatsoever!!!

    • Bobbie Jo Justice

      I agree. We can all do without thugs with badges going on no knock raids at the WRONG address. We can all do without thugs with badges murdering peoples pets. We can all do without thugs with badges shooting at completely innocent people during their manhunt to silence people like christopher dorner before he could spill the beans. We can all do without thugs with badges throwing flash grenades at babies. Save america, eliminate a thug with a badge today.

    • baruchzed

      Agreed. I know people fear “anarchy and chaos AAAIII!!!!” but I trust people more than that. There would be an initial depressurization but if neighborhood councils were to form, if citizens took turns keeping track of things in their neighborhoods, if we had a functional justice system and not just a dysfunctional legal system…etc…we could abolish police…or maybe if we abolish police those things will form out of necessity. In any case what we have now is definitely not working for the people.

  • ben dover

    All pigs need to die in a slaughter house

    • Afraz

      Pigs are more respectable than that.

  • Tillmann Puschka

    Raise the bar significantly for becoming a copper, and these problems will pretty much vanish on their own. the requirements should be at least a masters degree in one of the hard sciences, or in something like philosophy. Conduct hardcore, unforgiving psychological testing for the duration of their training. NO EXCEPTIONS, and make it a federal requirement. That will weed out all the knuckleheads on power trips who want to become cops. basta.

    • Phillip Cantu

      No offense, dude, but there are already a shitload of laws and regulations that are supposed to keep these sorts of things from happening, and they still do, now more than ever. If you want to fix “these problems”, what you need is to provide an alternative to government (a good example being PeaceKeeper). Let society move away from a paradigm of dependence and you’ll see something change.

      • Difdi

        Privately-operated security isn’t automatically good security or automatically better than government-operated security, so don’t assume it is.

        Government security can be just as good or just as bad as private, it comes down to people and protocols, just like anything else.

        Or are you going to claim that Al Capone in the 1900s or the Pinkertons of the 1800s were highly respective of natural rights?

        • Phillip Cantu

          > it comes down to people and protocols

          Oh, you mean like the protocol of assuming one group of people have the final say on everything? or the part where a gang of psychopaths violently bully everyone else around?

          >Or are you going to claim that Al Capone in the 1900s or the Pinkertons of the 1800s were highly respective of natural rights?

          What the fuck? How are those guys even remotely what people like myself advocate?

          • Difdi

            Simple. The Mafia got its start as an organization to protect the common people from predatory nobles. By Capone’s day it had become a lot more of a criminal enterprise, but it did offer protective services in exchange for payment — which is what any private security company does.

            The Pinkertons are a private security and investigation company and always have been.

            Both are relevant to the discussion, because they are excellent examples of how private security can be every bit as corrupt, abusive and violent as any government agency. It all comes down to people and protocols — and who is paying for protection.

          • Phillip Cantu

            > It all comes down to people and protocols

            …which is exactly why the belief in authority must be abolished. The difference between public and private sector is that when private individuals fuck up, they get fired. Government and politicians get re-elected (on another note, those same people also enable the corporate cronies).

          • Difdi

            So, what exactly prevents your vision of competing private security firms from demanding protection money like the mafia does, or from leaning on people not to fire them?

            What exactly makes a corporate CEO superior in morality to an elected official?

            Any group of citizens that has the necessary force to prevent a private security company from stomping their rights into the ground is well on the way to becoming the sort of government group you despise.

          • Trolol

            Yeah, back to the law of the jungle! Survival of the fittest! Fuck civilization.

        • Phillip Cantu


          I’m also not exclusively advocating private security, I’m just talking about NOT government. That could be privately-operated, community-run, or anything not run by sociopaths who assume a moral imperative to blindly obey and enforce the myth of authority.

        • rp

          Actually that is BS. Private security has to produce a product that is satisfactory to it’s customers or they will be replaced. Gov’t cops get paid either way. You WILL pay them no matter how shitty the service, or in most cases the disservice. They have no incentive to do a good job. They do whatever the F they want because they know there isn’t any accountability. The “quality” of their “service” doesn’t matter when they don’t have to answer to anyone for it.

          • Afraz

            Again, that depends a lot on how the system is implemented. Who’s going to watch the watchdogs? What’s the criteria for a ‘good’ agency?

          • Difdi

            Exactly my point. The effects of a private security agency will be perceived very differently depending on who is employing them.

