Filmmakers Expose Cops Shooting Dogs Nationwide: Video and Interview

Every 98 minutes, a dog is shot by law enforcement.

Officer Fike crushes a dog’s back, throws the dog down a flight of stairs, and shoots the dog to death. Cops cheer “nice!” as they gun down Rosie while she hides in a bush.  Officer Squicquero traps a dog in a small room and starves the dog to death.  Officer Jones hangs Ricoh and kicks her as she swings on the noose.

cop kills dog

The officer drove his knee into the middle of Parrot’s back moments before shooting Parrot to death.

SWAT officers tell a woman “We don’t give a fuck about your dog!” as she tries to protect her dog from being shot. Cops execute an 8-month-old pregnant Chihuahua while their state-controlled media mouthpieces claim they were “forced to do it.”

Do a search for “police shoot dog” and you’ll find millions of other cases.  Every day, US police are killing the most defenseless members of our families.

Friends, not even the Third Reich Ordnungspolizei went this far. That’s right. Even the Nazi police, as wretched and sinister as they were, had procedures for keeping animals safe, and leading member of the Nazi party Hermann Göring threatened to put to death those who abused animals or treated animals as “inanimate property.” (Regarding Animals,  p 153.)

Many Americans still don’t know about the epidemic of cops abusing animals. And even more Americans are unaware of its connection to the growing police state.

Oz and Patrick of Ozymandias Media seek to correct this. They’re calling national attention to the problem and they’re making a BIG documentary about it called Puppycide.

I did an interview with Oz and Patrick and here’s what they told me.

Oz and Patrick: We’re the director and producer of the documentary Puppycide (puppycide.com). We started our company Ozymandias Media four years ago and have been making documentary and educational content for the web.

Filming Cops: What made you decide to create this documentary?

Oz and Patrick: We came upon youtube videos of police shooting dogs and were shocked. We wanted to find out if these were anomalies or a frightening trend. The more we dug into it the worse it got; the prevalence, the increasing incidents over time, the smaller dogs, the lack of recourse for victims. It just got worse and worse. And we realized the issue was thriving in the shadows where so many people simply had no idea this was happening. That is why we felt the time was right for a documentary.

Filming Cops:  Are there any cases of puppycide that particularly stand out to you, and why?

Oz and Patrick: So many. It seems every time we think we’ve heard the most shocking incident another comes along that’s more egregious. Cheye Calvo’s (Payton and Chase)  and Cindy Boling’s (Lily) stories haunt us because we met them and they brought us into their homes and selflessly relived the incidents beat by beat for our cameras because they believed in what we’re trying to do. It’s hard to keep a camera in focus when tears are streaming from your eyes. We also met with Leon Rosby (Max) at a protest in Hawthorne, CA. You could hear a chorus of hearts breaking when he disclosed that Max did not die instantly, that he bled in the street for hours.

There are so many more stories that need to be told. We plan to cover as many as we can.

Filming Cops: What do you think explains the increase in the number of dogs being shot by law enforcement?

Oz and Patrick: It’s a perfect storm right now of 3 things: 1) Dogs are increasingly becoming ‘family members’ and moving from the backyard dog of the past to the living room dog of today. 2) Police are more present inside our homes and yards and neighborhoods due to concerns about terrorism, the war on drugs, and other changes in policing that find them running headlong into our dogs. 3) Despite the obviousness of the first two points, contingency plans, training, and tools are not being implemented to ensure a dog is dealt with non-lethally.

Points 1 and 2 are likely to continue increasing. If point 3 doesn’t catch up, it is simple math that puppycides will continue to increase in frequency.

Filming Cops: Have law enforcement officers interacted with you concerning the issues explored in this documentary — what has that been like?

Oz and Patrick: We’ve spoken with Jim Ororio, a former police officer who now trains police how to read a dog’s behavior and use tools to avoid using the sidearm. He sees puppycides as unnecessary and preventable. But we definitely want to speak to police officers that disagree with him, and disagree with the general conclusions we’re finding in our discovery so far. The Puppycide documentary is not “anti cop” or “pro cop”, it is a film meant to shine a light on this issue so that the viewer can draw their own conclusions.

