Cop Draws Gun and Tries to Enter Private Home — This Brave Man Kicks Him Out


CITY OF INDUSTRY — A video has surfaced online showing two police officers backing down after a man filmed them and defended his home.


The man in the video can be heard saying that he and his neighbors can’t even walk down their streets anymore without cops harassing them.

It began when two officers in an unmarked vehicle pulled up to the man’s property.

Disturbingly, one of the cops chose to take his gun out of his holster and bring it right up to the gate.

He had his gun drawn despite the fact that the homeowner posed no threat whatsoever.

The officers evidently wanted to enter the man’s home and “search” around.

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Rather than lying down like a domesticated cow, the man and his friend begin filming the cops.

The man clearly articulated that he was unarmed and ordered the cops off of his property.

At first the officers’ body language seemed to be aggressive.

They can be seen on camera hurriedly waddling over to the man with their faces hunched forward.

When it turned out that they were being filmed, however, both cops appeared to change their demeanor, becoming more passive.

It makes one wonder what these cops would have done had they not been filmed, since one of them already had his gun drawn and they both seemed intent on breaking into the man’s gate.

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At first the officers got in the man’s face and took an aggressive posture. Once they fully realized they were being recorded, however, their demeanor changed.

This illustrates the fact that a camera and some good old fashioned courage can be a powerful deterrent to individuals who believe that wearing a badge allows them to enter American homes without permission.

After the homeowner repeatedly orders them off of his property, both officers stand down and retreat to their vehicle.

Watch the video below: