“You Gonna Suck My D*ck!” – Ferguson Officer Says to Pregnant Woman, then Rapes Her



“You gonna suck my d*ck!” — Officer Hayden says to pregnant woman, according to reports.

David Boroff | Daily News

A corrections officer in Ferguson, Mo., is accused of brutally raping a woman in jail last year in another troubling incident involving law enforcement in the midwestern city.

Jaris Hayden was hit with four felonies following his arrest last week, the St. Louis Business Journal reported. Officer Hayden was also named in a federal lawsuit filed by a woman, now pregnant, identified as “J.W.”

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Hayden allegedly told the woman in October of 2013 that “you smell good” following an arrest for expired license plates and for giving a false name, the Business Journal reported.

Even though her boyfriend posted bond, Hayden reportedly told the woman, who complained she was feeling ill, that she had outstanding traffic warrants.

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“I will do anything to go home,” J.W. pleaded, according to the suit, which emphasizes that she was not talking about sex.

“Follow me,” Hayden responded, according to the Business Journal.

After taking her to the boiler room of the city jail, Hayden unbuttoned his pants and showed his privates, according to the report, and said something similar to “you gonna suck my d—.”

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Hayden then coerced the woman to give him oral sex, according to the lawsuit. He then forced himself inside of the woman, who did not resist “because she was afraid,” the lawsuit alleges.

The corrections officer then released the woman through a side door of the jail and told her to stay close to the building, according to the Business Journal. He may have wanted her to avoid being seen on surveillance cameras.

She was taken to the hospital by her sister. Pubic hair found on her body was proved to be from Hayden, DNA analysis showed.

In the lawsuit, J.W. alleges that the sexual assault is part of a “pattern” of abuse by Ferguson law enforcement.

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