            Imagine the differences between such a company employed by a landlord to collect rent and evict squatters versus such a company employed by the tenants to protect them and their property.

            The former would likely be seen as oppressors by the tenants, while the latter would interfere with the landowner’s property rights. If both companies are employed at the same time, it’s not a huge stretch to envision firefights breaking out between them sooner or later.

          • Difdi

            You mean like how elected government officials have to produce satisfactory results or be voted out of office?

            You are making plenty of assumptions, most of which have little to do with reality. Contracts alone would interfere with the utopia of private security you envision, just like police union contracts interfere with justice today.

          • Anthony

            yes where-ever there is money involved, there is corruption. it provides a false loyalty, however security in the corporate sense has to abide by existing laws and contracts. there is no immunity for security if they violate protocol. There is no job security for not following procedures. it would be better if people protected themselves, instead of paying bounty hunters. It’s not a perfect world though

      • Daniel

        I don’t quite know what to think of PeaceKeepers.. I like the idea of vigilantes in as far as Batman taught me that they must be awesome, and cowyboy films were cool enough I guess. I don’t know though if I trust a group that I have no vote over, that has zero oversight from anyone, no required qualifications or monitoring, and sits on building rooftops with an assault rifle hoping to be a hero. I mean, to put another way, the spark that sent up the haystack was “armed [police officer] shoots someone and is not being held accountable”. I’m not seeing how anything would improve by changing that to “armed [unidentified individual] shoots someone and is not being held accountable”? (since I’m guessing anyone supporting peace keepers wouldn’t want the police to be their monitors)

        • Phillip Cantu

          #1 It’s “PeaceKeeper”, singular.
          #2 It’s not necessarily a Batman-esque vigilante service, it’s just a method of letting people in a community keep guard over each other.
          #3 If you want “no oversight”, look no further than the police.

  • Harry Houston

    TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 242

    Whoever, under color of any law, statute,
    ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State,
    Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any
    rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or
    laws of the United States, … shall be fined under this title or imprisoned
    not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts
    committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use,
    attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire,
    shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both;
    and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if
    such acts include kidnaping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse,
    or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall
    be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or
    both, or may be sentenced to death.


    • Difdi

      Section 241 of the same title is a better statute when applied to police departments — very few police officers commit their abuses of rights completely alone, after all.

      • David Erb

        Actually, 241 and 242 would apply….

        • Difdi

          Generally, 241 has harsher penalties and is more applicable to a police department. Section 242 applies to individual violations, and how often does a police officer act entirely alone?

  • Daniel

    I totally agree that police have been screwing up royally in many places (but not all places, not all the time) but that doesn’t mean we need to take as extremist a view as the right? Or make up facts? “institution of law enforcement was created relatively recently (for most of human history we survived just fine without it)” Wherever did you get that idea? The Code of Hammurabi dates back to 1754 BC, it was a set of laws, and they were enforced. In some places by the military (we absolutely don’t want to go back to that!) and others by guards (full-time police). Don’t make stuff up or you’re as bad as those you rant against.
    “The reality is that police are individuals, and individuals are responsible for their actions” is correct, *some* bad cops and departments need to be revamped completely – doesn’t change that a lot of them are no worse than any other American citizen and are trying their best. So let’s go for a nice middle-ground where we don’t set ourselves on fire to prove we’re flammable or because our shoe broke so burn the whole thing to the ground

    • Difdi

      You’re making a similar error to the one that you accuse others of.

      You’re quite right that laws and law enforcement have existed for thousands of years. But the form that modern law enforcement takes is only around 200 years old and was invented by the British.

      Before you complain about the speck of dust in someone else’s eye, remove the one in your own.

      • Daniel

        My speck is fine, thank you – the form of modern law enforcement has been around since the last time a law got passed that changed it in this country, so probably since before the current Congress. And then it was different from the previous law. Law enforcement, laws, tools, and uniforms all evolve naturally over a time-line, with a few lurches here and there as governments change. No, the laws of 1000 years ago where we cut off people’s heads with guillotines are not the same as those from 2000 years ago when we stoned people.

