Elite Pedophile Politicians Raped Her as a Child, Now She’s Alerting the Public

UPDATE 4/10/2017 | 2:42 PM PST: we are now able to confirm that the show has been cancelled by Dutch broadcasters after airing the episode on pedophile rings.

Pedophile rings are said to be highly active among the political elite in the Netherlands, and politicians from the US may have links.

“Different choices in programming” is the pretext Dutch Media used to cancel the show shortly after the existence of the pedophile ring was exposed to millions.

True Activist reports as follows:

A translated quote from Dutch Media RTL says the Dr. Phil show was canceled because of “difference choices in programming.” Because the show has been airing for almost 15 years and because the elite pedophilia ring was exposed last week, the timing is curious.

The Netherlands has come under fire in recent years for pedophile activity at the highest levels in society. According to English-speaking Dutch media NL Times, political leaders – including a mayor and justice official of the Netherlands – have been summoned to court by alleged victims of child sex-trafficking.

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UPDATE: 3/22/2017 | 2:30 PM PST: the video is being pulled and censored from multiple platforms. We found a new link but there is a good chance it will disappear again very soon. Watch while you still can.

The victim now goes by the name of “Kendall.”

She was interviewed today on Dr. Phil’s national broadcast to millions of viewers, the first appearance she has made on television after breaking out of her confinement and fleeing from sex traffickers.

What she describes is profoundly unsettling, and Dr. Phil confirms that he “100% believes” that she is telling the truth.

She says that she was sold by her very own parents at birth to an elite pedophile ring made up of police, politicians, and other powerful men and women.  Some of these pedophiles are extremely wealthy and have their own islands. One of them even owns a major sports team.

She says the politicians forced her to rape other children as young as five, broke her bones, sat on her, and even made her kill.

She also described “hunting parties” that the pedophile ring hosts. On their private lands, they make multiple children run and hide in fear. Then they begin literally hunting the children as if they were hunting animals. They find the children, rape them, and torture them for fun.

When asked about the first time she was raped by them, she said thatit happened when she was at a very young age. Indeed they began raping her before she could even speak, she replied. 

The audience was horrified to hear the details, but also supportive.

Kendall described how they put children in cages and suspend the cages from ceilings. The pedophiles trafficked her around the world to be raped by other elites. Dr. Phil says many of the elites are believed to be “pillars of their communities” but when they are behind closed doors with children, they are evil and sadistic.

The pedophile politicians took great care to hide what they were doing. They would dress her in nice clothes so that nobody ever knew she was a sex slave. They have been raping children for many years, she says, and it’s a reality that the politicians involved are completely hiding from voters.

Corrupt police are also said to be included among the many clients who are part of the elite pedophile network.

It is the latest example to emerge among several others of what is being called #PedoGate. #PedoGate refers to an international pedophile ring composed of politicians and other moguls. Over 1,500 pedophiles and human traffickers have been arrested since January of 2017.Watch the video below:
Her story matches that of other victims.

It is important to note that none of these victims know each other and they all testified at different times, independently.

Yet strikingly, their details match, including the fact that it is wealthy politicians and aristocrats who are part of the pedophile rings. Via LivingResistance.com:

Anneke Lucas describes how she was raped and tortured by wealthy aristocrats in the pedophile network.


Brooke Axtell describes what happened when a nanny who sold her to pedophiles at the age of 7.


Cory Feldman describes what happens when children are raped and used in pedophile rings in Hollywood –


Two children described what happened when their father used them in a pedophile sex cult comprised of politicians and other high level individuals – the media accused them of lying and worked unceasingly to spread lies about them — they were taken by the State.

The video is constantly banned and taken down, here is one of the latest uploads.


On March 9, 2017, the children’s mother released the following video stating that the pedophile network is still trying to cover it up and they are creating bot accounts online to spread lies in order to dilute the facts. (If you look at the comments under the video, you can see some of them. They were identified by attentive readers.)


