Video: Ex-CIA Contractor Confirms: Police Departments Use Tests to Ensure Applicants Lack Logic and Compassion


WASHINGTON, DC — Police departments in the US will not hire prospective applicants as officers unless those applicants lack the ability to think logically and compassionately, a former CIA contractor has confirmed.

“There is a policy here in the United States that people of a relatively high IQ are not allowed to become police officers,” said former CIA contractor Steven Kelley in an interview with Press TV.

Evidently if an applicant shows signs of relatively high IQ — with excellent logical analytic abilities and a sense of compassion — that applicant will be weeded out of the hiring process.

The way that the applicants are weeded out is apparently by means of initial testing.

“There is actually a test given to applicants and if they score too high they are not eligible to join law enforcement,” Kelley said.

“They require people that are incapable of logical compassionate thinking.”

The confirmation was provided amidst cases of police brutality and incompetence that have recently received national attention.

The most recent case involving an officer who slammed a 14-yr-old girl’s head into the ground and pulled a gun on teenagers in bathing suits would be a good example.

It is not only police themselves but also their supporters who show a flagrant disregard for elementary logic and a profound lack of attention to detail.

For instance, police supporters came out in droves and tried to defend Officer Casebolt’s decision to pull out his gun on the teenagers, calling it “self-defense.”

But if you watch the video carefully, you can see that the teenagers had already been backing up when Casebolt advanced toward them.

It was not until seconds later that he pulled out his gun, angrily, after they were already trying to avoid him.

The video shows every indication that the officer pulled out his gun for irrational emotional reasons and not because he logically concluded that there was any “threat to his life.”

It’s a perfect illustration of low-IQ police being defended by low-IQ supporters — and neither group, we suspect, has much compassion.

It also came to light that Officer Casebolt has a reported history of sexual misconduct and racism, after a black man sued him alleging that Casebolt made him pull down his pants all the way, and touched his private area while making racially disparaging remarks.

Kelley went on to add that police brutality cases like the ones we’ve been witnessing recently are “certainly becoming a major problem here in the United States with the law enforcement seemingly choosing to persecute the minorities, the black people.”

“The militarization of the police here in the United States is also a big problem but ultimately I think what this really illustrates is the fact that this country has become the fascist,” he added.

Watch the full interview with Press TV below:

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  • Stephen Bellinger

    “They require people that are incapable of logical compassionate thinking.” – former CIA contractor Steven Kelley, this in regard to police recruits.

    “It is not only police themselves but also their supporters who show a flagrant disregard for elementary logic and a profound lack of attention to detail.”

    Now those are not my words, but when you read the comments that people post, you see this in clear frame.

  • Robbin Banks

    So are we to believe cops and their supporters all support pulling his gun because they don’t think logically? Or are we to believe a more sinister and realistic scenario? That cops will not go against their own because it is an unwritten rule they all stand by and that is their logic? If decisions were illogical, surely they wouldn’t all make the same decisions. That shows a reason why such a decision is made. This blog appears to expose the cops but would all those people with grudges against police be as angry if they accepted their is no calculated motive to cops bias decisions, they’re just void of logic? Screw them, they know EXACTLY what they are doing. Ignore the apologists.

  • Robbin Banks

    This is reverse psychology. If those cops and supporters made illogical decisions out of ignorance, how do they all get the same decision? Yes, supporting a cop who is blatantly out of order is illogical when it’s clear he should not have drawn his gun and I’ve no doubt they arn’t happy supporting him but will do, out of a bias, unwritten rule to cover each others crimes no matter how pathetic they appear. (That is a cops logic) The cop who drew his gun actually denies it in the video. Showing GUILT, not ignorance, GUILT. Nice try though.

    • Redd_Melendez

      Guilty of what?

      That’s purely protocol and nothing else.

      If you want to find fault then put it on how he treated the girl because that’s the issue.

    • None

      Did you just ask how it’s possible that a whole bunch of ignorant people “got the same decision”?! SMH

    • Nathan Christensen

      It was ignorant of him to pull out his gun because of irrational emotional reasons, his denial merely shows his awareness afterwords, to peoples reaction of what he did. His denial could even be self imposed ignorance, we cant read his mind.

