Video: Cop Shoots Unarmed Man to Death After He Was “Walking With a Purpose”


DES MOINES, IOWA — We have just received reports of a man being shot to death by a female Des Moines police officer.

It has been confirmed that the man had no gun or knife or anything at all.

He was shot after the officer observed him “walking with a purpose,” according to reports.

Ryan Bolinger was only 28-yrs-old and has been pronounced dead, leaving behind his new-born baby daughter.

Although he was completely unarmed, police claim that even a “body” can make them fear for their lives enough to justify using deadly force.

In fact, they claim, the decision to take somebody’s life is completely up to how the officer feels in the moment.

Bolinger collapsed and was taken to a hospital where he died, after a round was fired by Officer Vanessa Miller.

She was in her patrol car when she saw Ryan Bolinger walking toward her car.

She claims that Ryan “charged” toward her vehicle, and other officers say he was “walking with a purpose.”

If the officer truly felt afraid for her life, why didn’t she simply stay in her car and keep the doors locked, or why didn’t she back her car up, or any number of myriad options? Did she even issue the man a warning?

Rather than driving away, or even so much as taking one moment to find out what the issue was, she evidently pulled her gun out right away and opened fire from inside her vehicle.

The bullet passed through her window and struck Bolinger.

Police confirmed that Ryan did not have any weapons, but hasten to add that he was “walking with a purpose.”

“He was walking with a purpose,” Sgt. Jason Halifax said — meaning what, exactly?

Don’t we all walk with a purpose? Is that a reason to be executed?

Must Americans start walking with less purpose in order to avoid being shot by timid, fearful cops?

Other observers at the scene described Bolinger “dancing in the street.”

It started after an unrelated traffic stop, when Bolinger pulled his car next to the squad car.

Bolinger got out of his car and began “dancing.”

He then drove away and the officer followed him. When they cornered him, he again exited his car and began dancing and walking toward another police car.

It was when he “walked with a purpose” in the direction of the other police car that the officer in that car pulled a gun out and shot him to death, according to reports.

It could be that this man simply was mentally ill, or it could be that he needed help and trying to flag the officers down, it could be that he was just out dancing…

But we’ll never know now, since the first instinct evidently was to shoot him to death.

The cop has been placed on administrative leave while an “investigation” takes place.

Watch the video below:

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