        This doesn’t change what I said though – the statement that ‘institution of law enforcement was created relatively recently’ is incorrect. We have had laws since we grouped together in working social units, we have had people who passed laws (far enough back it was the strongest, then it was those who could control the strongest, then it was those with the most popular support), and we had people who enforced laws (first the strongest, then organized militaries, then local military units, then military units that didn’t really get sent anywhere and just walked around enforcing laws, and then we just started calling them ‘police’ or other names) In ancient China they were called prefects and back in Mesopotemia they used Nubian slaves. Ancient Greeks had a highway patrol equivalent, and the Roman ‘vigiles’ are often recognized as the first ‘modern’ police force.

        Actual history facts aside it is really very simple. We all have to live together. That means we all have to agree on what is ok and what is not ok, and we can’t leave that to ‘the strongest’. (It is not ok for the KKK to hang black people because their members have shotguns and pickup trucks, and the black person is an old bankteller with a limp) So we all sit down and go ‘ok, here are some rules – lets call them laws – and we’ve got the societal numbers to enforce them. So the KKK might be strong, but there is a Whole lot more of the rest of us’. Now what? Well, we could just, as a group, string up anyone we think did something that broke those laws. Do we trust mobs to judge fairly who broke the laws? Nope, can’t do that, hasn’t historically worked very well. Do we all get out and as a community of a few million pass this judgement? We can’t even get more than 30% of us to vote for our leaders so probably not (and again.. mobs haven’t made the best choices in the heat of the moment). So we say ‘ok, lets get some full-time people focus on getting this right’. And we called them judges and cops. Do they always get it right? Of course not. But now instead of trying to manage a few million people who try to decide and punish right-and-wrong we can focus on just a small group of individuals and give them oversight, and (if we do a good job with oversight and managing them) we can manage our entire society without killing each other.

        Does that help at all?

        • Lori Mardon

          If you have the misfortune to ever come across a batch of bad ones I would like to hear your views if you survive it….If you have not had a bad encounter you will think everything is just okie dokie.

          • Justsomeguy151

            Wrong. All wrong. Surviving a pig encounter does NOT = “everything was hunky dory”.

          • Lori Mardon

            I WAS talking about bad cops….what are you thinking ?

          • Justsomeguy151

            Your wording was a little awkward. My mistake.

        • Rob Lindner

          Your speck is not fine, its positively blinding you

    • Phillip Cantu

      >*some* bad cops and departments need to be revamped completely

      You’re missing the point. The problem isn’t a few bad apples, the problem is that the entire tree is rotten.

    • Justsomeguy151

      NO ONE said there should be no rules, only that there should be no police. Since police acknowledge no rules and do as they please, we already have what you say you didn’t want anyway. We should be able to police ourselves and have civilian tribunals to resolve disputes. Police are simply revenue generators and hypocritical evil tyrants.

    • Rob Lindner

      Daniel you are an idiot. The poster correcting you is actually right. Police are a recent invention from the 19th century not even 200 years old. Hammurabi’s code is not even remotely the same thing. I have been to places with little or no police, and let me tell you, its much much much better. There is a big difference between the king enforcing laws sometimes when he can at his whim, and absolute inescapable tyranny. People self regulated for the vast majority of history, sometimes well sometimes not so well. And don’t say anything about individuals being responsible for their actions, and trying to apply that to police. No one is holding them accountable or responsible.

  • DaveMan50

    Ok guys, it wasn’t always this way. When I was a kid we looked up to “Peace Officers”. But because of the “war on DRUGS” and the ensuing Bull Shit we now live under Law Enforcement. This is a major change in attitude. The kids writing this have no history. Police Officers were smart people until they could not get enough to join. Then the suites in charge noticed the really smart left the job. So they lowered the intelligence scores necessary to join. Then raised the Psychological test scores. Then reduce the minimum height and up the max weight of applicants. Start accepting women as law thugs? Is this really the way to go? You still have a problem? Wright more laws. Build more prisons. Hire more stupid people. Just don’t spend a dime more than absolutely necessary. That’s “Conservative”.(Greedy)

    Let me ask you this. Where are the law un-makers?

  • Tambra Galid

    I have to say that social media IS the problem with police officers getting a bad rap. That and the availability of cameras/digital recorders. If either of these didn’t exist we wouldn’t have their abuses in our face daily and we could still believe in the idyllic version of law enforcement.

    • Lori Mardon

      You do not like truth? You want to stick your head in the sand and hide from reality ? I did not think people were still so gullible!

      • Tambra Galid

        Wow, please re-read my comment again. That’s NOT what I’m saying at all. Sheesh.