      When persons of authority act, through force, the tendency is to follow. That kind of cooperation is the stuff advanced civilizations are made out of. Just as the catholic church decreed with force and authority, that the earth was flat, and although though nearly everyone followed suit, we can agree it was ignorance.

      Popular opinion does not = truth,
      Guilt does not = denial.

  • QuantumVirus

    all i can say is DUH.

  • mr macc

    1. you are wrong about the cop and the 14 year old biking mouthy bitch.
    he saved two people from suicide asshats
    that kinda means he was stressed and should not have been on duty… I guess they were shorthanded that day.
    your that stupid

    • John J Publicus

      Roid rage much mr macc?

      It’s obvious that you’re a cop, or a holster sniffer…

    • Brock Lee

      Gotta be a pig,,,,,

    • Chris Sky

      lol you’re just mad because you found out when you “passed” the test to be a cop you found out that “passing” simply means you’re “specially stupid” 😉

      …. which is further evidenced by your inability to understand the difference between “you’re” and “Your”… not to mention that you agree with the IDEA you could “Fear for your life” from an unarmed 14 year old girl to where you feel the “need” to pull a gun on her! 😀 Classic, small dick, no brain syndrome… aka… you’re a cop or at least a WANNABE COP! 😀

    • tha invisibleman

      It’s you’re or you are not your.
      That sort of proves that Chris Sky has a good point.
      Seems to me that you’re that stupid 😀

    • Mark Standenberg

      I like how he numerates his post… but only manages to count to 1.

  • Scotty Monte
  • Arnt Johnsen

    They want soldiers with low IQ, well with these actions that they do like GMO, bad school education, filling people with medication they dont need, shots with strange contents etc they will have millions of low brained assfucked soldiers.

    • None

      Like you.

  • Josh La Force

    Crips = Gang to clean up illegal gang activity —> turns into illegal gang
    Cops = Organized Gang to keep peace and order —> turns into Organized Legal Gang

    Crips don’t rat on each other and neither do Cops.

    See where the circle is going?

    • Clive

      The circle goes farther. If you treat and talk to cops exactly like you’re talking to a gang member, it works out perfectly. You know that talking smack to a gang member is liable to get you killed. It’s the same with a cop.

  • Chris Sky

    LOL I always say “The only thing more stupid than a cop, is a cop apologist” and thankfully, as usual I have been vindicated.

  • Redd_Melendez

    The pool party case is a poor example.

    Those kids taunted the Cop. My issues were with how he treated the girl but I understand why he pulled his weapon. He put it away right after. The other Cops did not have their back to the guy who taunted him.

    I give the Cop the benefit of the doubt on the drawing of his weapon but not the way he handled the girl.

    • Theron

      What? pepper spray only for torturing protesters?
      No way did this situation call for deadly force.
      What he did was a crime.
      It is called “Brandishing”
      You cannot go waiving a gun around pointing it at people, that is a death threat.
      People are damn sick and tired of watching cops do crap that would land them in prison.

      • Redd_Melendez

        The Cop didn’t use deadly force so that’s moot.

        Pulling out his weapon was justified by the guy taunting him when he had the girl on the ground. The Cop put the gun away after the situation was assessed and his fellow Officers were not in the position the Cop was on his knees when that punk approached him and retreated. There is no crime for a Cop “brandishing” a weapon under those circumstances as he has immunity there under the law. Brandishing a weapon requires CRIMINAL INTENT and he responded to that kid who approached him real quick and retreated. That is not criminal.

        That is a poor example of Police misconduct as there are far better examples the media ignores.

        Brandishing and threats are specific intent crimes with required elements to prove state of mind criminal.

        I agree it was poor protocol and judgment but far from criminal under the circumstances.

        That’s if you don’t ignore the guy who ran up to the Cop and retreated.

      • Redd_Melendez


        After checking both Lois Law and WestLaw there is no crime of brandishing in Texas.

        That’s covered under disorderly conduct and given the mayhem that won’t fly.

        Here is a link where 2 TX gun instructors confirm my findings.