Cathy Obrien talks about her abuse by politicians and an exam revealed proof of sexual abuse and ritual cutting of her vagina —

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  • one pissed off guy.

    wow wtf. ok first off im gonna say i do believe kendall and all the things shes saying. and this is part of why religion is a disease. especially in the wrong hands. you train these poor kids into believing that this was “gods plan” for them. and you brainwash them using the same tactics as religion does to everyone it has a hold on. just on a more perverse level and way. but for dr phil to use this poor girl to selflessly promote himself at the end of the show is just almost as sickening as what she was used for. she was whored out physically, emotionally and mentally… yet dr. phil whores her out as a media gimmick for his show and to get more viewers and sell books…. wtf man. do you not see what you just did phil? if you cared about her and her situation you wouldnt promote yourself and your show so hard at the end. i wouldnt put it past you as being one of the kind of ppl who pay for the kind of shit she was used for. im completely disgusted by the end of this show. how disingenuous of you. i hope she really gets help and that this sheds light on her situation. but godamnit phil. why would you do that at the end of the show like that? i can understand a prerecorded thing where you promote the show. but to use her story and her at the end and use it to personally promote your show… wow dude. fuckin low. really fucking low.

  • liz randol

    happy this is finally getting out into the open. its only a matter of time til this all blows sky high.

    • Wendyfwallace

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    • glenn47

      I hope they finally expose Podestra and his brother. Both have nefarious records, and both were ID to have been in Portugal at the time of the McCann kidnapping. Even the composite drawing fit. There is much there we aren’t seeing.

  • Larry Laird

    No one can remember “before they can talk”. I stopped reading at that point—

    • Nicky Grimms

      You’re a jackass.

      This is a girl who’s parents sold her to paedophiles when she was a baby. Of course she was being raped before she could talk.

      I doubt a bunch of paedophiles were like “Hey, let’s fuck this little girl… WAIT!!! Before we do that, let’s make sure she knows proper english.”

      • jimmydd

        He’s not the brightest bulb in the bunch is he.

        • Larry Laird

          You suffer from the Dunning Kruger effect

      • Larry Laird

        No–you buy the story. I really don’t. Before language (talking) memories are not encoded in the brain. Fact. Unless she didn’t talk until she was 4 or 5, (normal, 2 yo) she does not remember.

        You be the jackass because you don’t think it through or have the knowledge to think it through.

        • irenehoule

          I am not convinced about the entire story, but Larry you are wrong about the memories. Many people have memories, usually fleeting, of things from infancy, I would agree that extremely rarely is it from much before 2 years of age, but I can personaly remember several things that were definitely from around 2 or 3. AND traumatic events are much more likely to be remembered, even when they occur at a very young age. So while I find the story a bit much, hunting games and hanging cages–seems rather reminiscent of the McMartin child abuse case–ultimately found to be untrue, it is not because of your incorrect assumptions about when memories can begin.

        • Sharon Tobe
        • Mark Spencer

          You have it ass-backward. The attainment of knowledge is reliant on the ability to think — not the other way around. Dunning-Kruger indeed. Had many “energy drinks” lately?

    • debski2222

      Of course you can remember things before you’re able to talk

      • Larry Laird

        Uh, unless you learned to talk at 4-5 years old, no ya don’t

      • Northernlights13

        Under Hypnosis, one can remember their birth experience!
        No memories are lost. Only buried in the subconscious.

    • Robert Callaghan

      She was older than she thinks she was.

      • Larry Laird

        Possibly. I re-read it and am even MORE skeptical any of it is true.
        Why traffic them ‘all over the world’ when anywhere in the world there are children. Why waste the air fare?
        And, it’s Dr Phil–an he’s an ass.

    • PithHelmut

      That’s probably why you don’t know that the rape starts when they are babies. We’re talking really sick shit. Turn away if you want to but its ugliness goes on precisely because of people doing just that.

  • Natalie Faria-Vare

    I don’t understand why as yet no one appears to have been named in the majority of these cases. In the UK we are finally finding out about Cyril Smith, Jimmy Saville (who could only have operated with support from elites) and those involved in cover ups/lost files like Leon Brittan (he was accused of sex crimes himself but the victim later admitted they were making it up) and the whole Jeremy Thorpe case, etc. It is likely that Jill Dando was murdered as a result of elites covering up their actions BUT, my point is, we have names. Many of these allegations mention no names or refuse to name which is no help at all and actually undermines the claims. It is very frustrating. The film the Whistleblower based on true events would indicate high levels of collusion in sex trafficking and murder but if no one names names we are stuffed.