We are confident that police WILL speak with us on this issue. We aim to do ride alongs, talk to K9 cops, and interview officers who have shot dogs. The current problem there is that it is bureaucratic and time consuming to set up. That’s one reason we are fundraising, so we have the resources to deal with that kind of stuff and make the documentary at the level this issue deserves.

Filming Cops: What stage are you at in creating the documentary?

Oz and Patrick: We’ve shot various interviews and stories across the country but we need a lot more. We edited a 7 minute demo but the final film must be 60 to 90 minutes if it is to reach the nationwide audience of millions who view documentaries on cable, Netflix, Amazon, etc.  If our Kickstarter campaign reaches the goal we will continue production and editing with the aim of releasing the finished, full length documentary in the fall of 2014. If we don’t reach the full amount of our Kickstarter goal we receive nothing and the film won’t be finished. It’s simply too expensive to produce a film like this if you don’t have any funding.

See the Puppycide trailer (Warning: graphic footage)

Filming Cops: What can we do to help you with the documentary right now, and where can we go to find more information about it?

Oz and Patrick: The main thing we need is pledges at Puppycide.com. You will get your money back if we don’t reach our goal but that of course means the documentary doesn’t get any funding. So please consider making a pledge and check out the rewards we are offering in exchange for that pledge. Also at Puppycide.com you’ll find our short trailer up there, the longer demo I mentioned, and some of the Hawthorne protest footage can be found in the ‘updates’ section.

You can also help by telling others about the project and following us on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks!

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  • Jen3897

    OMG I can’t believe this!!

  • james

    All i know is if a cop ever shot my dog. That cop wouldnt be on this earth much longer after it happend.

    • Hasan

      I know right, what the fuck makes them think they have the power to do this shit ; that uniform they so proudly wear? FUCK that, any cop ever shot my dog, I’d be in jail on assault charges.

      • canine defender

        shoot my buddy and then you will be shot in the head, and then fed to the hogs…

      • Christian K Williams

        I’ll be next to you with murder charges.

    • Jac Looch

      You got that right. And I have the firepower to take out several of them before they get me.

    • erbmon

      If it were my dog the cop would stay on this Earth, six feet beneath it in fact..

    • Bobbie Jo Justice

      exactly, that cop would be dead.

  • Cameron27

    I would do 38 life sentenses plus 739 years if they shot my dogs….this shit is sick…There needs to be a law against this…

  • Denis

    “they have no other choice but to shoot the dog” Yea fuckin right u swine piece of shit, taze the dog pepper spray it or be a fuckin man and subdue it.

    • Faora

      I freaking agree with you! That fing cop in the video pissed me off!



    • Ryan Anderson

      I agree 100% with this…just cause they get to wear some special uniform and passed police academy does not give them the right to shoot my dog!

    • Luke Hamilton

      not only dogs but terrorize every cop that murders any animals and humans also. I agree with ya brotha.

    • Hilary Rose Clark

      if you start a group let me know!!

    • Kody M

      Fighting violence with violence ends up with twice as many dead dogs.

  • gargoyle387

    Find out the cops name, go to his house when he’s off duty and put one in his head. Dead men tell no tales. Or, just don’t shoot the dog. Cops choice.

  • Paws

    Who is the tool making excuses for the cops???

  • Bishop Breaun Nickelson

    I saw 2 dogs killed by officers. They had to stop them from killing the owner. Many dogs have been put down for attacking their owners. I watched TV show When Animals Attack and two dogs in the hall way of an expensive apartment attacked the next door neighbor for coming out to the hall. Owner said the neighbor must of done something to agitate them, but the camera showed otherwise. So I believe owners need to take responsibility for their pets. Cops have to protect themselves and so do I. If I am attacked by man or beast they will be lucky to see another day.