      • Redd_Melendez

        TX doesn’t have a law called “brandishing” and prosecutes those using the elements of disorderly conduct.

        You are going to try to say these Cops created this disorder?

        Yeah sure because thats what you are saying.

        The example you gave lacks specific intent which is required to prove state of mind. Whether DF was warranted is immaterial since he didn’t use DF. Only the perception of danger is required and that one guy who ran up to him is enough to explain the Cops perception.

        Here are the jury instructions for CA which DOES have a brandishing law and it clears the Cop because element 3 applies. Before you go throwing legal terms around why don’t you educate yourself on what they actually are first?

        Brandishing requires specific intent.

        No citizen would be prosecuted in any state either since element 3 gives legal purpose for self defense which is mere perception of a threat .
        Read element 3 and oh….NICE TRY!

        • Theron

          I am saying they clearly escalated the disorder. Copsucker.

          • Redd_Melendez

            That is not what you said.

          • Theron

            What you a pig? Afraid of a few teenagers? Punk ass wimps taze little kids and draw gun ’cause teenagers don’t immediately comply then cry ’cause everyone gets pissed. Guess what? a costume is just that, a costume jackass. He deserves to have his ass beat for being such a pussy. Yes a pussy, guns are for two kinds of people, cowards and pussies. Which are you?

          • Redd_Melendez

            He deserves to be beaten? Is that supposed to make me think you are tough? First you said he committed a crime. The Cop was outnumbered and the punk who approached him gave him grounds to pull his weapon.

            Now that you can’t argue he broke the law you conveniently change the subject.

            Weak Junior!

            He didn’t pull the weapon because people did not immediately comply. He pulled it when that punk did a hit & run on the Cop by running up to him and then running like the pussy you described the Cop as.

            Guns are for pussies and cowards?

            You are obviously a punk.

          • Theron

            I couldn’t possibly care what a copsucker like you thinks.
            Yes, point a gun at my child and an ass beating is in order period, non negotiable, regardless of clothing color. You seem to make light of death threats. I, on the other hand, take them very seriously. Pointing a gun is issuing a death threat. Threaten me or my children with death? I take that personal.
            This is gun safety 101
            You never EVER point a gun at something you don’t intend to KILL. It is not for threats.
            Yes he deserves a severe ass whipping.

          • Redd_Melendez

            Pointing a weapon to defend yourself is quite different than pointing it with other intentions.

            Your childish name calling only makes you look like an idiot.

            I am an NRA Member, former US Marine, and a Lawyer. I know all about what constitutes a threat and your definition is comically flawed.

            He pulled it out in response to that kid and put it away after the situation was assessed. Yes, there are protocol issues here but no crimes or “threats”.

            He pulled it out in response to some punk taunting him and taking off.’

            That is not a criminal threat anywhere but thanks for stopping by to give amateur advice on law.

            I am merely reviewing the facts as they apply to the law that you mangle with your interpretations.

            Criminal threats require the absence of mitigating circumstances that lead to a weapon being drawn in self defense.

          • Theron

            Defending himself from what? A scary swimming suit clad teenager? ROFL
            He was prepared to use deadly force in a crowded park to defend his unlawful assault on a bikini clad black teenage girl for the “crime” of not immediately bowing down in submission to his mere presence and mister NRA member is ok with that? Are you kidding? Racist much?
            Your a cop also then arent you?
            Not merely a cop lover but an actual pig. I’m sorry but I have no obligation to comply with unlawful orders which include “bow down to your master”
            He attacked them literally for not sitting down on command. (show me where corporal punishment is constitutionally permissible?) You cannot just assault people for merely refusing to sit Mr. Pig. Refusal to sit (bow down in compliance) is constitutionally protected free speech Mr. Pig. After that he then drew a deadly weapon to defend himself from the “violent confrontation” that he himself initiated.
            I re-iterate, he deserves not only to lose his job but also an ass wuppin’
            His behavior and pigs like him are exactly why Americans hate police.

          • Redd_Melendez

            Don’t deny there was a kid who ran up to him and ran away. The Cop did not pull the weapon on the girl.

            That was just weak.

            Cop lover?

