Video: City Rallies Behind Huge Athlete Who Challenges Bully Cop to MMA Fight, Cop Chickens Out

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BYRNES MILL — Residents of Byrnes Mill tried again and again to report police misconduct in their town by “filing complaints” with the department, but they never seemed to get the justice they wanted.

A long-time resident of the town remarked: “Having lived in or near BM for almost 20 years, I concur that the whole department is corrupt…”

One of the cops that residents specifically point to is Officer Tim Walker.

Multiple residents have complained that Officer Walker has abused or bullied them to various degrees.

“I have been pulled over by this officer recently and thought to myself that I have never been pulled over by another police officer that acted like this officer. He was surely having a bad day and I did not like the way he was talking down to me. He claims I ‘did not use my blinker’ while making a turn onto the highway,” said one citizen.

Another resident added, “I also got pulled over by him, he was riding my ass on lower byrnes mill with his brights on and then pulled me over for barely swervin and searched my car…”

When asked about what Officer Walker looks like, one resident replied, “He is a short little fat fuck with warts.”

And another remarked: “Byrnes Mill, MO is a speed trap disguised as a town. The police force lives off traffic tickets. I was stopped by the same fat, ginger-headed cop while traveling through Byrnes Mill during Memorial Day weekend in 2009.  There is a law in MO that is supposed to limit what percentage of a town budget can be funded by traffic tickets.  It isn’t enforced.  My guess is that Byrnes Mill is over the limit.”

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A “speed limit” sign is placed right above the Byrnes Mill City welcome sign.

After so many citizens complaining about being bullied by Officer Walker, it seems that Officer Walker finally picked on the wrong man.

Rich Stephens towers at about 6’5″ and is in excellent physical shape. He used to be a pro-football player for the Oakland Raiders.

He reports that Officer Walker pulled him over for a minor traffic infraction and began harassing him.

Apparently when he tried to get the officer to calm down, he was placed in handcuffs. At some point while in handcuffs, he says that Officer Walker purposely kicked his feet out from under him in order to trip him, and he was then taken to jail for absolutely no justifiable reason.

Not being one to accept bullying and injustice, Stephens did something nobody would have expected.

He took out a full-page newspaper ad and openly challenged Officer Walker to a mixed martial arts fight.

Proceeds from the fight would be donated to charity and the fight would be refereed.

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“I just want his head on my hand,” said Stephens.

He then took the additional step of placing a huge sign on his pick-up truck, reading “What is short, fat, and round all over? A Byrnes Mill cop!”

He did it to call out Officer Walker in the most visible way.

Upon hearing of the challenge, the city poured out massive support for Stephens, rallying behind him in the hopes that he could neutralize Officer Walker’s bullying once and for all.

“I think it’s great,” one woman said, praising Stephens. “Most people don’t have that kind of nerve.”

When asked why he was taking such an action instead of filing a report with the department, Stephens replied “I’m just calling him out. He’s a tough guy behind the badge and gun. He needs to drop it and see how tough he is.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Officer Walker backed down from the challenge.

What do you think about this method of publicly shaming abusive cops and challenging them to a legal fight? Should more men begin doing this across the nation? Let us know your opinion after the video…

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