    • Natural_Texan

      Yes, the lack of specifics damages the work against pedophiles and other criminals.

    • police state

      Jim my Saville was reported on back in the late 60s or 70s to my knowledge. He was accused while running a show on British Television.

      • Natalie Faria-Vare

        That’s my point he was named although nothing was done at the time. Lots of accusations are made and obviously they cannot name names without proof/there has to be due process but many of these claims for elite murdering paedophile rings and there was a massive cover-up with Jimmy Saville but he was named, more than once and was well known to the Police. I am certainly not trying to justify their inaction, it was as criminal as his acts. I am just wary of information that is seemingly contradictory or does not provide specifics as it really does not help.

    • InterestedAussie

      The two children named names, and look what happened to them … Until you become a whistleblower yourself and face the very real risks and consequences for courageously speaking out, you might consider refraining from judgement (no disrespect intended, just an insight into the awful reality faced by Whistleblowers and victims/survivors who speak out).

      • Natalie Faria-Vare

        You misunderstand the point being made. I am sure these rings exist but it doesn’t help if no actionable information is given.This is not a judgement either, it is a query, if you are a murdering ‘elite’ paedophile why are so many of these children escaping/living to tell their tales? Surely you would kill them and not leave witnesses running around to grow up and accuse you? I t doesn’t make sense and is an intrinsic contradiction. If we want the truth and we want to catch these people then we have to be rigorous in analysing information provided. The psychology of violence and effects on victims is a very complicated area of psychology , what people report and how/when whilst they may do so with complete integrity is not always accurate, the mind does strange things so whilst I have every sympathy for those who are tortured and abused, I view unsubstantiated claims that seem to contradict the information being provided with caution and I repeat, it does not help catch the killers/perpetrators.

  • Kevin Mock

    If she has been getting raped and passed around for sex her whole life then how did she get educated? How did she learn to read and write or even just put simple sentences together. I mean was she home schooled? I’m just saying it seems strange because she said this started before she could even speak. Something’s not right about “her” story.

    • Dmitry Vitamin D Owens

      Fake News Alert!

      • Mark Spencer

        Fake Disqus participant (troll) alert! (only 41 comments and half as many up-votes)
        This is not a sure indicator, but the odds favor this girl being a troll.

    • PithHelmut

      That’s a good question but why don’t you await an answer before making a conclusion? Even if she is fake, so what? There are hundreds of thousands of children being trafficked every year. Many of them taken from poor families with help from all the services you probably still hail as protecting you – the police, the courts, Child Protective Services, schools – if you listen to others you will find the child molesters come from the highest echelons and they have “plants” in every facet of society. This is what money does to us folks! Money is the root of almost all of human problems.

      From other children that I heard testify, they go to school but they are released from class by people in the school who go along with this. There is so much money involved, they probably have teachers. They have to be able to deal with the elite and talk about politics. She didn’t cover that part. It wouldn’t be everyday probably and they still have days where they are taught lessons. I don’t know, however your jumping to not believing the girl shows you have no idea of what is going on in the world right under your nose. And it seems you don’t wish to.

    • linda

      Think. The children are dominated to behave and confirm to whatever parent or owner they get their meals from. Education fits in.

  • Pemba Sherpa

    now you know where your tax money is going to … hey cheer up. At least it didnt go to some people in need whoes country your elected ones bombed to shit.
    Keep up the good work citizen!

  • lholland

    And Liberals are trying to convince everyone that Pedophiles are just normal people like you, me and the Transgendered. We’re just all one big happy family!!

    • Destiny

      You must get some kind of kinky thrill from saying stuff that proves your stupidity. BTW, latest politician caught in a bathroom with a boy was a Republican.

      • Denise Doherty

        The abuse is coming from both sides. However, it is the Liberals who are outwardly trying to pass laws that normalize this depraved behavior.