            I said there were protocol issues but as a Lawyer I see no violations of the law nor do I see tort damage.

            Those were lawful orders.

            Your mouth tells me why you hate cops as I suspect you have smarted off and been beaten down.

            Ever thought of not talking like a punk?

  • Brock Lee

    To me it doesn’t make any sense to do that hell hire good men wtf is wrong with them nuts,,

  • Cliff

    I was ineligible to become an officer in Atlanta because I couldn’t pass the “physical requirements” which I highly doubt most officers there could do right now.

  • Brutatowski

    I have to call B.S. on this guy’s assumptions. If you ever look at some of the difficult cases that detectives solve on a daily basis across this country you would have to realize that it takes someone of a higher IQ and a hightened sense of detail to do so.
    Are there bad, power drunk cops? Yes. Are there bad, power drunk Wal-Mart managers? Yes. Are there bad, power drunk attorneys? I’ve worked and met with high ranking managers in companies I’ve worked for and wondered : Why is this person even employed? Being a police officer is like any other profession. There’s good and bad, competent and incompetent, smart and stupid, and you hope they weed out the bad.
    In the case of the pool party. What he did to the girl was out of line. There should have been a few more cops there to help keep it manageable and find out what was going on.
    AS far as pulling his gun: Did he do the right thing? I don’t know. Those who are so quick to judge have to ask yourself. If you are in a tense situation, looking down, and suddenly you see in your peripheral vision that you are quickly being advanced upon, what would you do?

    • Theron

      I’ve never feared teenagers, I’m not a pussy.

      That cop has a utility belt of less than lethal weapons at his disposal.
      Pepper spray only for torturing restrained prisoners or peaceful protestors?
      He went straight for the deadly weapon with deliberate intent.
      This guy is a psychopath and a civilian would have been justified in firing in self defense and defense of others.
      I cannot wait for the “He was acting erratically and made a sudden motion toward his belt so I had NO CHOICE but to open fire. I feared for my life and wanted to go home to see my kids” defence to be used in court in defense of shooting an officer.

      • Brutatowski

        I’m so happy for you that you cannot wait for a police officer to be shot. Must be a wonderful feeling to carry around.
        You are assuming that this officer can see everything you can see from the comfort of your chair while you sip soda and watch a video. He could not. Look at the video and place yourself there. He’s looking down and he sees bodies advancing on him. In an already tense, uncontrolled situation I don’t think anybody can honestly know how they would react, or even if they would react appropriately. I’m not saying what he did was correct; however, given the circumstances, no one can honestly say they would do the right, and politically correct thing.

        If he was a psychopath he would have fired into the crowd and called it a day. If he was acting with “deliberate intent” he would have used the weapon. Stop using extremes and use a little logic.

        • mstrjeweler

          First I’ve read these various facts about police testing going back maybe a decade this is not new information. Second your correct heightened situations are hard to judge but it’s been proven in the military with correct training you can greatly mitigate unnecessary issues like what your describing. Military only raise their gun when one is raised on them. Only an apologist would make the leap of rational your making. Third the test isn’t looking for true psychopaths, who would knowingly hire such a person to police it’s people. Also making that person harder to control. But testing for borderline personality’s is a completely different thing. Hiring such personality’s is perfectly plausible. High IQ’S INDIVIDUALS won’t easily be rattled and make all these dumb mistakes we see in the news daily. Equally proper training will greatly reduce issues too. It use to be becoming a police officer took months of training now in most cities it’s barely 60 days. And the training is mostly focused on aggressive tactics. Look it up. Also Our government militarized the police with DEA surplus weaponry from the war on drugs but did not provide the additional training needed to handle such power. Power without responsibility is what today’s cops enjoy judiciously. Training training training….. This is the main difference between today’s PD and days past. Lastly poor screening of individuals I.e. the testing exams. Now you see as many thugs, rapist, robbers in our PD AS ON THE STREETS. Lower IQ individuals are also greatly influenced by their surroundings lacking the ability of higher free thinking. They fall into the mindset of the people they are catching and mimic their behavior knowing they have a badge to protect them.