        • Lori Mardon

          Social media is why things could turn back to the ideal life you want…..that is what our government agency’s are afraid of…..

          • Tambra Galid

            Have you never heard of Irony or sarcasm? Jesus.

          • Lori Mardon

            Yes I have….my father invented it.

  • dufas_duck

    The police are a necessary evil… There are some truly bad criminals roaming around and committing horrendous crimes. The problem is that many of them are cops. The difference is while the arrested criminal will get a trial to define his guilt or innocence, the cop is given a pass and is free to keep committing his atrocities again and again.

    The automatic police refrain of “We have investigated ourselves and found that we never do anything wrong” is always applied whether the cop has done wrong or not.

    • Phillip Cantu

      If it’s evil, it’s not necessary. End of story. Also, you basically just contradicted your initial argument with the rest of your comment; you’re basically admitting that criminals can hijack the so-called “necessary” evil you speak of. That alone is proof it needs to be abolished.

      • dufas_duck

        ‘Necessary evil’ means that society requires the type of people that have the mentality that police have to fight real criminals. They didn’t highjack anything, they are/were there from the beginning. Psychological tests of police and convicts during the 70s shown that there is very little difference between the two. Tests with the names and societal standing crossed out were given to group of psychologists and they couldn’t pick out the cops or the convicts correctly because the profiles were so close to each other.

        The result was that cops could be criminals and criminals could be cops.. They are interchangeable at their core level..

        Your rebuttal is circular in it’s logic. By “it needs to be abolished”, I will take a chance and assume you mean the police need to be abolished???.

        • Rob Lindner

          Has the concept of defending yourself never occurred to you?

          • dufas_duck

            I’ve defended myself many times….what has that have to do with the discussion unless you want to try it with a cop???

    • Rob Lindner

      Well when the police are worse than the criminals then they are most definitely no longer necessary

      • dufas_duck

        Many of them are and the so-called good cops will defend, cover up, and lie for the ‘criminal cops’….

  • Pablo Acevedo JR

    Ill be a cop as long as im able to police the police 😀

    • Pablo Acevedo JR

      and you dont drug test me who cares if i smoke a little doobie here and there when im busting the cartels who bring it in and there political partners who get pain by it pwhahahaha

      • Panda


  • petervq

    Same old left-liberal tactic…

    “… They believe that social media is what’s causing the problem of skepticism toward police officers. ”

    Ignore the issue and ignore the reality of fact… just blame and convict the messenger –

  • Mark Shelow

    Maybe they’ll hire illegal aliens next?

  • JustChris

    Everyone is held accountable but them, that is the problem! Not social media, not even the bad cops are the problem because if they were held accountable they would not be a problem anymore. No one likes double standards 2 police have hit my GFs kid with billy clubs, granted he is a child with mental problems but if I had hit him with a billy club when he was going off and kicking his mom after beating her down, they would have taken me to jail for child abuse. They say don’t resort to violence in a argument but what is the first thing cops do? They resort to violence like pepper spraying non violent protesters while they are sitting on the ground and even after being assaulted by the police they did not resort to violence they chanted “SHAME ON YOU!” and in the end the cop got money from the state for mental anguish and payed leave. Or demanding cameras from people and erasing evidence, just ask one of the people when the cops demanded their cameras or phones if they were not feeling threatened by the police. Police are the thugs not the black man walking down the street dressed like a thug if you ask me.

  • Edward The Great

    They have no one to blame but them-damn-selves.

  • Sarah Pretty Dynasty

    It’s HARDLY Social Media. It’s the corruption and how the police became THUGS that are pushing people away from wanting to be police. Maybe if the police would stop being so intimidating and having internal affairs issues more people would want to join. Decent people don’t want to mix themselves in that shit!

  • Guest

    Is it harder to find idiot butchers ?

  • Is it harder to find idiot butchers and taxe collectors?

  • The tax collectors look like teens who don’t know what to do or don’t get it… STUPID !

  • Afraz

    We’re under the illusion that we ‘need’ police because society today suffers from more crime than ever before. You can now commit a crime even when no complaint was filed and no damage to property or individual was committed.

    Why does the robber steal? Why does the murderer kill? Why all the break-ins, community violence and other crimes? We certainly didn’t evolve to become criminals; it’s just that the system creates its own victims.

  • gb032645 .

    To the author of this piece: Fine. But DON’T call 911 if you’re ever the victim of a crime yourself. Fair enough?