        • Karl Levinson

          Bullshit. Liberals are NOT defending pedophiles, and are not passing any laws that make pedophilia legal. It is illegal, period. Two big cases I can think of where people defended pedophiles are the alt-right Milo Yiannopolous, and the conservative Catholic Church.

          LBGQ and related human rights laws have NOTHING to do with pedophilia. Pedophiles are more likely to identify as hetero males, with no connection whatsoever to gay culture, and they’re at least as likely to be self-hating conservatives.

          Science does NOT tell us that there are only two sexes. Hermaphrodites exist naturally in humankind and many other animal species, as does homosexuality. Some creatures have both sexes, others have no sex at all.

          Your mistake is apparently that you think homosexuality = pedophilia. In other words, you’re hateful prejudiced bigots, and you just made an ASS of U and ME.

          • Natural_Texan

            Do you know that the age of consent in Mexico is 12 years? This is what is being imported into the US and our communities with millions of ‘migrants’.. This is the actual law in Mexico.. These new citizens don’t abandon their cultural practices after breathing the air in America. so when you read of adult men molesting 12 or 14 year old girls in the US does that anger you? or is it just part of personal choice or multiculturalism? It’s ok for migrants from central America or Somalia.. but not for ‘us’? Just asking. Thanks.

          • irenehoule

            Do you know the age of “Consent” here in the USA? It varies by state, in NH 13 year old girls can be legally married. All USA states have minimum age of consent between 16 and 18. Mexico also varies by state, yes there are states in Mexico, and yes some are as low as 12, but not all. So please stop with the idiotic comments designed to paint other cultures as inferior and dragging us down. I strongly suggest you look into Mormon culture for information on sexual predation of young girls, and remember that this is a homegrown culture, originating in and flourishing in the USA.

          • Natural_Texan

            Not all cultures are equivalent.. the Mormon culture is one bad example. Thanks.

          • Natural_Texan

            Latest ‘news’ on importing pedophile ‘culture. 35 year-old ‘migrant’ criminal fathers two children with teenage stepdaughter, the first when she is not yet 13.. shoots her dead (nine months pregnant). This ‘man’ is the product of an inferior culture.. Peace out. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/69813d069657894051110ce0af98baa84ff827211c5913fccc92ee7a29b72706.jpg

          • Mark Spencer

            Half truths are dangerous.

          • Denise Doherty

            “Your mistake is apparently that you think homosexuality = pedophilia.”
            Where was that ever stated?

            Before you decide to attack someone you should really educate yourself. http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2013/04/pedophilia-is-a-sexual-orientation-under-ca-bill-2611672.html

          • Denise Doherty

            Where was it ever suggested that homosexuality = pedophilia? It wasn’t.
            And, before you go on an emotional rant and attack someone about the facts, you should really educate yourself…..


            The only one who is assuming anything and making an ass out himself is you.

          • Karl Levinson

            In case my previous post was deleted — your story about CA legalizing pedophilia is total fake news.

            Read the actual bill, it never said a single thing about pedophilia. Also click on the link in the article to the supposed court legal injunction.

            The conservative legal group quoted is classified as a hate group for making up stories like the one you fell for. “Before It’s News” is known to be fake news – you can tell by the lack of an author, and by googling to confirm the facts stated.

            “Educate yourself to the facts.” No wonder you all hate liberals and think they’re evil, you’re fallling for BS.

        • Lisa Thomas

          And the liberals seem to be the thread that holds the funk together, and have the connections to the pedo networks

        • Buffalo Trace

          What the fuck are you smoking?

      • lholland

        Science proves there are only 2 Genders…..Yet, Liberals want everyone to believe there’s 343 Genders lol and when these nut jobs have run out of letters in the Alphabet to add onto their LGBT’Qrstuvwxy(Silent “z”) and Gender equality is no longer the cool “In” thing to be a part of, they’ll start to normalize pedophilia which they’re already in the process of doing and yes, there are Pedophiles everywhere, you just don’t see people fighting for them like the Democrats lol.