    • Gerry Garlinghouse

      To start with the cops shouldn’t have been there in the first place, they were called because a neighbor didn’t like it that there were so many black teenagers at this party. I’m not going to elaborate on my logic, if you don’t get that then no explanation is going to help you. On the cases that are solved by good detective work, it’s just that, good detective work which often times involves long stakeouts that are boring and tedious. No one is saying that they’re morons, they’re just not the best and brightest that we have. Scoriing too low on their entrance tests will also disqualify them too. Lets face it, there is a problem with brutality from the police in america and the populace is growing tired of it and won’t tolerate it for much longer. War isn’t the answer but oppression will cause one if it doesn’t stop.

    • None

      I don’t have to ask myself anything.

      In a situation like this, if you had a reasonably sized brain and a minimal amount of firearms training, you already called for backup and took off your sidearm prior to engaging with a group of teenaged kids, realizing that you have plenty of armed backup covering you, and getting into a physical altercation with anyone, let alone one you yourself started, while wearing a firearm, is guaranteed to end badly. It’sthe cop’s situation to lose control over, and most cops don’t have the slightest ability to grasp this, let alone plan ahead.

      There, was that so hard?

      Bad Walmart managers don’t get the power, weaponry, and authority to murder people on a whim.

  • Clive

    I’m glad I’m not the only person who recognized that Casebolt drew after the kids were already running and that he did so as a deliberate, as opposed to reactive, action. He was hunting those kids.

    The best thing the low-IQ apologists say is “so, you don’t want police, then?” No, we want police. We’re rational people who want to live in a civilized society. What we don’t want are bullies or cowards with badges. Speaking from experience, it takes a fair amount of testicular fortitude to willingly face a threat you know is lethal. If you can’t even face a freaking dog without panicking and shooting it, how is the community supposed to trust you with a gun? Likewise, how is the community supposed to trust you if your reaction to petty issues is a full-force combat mindset?

    This PD, at least, is handling the issue well. He hasn’t been brought up on assault charges yet, but it didn’t get swept under the rug and his former Chief condemns his actions. It’s a start.

  • The reasoning … Studies have shown that people with lower IQ’s are happier with civil jobs and tend stay on them longer. The departments don’t want to deal with the high turnover inherent with “smarter” applicants.

    • Nigel Melton

      So anyone in a civil service job for a long period of time basically has a low IQ. Hmmm, there are plenty of people in congress, cabinet positions, etc. that are making fat bank because of their position, backroom deals, kick backs, etc. – must not be too stupid!

      • None

        A difference between stupid and corrupt. They do generally go together in the civil service pantheon.

      • Richard Thompson

        Intelligence != bank account balance

  • It is unfortunate that there are an overwhelming number of “anti-cop” supporters commenting here. I feel the same way, by fact and evidence, but it does not make for good debate. I would like to see the issue discussed evenly until the premise “all coppers are bastards” is assured with considered argument from both sides,

    • None

      I don’t think it’s relevant what ALL are, just MOST.

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  • Ronald Bryant Jr.

    The only low IQ’s are the ones that posted this garbage and those that actually believe it! Most of the time it’s not abuse, it’s resisting arrest because some low life thinks they have the right to fight. You want to stop abuse? try obeying the law! Otherwise why don’t you pansy bloggers volunteer to chase an armed criminal, run toward gunfire, confront that crazy transient with a knife, if not, shut your holes, the majority of cops are good people risking their lives to protect strangers.

    • Tyson Asamana
      • Ronald Bryant Jr.

        Since police departments don’t give IQ tests, how could they determine your IQ? AND having tested in the past, those who test higher are pushed through the process more quickly. Also you’ll note the applicant was 49, average retirement age for a cop is 50-55, and since you can’t discriminate on basis of age, what else can they do? Idiot.

    • ben dover


      • Ronald Bryant Jr.

        You first!

    • Tynam

      If being a good person is so important to being a cop, why are the tests trying to weed out smart people with compassion?

      Most cops are not good people or bad people. They are PEOPLE. That means they do good things and bad things, brave ones and fucked-up ones. Sometimes the same person.