  • jy kelly

    The negative consequences of all cops incompetence is being passed on to people who did not commit a crime. In what world is that okay?

    Every time a victim of police brutality is awarded monetary damages, it is the innocent taxpayers who are held responsible, not the individual police officer.

    Some municipalities are considering common sense actions that would require police to keep their own personal liability insurance. This would effectively get rid of problem officers who would either stop being a problem, or become uninsurable, thereby becoming unemployable.

    Seeing cities step up to the plate and refuse to use tax-payer dollars to defend the criminal actions of its employees, is quite heartening. Hopefully, we see some of these the common sense measures spread to all cities across America; after all, nothing discourages negligence and abuse like experiencing the negative consequences of those actions personally.

  • StopShootingDogs

    My first question would be what is the reputation of the departments having a hard time finding new officers? This may be an indicator of departments with issues, like situations invoking the non-existent “blue wall of silence.” It would not be surprising to learn that “bad departments” are known within the law enforcement community. I am sure there is an easy way of determining which law enforcement departments are run in accordance with the law enforcement oath of honor and those departments have no shortage of new applicants.

  • Sassy Lou


    “The reality is that police are individuals, and individuals are responsible for their actions.”

    “Individuals who willingly agree to coerce, extort, and initiate
    violence upon peaceful people in order to maintain a monopolistic rule
    of corrupt politicians are naturally going to be distrusted.”

  • MistyH

    What is so surprising about the numbers dropping so low? No one wants to join ranks with dirty cops and get corrupted themselves. The police need to clean themselves up and stop blaming the people for getting the word out!!!

  • pgholdies 41

    I agree 100% with Bendy

  • So What

    Who wants to work with psychopaths who belong on the end of ropes? Kill that man!!!! Duhhhhhhhhh… OK…. Good job son, now you’re a cop

  • Reinhold Von Kirschmann

    Firefighters and EMS are heroes, cops are power tripping abusers. Only scumbags would want to be a cop and work for a corrupt organization like the police

  • Declared Ungovernable Wphc

    I would never take a UNION job!!!!!

  • David Nevers

    who cares pigs fighting gorillas

  • Frank Tamburrini

    Maybe there is hope after all. It seems that all the low IQ thugs have been hired already.

  • Western Lib

    This is great. I hope they run out of recruits to the point they can’t adequately staff their offices. But you know these assholes will simply lower their already abysmal standards even further to meet quotas, so an even worse breed of humanity will be wearing a badge in the future.

  • Bill Longley

    its a self fulfilling prophecy. less reasonable people become cops and their is less change possible from within. That said when you have a system that protects people who break the law and their oath, its unsustainable.

  • Davy McAdam

    no good person would join the police force to become a bad person.police force ,the patients have taken over the assylum

  • Nathan Graham

    I live in a town of 20,000 people, more than 1500 showed up to apply for 10 positions at FMC mine, yet in a town 10 times that size (Green Bay) only 217 people applied for open cop jobs ALL YEAR?? LOL, no wonder they hire only thugs and racists, those are the only people who apply!!

  • Jackie Milton
  • djtorchMusic

    It’s amazing how Police Departments keep blaming everyone but themselves.

  • Good. We don’t need more terrorist, Oath-Breaking PIGS. We need armed, law-abiding citizens.

  • Bill

    The police officers are now breaking the laws of the constitution more than the common criminal. You have years of wrongful arrest for marijuana, random police checkpoints, the right to carry a gun, filming/photography, to shutting down lemonade stands and kids offering to shovel driveways. Sorry but the gov’t has done this to themselves and they have turned the police from servants to the people into enemies of the people by turning police into revenue generators to steal from the peaceful people. God help us if they don’t start getting back to enforcing only constitutional law, as right now only ignorant bullies would want the current job.

  • Averyfoto

    When does open season begin on the remaining ones?

  • Joe Tittiger

    This is great news! When being a cop is about as looked down upon the same
    as being a pedophile, will be a great day in this Country….. keep up
    the good work people!

  • JoeCushing

    Why does this article have so many tiny paragraphs? It’s distracting and actually harder to read. My brain is ready for a new topic but instead it’s given a continuation of the previous topic. I stopped reading to comment at a paragraph that starts with the word But. But is a word that is closely tied to the previous thought and should not start a paragraph.