        • Jen

          “First of all, in a sexual species, you can have females be XX and males
          be X (insects), you can have females be ZW and males be ZZ (birds), you
          can have females be females because they developed in a warm environment
          and males be males because they developed in a cool environment
          (reptiles), you can have females be females because they lost a penis
          sword fighting contest (some flatworms), you can have males be males
          because they were born female, but changed sexes because the only male
          in their group died (parrotfish and clownfish), you can have males look
          and act like females because they are trying to get close enough to
          actual females to mate with them (cuttlefish, bluegills, others), or you
          can be one of thousands of sexes (slime mold, some mushrooms.) Oh, did
          you mean humans? Oh ok then. You can be male because you were born
          female, but you have 5-alphareductase deficiency and so you grew a penis
          at age 12. You can be female because you have an X and a Y chromosome
          but you are insensitive to androgens, and so you have a female body. You
          can be female because you have an X and a Y chromosome but your Y is
          missing the SRY gene, and so you have a female body. You can be male
          because you have two X chromosomes, but one of your X’s HAS an SRY gene,
          and so you have a male body. You can be male because you have two X
          chromosomes- but also a Y. You can be female because you have only one X
          chromosome at all. And you can be male because you have two X
          chromosomes, but your heart and brain are male. And vice – effing –
          versa. Don’t use science to justify your bigotry. The world is way too
          weird for that shit.” — Grace Ann

          • lholland


          • Karl Levinson

            You’re cringing at scientific facts? Weren’t you the one who was just claiming to have scientific “facts”?

        • Karl Levinson

          Your link is total fake news. There isn’t a single true fact or link in the article. It’s all made up. Show us where Salon is defending pedophiles, for example.

          (Your fake news is from Russian propaganda by the way. The Russians tried to link Hillary to pedophilia, by citing totally mundane Podesta emails about pizza that the Russians hacked and posted to Wikileaks. Thanks for spreading Communist propaganda, Comrade.)

          • lholland

            Spoken like a true Shill. Fact: Podesta has Artwork in his home depicting little girls in a line, gagged, in their underwear, with distressed looks on their faces. That’s a fact…..now when the Podestas are found out and they will be, you can add yourself as one of their champions and go to bed each night knowing that you helped them just a little bit more.

          • Karl Levinson

            Considering the last link you posted was a lie, and you still deny it’s a lie, I don’t see any reason to believe this unsourced “fact” either.

            Your fake article shows exactly what’s going on. ‘“This language is so broad and vague, it ARGUABLY COULD include all forms of sexual orientation, including pedophilia,” said Brad Dacus, president of the Pacific Justice Institute.’ The pedophilia is NOT in the bill. Brad Dacus made it up. No court agreed with him.

            This is NOT a big deal. 6 US states enacted similar bills. Not one of them has anything to do with pedophilia, which remains illegal by law in every state.

            Here’s the actual text of CA SB 1172 in all its revisions. You read it and find where the hell it legalizes or even mentions pedophilia, or even adults. It’s aimed at protecting minors:

            Here’s the link in your article about the temporary court injunction against CA SB 1172. The bill was and is law, the injunction only made the law temporarily not apply to three people. Please show me any mention of pedophilia:

            Below is the PJI, the legal group / hate group quoted in your article, making up a story about a transgender child, resulting in waves of right-wing threats against a child. The school confirmed the story was false:

            How much evidence do you need? I bet you’ll still think I’m a shill despite all this. Because you’re just that brainwashed. You’re brainwashed to hate democrats, to think they’re evil murderous atheist Sharia law-loving pedophiles. You’ve allowed yourself to be made into a useful pawn by Russia and the members of the swamp.

          • lholland

            Evidence lol…..you’re the one that’s brainwashed, listen to how ridiculous you sound, lol RUSSIA DID IT!!!!! RUSSIA DID IT!!!! But of course Democrats are never responsible for anything and even if you caught Hillary Sacrificing kittens on an alter, you people would find some way to excuse her and point the finger at anyone but yourselves.

          • Karl Levinson

            Once again, not a single fact or link in your post, and no acknowledgement or meaningful response to my sourced facts. Just exclamation points and all caps. Not very convincing.