      The problem we’re objecting to – and that you’re ignoring – is that our current system rewards the cops who do fucked-up things while punishing the ones that do the job right, with a care for the future of the community.

      THAT is what we’re trying to change.

      Why does this bother you so much?

      • Ronald Bryant Jr.

        Why am I bothered? Because stupidity irritates me, and everyone that believes this BS is irritating the FS outta me! Cops join up because they want to change their community to make it safer for their families. Bleeding hearts, lawyers, and politicians make it harder for them to do their job giving criminals the advantage over them and preying upon us law abiding citizens. Filming an interaction with some dipshit refusing to obey a cop part way through the interaction and not showing the whole story is presenting a false narrative. If I film you hitting a some guy, but don’t include the part where the guy slapped your child, or your wife and claim your some deranged psycho in need of anger management am I helping to bring justice? NO. Unless you have privy to everything that occurred up to that point and have the entire video prove it, don’t jump to conclusions with your half-truths, and then push your lies on social media. Hands up don’t shoot! Been proven to be a lie, yet they still push it as truth. And Mr. Contractor up top who started this, what exactly were you contracted to do? Clean toilets? Wash cars?

  • Gordon Klock

    I am in no way, a big fan of Michael Moore, but back in the nineties, his show “the Awful Truth” ran an episode on this exact subject, so this is nothing new . One thing they don’t know, is that historically, part of the strategy behind this sort of situation, is that the ‘enforcers’ will meet the same fate, once the majority of the populace is ‘weeded out’, &/or enslaved…
    (Another reason for the “lower levels of intelligence”)….

  • no shit sherlock

    yew inna heap o trubbull boy

  • Liam Knuj

    I quit deer hunting years ago, and I regret ever doing it. The older I get the softer I get. I had to get a license and pay a fee! But I remember the tactical adrenaline I’d get during the hunt: yes it was thrilling then! I was the conqueror of the deer! What puny thinking, as I reflect back on that habit. During that time, the 60s were not that far off. People were still lynching blacks in the south as a matter of fact. It was appalling!

    Today it seems you can go to an academy, and get a license to hunt and kill human beings: like the article says, it really is open season on humans! The dream of serial killers and sociopaths! All they have to do is refrain from killing without a badge, and get a badge, and they can hunt real human beings! Everyone of these cops that killed innocent people have been acquitted, not by a jury, but a judge! They waive their right to a jury trial, and are judged by a single Judge! Everyone are acquitted, but a small few, and their sentences are light! The constitution interpretation assures that criminals are entitled to a public defender, yet public officials sued in civil courts are provided private attorneys at tax payer expense, yet their is not mention of this defense in the Constitution.

    The idea, I thought, originally was to follow a constitution that says you cannot be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process. How many U.S. citizens are aware that police, and all public officials have a constitutional right to be protected from the people that become victims of abuse of power, such as killing black children with toy guns? I read today, a black youth from Kenya with a broom stick: Flo, if you remember used to batter Andy Cap with a broom stick was shot 4 times! I’m sure a reasonable person would be justified to kill another person with a broom stick: in a sordid mentally ill world of mass hysteria and deluded truths where police can summarily execute humans, and be protected from liability under the 11th. amendment.

    I am so ashamed to read these stories where handcuffed black men, white men, mentally ill homeless people are shot in the back! One person in a wheel chair was deemed a deadly threat because he had an ink pen, which could have been used as a stabbing instrument. PhD Robert Hare, an author of “Snakes in Suits,” talks about how sociopaths gravitate to political power jobs, and police jobs, whereas, people with compassion generally cannot survive in a work force among this type of callous aggression and backstabbing!

    Most occupations where life is in the hands of professionals require advanced doctorate degrees, yet to be a police officer, a high school diploma may be sufficient. Furthermore, a recent appellate court decision…/court-oks-barring-high-iqs-c…/story… reveals that a person with a lower IQ is a better candidate for law enforcement employment, as they are more apt to not vacate position, making it harder on staff that have to hire new police. People with lower IQ are given guns to protect us? This is USA in 2016! To discuss this, I’m curious to find out if this dialectic is accepted, or will I be tarred and feathered for speaking out these facts! I would think that society would be so much better if police were at least required to have a 4 year degree: plus some advanced post graduate school. I think human life is worth it! Human lives matter!