    • Ryan Cuzzort

      Yeah, they really need to shoot a little fucking chihuahua. You’re a fucking stupid ass cock sucker. Quit making excuses for these piece of shit cops, bitch

      • Brian Kerr

        At what point did he say they were chihuahuas? He said dogs. Sure, a cop shooting a dog that would lose a fight to a good sized rat is inexcusable, but in situations involving larger dogs that may not be so clean cut. My friend has a Siberian husky named Voodoo who doesn’t even reach my hip when he’s on all fours, but he’s all muscle and has wicked teeth. He’s a lovely dog, but if Voodoo wanted me dead, I’d be fucking DEAD, regardless of what I tried to do to stop him. And he’s nowhere near the biggest dog I’ve ever seen. Shooting a dog that doesn’t pose a threat is akin to murder in my eyes, but if a dog like Voodoo or one that’s even bigger was out to kill someone, I don’t know many instant, non-lethal ways you could stop it and save the person who was in danger.

        • Ryan Cuzzort

          Did you read the beginning? Obviously not!! Go suck a cop’s dick, bitch!

  • alien99

    These phcuking cowards need to be thrown in jail. Cops are becoming more despicable by the day. I look forward to the day when citizens rise up and take care of these cops.

    • RhetoricalQuestion

      Sadly, the alarming generality is that cops that do this crap or are even accused simply get put on paid/unpaid administrative leave. Rarely EVER in my research of police abuse has a cop ever been fully fired and removed of his pension. One case happened recently in Dallas.

  • James Merman

    the FORMER cop in this trailer contradicts himself multiple times..

  • PointingOutAProblem

    “This video cannot be viewed in your country.” – I’m in Japan. What is the point of that??

    • oblisha

      use wap pages and hidden source codes to see it

  • Guest

    Pigs need to be shot themselves. See how they like it.

  • Rogers Campbell

    And the police wonder why people don’t respect them.

  • Jeff Hillman


  • hog, bitch

    If a cop killed my dog I’d remember the name and he/she would end up the same way they made my dog. Better believe that. From Behind bars or free I will get thee

  • Gee S

    PLEASE if this kickstarter doesn’t make it in 3 days, PLEASE do it again!! I’m just hearing about this now!

  • Soren Chartier

    While there are assumedly many legitimate instances where an officer would need to shoot a dog this video and documentary is about those thousands of yearly instances where lethal force was not necessary and that cops should be able to tell the difference as well learn how to use non-lethal force in any instance dangerous or otherwise. If you take careful notice in many of the video examples there are small dogs coming up to the officer while wagging its tail in friendly manner. In other instances the dogs may be taking an aggressive posture or are barking…but still…they are not yet attacking…the cops, however, ARE. It’s sad and disgusting. The people in uniform who have sworn an oath of “TO SERVE AND PROTECT” should be incredibly ashamed of themselves. This has to stop.

    • Saxxin

      In 2005 the supreme court ruled that the police do not have a responsibility to protect you. Their job is to enforce the law. They do not serve and protect us. They serve and protect the government.

      • PT Schram

        This was first determined in 1854, that the State is responsible for the safety of the state and that the safety of the individual is the responsibility of the individual.

        The true domestic terrorists are the police state.

      • Soren Chartier

        I guess we are all royally screwed then.

      • Clint

        Their job is to collect revenue any way they can and fill the private prisons to keep the lobby money flowing to politicians

  • Renia Davis

    Very disturbing, I would kill anybody If they harmed my 4 legged children, all these cops should have to work at an animal shelter bathing them caring for them and picking up there shit with bare hands, then at night they should be locked up and treated like a caged animal

  • MC

    Those officers are not real men. I feel sorry for them. They hide behind their guns because they live their lives in fear.

  • edoyle7

    Get the pig on this video first…

  • Pamster

    I’ve seen many, many of these videos and can’t bear to watch even one more!

    And it’s not only dogs…it’s PEOPLE! Check this out:


    A grand jury wouldn’t indict even though the M.E. stated it was a HOMICIDE.

    I just want to puke or cry my eyes out.

  • Justin time

    Program a Robot to kill and that is what it does. The Bulls have no regard for life (human or otherwise) and are itching to use those service weapons. All they need to say is “I felt threatened” or “in danger” or “if it is me or him, its gonna be him”. We have given ignorance a badge and a gun to protect and serve the and provide a safe community, but instead they are Programmed to scream “he has a gun” before shooting “suspects”. Animals follow instincts to protect their master, Pigs have been conditioned to protect you from yourself and will even Mace, electrocute, beat up and even shoot your families loved pets, FOR YOUR PROTECTION.