  • MoD are the enemy

    In this day and age who on earth would want to become a police officer?
    Most of them are just corrupt criminals and are no worse than the people
    they lock up behind bars. In London we have a poor excuse for a police
    department called Scotland Yard, in my opinion one of the worse in the
    world. They even started targeted me because I was exposing a secret crime that they are involved in called organized stalking. The police are very good at intimidating the public by using psychological harassment but unfortunately they are not the only ones involved in this.

  • John Adams

    I find it ironic that the name of this website is exactly what is needed to fix about 95% of all the woes that plague the reputation of the * good * police officers out there, and restore their claim to authority in the public realm – something they NEED in order to function effectively in their role as enforcers of the law.

    We have the technology. It’s affordable. It’s easy to use. It provides a clear, irrefutable record of everything that happens, minute-by-minute, blow-by-blow. I’m talking, of course, about body cameras. Every police force should buy them and make them standard, mandatory equipment in the field. Police officers should wear them without complaint or objection. The cameras should be tamper-proof , and any “mafunctions” and key points during an incident involving interaction with suspects, or “missing minutes” during such interactions should be grounds for a felony charge leading to a jail term – whenever “something happens” off camera that causes the death or serious injury of a “suspect” (aka “citizen”). This technology would also cut down on police corruption, since all other “interactions” while on duty would be recorded as well.

    Now, I completely understand why able-bodied, conscientious young men and women are not looking at a career in police work these days. The number of people that believe all police are evil, sadistic bastards is growing, and no one with a brain wants to face that kind of animosity, latent hostility, and disrespect from strangers – every day, all day – just because of your choice of career.

    But pointing to your own body-cam, and saying “Look, everything I do here is being recorded, so I’m going to behave myself. Now, how about you?” should set the right tone, and give the cops a chance to regain some respect and cooperation, at least from good, honest citizens. As for the criminals, there’s no fixing what’s too broke to fix. At least the cops would have evidence of who started what, and what degree of force was necessary to subdue an uncooperative suspect.

    Perhaps the use of these cameras would remove some of the anxiety for those who had thought about police work but decided against it. Those would be the cops I would want on the force – not those who talk about their “right to privacy” while on duty. They have no such rights while working as public servants, except while “off the clock” on a coffee break or getting a bite to eat.

  • Lee Lopez

    P.D. Stands for Pedophile Department!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • baruchzed

    Blaming the low applicant numbers on social media is a perfect example of how our current police model does not work. There seems to be a lack of ability, on the part of police chiefs and commissioners etc. to admit any fault or responsibility on the part of themselves, their departments, their officers, or their model of policing, but the rest of us see it. This myopia on the part of police is more than just problematic, it means that there is not functional oversight of police. We see it in the increasing amount of police brutality, police raping, murdering, lynching.

    I think it speaks to the overall morality of people that less people are applying to be police because they know that police are now endemically corrupt, and they don’t want to be part of it.

    To conclude, police folks, if you want more and better applicants, CLEAN UP YOUR ACT.

  • Tracy Bench

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  • Chris Weiss

    This is a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation. The pullback of enforcement in Chitown and the resulting spike in crime, violent crime and murder show that the were making a difference. The problem is, the enforcement was/ is often over the top, authoritarian, and in violation of our rights as human beings and citizens of the US.
    This is a candle burning at both ends, or more accurately, a stick of dynamite with two wicks.
    If you want this to end, you must stop discriminating against individuals for the groups they are a part of, and discriminate on the content of character. Discriminate against all who are healthy of mind and body but refuse to be a functioning and contributing member of society. These are who you are truly railing against.

    Again, in case you missed it. Judge people on the content of their character. Any other qualification will only distract from the truth.

  • Tristan Jesse Pearson

    All the comments I read here really make me sad. Part of the reason I want to be a cop is because I feel that now more than ever, they need good people. It’s a dlhard job, and one of the most stressful occupations a person can pursue. Absolutely everything they do is scrutinized by the public and all the good they do to keep us safe goes unnoticed. I know 3 retired cops who now deal with depression solely because of all the hate they received just based on their badge alone. Yes, there are dirty cops, but 90+% are respectable people who are absolutely committed to carrying out their jobs with utmost professionalism. Respect is earned, and unfortunately the bad actions of the few completely drown out the good actions of the many.

  • michael92064

    Who wants to work side by side with sociopaths? Try something novel and make all cops accountable and you will see pride return. Both from the public and among police themselves.