Pregnant Mother Loses Her Eye After Ferguson Cop Opens Fire on Her With High-Velocity Bean Bag Round

pregnant mother


FERGUSON — Dornella Conner was driving home with her boyfriend at night and was not involved in the protests currently taking place in Ferguson.

Even though she wasn’t protesting, a Ferguson officer pulled out his weapon and fired a high-velocity bean bag round through her car window.

The round ripped through Dornella’s eye socket, destroying her left eye. Pellets and shards of glass pierced her face and her right eye. 

Because of what the cop did to her, she will never get to see her newborn baby with normal vision.

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The incident happened when Dornella and her boyfriend were driving to get some gas in St Louis.
The area was being “monitored” by several police moments after the grand jury’s decision not to charge Darren Wilson was announced.

The boyfriend was driving and says he was cautiously trying to maneuver the vehicle in a way that would avoid police, not wanting to be involved in any trouble.

Dornella also stated that they were neither protesting nor trying to cause a disturbance, but simply trying to get to their destination.

That’s when out of nowhere an officer fired a high-powered round right through the passenger-side window the vehicle.

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Inside the vehicle, Dornella was struck in the face by the round, as well as by dozens of shards of glass.

The officer claims that he “feared for his life” and thought that the car was heading directly toward him.

Others suspect that he was just hoping to “get some action” and being trigger-happy.


Dornella’s father also pointed out a glaring inconsistency in the officer’s claim.

“If a vehicle is coming at you, wouldn’t you take aim at the person who is driving the vehicle, not at the passenger’s side?”

That is to say, if the officer truly “feared for his life” when he saw the vehicle, he would have naturally aimed at the driver — but in this case he aimed at the passenger. 

Dornella’s father added that even if the officer was telling the truth that he “feared for his life,” he had several alternative options — such as simply moving aside — and did not have to pull out his weapon and shoot Dornella in the head.

“For my daughter to be shot in the face and lose her eye is uncalled for,” he said.

Ever since the incident, medical professionals have pulled around 20 sharp pellets from Dornella’s face.

Her family is concerned that due to her loss of vision, Dornella may no longer be able to work and support her three children.

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