    • timthewizard

      Our dogs, cats and other animals are members of our family. under the Castle Doctrine if you feel that you or another family members life is being threatened you have the RIGHT to protect yourself or them by any means necessary and that includes deadly force upon whomever the perpetrator is, including any so called law enforcement officer. These sickos need to be taken down a few notches. They need to be reminded that they are public servants by way of the oath they swore to serve and PROTECT the people, and that includes EVERY member of your family.

  • Falney

    You have to take this with a pinch of salt given A) The writer gives the dog 2 names in the article. B) When the act happened, the dog belonged to a male not a female. C) The dog appeared to go for the officer (It was later found that it was being friendly. Hell though, if I thought a dog was going to attack me I would kick it in the throat even if it was trying to be friendly). C) the writer uses the term “Noose” to try and trigger a guilty feeling when if you look at the image the dog is clearly wearing a collar not a choke chain. Any one that uses a noose on a dog needs to die. IMO this is a hoax. Yes this spiel does happen, but people should be given facts not fiction. Hey… Have you guys heard of the space monkey that eats babies? I am going to make a documentary on it. It is evil. All the babies that space monkey eats. it should be stopped.

    • dawggielost

      how about the dogs that where on private property(their backyards) or controlled by a pole with a loop at the end like ma dog catcher has. They need to be shot? Troll

    • John Spurgeon

      i ever see you kick a dog and i’ll kick you in the head ya punk bitch!

  • Steve G Richko

    Thats why they became cops, they can kill things and who is going to stop them !

  • Christian Sterling

    If a cop did that to my dog, I wouldn’t rest until I knew him and his family cried themselves to sleep every night for the rest of their lives.

  • Cindy Boling

    This is such an incredibly important project to all people (including law enforcement). It is to raise awareness and to cause city leaders to mandate animal encounter training for the police/sheriff departments! When our Lily was killed – Fort Worth city leaders AND Chief Halstead did not know the epidemic proportion of these killings. They do now and they work with me to spread the word and to achieve training in other Texas cities. PLEASE pledge to this project today – it will make a difference. Remembering Lily A Reason for Change. $50,000 by Friday – 500 people give $500????

  • Nobody

    Made me I’ll watching this brutality… But I almost puked in my mouth listening to that limp dick faggot defend them

  • mantas

    you hsould have set the target to 50k for the kickstarter campaign. now you wont get any funds for being greedy. I dont think you need 100k to spread this message and make a movie about this issue. Anybody doing harm to any living creature, be it a dog, cat bird or a cow should not get away unpunished. We need to weed them out of this society. I hope you will start a more reasonable campaign next time

  • RhetoricalQuestion

    Badges do not grant special rights. If I had a dog and a cop attacked, I have 4 calibers ready to meet the threat.

  • Luke Hamilton

    the problem with this video is that cops are fucking asshole sociopaths with a huge ego and would shoot the dog anyway. even in the video there was a dog that was subdued and the pig murdered it.
    your putting forth the wrong message.

  • erbmon

    You expect this violence toward civilian pets but now they’re even doing it to their own K9 partners.

  • Yeah ok

    Fucking cowards. Any officer claiming that it’s to eliminate a threat..fuck you. It’s a dog. Tase it, knock it out, it’s an ounce of what you weigh and you’re a trained officer you can subdue that dog easily without shooting it. Complete and utter bull shit.

  • Yeah ok

    Here guys check this – just found this on Osorio from the vid. http://reason.com/blog/2012/10/26/police-kill-dog-shoot-owner-as-he-attemp
    Apparently he’s for the better. Even though some he says is ridiculous but he’s training on this because he agrees most cops that shoot dogs is needless. It’s in a city by me, I’m going to go and check it out how it’s coming and also have a word with the officers.