            And yes, Comey and the FBI did state they know for a fact that Russia used bots and right-wing web sites to inject fake news propaganda into American discussions. Pizzagate came from someone who analysed the entire Podesta email dump and turned an innocent email about pizza into a codeword for pedophilia, and a dinner invitation with a New York artist into a satanic ritual. The Russians are the most likely source. Pedophilia seems to be a favorite fake accusation of theirs.

          • Denise Doherty

            I would not waste my time. Obviously, deeply disturbed and in denial like so many others.

        • Destiny

          Since when are people like you concerned about what science has to say about anything?

      • Natural_Texan

        It’s a bad deal all-around.. but Iholland has a point.. as fast as we expose these freaks? few are imprisoned, their contacts and collaborators remain ‘unknown’ and out of a hundred articles few attempt to indict their actions or expose their associations.

      • Mark Spencer

        And? (You’re likely too dense to see the irony.)

        • Destiny

          And…you’re likely too dense to understand what irony is.

  • Donna

    just saw a story about a massive pedophile ring busted in California involving 670 suspects and that 230 abused children in 30 countries had been taken to safety. More children are expected to be found, according to Europol.
    For those of you who wish to keep deny that this is a HUGE problem in this country and around the world and that it is prevalent where you live and in every town and major city across the USA do some searches on the subject on Google. Find out why the story of the massive California pedophile ring uncovered just days ago isn’t headlined news of every MSM and internet news outlet. Ask yourself what is important to you.
    You may wish to live in your comfortable little space where reality is defined by what you are fed by those who wish to control you but when are you going to actually wonder if your inaction and your apathy toward this subject makes you in some way culpable for the torture sexual abuse and death of babies and children who are the helpless and the innocent that we are all responsible for protecting? The blood on your hands will never wash away.

  • Robert Callaghan

    Most people can’t or won’t believe victims when they speak out.
    Links https://voat.co/v/pizzagate

  • Dmitry Vitamin D Owens

    Smells like total bullshit to me. Is this a rejected story from the Weekly World News or what? If so, I’m sure Trump voters will fully believe it, gullible easily riled-up sheep that they are.

    • Sharon Tobe

      You’re a thoughtless, clueless ass. Why don’t you take the time to look into the Franklin scandal? Then, appreciate the fact that you can’t comprehend this instead of what you’re doing. After that, how about looking into everything here http://filmingcops.com/elite-pedophile-politicians-cops-raped-child-now-shes-alerting-public/. You are part of the problem now.

      • Mark Spencer

        Slow down Sharon. He’s a troll. Nothing more. Something you scrape off of the bottom of your shoe from time to time.

        • Sharon Tobe

          It’s still bullshit and this subject makes it too low to just let slide. I do appreciate what you’re saying but he deserves the nightmares on this one.

  • sinner saved by faith

    When God’s only son, Jesus Christ, returns to judge this evil world, His light of truth will expose every evil deed, and eternal Hell awaits the unbelievers. Luke 4:5-8

    • PithHelmut

      Waiting for daddy to save us ?

  • john pierre smith


  • fierfox


    • PithHelmut

      Calm down. Now that you know this is going on on your dime (lots of government, law enforcement and other government agencies involved) are you going to stop paying taxes? Because if you’re not then you are part of this ring because you are supporting it. Now that you know…

      • fierfox

        So you think the ONLY SOLUTION IS NOT TO PAY MY TAXES OR ELSE I AM PART OF THE PROBLEM!!??? According to YOU! Bawhahaha. Good grief !! Your just as bad !!

  • William Combs

    Sounds weird but when I lived in Clearlake,CA we had a local cop arrested for sex with a young boy so it does happen.

  • William Combs

    Did we forget the Democrat caught with a young boy behind the Bilboard?? And he got away with it.

  • PithHelmut

    Hey, taxpayers are paying for this cover up. The elites can do anything and people will still pay them. Because people think they are good if they pay their bills.