    But then you look at immunity under the Eleventh Amendment. Contrary to the First Amendment that stated Congress shall make no law to abridge a citizen’s right to “redress grievances,” Congress in 1795, attempting to keep themselves out of debtors prison for breaches and human right abuses, ignored the first amendment and proved that the Constitution was a mere poem of propaganda when they repealed the first amendment right to redress grievances with the Eleventh Amendment, and nobody even realized this: even today, only a handful of journalism, not from journalist, but a few brave law professors tell the story of the Chisholm Trail.

    Our freedom is an equivocation, but reality is revealing that our system of government is a modern version of feudalism. The issue around the revolution described, “inestimable rights formidable for tyrants . . ” that denied “representation” replaced by “mock trials” for “murders!” Quotations from the Declaration of Independance. What has changed: Damn you who ignore this! “Sovereignty,” as defined in Blackstone’s Commentary, the law book of procedure in 1769 created Supreme Beings that the Nazi’s attempted to attibute to genetics instead of God, that the Sovereigns blamed for their oversight power!

    Chisholm v. Georgia US 1769 declared by a S. Ct. Justice who was an author and who was hired to explain the Constitution to delegates in order to get it ratified: James Wilson stated in Chisholm that “to the constitution the word sovereign is totally unknown. He explained how the sole reason for the revolution was to remove dark age religious dogmatic belief in so-called sovereigns, as divine men ruling with direct “Rex es vicarious” connection to God’s will, as they were declared in Blackstone as “Supreme Beings,:” similar to the Nazi belief, not in Sovereigns, but Arians.

    Today, we have a totalitarian cop force similar to the SS whom can murder under the fact that they have immunity, and they will not be held liable, as victims of Government abuse under 18 USC 241, 242, 1346, inter alia, and victims of these criminal human right abuses have no redress under the Eleventh Amendment: unless the outcry forces discretion to allow an appearance [mock trial] that justice was given to a victim, a rare occurrence, yet it appeases the masses whom are so deluded, they do not know there is an Eleventh Amendment!

    We preserve this freedom, and send our sons and daughters to their death, but freedom grants justice and liberty for all! Immunity vomits on goodness, yet I’ve never met anyone that knew immunity was a law that can be over-turned, let alone that it even existed to their demise if they ever become one of the panapoly of victims! We’ve lived amongst sovereign abuse of power for over 200 years, and people call it corruption as if there was not a source that can be extinguished!

    When I hear God Bless America, I know I am not included, because I am not a sovereign! America’s freedom is not granted to non sovereigns. We are at the mercy of the discretion of a high school or tech school graduate paid for life, yet they have no liability for wrong doing to victims of abuse of power under the color of law! Patriotic behavior in the USA, if what I state exists, and is true should be properly construed as jingoism by people living a delusional freedom that is only granted to Sovereigns, and those whom the States “discretion” shows favor to. Otherwise, your children will be murdered by the state if someone wearing a badge justly, or unjustly kills them. There is no deterrence under the laws of USA due to the Eleventh Amendment. Everyone of these suspicious overtly negligent murders have resulted in dismissal without Jury trial to determine guilt or innocence! The stench of corruption is so strong, but we have become accustomed to it! Nobody notices, except the
    Blacks in our society! Imagine being Black, and in fear of police if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time!

    In conclusion: Humanity has never lived outside of Sovereign rule, other than 1776 until 1795, when Sovereign rule was reinstated with the Eleventh Amendment! You can cut off the head of a sovereign, the French did, but you have to remove the idea of sovereignty from humanity, as we did Hitler in 1945! Can I hear an Amen? There is one more frontier to cross! Life outside of the millennial ages of sovereign abuse! That will be as close to utopia as man will ever see! Maybe one day! I wish I could see it!

  • John Doe

    Along with psycopathy and sociopathy mind, that mind has an ordinate fear of others. especially “the other” : minorities, odd people(harmless), and since most cops are white they are especially inordinately fearful(and fear breads hatred) of black and brown people