  • 03Jay00

    Am not going to sit here and defend a pos cop, not all cops are bad that being said; in some situations it is the only choice to take out the animal, some times it is the pet owners fault, the pet is a straight reflection of what kind of owner they have. Some situations it is legit to use a weapon but unfortunately in other situations deadly force should not have been the first choice.

  • Hilary Rose Clark

    This is truly disgusting and saddening. My dogs are my children, they are my protectors, they are my family. I have no idea what I would do if they shot my dogs. In this documentary the dogs are clearly not doing anything wrong!!! The officer had one of them with the rabies pole, shot and killed him!!! FOR WHAT?? HE WAS UNDER CONTROL!!! I can understand if you are in fear of you life, but this is cruel! and that one cop talking, fuck him my dogs are trained, and if you fucking come on my property they are going to bark and be protective they don’t fucking know who’s over. These people need some serious training when it comes to animal behavior…..this made me cry…

  • Common Sense

    So…they just need more dogs to die. Then they’ll have their movie. About…dogs dying.

  • Melissa

    I just cried my ass out thinking of my little girl… if anyone ever shot her I don’t know what I’d do. I’d probably kill the mother fucker… but I wouldn’t be able to leave her side or leave her there. I’m so afraid now… and I shouldn’t be… not about this… not about my dog being shot… that’s just not supposed to happen

  • Amellia

    This post brought me to this site for the first time and now I am finding other reports just like this. I think that we should all start putting button cameras on our dogs to protect them and keep an eye on them. Most people with these problems live in areas with 3G internet. It would just need to automatically upload to a cloud and when there was no service it would store the information. Damaging the camera would be destroying evidence. It would probably be expensive to start out with until it became commercialized, but it would be worth it. I worry about my pets a lot especially around Halloween when people do those mindless killings for fun. Not to mention that at anytime someone could antagonize my dog and force it it into a defensive situation where he might fight back. They could then sue me for as much as possible and force me to put him down. I’m going to start researching a way to do this now.

  • A horse, of course

    I thought this was obvious by now.

  • skquinn

    Sad to see this project didn’t make its goal. I would still like to see this documentary made. We need this film.

  • Jdogg

    If a cop ever shot my dog, I would skin him alive then burn him with a blow torch…..period!

  • Laken Blacken

    There seems to be a pattern with these sociopaths…

  • Paul Rosales

    This guy trying to blame it on the owners has his head up his ass. They were shooting snared and leashed dogs.

  • xtam4

    In pakistan we get 5-4 dogs gunned down everyday. Its sad i was only able to protect 3 of them. We need to unite before this shit over run us!

  • Ted_Levy

    A lot of big talk in the comments. So help fund the damn documentary why don’t ya?

  • fuck the hippies

    its just fucking dogs, who would you choose to live, the brave man that protects your neighborhood or a dog that will hurt that man so he won’t be able to do his job anymore.

  • vigilantejustice101

    JIm osorio, your a fucking punk.you should kill yourself. dont breed your a pathetic excuse of humanity. your offspring deserves to be ‘put down’ prior to entering this world. I hope you have a violent suicide with your family as an audience. and then i hope your children get kidnapped and sold in some sexual slave trade. I hope your ignorant and negative energies seize to exist in my universe.

  • mrpuffy1

    Notice the dog shot at 1:58 – it might have been 7 inches tall and weighed 12-15 pounds. What bastards.

  • SickOfThePoliceSate

    Bravo for this much needed project!
    Yes, I love my dogs, and agree with those on here – if a cop ever shoots my dog, I will accept whatever fate coming to me to get “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”, that’s for sure. That cop will regret it I can GUARANTEE!
    A donation is coming – this is important stuff that needs to get out there! Wish I could help even more!

  • Jeff S

    They are shooting unarmed people as well.

  • Lisa

    Whatever happened to this documentary (Puppyside). I see they didn’t achieve their funding goal, but have they continued forward?

  • Wolfwolveswolf

    When I hear about Dogs being popped off for lunacy reasons by obvious power trips, we’re NOT dealing with a person, with real people, or with real Police… and we’ve got a big problem…
    To say it angers me- is a royal understatement!