  • Lisa Thomas

    And you ask yourself, WHERE ARE THE COPS TO PROTECT THIS GIRL, TO ARREST THESE PIECES OF SHIT, TO RESCUE THE OTHER CHILDREN? This shit is getting sickening. Too many corroberating stories to be false. When does it end? To anybody who turns a deaf ear on this THEY ARE JUST AS GUILTY

  • Joseph

    IMHO, POTUS Trump need give a National prime time TV address about this concern and the steps he has already initiated to battle it and prosecute the perps. Also, continue to have the NSA track all the suspects as to their conversations and travel plans as the “chatter” will surely increase amongst the perps as they feel the Noose of Justice getting tighter around their necks.

    Do keep in mind that purposely enabled pedophilia is sometimes utilized so to provide blackmail ammunition against politicos and those in authority, at all levels both domestically and internationally, in order for them to do the bidding of the enablers. There is both video and audio evidence that is so incriminating, that it is easy to own these perps for life. It is suspected that D.C. is a hotbed, e.g., note, on a more acceptable age level basis, the sudden death of the “D.C. Madam,” Deborah Jeane Palfrey, who was suicided in 2008 to protect the reputation of clients, inclusive of D.C. politicos.

    • M Dondarrion

      Ummmm Trump is also one of those who do this evil thing. His wife hates him and you should have seen the evil looks of hatred she gave him in church on inaugeration day when the priest said: good and evil… Plus he is known for his arrogancy (grab ’em by the pussy) in thinking he will get any female he chooses. I bet he is bi as well, since he surrounds himself with women-haters like Bannon, Miller, Stone…there are many stories about Trump around the world. In fact, republicans as a party are more likely to be pedophiles and do perverse sexual things than democrats. There was a story in Tampa when the RNC had their convention there, as well as ads everywhere throughout Florida and the nation looking for strippers and prostitutes of both sexes to come to the city during that time. Prostitutes reported that business is always much more profitable at republican events. Pay attention to who is REALLY behind the scenes.

      • Lovethebluehills

        oh come on now. I watched all the Inaugural events and I didn’t see any looks of hatred. Let the victims name names and keep your mouth shut unless you have unequivocal proof and HARD evidence.

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    death to the nwo and their subhuman satanist practices

    • Luke Frey

      The NWO is satanist? News to me–I thought they just wanted to take over WCW.

  • glenn47

    I am still wondering what happened to all those thousands of babies and young children sent here from Central America and Mexico without their parents. Some people claimed to be relations. Really? Has anyone seen any of them around?

    • beachinhonolulu

      they are bought and sold on black market…as body parts

      • glenn47

        Sure makes you wonder, uh?

      • Amy Lynn Campbell


  • Hildy_K

    Thank you so much for this post, FC. The horrors that have been going on for centuries to children by evil, luciferian beings needs attention by the masses NOW! Names need to be named. It’s high time McGraw is throwing light on this subject.

  • Hildy_K

    Kathy O’brien and Mark Phillips, HUGE HEROES. Damn to hell the perps.

  • Lorraine O Kay

    Phil is not a doctor but a crisis actor who will do whatever his handlers tell him to do and Tell Lie Vision is owned/controlled by just six corporations and this includes all forms of media.
    It’s amazing how these victims manage to get in front of an audience to tell their story of abuse yet nothing happens as all is really does is lull the viewer into believing that someone is doing something about this and nothing could be further than the truth…it’s ALL controlled by pedophiles and Hollywood and its “casting couch” itself is rife with child abuse so the not so good doctor is aware of all this.
    They’ll handle all these cases just like the BBC handled Saville who actually published a book “Stranger Danger.”

    The only thing that has more rings than Saturn are the pedophile rings…they’ll never prosecute the ones at the top as they’re paid not to…follow the money.

    Human Trafficking is the oldest most lucrative business since the beginning of time and sadly many have a fetish for young flesh.
    They’ll never name names and if they do they’ll be silenced, just like when the qwueen and the inbred she married who as raised by his uncle who was a pedophile came to Canada and left with Aboriginal children who were never heard from again…right out of a Residential School where it was found after being kidnapped were tortured, raped and murdered by the thousands and the whereabouts of the remains has never been recovered.
    People need to wake up and really look out for children as they’re being highly targeted to the point that the Public Fool System is so-called educating about sex but in fact is “priming” them for pedophiles and using gays to do so in the process.
    Sick corrupt world!