Five Men Rush to Save Drowning Woman, cop Stands Around and Chats on Phone

Give the officer some credit, folks.  He did have a gun in case someone’s dog was nearby.

A police officer stood by, chatting on his cellphone while the men rescued the 62-yr-old woman, who is now in critical condition.

According to witnesses the woman was trapped in her vehicle for at least six minutes.


Unfortunately, the woman is now dead. Sudsburystar reports: “Two sources have confirmed to The Sudbury Star that the 62-year-old woman rescued from her sport utility vehicle after it left Municipal Road 80 on Thursday near McCrea Heights and plunged into a marsh has died.”


– The Myth of Police Protection.

Police Jobs are Less Dangerous than Construction, Fishing, Farming

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  • Shane

    The gun, dog comment…PRICELESS!!!

  • FunnyFaceKing

    And a sixth guy just stands there filming it all. So brave.

    • April Reigne

      If he hadn’t filmed it, the cop would prob take all the credit for trying to save her! DUH

      • FunnyFaceKing

        He was standing there long before the cop showed up, and long after the woman was in danger.

  • KJB

    The cop was wearing his $90 tactical boots, I mean come on, they aren’t water proof.

  • intheknow

    perhaps he was in contact with EMS or back up? We shouldn’t judge if we weren’t there.

    • Anthony

      lol in a situation where somebody is drowning. there is no time for silly things like that. every person including the man with the camera should have been in that water saving that woman. She would have made it if everyone were trying. i mean after they got to that side of the car it didnt take long. if EVERYONE were helping. she would probably still be alive. Shame on that cop for breaking his oath and shame on that man with the camera for just wanting a video and shame on you for trying to justify somebody’s CLEARLY wrong actions. nothing but fear and confusion came from that cop. he didn’t know what to do. discipline came from those men who jumped into a frozen pond of water after a complete stranger.

      • intheknow

        I’m glad you were there and can shame everyone. I am trying to make a critical analysis of his actions not just throw him to the wolves based on a video. Maybe you should do the same. Shame on you.

    • Na_na99

      I’m guessing they’re judging the fact that the civilians are doing the actual work, while the guy we pay to do this doesn’t feel the need to get his shoes dirty since someone else is doing his job.

    • Tim

      What? I can’t hear what your saying with that pigs dick in your mouth…

      • intheknow

        You are a sad, little boy aren’t you? Have to go around and make small attempts at insults to make yourself feel better. I bet you like to drive jacked up pick ups and carry a big gun too.. don’t you little man. Go fuck yourself.

        • nonya

          Stupid liberal bitch

          • intheknow

            Actually, I’m more of a moderate liberal and yes I am a bitch, no I’m not stupid but you seem to be! Have a nice day!

          • jarred

            what’s wrong with big lifted truck an big old guns u old hag i bet u drive a hybrid you spent to much on

          • intheknow

            Why are you calling me an old hag? Actually, I drive a Chevy Impala and I have a gun. I’m merely suggesting he has little dick syndrome, obviously so do you.

  • Alan

    If you were there, then comment. If not, well you are just an unknowing moron.

  • bort

    that camera man must be blamed too!

    • bort

      * I’m obviously joking…I hate how everyone blames this cop for what happened, as if he could have done much more….

      • Antonio Buehler

        Cops are usually only good for destroying the lives of peaceful people. There was little he could have done in this situation – this situation required heroes.

  • Critical Thinker

    From the questions the cop was asking, it is clear he was trying to get other emergency personnel and equipment to the scene. One (or two, or three, if you count whoever was filming and the woman heard off camera talking) more person wasn’t going to make a difference trying to move the vehicle, and with five big guys already at the side of the car there wasn’t exactly room for more people. For most of the clip at least one of the five guys was standing by because he couldn’t get to the place where extra hands might have helped.

    • Paul Braxton Hicks

      …the things statist say, pft* …and you call yourself Critical Thinker… …nice cognitive skills there CT.

      …911..? …he had a radio as well – waited a long time to give that location didn’t he..?

      • realitystinks

        Agreed, Paul. He should have been the first one to jump in. Prior to getting out of his car he is suppose to have assessed the scene and called for back up. Doesn’t anybody watch crime shows on TV?

    • Jason Rite

      There’s always some dildo apologist making excuses for these pigs. Guess we know who that is in this thread.

    • April Reigne

      How the hell does the cop NOT KNOW what street/location he’s at?

      Other folks called the emergency personnel … he did NOTHING … he didn’t even help get her to solid ground after they got her out and struggled to get her OUT of the water!

      Critical Thinker you are NOT!

    • Jeff Winkler

      You call yourself a critical thinker? Ha… Haha… HAHahahahahahahahahaha!

      “All that a guru can tell you is: ‘My dear Sir, you are quite mistaken about yourself. You are not the person you take yourself to be.” ~ Nisargadatta

    • John Carbone

      Go eat a dick if you were there it would have been two people dead the woman and a cocksmoker of pork. Punkass nigga

  • gadsdengurl

    Someone should have put a tube in her mouth so she coudl breathe.

    • Shannon S. Thibodeaux

      Yea because people just walk around with sterile trach tubes all the time and have the medical training to intubate someone.

