Good Citizen Invites Police Into His Home to Help Them, They Shoot His Dog Four Times

dog shooting2

Jean Strong |

ODESSA, TX — Yet another family pet has been ruthlessly brutalized by the cops.

In Odessa, Texas, U.S. Marshals shot Spot, a 15 year old dog, multiple times while attempting to serve an arrest warrant.

CBS 7 News says that the cops were swarming a neighborhood looking for Austin Dawson, who had “violated his parole.”

Homeowner Anthony McDowell allowed police to search his property. “I said you can come in the house and look. I’m giving you permission”, said McDowell.

The cops were warned that there was a dog in the back yard.

Despite the warning, they shot Spot multiple times, claiming that he “came towards them in an aggressive manner.”

Spot is fighting for his life at a vet clinic in Odessa. Although the vet believes he will survive, he will never walk again.

“That’s the reason he said hey he ain’t here, why didn’t we just leave? But he made it his business to let us know that he’s serious come back here and kill our dog. He put two slugs into my dog for no apparent reason and we asked him why and he couldn’t give us no justification. He didn’t run charging barking or nothing. My dog was scared of the police officers,” said a distraught McDowell.

This man tried to be a good citizen.

He gave the cops permission to search his place and they rewarded his honesty and cooperation by tearing his house apart and trying to kill his dog.

They knew there was a dog present, there was absolutely no excuse for such an action.

The homeowner was present; all they had to do was have him secure the dog.

As usual, the lame old “I felt threatened” excuse was trotted out.

It appears that by simply existing, dogs threaten law enforcement.

It is baffling why heavily armed and armored “brave” men are so incredibly terrified of dogs.

It is horrifying that so many cold-blooded killers are given guns and badges and allowed to slaughter dogs with impunity.

It is obvious that these cops kill because they like to kill. It is crystal clear that they have declared war on us and our dogs.

Nothing has stopped them; they have no regard for life in any form. We are under siege by an enemy we are not allowed to repel. This is America, people, how long are we going to allow this to continue?

Watch the video below:

KWES NewsWest 9 / Midland, Odessa, Big Spring, TX: |
Author Bio: Jean is an advocate for accountability for all lawless actions by cops and civilians. She lives in Alaska with her dogs of uncertain heritage and an occasional cat or two.

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  • Morgan O’Brien-Bledsoe

    “He gave the cops permission to search his place” This is where he went wrong. The police are NOT your friend. They are NOT looking out for your best interest. Do NOT allow police onto your property unless they have a warrant or you want someone, or your dog, shot, beaten, raped or arrested. PERIOD.

    • Miriam Israel

      I agree.

    • Sabbatai

      I had an officer and a random guy I’ve never seen in my life tell me that the guy’s iPad was showing him that his stolen iPhone was “somewhere in the area”. The map pin was two streets away. I pointed that out and told the guy a few ways he could use the very “find my iphone” feature he used to see where the phone was, that might help him get it back.

      The officer said “You know your neighbors have all let us in to take a look around. If you don’t have anything to hide why not just let us in?”

      I said “Nope. Anything else I can help you with? Hope you find your phone” and closed my door before letting the officer say another word.

      You want to know how that turned out? I never heard another thing.

      Wonder how it would have turned out if I let them in and they found anything they considered contraband or thought that I “moved toward them aggressively”? Well, lucky for me I’m smart enough to never need to find out.

  • Cadence Wallace

    Way to go cops, protecting us good citizens of American.
    These people are really turning out to be no better than ISIS.

    • Difdi

      They’re worse. ISIS at least actually protects their own people.

      • Cadence Wallace

        Yeah not by much though -__-

  • Rusty Shakelford
  • Lita Burnett Campbell

    TX, of course it’s TX. They have the most corrupt, abusive and racist police department in the U.S,

    • RAWRscary

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s a nation wide problem. The police in your state are assholes just as much as police anywhere else.

      • MarianneERobbins

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      • Cliff

        You rarely hear anything about North Dakota. But I think that’s going to change soon. We finally starting to get cultural diversity here.

        On a sidenote: In Bismarck, ND, you are required to have an Associate’s Degree in order to become a police officer. In Atlanta, GA, you have to pass a physical fitness test, a written test, and a psychology test.

  • budhappy

    Maybe they should wake up in the morning with their pets hanging from trees…..

    • Tanya Triplett

      no,not the pets.

  • Buccaneer_9

    If you cocksuckers don’t have a warrant, you can go fuck your mothers.

  • TomKi

    They’re not “afraid” of dogs. That’s a put-on to pretend to be able to justify killing them.

  • Bill Catz

    Maybe you trust police but ALL cops are taught NEVER TO TRUST YOU (or your dog).

  • Erika Domnick

    Can’t watch the video. Can’t see another family pet slaughtered because a hyena felt threatened. It’s all; ridiculous, absurd, over the top, off the charts, above and beyond. America is all fuckie, Randy. And there seems to be no end in sight.

  • giving permission = suicide by cop

  • Cani Lupine

    This is why you tell cops to f*** off unless they have a warrant. If that was my dog, there’d be dead cops.

  • Chris Sky

    I guess that Moron… i mean “home owner” learned his lesson about “Cooperating with police” or asking for their “help” …. How many times do the cops have to murder your family members, before you realize THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS and you should NOT INTERACT WITH THEM IN ANY WAY. Period.

    • Sabbatai

      Why don’t you use that anger and aim it at the correct party. It may be a bad idea to cooperate with police but his generation didn’t have the same issues we have today and were taught that police are here to protect us. It isn’t his fault in any fucking way that the cops shot his dog.

      If you want to insult someone or be angry, fine. Just don’t go blaming the god damned victim.

      The cops probably never murdered HIS family, he may not use the Internet to read stories about police corruption or maybe he doesn’t even have the Internet.

      I don’t actually feel like going into all the many things that may possibly have lead to him still believing the police are here to protect us but he did “the right” thing by cooperating. He also would have been doing “the right” thing by not letting them in his house. The only people who did anything wrong here were the police.

      So take your bullshit victim blaming somewhere else. It doesn’t solve anything. I’m all for educating people on how to interact with police to ensure your rights and safety are not violated but to even think of stooping to the level of blaming the victim in this case makes my brain hurt.

      • Chris Sky

        nobody is blaming the victim. I blame the police 100%… that doesn’t mean the citizen gets a free pass on their horrible choice they made, becuase they CHOOSE to keep their head in the sand to the reality of what the USA has become. I don’t feel sorry for those in denial that they live in a police State… so if it takes a few MORONS getting a taste of what it’s like to deal with cops to wake up the remaining hundreds of millions… so be it.

  • mrmafaka

    Wait 6 months, then eye for an eye, recon, silent, swift, solo. leave phone home, burn and destroy all clothes, shoes and any and everything involved, silence forever, tell no one ever.

  • Louise

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  • Robert Michael Kellerman

    Another dumb pussy ass bitch pig afraid of a dog..

  • Stuart

    why would you expect the police searching the place to not seem threatening to a dog. Stupid humans. The dog was being territorial like it should and the police did their job. Did he think they were gonna be afraid to search the backyard. Sad. Too bad for the pooch.