  • djstyle

    As a first responder, a quick where you are via radio woulda have worked….and I disagree, too many hands could kill her, ie moving her the wrong way etc etc….blankets, laying her flat feet elevated for shock till paramedics arrive to sustain…

    • YouBuriedMeUnkind

      He’s not a first responder. He is a Canadian Pacific Railway cop. His job is to protect the rail lines. I don’t think they carry radio’s because they are not attached to local police forces. That’s why he was on his cell phone. Plus according to really media it was the cop who gave her CPR until EMS arrived.

  • a dutch guy

    I am just angry

  • pablo

    What about the person filming the whole thing, he (she) could have helped.

  • Paul Braxton Hicks

    …the POlice are not your friends… …they are POlicy enforcement, nothing more.

  • James Jjink

    cops are cowards

  • Justin

    Her name was Lise Levac. Rest in peace.

  • tim

    People, be real…. there was already the nominal amount of people working to get her out, another person would have only hindered the operation. and the police man was probably working to get an ambulance to the scene so that once she got out there would be someone there to get her to the hospital and treat her…
    Haveing said that, I think most police only cause problems because they dont work for your safety, they work to generate money… but in this case, I do not see him doing anything wrong….

  • fuckdapoliceanyway

    what a waste of fucking air, piece of shit pussy ass good for nothing fucking pig

  • Crowinblack Crow

    Why was he calling in the rollover on his cellphone rather then his field radio? I mean I can understand that he is trying to make sure that EMS units are on there way but was he off the clock? From what I could hear on the video he did not even know where he was at the time he was calling it in. Don’t get me wrong, he should have at least helped the others get her out of the SUV. But something tells me there is more to this story.

  • Steve Bauer

    What a useless piece of shit this cop is! No sense of urgency at all. Too bad it wasn’t his mother or wife, maybe that would have lit a fire under his sorry ass…

  • marcuspotter

    Here’s my take:

    Cop: Should’ve jumped in with his standard first aid training. If he lacked such training, what is he doing with the badge? He should’ve at least asked someone else, e.g. the cameraman to call 911.

    Cameraman: Lacked the training and hence the best he could do would be to film as an impartial witness account to the whole thing in case anyone e.g. himself / the Police are accused of anything e.g. standing around and filming or chatting on a mobile.

  • marcuspotter

    Also, to continue:

    Too many people = injury at best or death at worst

    Cop would’ve had more training then the men.

    No training required to call 911.

    So the Cop should’ve helped. One of the men should’ve called.

  • Travis

    The guy behind the camera didn’t bother to help at all either.

  • jeff

    what more important the cop talking on his mobile watching or the by stander filming the cop talking on his mobile watching. these two don’t deserve to live.

  • Blue Mann

    This is what policemen do in our 2013 world.

  • Thumbs Up

    If this dude want’s to claim ‘Copyright’ on the video he should have not posted it then.

  • Rory Mitchell

    This happened to me once in Marysville, Ca. A friend and I were coming back from swimming up in the mountains and we saw a car floating in Ellis lake which is near downtown Marysville, There were 2 cops on the scene and about 15-20 bystanders. The car was sinking nose first slowly with an elderly black woman in the car. The cops were keeping people back from the edge of the water and telling them not to go in the water and to wait for firefighters to get there. My friend and I said screw that and pushed past the cops and swam out to the car and tried to break the windows to get in. The doors were locked and we both ended up with bloody knuckles and elbows from trying to break the glass. I was screaming for one of the cops to bring us something to use to break the window, which they carry in their cars. They did nothing. By the time the firefighters got there just the back doors and the trunk of the 4 door car were above water. The firefighters took almost 5 minutes to put on their life vests, helmets (yes, helmets), and assorted other gear while my friend and I tried franticly to get her out of the car. By the time the obese firefighter and his partner got out to the car the water line was right at the back window. The fat ass climbed up on the trunk, sinking the car further into the water. I pleaded with him to give me the window breaker so that I could break the driver window and get her out, telling him if he breaks that window the car will sink. He ignored me and busted the back window, causing the car to sink 15 feet to the bottom. This sucked me down about 6 feet (I had no life vest on). At this point they just gave up and waited for a tow truck to get there which was about 5-7 minutes later. By the time they pulled the car from the lake the lady had been underwater for probably about 15 minutes. The coroner report says she died from drowning. She could have easily been saved had they done their jobs. My name is Rory. The original article is no longer on the web but heres some links to the photos and a short news story about it:

    The fat firefighter essentially killing the woman:

    Me and Greg back at the surface after the car sank. I’m the one with my head turned away from the camera:

    Heres the story. The original article is dead:

    • Rory-&-friend-are-brave-men

      I applaud your efforts to save the woman, at least you and your friend acted fast where seconds count, while others just stood around and didn’t try to contact emergency services sooner. Much respect to you sir and the gentleman that tried to help the poor lady.

  • Rory-&-friend-are-brave-men
  • Rory-&-friend-are-brave-men

    The Supreme court ruled that police have no responsibility to protect or save anyone at all ever.

  • J. Williams

    The American medical system is no better- they sit by and watch you die too!